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( May. 23rd, 2012 09:01 pm)
1. My cell phone is on the fritz. The battery doesn't hold a charge more than about 4 hours (less if I, you know, USE it). But when am I eligible for a new phone with the 2 year plan? August. I'm trying to hold out, by making sure to have the thing plugged in all the time at home, but man, August is so far away.

2. eHarmony has finally yielded one possibility. An amusing guy that lives about an hour and a half away, but hey, finally potential. He makes funny superhero jokes.

3. And on some bizarre trend, I have...someone on the radar that I may be having sex with soon. Lots of attraction. Dude has made some moves in the last two days that made me blink, because I wasn't expecting him to actually make a move (other than vague flirting). However, this is not so much a dating opportunity, just a booty call opportunity. There are things about him that I don't see being able to put up with long term.

4. I finally have reached a point with my hair where I'm all "this experiment with my natural hair color was nice, but it's time to go back red". I miss red. A lot.


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