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( Dec. 19th, 2009 05:15 pm)

My Yuletide story is not cooperating. Maybe it's because I have absolute freedom and the source doesn't have too much of a definitive tone, so there are fewer parameters. Or the fact that the route I decided to take is almost period for me. (Period drama kind of thing that is.)

Either way, I'm 200 words in and staring at the screen, trying to figure out what to do. Because it involves plot as means of displaying characterization, and I'm fuzzy on my plot (or I'm fuzzy because of the Riesling - it's cold, there was a thought process on having it).

The funny thing is, I feel like if I can get going on this and figure out my plot, it's going to be a writing breakthrough for me. It's different from my norm and definitely a game changer, as I do have free reign and it's almost like writing original fic.

Plus I realize that finishing this, then writing something for a job interview are my two writing assignments for the week, and both are going to either validate my writing abilities or set me back a few years. (I recently got a nice boost that restored my faith on the professional side. 10 years at work of no feedback led to negative views on my own writing. One bit of honest feedback and I feel much better. I need to work from that point and just not question. But if I screw up either of these writing assignments, I'll be backsliding on the confidence again.)
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( Oct. 29th, 2009 01:24 pm)
Thanks to Eastwick, my desire to write has returned in full force.

Writing Help

So, last night the story I knew I needed to write first finally sprang itself on me. I'm someone who's always known that if I was going to write anything, it would be a fun little romance novel. Nothing more complicated than that. Partially it's because I love a guaranteed happy ending that still lets me use my imagination. Partially it's because I like characters more than plot.

My characters are rarely my big problem. In this case, I'd always had a decent idea of my female lead, but my male lead tended to fluctuate. Last night I finally "saw" my female lead (Sara Rue) and from that came my male lead. And the dynamic between them.

The plot was the key to everything. I hate cliches. I know exactly the scenarios I want to avoid in getting my two characters together. Luckily, last night, just as I was dozing off, things gelled. (I actually slept with my writing journal in my hand with the pen tucked inside, because I kept dozing off and then having ideas.) The gelling leads to important questions that I need help with, though.

Well, one important question... )
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 02:29 pm)
Ever have one of those days where everything's going along swimmingly and despite 4 hours of sleep you're surprisingly chipper (well, that may be the three soft drinks and M&Ms talking) and there's clown joking and excitement over weekend events and then you hit the downer?

Downer hit as of 15 minutes ago. Thanks mom!

Today is my former best friend's 30th birthday. (Who I suspect can actually read this - oddly enough.)

Yeah, I'm just gonna ignore the world now.



Have made the vow and gone the distance and will be doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm so fed up with ideas for stories and never getting around to doing anything (usually due to overthinking and procrastination). So last night I jotted down some character ideas, swore to not think about plot (as it appears to be a rambly southern tale in which plot is generally incidental), and today I signed up. Huzzah! My bravery astounds. Now start taking bets on how far I'll get before stopping.



Two days to Harvick. Pardon me while I have a heart attack now.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2006 11:09 am)
Dear muse,

Don't clamor in my head for attention and then shut up as soon as I open Word. It's not my fault that work got crazy this morning. I have every right to actually finish work before picking up a pen to write.

*kicks muse* *hurts foot*
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( Jan. 16th, 2006 09:35 am)
Item #1: I'm wearing white pants today. Wore white underwear, as that's what you do. Incidentally, the white g-strings were the only whites clean. Just noticed in the bathroom mirror that I can see my tattoo through my pants. *headdesk*

Item #2: Jensen Ackles is hot.

Item #3: Somehow yesterday ended up being a day of astounding personal revelations. Which caused me to write in a journal for the first time ever.

Item #4: My Panthers RULE.

Item #5: And yet watching the Colts/Steelers massacre, the part that had me squealing into the phone and hurting [ profile] paperbkryter's hearing was seeing the Biffle Subway commercial.

Item #6: Then got antsy Sunday night and started writing. Something original and weird and the concept I'm in love with, but I can't decide if it should be a play or a novel. (The play would be different, but either way it would work.) Wrote 1,000 words, deleted most of them (due to pacing issues). Wrote 350 words, deleted all of it. Have to rethink how to start it so that the pace isn't so slow.

Item #7: My boss isn't in yet. She's due in at 10. She has an interview at 1. I'm a bit freaked. There's a request for proposal that is due tomorrow that would have to go out today to get to Raleigh. We only found it on Friday. I have no typing so far for this thing, and these things are usually 20+ pages long. And she usually rewrites them five or six times.
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( Jan. 9th, 2006 01:36 pm)

If a character in a story is a Mary Sue but is wicked, is she still a Mary Sue?

Meaning, if the mischevious mythical entity regularly strips Dean nekkid or makes him lose articles of clothing, is she still a Mary Sue, since I'd totally do that in a heartbeat?
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( Jan. 6th, 2006 09:17 am)
Sequel to A Formal Affair

Title: Betwixt The Devil and The Deep Sea
Fandom: NASCAR Slash
Pairing: Don't ask who, just read *g*
Note: It is important to note that the next couple of fics written will be comedic. This, though, is not. I'm still amazed I wrote it. It's different, that's for sure. But it's the transition needed to get to the next one.

A man made his choices. He’d made his. No second-guessing. )
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( Jan. 3rd, 2006 04:50 pm)
Title: Shoot Em Up Style
Fandom: NASCAR
Word Count: 568


Shoot Em Up Style )
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 04:34 pm)
What the hell? I can't write for days, and in five minutes I write this.

Title: What's Love Got To Do
Fandom: NASCAR
Pairing: Jimmie/Kevin
Word Count: 143


“You don’t love me anymore.”

Kevin seriously considered bolting for the nearest exit. Okay, so the nearest exit meant over the side of a boat, and he wasn’t Jesus, so walking on water wasn’t an option. But drowning…drowning was preferable, right?


Jimmie sighed and turned pitiful eyes to him.

“You don’t love me anymore. We don’t talk like we used to. You don’t hold me after we make love. It’s like we’re not even in the same room when we’re together.”

Kevin leaned over and looked Jimmie in the eye.

“Jimmie, drink a beer, grow a pair, stop watching Dr. Phil, and promise you’ll never bring up this line of reasoning again. Or I’ll kick your ass. And tell Jeff you’re finally ready for a commitment.”

Jimmie sat back in his chair, blinked twice and then responded. “So how bout them Dodgers?”
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 12:40 pm)
Hair - dyed and pretty

Apartment - almost completely clean

Groceries - to be gotten tonight

Dog's Crate - still in the trunk of my car (oops!)

Pillows - Four to be made (oops!)

Christmas Shopping - almost completely done, or at least knowing what to get (except Poppaw Max)

Healthy Eating - going very well (the amount of broccoli consumed is massive), except for caffeine intake

Writing - *crickets chirp*

Dating - let's just say, after this one I'm probably kaput


Work is looking to be boring this afternoon. I have to order a gift basket for a client, do some filing, call Salvation Army, work on production schedule...and that's about it. All very easy and short tasks.


Opened the NASCAR Slash Generator for an idea of something to write. While I'm actually tempted to write Hermie Sadler/Jamie McMurray, I have no knowledge of how Hermie sounds to make it work. (And yet, when I click for the next option, what do I get? Knowing full well that I want to write it? Kevin/Jimmie. This must be the key. [ profile] tourofduty, open it with every intent of writing. Apparently it's pyschic.)
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( Dec. 5th, 2005 09:22 am)
Am alive.

Am at work.

Am mildly in love with Greg Biffle.

Am actually happy to be doing something besides watching daytime talk shows.

Am trying to figure out why coming back to work and having things to do automatically equates wanting to sit and write for hours (when that urge didn't hit when I had hours to spend on the writing).
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( Oct. 31st, 2005 10:08 am)
I've decided to use today to be productive and get things done. This means lots of productivity with filing and mailing and shipping stupid VCR/DVD combos, and hopefully sitting and entering stupid rolodex info into Microsoft Outlook this afternoon (interspersed with writing - I brought a disk with me today).

Will be productive! I will!


I'm noticing a trend with watching NASCAR. Inevitably, at some point, the announcers say something that makes me giggle. And I turn around and grab the phone and call [ profile] bubblesbrnaid. And we then spend the next hour and a half to two hours (depending on whose phone was charged best - if my cell goes, we're screwed) watching the race and making snarky comments.

Let it be noted, snarky commentary from [ profile] bubblesbrnaid and [ profile] zeplum has made my brain go boom on a few slashy combos: Harvick/McMurray, Johnson/McMurray and Stewart/Biffle especially. Although the Stewart/Biffle is largely the announcers' fault and on a smaller scale, [ profile] tourofduty's fault.
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( Oct. 20th, 2005 09:26 am)
If you want to be on the writing filter or don't want to, don't forget to take this poll.

I'm amused that no one has responded 'no'. Don't fear! It's not going to hurt my feelings! LOL

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( Oct. 19th, 2005 03:24 pm)
As I am actively getting into writing original stuff, I am going to be creating a writing filter so those of you totally not interested won't have to hear weird ramblings that could be confusing because they're out of nowhere.

Whee! My first posting filter. (Don't do reading filters, because my friends list is small enough.)

[Poll #593980]
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( Oct. 11th, 2005 03:33 pm)
I now have Gary Allan's CD in my hands. Listening to it on repeat on the computer. Actually, listening to "Best I Ever Had" on repeat.

There'll be writing tonight!
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( Oct. 10th, 2005 01:40 pm)
I have realized that there are certain things I should just go with. If I have an obsession, work it into a story. Logical, right? There are writers that I like simply because they know a subject and work it in. One romance novelist I appreciate uses professional football players.

*waits for the gallery of groans* *g*

Thing is, I also like rich, weird, interesting characters. And stories that are bizarre but very normal. Everyday life is everyday life, but throw in a little bizarre to make it interesting. And yes, I live by the science fiction cliche of normal characters in extraordinary situations. Why the hell do you think I like NASCAR? They're redneck boys who get money to play with big expensive toys and say things that shouldn't be said by rednecks!

(Yes, NASCAR is science fiction meets sports.)

I pay attention to drivers who are unusual, who have something going for them that sets them apart, because real life is sometimes stranger than fiction, so obviously, use it and abuse it.

Stories that I plan on writing, based on NASCAR drivers and in which they will be NASCAR drivers:

1. Fat guy with pretty eyes who has severe road rage, and yet drives for a living. (Obviously this one is a romance. But I'm leaving out the pet monkey and the hearse. At least for this one character.)

2. 30-year-old with a slight complex about aging, a Star Wars fixation, too many hunting dogs for his own good, an obsession with video games, and an accent. And who, at least in my mind, has a "dark side" (jovial is a great public image, if I do say so myself) and a group of friends that take ghost busting to a whole new level. (Why yes, this is a ghost story.)

3. Two really hot, hot men who are down to earth, humble, and happily married. Just not to each other, because rereading that, it could get confusing. LOL (Stalkers, yo. All about the stalkers.)

4. Nice guy, homely as hell, who loves the sport and wants to be in it, but just doesn't quite have the talent. Oh, and he has pet deer. (I'm still trying to decide, but pet deer? What's not to love?)

5. And there's a Junior bit that would work, because I love his Mr. Darcy edge. Something about men who seem so in control and together but are horrendously shy, which is the whole reason they seem "cool" to begin with...seriously, it's a thing I have. Add in Elvis and there's *fun*.

ETA: Slight edits to character descriptions.
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( Oct. 3rd, 2005 01:57 pm)
Saw Serenity with [ profile] bubblesbrnaid. It was good to see it with music this time. Loved it, as usual. Still love Jayne mightily.

Worked hard, family reunion, blah blah blah.

Bridal shower happened after I had a migraine and threw up. Joy fun.

Taped Talladega and came home to watch it.

1. Yay DJ!!!!!!

2. Yay Kyle!!!! Way to insist on finishing the race buddy.

3. Boo Jimmie Johnson. I'll list the reasons I boo you in a moment.

4. Yay HotMadEllyut! Seriously. I need a screencap of Elliott mad. He's so damn hot when mad. Cute as a puppy when happy, but mad? Guh. It's like all affable guys when they're mad. DJ mad? Takes the cake. Same with Bobby Labonte.

5. Boo Newman. What the hell is up with bump drafting in the corners, you morons? Don't do it!

6. Yay Mikey. He brings the snark. "I'm happy happy happy happy happy!"

7. Boo Jamie McMurray. Did you really think they were going to let you win, knowing how good your car was? Wait on the move! Go with teh move at the END!

8. Yay for Scott Riggs and Jeff Burton actually walking away from that one.

9. Boo for Kerry being caught up in the second big one.

Reasons why Jimmie isn't getting sex for a while.

1. He bump drafted Ellyut in the corner.

2. He caused a wreck that took out people in grand and dangerous fashion.

3. He had the gall to blame it on Junior when a) Junior wasn't close enough to have bumped him at any point in there and b) Junior is one of the three best bump drafters at Talladega (seriously, blaming Junior is like blaming Jeff or Mikey - you just don't do it until after you see video, because on the scale of believability, they'll get the edge every time).


Tonight - work on quilt, watch Panthers game, go shopping with family at Wal-Mart (don't ask why), and possibly get in the kitchen and make the quiche that I've been trying to make for two weeks.


Also on the agenda - write the brain-eating romance novel that is consuming me lately. *sigh* I have a yen to write ten million genres, and I've got two stories in the works, but what happens? A new one takes over. And this one is really in there eating me away. On the plus side, I don't write or read the romance novels that have sappy women, overly sexed men, euphemisms for body parts, or absolutely incredible sex that rocks the world every time. I like normal people who aren't perfect or perfect looking, and I like dorks, and I like geeks, and I like plot that makes sense instead of contrivances attempted to give the story more punch, like a mystery that just wouldn't exist.
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( Jul. 12th, 2005 09:53 am)
Goal for the day:

Wade through my email inbox. I have a lot from the past week I haven't responded to. Dang doldrums.


By the way...Junior WON!!!!!! *squee*! And I spent the post-race interview giggling because the seat of his jumpsuit was ripped. Yeah, I'm 5.


Totally not in the mood to be writing. Dang it. It's especially weird considering I've got Teddy thoughts going and actually feel like working on some character stuff to do with him, but...still no urge to write.


Rock Star: INXS

First off, Bo Bice could kick half of 'ems asses. The other half...a few would work him hard, and a couple would kill him. LOL

I spent the entire episode, though, thinking that [ profile] dragonsinger was probably going nuts and squeeing like a fool.

So far, digging Rosalin (she makes me think of Bo), Neal (while I don't get how people can be like that naturally, I recognize that it is natural and unique and he's gifted) and Ty (who is so fun).


Speaking of, [ profile] dragonsinger, we need to make plans for Sunday! LOL I was so close to forgetting. My sister suggested meeting for dinner on Wendover Ave., because all the restaurants on High Point Rd. will be taken up by the Coliseum crowd. We have a choice between O'Charley's and TGI Fridays. Any preference? They're both easy to get to. I'd say, since the concert starts at 7, we should meet at the restaurant at 5:30.


Not only did I send in my resume for that job yesterday, but I had the foresight to realize that, since I just signed a lease for a year at the middle of May, I needed to talk to the landlord. The company that owns the property I live on has many, many apartment complexes in the state. Since I know financially what it takes to move out before the end of a lease, it couldn't hurt to ask about having the lease transferred to a sister property. Especially considering my rent for a one bedroom, 720 sq. ft. apartment is $450, while the Kannapolis complex with two bedroom, two bath, 906 sq. ft. is $490.


New employee: She's younger than me (in the past year, she's the third person we've hired younger than me - I feel so old! not), appears competent, yadda yadda...I have to break her in. Hee.
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( Jul. 5th, 2005 09:23 am)
This weekend was too long and too short and too busy and not enough was done.


Met [ profile] tenel and [ profile] pmgoose and [ profile] koshka_the_cat, and [ profile] bubblesbrnaid came home, and [ profile] eliz came over for the race, and there was much snarking.

Biffle's Nipples
Jeff Gor-Don: "Life is like a box of chocolates."

And really, sleep deprivation combined with insanely late hours for racing ([ profile] terileigh, hee!, I'm sorry for your pain...if I could make the Daytona race track be in the middle of nowhere, I so would) makes for absolute insanity and fun. And everything is funny at 1 am.

There was Firefly watching, which rocked.

On Sunday and Monday there was familiness, which I did go by the book store and get a monster anthology of Mythology. Mythology from every culture. *dies* With fabulous color illustrations. And even better, at full price (for 500 pages and hard cover and HUGE) it was $29.95. With my Books-A-Million discount, I got it down to $26 even. Woohoo! Plus I found a book by one of my romance novelists I like. And all in two minutes. I'm good.

Fireworks with family-induced fun in the form of the Four Tops. There were random comments about Luther Vandross being dead (RIP Luther), and then I said something about a Four Top dying, which led to discussion about how many Tops were still alive. (Two Tops are still alive if you're wondering.) Then my BIL pipes up "Before long, they'll be Topless."

My sister did the cussing and flipping off of the idiot rednecks who decided to pull out before the fireworks were over and turn on their brights two feet from our faces. On purpose. Asshats.

Laundry was done (since I was running out of clothes...or at least ones that matched), deep conditioning was done, attempted murder of new neighbors was done (gotta the office and complain, because I'm not sweeping up ashes, cleaning up beer bottles, or scooping up dirty Kleenex every day), writing research was done, enchiladas were made and discarded (never using that recipe again).


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