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( Mar. 23rd, 2011 09:06 pm)
Work is for the weak

Work situation that I really don't know how to deal with. At the jail there are platoons (who work together on the same schedule all the time) and day staff (those who are there 8-5 Monday through Friday). Day staff tends to be employees who've been there for a long time. They've earned the right to have jobs with lots of responsibility that doesn't include working the floors. I'm so very cool with that. They've put in the years. They have the experience.

What do you do, though, when one of those people (or multiple people) actively hates you? Like, there are two officers that, no matter how I try to be nice to them (and damn it, I'm a ray of freaking sunshine that can get along with child molesters, so two damn women should be easy), they find something I do to criticize. Today it was because I took a hair band from a girl on the floor. And one of them commented that she'd just have to go and read the inmate handbook to see who was right - me or her.

FOR REAL???? Never mind that I was trained to do things a certain way and they haven't been through that training in 20 years! (Incidentally, my lieutenant, who outranks them, said I was right.)

Another officer gave me the "zip it" hand movement when I asked a question. I was pleasant, but I told another officer about it, and she made me tell lieutenant. Lieutenant was not happy. Like I told LT, I was having a brain fart and was trying to tell the officer that, but she wouldn't let me get it out. LT said it didn't matter what kind of brain fart I was having, there was no call for her to act like that toward me.

What's frustrating is that I know how to deal with the inmates on something like that. They're my subordinates. Fellow officers are a different thing. You have to measure words. You have to watch what you say. And I've got to figure out confrontation in *that* situation. I hate being nonconfrontational sometimes.

(I guess next time the first two officers - who always travel in a pair - say something snippy, I'll just go ahead and walk off. No more attempting to talk to them and play nice. The other one I'll ask to please address me with some respect, as there's no call for treating me like an inmate. Which was what LT told me to do. *sigh*)
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( Mar. 11th, 2011 07:37 pm)
Apparently my life is an episode of Real Housewives of Some Place or Basketball Wives or something.

A former coworker hates me (full on HATES) because she thinks I'm after her man (who is still on my platoon at work).

For real, people. I don't date, haven't expressed any interest in this guy (he's not even my type), don't even get NEAR married/non-single men, and she thinks I'm trying to go after her man.

To the point where another coworker had to call me and talk to me about it to make sure I didn't want her man because of the upcoming girls' night out that all the females are doing. (Apparently we can bring friends, and because this woman is friends with several people she's invited.) Because as far as I can tell, this woman was either refusing to go if I went, or saying I needed to be uninvited or something. No one has entertained that notion, but this woman's jealousy is notorious.

Honestly, people, what gets me is that I'm dealing with a dramatic woman who has issues. And her issues lead to projecting her insecurities onto other people. It's like bad reality TV where superficial women have to create drama to get airtime. Except I'm not getting paid for this crap!

ETA: I didn't find out we could invite friends until after our trip was full. It's pole dancing class. If I'd known, initially I'd have invited my sister. Now, given all the drama, inviting my sister would either be a brilliant idea (she'd rock at pole dancing and have a blast and I'd have someone to talk to) or it would be a nightmare (my sister is confrontational and protective and would probably get into it with the former coworker, instead of taking my tack of ignoring the drama and acting like the adult).
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( Nov. 29th, 2010 09:38 pm)
Tonight was interesting. Went out with folks from work because it was one guy's last day yesterday. I made sure to look cute (because hey, we're at a bar - look cute in case anyone promising was there). The result of the evening was that somehow I gained respect from two quarters.

1. I wore my really fierce giraffe print heels. That apparently got me into the club? The club of "If you can wear and feel comfortable in heels 3 inches or over, you're all right". LOL Hey, I partially wore the shoes because I finally found a sweater to go with them. I partially wore them because they're fierce and I knew at least one coworker would love them. Didn't realize it would get me in a club!

2. Everyone was drinking, as we were going to be there for several hours. They're all doing shots of various things, drinking mixed drinks, drinking beer. I had a margarita, which a couple of the guys were picking on me about. I tried explaining that hey, I only drink tequila. (With the occasional Crown and Red Bull, but that wasn't available.) So I decide I want more, but I want a shot of tequila, because that won't hit me as hard as a margarita will (my body chemistry is bizarre). Now, I know the masculine connotations of being able to do a shot of tequila. It's a very "guy" thing to be able to do one without flinching. For the record, I got a shot of Patron. Coworkers were all laughing and taking pictures of me with the thing, then they seriously sat there with baited breath waiting for me to take the shot. So I took it, no flinching, no salt or lime. I got high fives from the guys and a round of very loud cheers. It's funny what scores points.
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( Jun. 14th, 2010 10:40 pm)
1. Someone stole my doormat while I was at Wal-Mart.

2. My job is like teaching very large, very violent middle schoolers.

3. Mike's Hard Lemonade is my beer. And I'm drinking it right now.

4. Have now watched all of Leverage. Totally looking forward to Sunday night.

5. Bought a washing machine today. This is a huge thing for me. That's a major appliance!

6. Saw A-Team today as well. There's too much emphasis in the media on Bradley Cooper, when in reality, Sharlto Copley steals every scene he's in. (Plus, Face should always be clean shaven. I know one of y'all on here said the same thing, and you're right.)

7. NASCAR would be better if a) Denny Hamlin would just go away already and b) Jimmie took a season off. I want someone to dethrone Jimmie, but not Denny. Anyone but Denny.
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( May. 30th, 2010 04:46 pm)

I'm getting ready to start night 3 of three nights in a row at work. The three night thing is the worst - most people's bodies aren't programmed for night shift, and mine really isn't, although if I stay night shift for the two weeks, I'm okay. But like today, I got home at 7:45 this morning and went to bed immediately. I got up with my alarm at 4. Wash hair, take a bath, get ready, go back to work. Seriously, there's no life on those three days. Your body is so screwed that you just want to sleep when you're not working.



How did I hold out so long? It's slow going, what with my source being ornery, but I'm watching the first season as fast as I can right now.



I have plants. They are not dead. In fact, they are growing. Based on flowers, I may even get a tomato or a red bell pepper off of two of them! This is huge and amazing.
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( May. 15th, 2010 08:06 pm)
For the record - the Patron Saint of Police Officers (and by extension, since that's the closest to my profession, correctional officers) is Michael.

My brain has decided that this means Dean is my patron saint (I refuse to let it be Adam, Dean was first). And therefore, I am awesome.
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( Apr. 6th, 2010 06:39 pm)
We had the physical training assessment test for jail school today. My 33rd birthday.

My Sgt., upon realizing it was my birthday, said "So sorry". Another instructor laughed and said sorry as well. I pointed out that on one hand, yeah, PT on my birthday sucks. On the other hand, last birthday I was unemployed, so this is a major step up.

In hindsight, had I known how in pain and exhausted I'd be right now, I'd have agreed that it sucks.

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( Jan. 13th, 2009 07:49 pm)
Of the Happy Making:

1. Wil Wheaton recruits Levar Burton to Twitter.

2. Levar Burton is recruiting Brent Spiner.

If someone recruits Picard, I'll die laughing.


Of the Sucky:

1. Spent last half hour of the day discussing layoffs with coworkers.

2. The ShamWow guy.
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( Jan. 13th, 2009 10:42 am)
Menopause Question

To all my f-listers, a question:

Do you seek out menopause information online? Where?

Do you interact with others going through menopause?

Do you think social media has a place in menopause discussion? Which would you prefer: a message board, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Direct links to specific sources would be greatly appreciated.
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 06:48 pm)
Weekend Improvement

1. Dad found my high school diploma at the last minute. In a box in his office. Not in the attic.

2. I have my birth certificate with correctly spelled name. Apparently at one they had my middle name spelled wrong. Ha!

3. For Christmas my mom got a job. Guess who gets to carpool?

4. For Christmas I got: PediPaws (oh the fun! once I get batteries), The 6th Horseman, a Dale Jr. wireless mouse, a Dale Jr. 88 ornament, a food chopper (okay, I asked for a food processor, but my sister got confused *g*).

5. Still haven't started Yuletide. *eg* I'm going to be writing on the last day, aren't I?

Now I need to get together all the things to make copies of tomorrow so I can turn in the application packet on Tuesday. I'll be working half a day tomorrow in anticipation of a late day doctor's appointment and running a work errand before that. AND I need to get groceries and laundry money tomorrow night because I have no work pants.
Today As It Has Progressed

1. Got up after sleeping a total of 2 hour stretches, punctuated by crazy dreams and yells of "fuck you brain, just shut down already!"

2. Went to work for all of two hours before coworkers, fearing contagions, sent me home.

3. Went home where napping was impossible, so fixed lunch.

4. Burned finger on rice steamer. Badly. Although still not quite as bad as T-Day's burn, which is lving a scar. (Steam burns are painful as hell, though.)

5. Started wrapping presents.

6. Made tea.

7. Washed some dishes. Started dishwasher.

8. Spray painted clock frame for soon-to-be-niece's X-Mas present.

9. Just remembered that oh yeah, sister's boyfriend asked my dad for permission to ask Katie to marry him.

10. Typing this while trying to decide what to wrap first or whether a nap is a better idea.
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( Oct. 28th, 2008 10:17 am)
1. Fell this morning. Slick-soled boots on cold, slick asphalt and a dog pulling on his leash? I went flying. And landed on the concrete sidewalk. *headdesk* Only I can slide on asphalt and land on concrete. (Shoulda had sticker tires. Yep, bad NASCAR joke.)

2. Half the office is gone. Literally. Half. They're all on work trips to various parts of the country.

3. Chuck: Loved last night's episode. But I've realized that I'm developing a problem - there's not enough Casey. I want Casey backstory again. Preferably with nekkidness.

4. Samantha Who: This show is like Gilmore Girls for me. I seriously love it, it makes me happy, and yet I forget between episodes how much I love it.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:14 am)
Today needs to be over NOW.

In the order of sucking. The order of the first two tell you how fucked it's been.

1. Water heater broke, soaking the carpet right outside of my bathroom. Which I stepped in while half asleep.

2. Period started.

3. Figured out that the massive cramping in my thigh for the past three mornings is in fact a hamstring strain.

4. Get to office and find a mouse on the sticky pad trap just inside the door. A mouse that is kicking and squeaking like crazy. (I proceed to cry a lot until the exterminator gets to the office to retrieve it as it's totally and completely not humane.)

5. Boss goes into a fit of "I need something now". Which, of course, means everyone drops everything to do so. (Side note, hamstring starts making its presence known in the daytime for hte first time.)

6. Have not eaten. Am hungry. Food is taunting me.

7. Proofreading from boss sits on my desk but I haven't had a chance to look at it because of everything else. Never mind that when other boss asks.

8. And boss that's on vacation...we discovered this morning that her desk has been taken over by mice. So I have to clean it this afternoon.
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( Sep. 15th, 2008 03:52 pm)
Stuart Little

We have mice in our office.

The first sighting was this morning in the kitchen. One coworker screamed and jumped in a chair. Multiple people saw the mouse.

After that we found mouse droppings. All over the office. On desks. (We've all since freaked and Kloroxed our desks. Droppings are gross.) They've been all the way at the front (my desk) and all the way back to the kitchen.

Screaming a few minutes ago happened when another coworker as sitting in her cubicle (midway through the office) and saw the mouse run along a line of filing cabinets.

The result? As the non-afraid person (thanks to the rehab center), I've had to search offices and make sure coworkers could go back to their desks. People are sitting with their feet in their chairs. There have been demands that people bring in their cats pronto.

And through all this, our landlord is trying to ignore that there's a problem.

ETA: Our landlord never called the exterminator. She did say who she supposedly called, so one of the partners called them and they'd never even *heard* of our landlord. And then when the partner called the landlord back to get onto her about that, she'd magically gone for the day. And the assistant who actually does things is out on her honeymoon, and the landlord's boss (who lives on our 5th floor) is out of town because his mother died. I think I need a cat.
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( Aug. 14th, 2008 03:27 pm)
[Poll #1241933]

(My coworkers have decided they want us to be named something. But they objected to the XYZ Company Mules. Hey, it's kickball! That's appropriate!)
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 08:10 pm)
So You Think You Can Dance

Predictions from my mother:

Regardless of who wins, it won't be Courtney.

(I agree with mom.)

Mom and I both are in agreement that while Katee's the best all around dancer, something just feels like it'll be a guy.

And the opening number just told me what I've missed this season. I've missed Shane. I like his routines. They're hard hitting. It's good to have the lyrical hip hop, but I miss the hard stuff. Just watching Josh do Shane's routine showed me what we could have had for some variety. (So to you, Randy Jackson, I say "Thanks ever so for HAVING to have a dance show of your own to compete with your freaking producer and take one of our judges/choreographers.")

Vacation Update

Everything but the repair to the bookcase is done. Wh.ich will be done later this weekend due to Maveness' Law

(Maveness' Law: if you use super glue, no matter how careful you are, you will get the stuff on yourself.)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the zoo. It'll be cooler tomorrow, I get in for free, and there are new bear cubs. (And the added bonus: when I emailed work to see if there were any proofreading projects to do, they mentioned one proposal that needed proofing and...they needed it proofed tomorrow morning. I said "I can do it before 9 or after I get back in the afternoon. But I'm going to the zoo.")
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( Jul. 29th, 2008 04:05 pm)

We're starting an office kickball team. To play in the city kickball league. I KNOW. *g*

(Now I have just GOT to find some jerseys on the cheap. So we can make our own.)

The OMG-I'm-Drunk Indy Race

Drinking games can be fun. Or at least make a really craptastic race fun. (If you want to know why the race was craptastic, watch Kenseth's exploding right rear tire. They had to throw a caution every 8-10 laps because the tires kept going flat.)

The way the drinking game went:

1 shot of tequila if a tire es-plodes

2 shots of tequila if a tire es-plodes within two laps of a competition yellow

1 shot of tequila if we make it to the competition yellow without a blown tire

Sadly, I started the game *after* the Kenseth es-plosion. So I only got to do a shot per competition yellow. And I was drunk not long after. Hee.

But side effects of drunk:

1. Hot flashes

2. The munchies

3. Insane giggling

4. Apparently, insomnia (dude, I didn't go to work on Monday because I didn't get to sleep until after 8 am)

But no hangover. Cause I'm smart and had lots of water and took headache meds. *g*

Awesome Dreams

I had a dream last night that was awesome. The plot was great and the characters in it were great. I really, really want to write this. We'll ignore the fact that Carl Edwards was in the dream.

(Okay, so we were cops. Partners. Carl and me. We were hunting a killer who was exceedingly smart. He cornered us, shooting at us. We're pinned down and my sole concern was Carl. Um, seems there was a secret love thing. Secret from him. Feelings on my part and all. But me being too proud to admit it and wanting to maintain the working relationship. And I got him out, because he got wounded, and had to face the killer alone while he went for help. I have to say, it was a killer dream. I actually woke up and wished I had time to start writing it down then. It had that feel of something you could serialize.)
There Has To Be A Way Out Of This

Work drama, but not of the expected.

1. No internet for the past 24 hours, which meant no external email for the past 24 hours.

2. Naturally, everyone had internet research to do.

3. Elevators blew up big time today at noon.

4. Firemen showed up to rescue dude trapped in the elevator (a very calm man, luckily).

5. Firemen did not know about second entrance to building, so they scaled a 12 foot wall on the first floor.

6. Thankfully, the firemen were very cute.

7. Adding insult to injury, toilet in men's room won't quit running.
Help Dear Mac Users!

Because Apple Support isn't helping and our IT guy isn't helping AND the printer guys aren't helping.

(Although let it be known that one of our vice presidents is two seconds away from telling the IT guy and the printer guy to sit their asses down and figure it out.)

We are testing a BizHub (color/b&w printer/copier). We have Macs. (I have a PC, so in this instance I'm okay.) When Mac OS X was put into place, a problem arose. The default printing specifications for the BizHub are color. Of course, we don't want the default to be color. We want it to be black and white. 99.99999% of businesses will want it to be black and white. On my PC I can go into the Printers and Faxes control and change the default to black and white. Unfortunately, when Mac went from OS 9 to OS X, they took away the same feature on the Macs. I can set up a black and white preset, but there's no way (that I've been able to find) to change the system default.

(The reason this is a problem - people are lazy. Hell, I'm lazy. If I want to print something, I want to hit Control P, OK. I don't want to have to hit Control P, change the preset to BlackWhite, then click OK. Yeah, it looks like one simple step will be nothing, but people are lazy. That one extra step that they've never had to do before is too much. More importantly, since we will be leasing the machine, the difference is 1.5 cents per copy for black and white versus 7.5 cents per copy for color. We don't want any mistaken color printing!)
Dear Mall Peoples and Belk Peoples:

Please don't blast your radios so loud that I can hear BOTH of them. Because frat rock and Jennifer Lopez do NOT go together.


28 minutes and counting until I blow this joint. Then I can dash out, drop a nut at my dad's house, stop and get something tequilaish and get to [ profile] bubblesbrnaid's house as fast as possible. Cause racing time! (I figure the tequila will help with that stretch of 300 miles in the middle that's boring.)

ETA: How is it that on a holiday weekend, with no one in the mall, when I have somewhere to be when leaving the store, we get that ONE customer who is "looking" and asks "you close at six, right?" That means she's going to be walking up with her stuff at six. Not be out the door at six.


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