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( Mar. 10th, 2012 01:51 pm)
I know I'm on vacation, but I need to keep better track of the number of drinks I have. Tuesday night, one margarita (after eating nothing all day, being awake 28 hours, and having just traveled many, many miles). Wednesday it was...none? I can't remember what I did that evening. Thursday it was two margaritas and a pineapple daqiri (the day I learned about the siesta). Friday it was three margaritas in the space of 45 minutes, thanks to an all inclusive ecopark. Whoops! Today I'm laying off until later tonight.

So far I've been to Chichen Itza and Tulum, swam in an underground cenote, spent time snorkeling and zip lining (but not cliff jumping - I was chicken) at Xel-ha (where I drank many margaritas), walked downtown Playa looking and just today, shopping...and I haven't been to the beach once. LOL My goal is to go to Cozumel tomorrow afternoon. So I have tomorrow morning and Monday to hit the beach.

As far as food goes, I'm not ashamed to say I've put on weight, just because I want to eat everything. I've staked out two restaurants I want to try - Kaan Kab and some place just down the way that I didn't pay attention to its name. I went to Yaxche the other night, was taken to my seat by the chef (it was pure coincidence, but hey, coincidence and flattery get you great food). Yaxche is more upscale culinary Mayan cuisine. Kaan Kab appears to be more upscale as well. Also, importantly, it has a bar. Where I can hang out at and not feel forced to leave after two hours. (I've learned to savor and take my time, like everyone else.)

I'm pleased to say I my breakfast today, I spoke Spanish the entire time. Simple Spanish, but the fact that it was no English was nice. (I've also made sure to only purchase things with pesos. I feel its far more polite to embrace another culture than to be like the annoying American who was drunk and arguing with la policia the other night. His ass got arrested. I didn't feel sorry for him. In the US that's called "disorderly conduct".)

Now it is time to siesta (meaning, an excuse to nap - I do love a nap, despite having gotten up just a short while ago).
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( Mar. 6th, 2012 12:03 am)
In three hours I leave for the airport.


Also, my mom failed reading comprehension. As did my dad. I'm amused by their lack of ability to understand "Hey, here are potential times for us to chat, let me know what you think." Especially on the days that say "I can chat anytime". Oh well. Free days for me!
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( Mar. 1st, 2012 09:29 pm)
I'm just a few days out from Mexico and I'm freaking out. Partially because I'm excited. Partially because I'm afraid something will go wrong and I'll end up being yelled at by security somewhere (or stranded on the side of the road in Mexico because I misunderstood where I was going).

I know the odds are slim on those other things, because I am a worry wart that overplans everything and has contingency plans, but still. Until I'm safely there, I'll worry.


My mother is being annoying. I'm trying to coordinate times to chat with her daily. Due to connection fees, I told her we'd be chatting online (Facebook chat, because we both have Facebook). We just need to schedule a time daily, so we don't end up trying and missing one anther. Except when I send her the critical email detailing what times each day would be best to chat, she goes radio silent. My family worries. My grandmother will be hounding my mother daily because she worries. My mom got this gene from her. I got this gene (diluted) from mom. So why is mom being difficult? Yes, she had agreed that if she's not available at a time, my dad will be able to chat with me. (She tried saying [ profile] bubblesbrnaid could chat with me as well and report to her, but I pointed out that really, the only person whose word she was going to trust was dad. She conceded that point. Not that I won't chat with Bubbles probably at some point, but I know my mom. She needs firsthand confirmation from my dad.) But she hasn't responded for herself or him.


I need to put some books on my Kindle for the trip. I put three on the other day and have already read two. LOL I have a gift card! So yeah, I just need to go over to Amazon and find something.
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( Feb. 20th, 2012 12:56 pm)
Things That I Love

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. with a crazy man/serial killer beard.


3. Nutter Butters.

4. Pinterest (and its ability to organize my crap).
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( Feb. 15th, 2012 09:00 pm)
Dating is about getting to know someone. If you're comfortable with them from the get go, you want to see if more will develop, even if there aren't any (or many) feelings outright.

I wasn't thinking exclusivity with this guy (especially given how he wouldn't freaking touch me - which is explained now). I was just thinking he was worth more than two dates and worth getting to know.

But now, considering that someone has posted something on Facebook that is definitive proof that as of this past weekend, he had no problems touching another girl (holding hands even), I'd say it's safe to say that he's done. No big. I wasn't invested. I think the part that bugs me is that he was a chicken-shit about it and he didn't tell me that he had feelings for someone else. We had four date over the course of four or five weeks. It's easy to meet someone you click with in less time than that. No hard feelings. But he came to my house for dinner Friday night and was vaguely judgmental about my cats and complained about the drive. At the least he could have said something about how we're definitely just friends now.
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( Feb. 8th, 2012 07:46 pm)
Anyone watching Alcatraz?

Cause I have a question. And I'm embarrassed that it took me this long to figure this out (although in my defense, I'm just watching the latest ep right now.) Spoiler cut )

Anyone got any theories?
So, the Guy and I have now been on three dates. Three dates of total platonicness that are killing me. I can't figure out if a) he's shy, b) my giving him a hug on the first date catapulted us accidentally into sort of friend mode, c) he's still hung up on the ex, or d) he's just not into me that way.

Or there's the option that he's really into me but he can't figure me out, so he's being hesitant. But hey, he's asked me out three times! And paid, three times! So he sees it as a date each time. And yet I've initiated physical contact each time and I've been painfully aware of body language in a way that I haven't on any date before (hell, I make sure to cross my legs toward him, lean toward him, touch him casually on the arm in conversation - yes, I'm a touchy person anyway, but thinking about it is not me!).

Either way, I'm going to work on tipping the balance of this whole thing, to see if it's going to go forward or if we'll be stuck in friend-land. I'm going to invite him to my house for dinner and a movie next Friday. I'm going to share more about myself (because for some weird reason, I've not been very forthcoming about myself - and lord knows that could send some mixed signals as well).

And I've been told that at this point, I have to make the move. Kiss on the cheek, something. I have a week to expend my nervous energy on spring cleaning the apartment and working out.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2012 10:27 pm)
First rule of sports: Pick someone to root for.

Second rule of sports: Pick someone to root against.

In the absence of number one, you have number two to fall back on. That means, should the Niners lose, I'm rooting for the Giants in the Super Bowl. Considering I'm a Panthers fan (and a Junior fan, so I know about suffering through losing seasons), it's a loose loyalty (the loyalty to the Niners). But in the playoffs, you have to have someone to root for. (In this game, I'm just not rooting against the Giants. I can't. You can't kick a puppy, aka Manning. I like the kid. I just like Vernon Davis' crying a tad bit more.)

ETA: Congrats, Giants. Now kick Tom Brady's ass!
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( Jan. 13th, 2012 06:01 pm)
I have a date tonight. I was all chill about it until about five minutes ago, when the panic started.

Thank god we're meeting for drinks. And that his Facebook pictures give me something to talk about if I start blanking. (Whitewater kayaking - hey, that's something!)

*deep breaths* This is why I hate dating. And why I'm now realizing the group outing thing probably would have been a good idea.
New Year's Resolutions: 2012 Edition

1. Wear everything in my closet at least once. And take pictures. And blog those pictures. And I have to wear clothes that aren't schlubby on my days off when I'm not in uniform.

2. Go to Mexico (see: March)

3. Go to CT to visit family (see: sometime in the fall)

4. Save up all extra money for a house down payment

5. Work out/eat healthier (see: purchasing Brazil Butt Lift, scheduling workouts with my mother)
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( Dec. 20th, 2011 10:59 pm)
OMG, people! The Hobbit! The Hobbit!

I'm sorry, but I'm flailing over here. So shiny.
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( Dec. 17th, 2011 05:00 pm)
My tolerance levels at the best of times is low, thanks to my job. (Patience was never my virtue, and since working with inmates, what little I had has gone completely.) People in general just get on my nerves, because people tend to be rude and have no manners. In certain scenarios the rudeness is diminished. In others, it's at the forefront.

Shopping in general makes people freakishly rude. Holiday shopping? HOLY CRAP. People stand in the middle of the aisles blocking traffic when they could step over a foot and let people by, walk over you because they refuse to wait 10 seconds for you to move out of their way, give you the stink eye and aim their buggies/baby strollers at you because you dared to look at a sweater and stand exactly where they want to stand, sit down to rest right in front of the most popular item in the store (in this case, in front of the size 8 and 8 1/2 shoes, the most average size in North Carolina).

Let's not forget rude store clerks. It's one thing when you're slammed and everyone's asking you ten million questions at once. I am patient in that regard. I've worked retail. But when you have too much product in your store, the clerks not working the registers are busy folding clothes and straightening displays instead of asking people if they can help, and the person working the dressing room area IGNORES the line of people waiting for dressing rooms (that are open but require a key to get into) because she has decided it's time to put up clothes?

I stormed out of a store because of the rudeness. I'm there to spend money. I just want to try on two things. If you can't be bothered to help the customer by doing your job, then I'm going to walk out and leave my items sitting in the midst of the display right in the front of the store for the clerks to clean up. I was so pissed. I was tempted to stop at the register, throw my things down and tell them I wasn't buying them because I couldn't try them on. But those girls were working hard. I just let corporate have it instead.

And the sad thing is, I still have more shopping to do. Not much, but just enough that I'm going to have to venture out on Wednesday. At least it will be a Wed.
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( Nov. 5th, 2011 08:58 pm)
It's been ages since I updated this thing. (If by "ages" I mean "about 3 months".) So an update.

Meet Baby

[ profile] sigsauer40 will be most interested in this one - I finally bought a gun. I bought a Glock 36. And I named her "Baby". I have made many a "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" jokes, for the record.

Now I just need to actually buy ammo. Which, um, I haven't because I haven't consulted with the professional yet. *g* I think the weirdest thing is walking in to a gun shop and walking out with a gun when you didn't realize that your branch of law enforcement meant you go the gun the same day.


I went zip-lining a couple weeks ago. For the record, with my fear of heights and falling, this was way scarier an endeavor than sky-diving. Because instead of one big burst of terror that goes away when the chute deploys in sky-diving, there's 2.5 hours of terror because you're in a group with the most inept zip-liners in history who keep screwing up and making you see ways that you could screw up. I really didn't like the idea of plunging to my death, you know?

The funny associated with my trip - me and 7 guys in their 30s and all of them were gay. For real. They were all super nice and adopted me as one of their own. Sadly, no flirting prospects.


I haven't watched much of late, but I did see Thor (hated it, wanted to punch Natalie Portman in the face) and am currently watching Captain America (liking it, got freaked out by CGI Steve at the beginning of the movie, kind of want Wolverine to make fun of Captain America's whole schtick).

Upcoming Things

I'm working on planning a trip to Mexico next March. I'll be going to Cancun/The Yucatan Peninsula. I want to see Mayan ruins. I'm amused that I'm managing this the year of the supposed end of the world.

I also keep tentatively saying I want to buy a house next year. Not that I've saved up anything toward that. I think the fear of that kind of purchase is doing something funky to my psyche. Joys. But I need to buy a house so I can wrangle all these damn cats I now own.

Also probably need to be thinking about going to a race next year. Or on a trip to see family in Connecticut or Florida.

TV Viewing

I'm watching a few things, but pretty much the current TV obsessions (that I actively look forward to and can't wait to watch once I've DVRed it) are "Once Upon A Time" and "Merlin". Note a theme there.

On the Personal Front

Some weird things have happened of late with regards to work and the dating scene. Not that I've dated, but interactions with males have been interesting. And for some reason these interactions have made me realize some things about myself. And maybe I've matured in some ways that are crucial to making things a bit easier to understand. But honestly, I think I need to get my ass out there now because I finally "get" the opposite sex in a way I haven't before.


Um, this season has been great (no Jimmie domination, lots of first time winners, Junior in the Chase). I went to Richmond, which was the most awesome race I've ever been to (and that includes the Bristol night race). My job has taken some of the excitement out of it, though. Because recording a race and watching it later is just not the same, especially when you keep accidentally finding out who wins ahead of time.


My brother-in-law probably has Celiac's Disease. But they aren't 100% sure because even though they did a colonoscopy to find out, they didn't bother to do the biopsy during the colonoscopy that would have given them a definitive answer. So he has to be on a gluten free diet and they're hoping that helps. (My sister has informed me that gluten free bread is nasty as hell.)

My mom was diagnosed with migraines that do not include pain. Yes, that does exist. She's a freak. She has had severe dry eye problems for years, requiring surgery and all sorts of experimental procedures. And then a few weeks ago she was diagnosed with Fuchs' dystrophy, which is a degenerative eye issue that could lead to need for a corneal transplant in the future. The real fun of Fuchs' - each blood relative of my mom has a 50% chance of having it too, but we won't know (usually) until we're about 50. Considering my sister has dry eye issues but I don't (even though I had lasik, which can cause dry eye), we're pretty sure that the odds are not in my sister's favor (I also had an astigmatism, which comes from my dad's side, but my sister does not - theory being my eye genetics mostly come from dad, praise Jesus). So my mom mentions the Fuchs' to my grandmother...who turns out to already know about it because she's had it for years. But hey, she's in her 80s, so she doesn't worry anymore. Good lord, my grandmother sucks at telling about medical things. (She also didn't tell my mom about the family history of having babies fast. I was almost born in an ambulance because mom didn't know that we had a 4 hour time limit from beginning to end. Or that one of her cousins was born in a car.)

My grandmother "remodeled" a bedroom in her house for $600. New curtains! New bed linens! New flooring! She actually pulled up the carpet and put down vinyl flooring. She put down vinyl flooring over perfectly good wood floors! The even bigger kicker - the vinyl she put down was wood grain. We don't even know.
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( Aug. 19th, 2011 04:15 pm)
It says a lot that I'm on a kick of actually making doctors' appointments (for me and the cats). I usually suck at going to a doctor, because I'm kind of a man that way (totally avoid all problems).

Let's see:

Sept. 6 - Vet (Lila and Maddie for shots, Maddie for eyes)
Sept. 9 - GYN (Haven't been in 3 years, I know!)
Oct. 3 - Eye Dr. (Free visit, no copay or anything, thanks to my lovely lasik)

I also need to make an appointment with the dentist, but he's not open on Friday. So Monday evening I'll be making a phone call.


Applied for a job yesterday. And this is a "serious job application". Funny thing is, several guys I work with are applying for the same job (20 openings across the state) and they don't know I applied. It's a job that they'll be all for because they hunt and fish. I'm applying because it's law enforcement and involves wildlife. I have the wildlife knowledge they don't have. But they can drive boats, dang it. LOL


I'm participating in "Couch to 5K" and did day one last night. Word of advice - do not start until you've hydrated properly, especially when it's hot and humid outside. I'll have to do an extra day of week one just to make up for not completing the first round. (I was supposed to briskly walk for five minutes, then run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, alternating for 20 minutes. I did the alternating run/walk for 15 minutes. My legs were shaking and my mouth was dry. I realized I needed to hydrate and stopped to avoid falling out.)
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( Jul. 26th, 2011 10:01 pm)
I seem to have inherited [ profile] musesfool's bad luck regarding bathrooms and leaks. *sigh* There's water intermittently gushing from around the vent in the ceiling of my bathroom. And by "intermittently" I mean "since Friday, at least once a day".

What's frustrating is the lack of anything being done about it. The maintenance guy seems really concerned, but he hasn't done anything. He's been upstairs, done some investigating, been over here a couple times, but nothing's been done. Today he said he'd be here about 10 or 11 to really dig in...and then he didn't show. I can see he's working today (I've seen him driving around the property), but he never came here.

Plus the upstairs neighbors have been unhelpful. They didn't like the maintenance guy turning on their faucets to leave them running to see if that was the problem. Complained that he was running up their water bill. Never mind that a leak from their pipes would mean their water bill being sky high anyway.

ETA: I wrote all that earlier and Livejournal ate it. Now, after just getting out of the shower, after a massive bathroom cleaning because the mildewy smell was driving me nuts, I can say I've found the leak. Because the perspective of standing in the shower and looking up at the shower head revealed a water stain on the ceiling and the drywall over the shower blistering, wet and stained.

I know I'll be calling the office tomorrow to get this fixed ASAP, plus I'm going to let them know my major concerns over mold. Because it'll be 6 days tomorrow. Six days where a leak wasn't fixed. SIX DAYS. (Also, I am on night shift. I need to be sleeping during the day tomorrow and Thursday and Friday.)
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( Jul. 15th, 2011 03:25 pm)
Okay, I think I officially really want to go to the Richmond race (Sept. 10). Anyone else want to go?
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( Jun. 24th, 2011 04:16 pm)
My current favorite thing(s) is/are LivingSocial and GroupOn. OMG, people, I check them daily for good deals and I will snap up something awesome in a heartbeat. (For me, awesome entails "something that I already buy on a regular basis" or "something I've always wanted to do, but the price was too prohibitive until NOW!".)

I got some unusual jewelry through GroupOn, and now I've found ziplining for an affordable price (at a reputable place) for half off. I've seen some deals for skydiving in the past that were great (I wasn't ready to buy at the time, nor did I know anything about the company). And there was a downtown ghost walking tour listed that I wanted to do...and forgot to buy. LOL

Man, those sites are addictive! It's like bargain shopping without having to go out and find the bargain.
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( Jun. 21st, 2011 05:12 pm)
I'm trying to contain myself because...I currently only have $4,008 in debt.

Considering $330 is a credit card I've been trying to pay off for years (stupid youthful indiscretion - credit cards are evil), which I plan to pay off as soon as I've 1) got the car inspected/oil changed/tuned up and 2) put new tires on the car. Considering the first is happening next week and the second probably next month, I'm hoping that card is paid off by end of August. Yay!

$1,179 of it is my car. Seriously. My car, a 2007 Toyota Corolla, should be paid off by end of year. I've got to call the bank to confirm, but man, that'll be a load off!

The rest is from my lasik. It's funny that I owe more on my eyes than on anything else. LOL But as soon as the car is paid off, that money goes to the eyes. And lord have mercy, wouldn't it be nice to be completely debt free by the end of 2012! (So that I can be in debt up to my eyeballs by the end of 2013, but with home ownership attached.)
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( May. 28th, 2011 07:52 am)
People, being "pursued" by two males of the adult persuasion at once is weird enough. But being pursued by two adult males when one is 11 years younger than me and the other is 9 years older?

Just weirdness.

("Pursued" means the one who's older is taking his sweet bippy time and kind of shy, whereas the one that's 11 years younger is coming on way too strong, especially considering I would never touch him in a million years because he's married. For the record, the older is moving at a glacial pace, which is working my nerves. And the younger is just working my nerves.)

I think this shows I need my age (that middle ground) that moves faster than a snail and slower than light speed.


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