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( Sep. 4th, 2015 09:55 am)
People are going to stare at this post and go "wait, she's posting? who again?"


I've been working on house projects the past two weeks for some inane reason (probably because I discovered a paint color for the bathroom I like, but I refuse to take on one more project when I still have three lined up to do). I'm halfway done with the hall and should get done in a week. I'm mostly done with the third bedroom and should be done really soon. I can actually work on the front door at any point now that Dad has fixed something for me (but the first two have to be finished first). And I have supplies to work on the mailbox (something to be done this weekend).

I'm so TIRED. I hate painting. But each time I get a project done, it all looks more like my house and what I envisioned.
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( Jun. 15th, 2014 10:25 pm)
My mother went on a rant earlier today about how I always manage to find something wrong with guys. Let it be noted that this was while I was detailing why a coworker, who is just a friend, would not be datable material (despite the fact that I'm not attracted to his personality or him physically - apparently lack of attraction counts for nothing). This coworker and I have been in a joking, fictional relationship for going on 6 months now (other coworkers think we're a couple because we had vacations overlap by a day and live in the same neighborhood).

Anyway, mom goes on a rant and I try to explain as usual that I have no problems with dating if guys would ask me out. This is the major issue. Guys don't ask me out. Also, the ones that do tend to be very much not my type (I never get the intellectuals, ever, and in fact get guys that tend to have questionable morals and eschew intellectual pursuits in favor of "guy stuff", or I get the assholes).

So my sister, who is living with me and is currently separated from her second husband (they're working on reconciling), is hot. She's also approachable. But she's freakish in how she attracts guys. I used to think it was just how hot girls got guys. It's bizarre, though. Today we're paying for lunch, splitting the check to treat the parents, and the cashier barely says two words to us (other than to inquire how our meal was - although come to think of it, he had to do mental math to divide up our check and totally failed and overcharged us - should have been a sign). An hour later and my sister texts me that the cashier has sent her a friend request on Facebook. I thought she knew him or something (despite him being at least in his late 40s). No! This guy got her name off her credit card and looked her up on Facebook from the restaurant and was hitting on her! Asking her out! She breathes and they fall out of the sky! And this guy wasn't just the cashier, he's the owner and therefore has money! (Not excusing the stalker behavior, because that freaked me out more than anything. I don't care how rich you are, stalking is weird as hell, and taking someone's name off a credit card is skeevy in the extreme.)

But my sister doesn't even have to try, is totally not on the market, and has men falling over themselves to talk to her. I get inmates hitting on me. INMATES. And my mother wonders why I'm leery when it comes to men.
1. Take a picture a day
2. Get my second tattoo for my birthday
3. Start a "good things" jar
4. Go to a new race track
5. The random exercise game
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( Jun. 15th, 2013 01:01 pm)
I have so many thoughts about Man of Steel. There were many elements that reminded me of Captain America and Thor (timelines that make no sense/forgettable plot/excellent actors that manage to save the movies from their plots). There were very few elements that reminded me of Batman Begins (other than really too long origin stories).

First and foremost, understand this part...Henry Cavill is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve. And his Superman is as endearing and hot in my book as Chris's Clark Kent.

But as I said on Facebook, I think Zack Snyder used plot points and scenes from every summer blockbuster since Jaws.

Spoiler cut for my complaints and a few praises )
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( Jun. 6th, 2013 04:57 pm)
I was waiting for something to go wrong with this house buying/move. Apparently it's finding a company to move my ass. One company insisted on wanting to call me to discuss the quote. Except I specifically noted I wanted to be contacted by email. Another did give me a quote by email, then when I called it was totally different. And when I contacted the guy who gave me the initial quote via email, he apologized, said he'd call me...and hasn't.

I suck at asking for help, especially since I need to move on a weekday, which means I can only ask guys I work with. And the only one I feel like I could guarantee would help will be on the opposite schedule at that point. But hell, I'll make the effort tomorrow (and since I'll pay, maybe I can get someone). At this point, I can ask. Ugh.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2013 01:04 pm)
Packing for a move means stirring up dust which means allergies acting up. And in my case, it means I haven't made it out of bed today because of all the itching. The back of my neck even itches.
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( May. 9th, 2013 08:48 pm)
I have to start packing soon. UGH.

and I really have to nail down movers. Double ugh.
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( May. 4th, 2013 11:12 pm)
I just found out that my sport (NASCAR) got picketed by Westboro Baptist Church.

Because Brad Keselowski said nobody in the garage would care if a driver was gay. Winning is all that matters.

I love Brad right now. Like, borderline Dale Jr. love. Borderline Biffle love.

Hell, also found out that in 2001 or 2002, a NASCAR official who's gay was outed to a website by a crew guy with an axe to grind. And NASCAR's response? Come down hard on the crew guy, force a retraction of the article, force crew guy to apologize because there will not be that kind of attitude in the sport. LOVE IT.
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( Apr. 28th, 2013 05:38 pm)
Lessons from work - when you get screwed by a situation so badly that it would qualify as hardcore porn in other realms.

I'm fucked, and yet I have a mortgage to consider.
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( Apr. 16th, 2013 07:25 pm)
It's totally okay if I start hyperventilating now, right?

Because I'm putting in an offer on a house. I think that means I get to be all panicky, right?

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( Jul. 20th, 2012 02:42 pm)
Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the shooting victims in Colorado.


CNN just pissed me off so bad. They have coverage of the shooting and they decide to interview a movie critic. Which is WTF enough. Then they ask him if the thinks the movie inspired the violence. Movie critic was fine on that one, because as he put it, dude hadn't seen the movie yet, so no. Then he goes on this diatribe about the movie and starts critiquing it like that's important when talking about a mass killing. UGH. CNN, why are you trying to be as pointless as FOX News?


And on a far, far, FAR shallower note, Christian Bale's body is perfection to me. I could watch an entire movie (that is not American Psycho) with him nude or shirtless.
OMG. The Dark Knight Rises. Clearly the inferior movie of the three, and yet it's the one that makes me want to write so much fanfic right now. SO MUCH.

Pretty much this movie can be summed up as thus: Joseph Gordon Levitt, how the hell did you steal this movie from everyone else and can I have your babies?

Spoilers herein )

I HAVE ALL THE FEELS FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! And Joseph Gordon Levitt. I still want to know how he stole Jim Gordon's awesomeness, though.


Also, they showed the Superman: Man of Steel trailer. Pardon my flailing over that one. It was weird, because they did some Wolverine shit to Clark Kent (I don't know, but he was hot and manly, but sadly without the glasses). And then there was Papa Kent giving a speech to a child Clark and then Superman flew into the atmosphere and there was a sonic boom and my heart may have exploded a little in glee.

DC Comics has my heart over Marvel. My imagination can fill in the characters and their heart plenty well. I like the world built in DC a bit better with Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman. Their humanness, despite being superheroes, is more awesome.
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( Jul. 12th, 2012 07:59 pm)
This was one of those days at work where I spent the first two hours confused, then the next two waiting for someone to clarify what was going on, then the rest of the day thinking maybe I hadn't fucked up, until the last hour when I found out that in fact fuckery did happen and I still am not sure how everything came about.

See, this is why I like clear communication. And I'm not even going to hate on being punished with menial work for awhile, because then at least I know what's going on. And if they thought I spent the day slacking, okay, whatever, because many an employee has perfected that art and I'm not even going to care, because they don't do anything to them. Just work hard, get things straight, don't make that mistake again.

Ugh. Work.
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( Jun. 25th, 2012 09:23 am)
I have been awake since 2 pm yesterday (night shift at work). I have a dentist appointment at 11:15. I have to pick up my nephew at 1. And then I'm taking him to a movie. Because I thought I could drop him off at my sister's job afterwards and then come home. (I'm doing her a favor because my nephew is in day camp this week, but it gets out at 1 each day. My sister can't leave work each day to pick him up because she works for jackasses. Jackasses who pay her well, but jackasses.)

My sister neglects to tell me a few things. 1) My nephew has a ball game at 6:15 tonight. 2) She doesn't get off work until 5:30. Which means 3) my nephew can't go with my sister, because he needs to be home sooner than she could get him home.

My sister is managing to inconvenience me when I'm doing her a favor and potentially her husband, all without warning either of us first.

Did I mention when I last slept? Because by the time my nephew gets home, I'm going to be falling asleep behind the wheel.

EDIT: OMG. My brother in law is killing me. I asked if he could meet me at a gas station that's RIGHT ON THE HIGHWAY to exchange the nephew post movie. It's scary easy to get to. Instead, because he's not familiar with that area, he wants to go ONE EXIT FURTHER to a restaurant to meet me. People, the gas station is right on the road that I take straight home. To get to the restaurant, I have to get on a major highway. Sleep deprived. Why? Why? Why?

I've really got to stop trying to do anything with my family while I'm on night shift. They just don't get it.
My cat locked me out of the apartment this evening.

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( Jun. 17th, 2012 06:47 pm)
Uh huh! That's my baby in Victory Lane!!!!
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( May. 30th, 2012 02:20 pm)
Jeez lo-freaking-uise. I managed to inadvertently put myself on a supervisor's radar as "capable of getting shit done" and now I'm in charge of a project for my platoon that the next to top dog knows I'm involved in.

At least it's me and another guy on my platoon. And it's an easy project. (If my coworkers could be relied on to be cooperative, we could even get the work done via email instead of a meeting after work, but experience says only a handful would cooperate. Oh well, overtime for me!)


You know that news story of the naked guy chewing on the other naked guy's face? My first thought was "he was high as hell on something". Not surprised that it might have been bath salts. People. Just be aware - whatever's in that shit? It's nasty. Steer clear of something that you have no idea what the hell it's going to get you to do. We saw a guy high on that stuff climb a cinderblock wall. Nothing to hold onto and yet he climbed that damn well.


Can the Edwards trial be over already so I can get to work without having to drive around news vans?
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( May. 23rd, 2012 09:01 pm)
1. My cell phone is on the fritz. The battery doesn't hold a charge more than about 4 hours (less if I, you know, USE it). But when am I eligible for a new phone with the 2 year plan? August. I'm trying to hold out, by making sure to have the thing plugged in all the time at home, but man, August is so far away.

2. eHarmony has finally yielded one possibility. An amusing guy that lives about an hour and a half away, but hey, finally potential. He makes funny superhero jokes.

3. And on some bizarre trend, I have...someone on the radar that I may be having sex with soon. Lots of attraction. Dude has made some moves in the last two days that made me blink, because I wasn't expecting him to actually make a move (other than vague flirting). However, this is not so much a dating opportunity, just a booty call opportunity. There are things about him that I don't see being able to put up with long term.

4. I finally have reached a point with my hair where I'm all "this experiment with my natural hair color was nice, but it's time to go back red". I miss red. A lot.
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( May. 9th, 2012 08:02 pm)
I've finally seen The Avengers, so lets do the breakdown (other than "Hulk goooooood").

Avengers spoilers in for the three other people who still haven't seen it )

Overall review - HULK AWESOME! Worth seeing again. Better than the parts leading up to it.
I'm mourning the loss of bearded Junior. *sniffles* Goodbye, Junior Jr. You will be missed. (At least until next off season.)


Went and did early voting today. Admittedly, I was out and about early, realized I wasn't going to be able to vote Tuesday (due to work schedule), thought "hey, while I'm out and about..." and, well, went and voted. I didn't research crap ahead of time, due to the lack of foresight. Pretty much all I knew was I was voting Republican in the primary (I'm unaffiliated, so I can choose whichever side to vote for), because I needed to voice my opinion on who the Republican candidate for Governor would be. (If the presidential thing wasn't already decided, I'd have cared on that one as well.)

I was responsible and didn't vote in any category that I had no clue on. (I knew only one name of four on the Lt. Governor list and that one was a definite case of "oh hell no". Sadly, I couldn't vote on that one without potentially voting for another "oh hell no".)

However, the most important part? I voted against that stupid marriage amendment. Everyone gets all het up (a southern phrase that I love using in regards to the marriage amendment because oh hilarity!) about whether marriage is one man/one woman or whatever. I don't even bother trying to have the discussion with anyone because people pretty much firmly have their opinions and get all angry and no one listens to anyone else. I pretty much have stuck to the Kinky Freeman logic if someone flat out asks me my opinion (which has been, oh, my mother). (For the record, Kinky Freeman logic is "Hell yes, gay people should be able to get married. They should be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us.")

Other reasons I voted against:

1. One of the bill's co-authors' wife may have made the statement at a fundraiser that part of the bill's intent was "to protect the caucasian race". Motherfuckersaywhat?

2. Heteros have fucked up marriage and the "sanctity" thereof so badly at this point that there's no defending marriage as a "sacred bond" between a man and a woman. All it has become is a legal contract. And in the United States of America, anyone over the age of 18 can enter into a legal contract. M'kay?

3. The only thing my mother and I agree on is distaste with the government getting involved with marriage. We're just on different sides of the coin as to why.

Oh, and it's really fun to try and go early vote, but be blocked at every turn (literally) because of a bike race. I don't know who planned that ish, but dudes, not smart.


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