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( Aug. 26th, 2009 08:10 pm)
Supposed to be going to the beach in two days, which hey, you know, awesome! Except for Tropical Storm Danny, who's decided that he must get all near us this weekend. Here's hoping it's just crazy currents and extra waves, and not rain or wind.


I get two episodes of Eric Northman goodness tomorrow night.


Discovered there's a direct correlation between being poor and unemployed and watching lots of HGTV and my need to sew. It's apparently exercising my creative impulses on the cheaper scale.


Finished the first three Harry Potters. I actually finished the third on Monday, but I'm making myself wait until this weekend to read the fourth. Beach reading and all.
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( Aug. 9th, 2008 09:08 pm)
Some video from my trip to the zoo.

The seal is having a ball )

The meerkat checking things out )

A very, very sleepy polar bear )
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( Aug. 8th, 2008 07:36 pm)
Reasons why today has sucked:

1. Parents at the zoo are freaking stupid. Not all parents. Just a few. But those few were morons of the highest order. (Seriously, parents, there is no excuse for holding up a lunch line because you have to tell the server what drinks you want one. drink. at. a. time. When you're getting SEVEN drinks for four people! It's a fountain! Tell her two! She has two hands!)

2. Air quality was horrible, even though the temperature was better. I'm paying the price now.

3. Headache that doesn't want to go away.

4. My feet are killing me. My right foot especially. I'm guessing I'll be wearing flats for the next week.

5. Parents that refuse to read. Seriously, people, don't guess at what the animals are! Your kids asked! There are plenty of signs that tell you what's what! Just READ. (Why yes, I did become a zoo snob and actually tell random kids what the animals were, point out where the animals were when parents were distracted by the smaller kids, and stop a kid from running face first into glass.)

On the plus side, I have a few pictures and some video. Including video of a snoozing, snorfling polar bear. (I figured it out, Bubbles...Waffle is part polar bear!)
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 08:10 pm)
So You Think You Can Dance

Predictions from my mother:

Regardless of who wins, it won't be Courtney.

(I agree with mom.)

Mom and I both are in agreement that while Katee's the best all around dancer, something just feels like it'll be a guy.

And the opening number just told me what I've missed this season. I've missed Shane. I like his routines. They're hard hitting. It's good to have the lyrical hip hop, but I miss the hard stuff. Just watching Josh do Shane's routine showed me what we could have had for some variety. (So to you, Randy Jackson, I say "Thanks ever so for HAVING to have a dance show of your own to compete with your freaking producer and take one of our judges/choreographers.")

Vacation Update

Everything but the repair to the bookcase is done. Wh.ich will be done later this weekend due to Maveness' Law

(Maveness' Law: if you use super glue, no matter how careful you are, you will get the stuff on yourself.)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the zoo. It'll be cooler tomorrow, I get in for free, and there are new bear cubs. (And the added bonus: when I emailed work to see if there were any proofreading projects to do, they mentioned one proposal that needed proofing and...they needed it proofed tomorrow morning. I said "I can do it before 9 or after I get back in the afternoon. But I'm going to the zoo.")
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 04:18 pm)
I am (almost) triumphant!

Things left to do:

1. Two minor repairs (bookcase and door stop).
2. Iron new tablecloth.
3. Erect Junior. *snicker*)
4. Put away computer monitor.

I also need to get mom's cleaning lady's number. I need a professional to come in and scrub the bathroom and kitchen floors. And while I could get my grandmother to do that (my family knows how to clean), it's the fact that it needs actual scrubbing that's the problem. (I wore volleyball knee pads and got on my knees to scrub. My back is now killing me. And the floor only looks marginally better.)

Plus tomorrow after going to the zoo, I'm thinking of going by Hobby Lobby and getting mosaic tiles to tile the coffee table. For it needs help, but short of buying a new table (and end tables to go with), I've got to do something to hide a bad spot.
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 01:40 pm)
Reason I'm spamming today: I'm actually cleaning. Which means for every chore I do, I keep running back to the computer. Ha!


So You Think You Can Dance

My thoughts on the final four and why some of Nigel's comments were absolute crap )

Um, that only took 2 1/2 hours to write and folks, the bathroom is CLEAN. As are the windows, vacuuming (the initial vacuuming) has been accomplished and I'm just down to dusting, the kitchen, and a couple of minor repairs. Whooo!
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( Aug. 6th, 2008 08:50 pm)
Wanna see one of the things I've done while on vacation?

Under here for the fun! )
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( Aug. 6th, 2008 03:02 pm)
Cleaning Update

So. The closets.

1. Found the source of the crazy beetle invasion of two years ago. Didn't realize I still had a bag of birdseed in there.

2. So that's where all the dog's clothes went!

3. And hey! My 2 lb. weights!

4. Half of a sweater drying rack was found. Just half. No clue where the other half is.

5. The trunk of old books, however, no trouble finding. All my Nancy Drews, Trixie Beldens, and random X-Files stuff.

6. Found the other half of the sweater drying rack. In random drawers.

7. Also found - size 5 jeans. Bwah!!!!

8. Incidentally (and as a warning for [ profile] bubblesbrnaid, Junior's coming out of the closet.

9. Ten million movie ticket stubs. Damn. I'm tossing those things!

10. OoohhH! Croak Kent!

And now it's down to rearranging things. Joy. The dust is killing me.
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( Aug. 6th, 2008 01:02 pm)
I swear, I swear. I have actually started cleaning. There's a Goodwill bag and everything!

I'm even trying to decide if I want to take the clothes hamper itself to Goodwill, as all it's held for the past 7 years is dry cleaning. Dry cleaning that is about four sizes too small now. (I'm better about dry cleaning now. And those will get cleaned before going to Goodwill.) The question is, since I have a rolling hamper in the bedroom, do I ditch this other one, or make it the "linens and towels" hamper? (Eh, come to think of it, if I don't ditch it, it'll just become more storage.)


The Olympics and Politics

I've always been a firm believer in the idealistic (and yet totally impossible to enforce) notion that politics should have no place in the Olympics.

It's an ideal, though, that's ever-increasingly more impossible to hold to. The problem is that the IOC (fairly based upon its principles) wants every country to have a chance to host if they can afford to host (what "afford" means is relative). So the democratic West runs into problems when a country like China is chosen, a country that not only has very different ideals, but a country that everyone knew going in, despite promises otherwise, would blatantly disregard basic political rules of the IOC at the last minute, putting them over a barrel.

The IOC is idealistic, but sometimes I think we need that idealism. In a way, it's "let the government of China make the mistake so that other countries are actually freaking aware of what's going on". The people of the world need to see how it can go wrong to appreciate when it goes right, even to understand just what people in other countries are putting up with on a day to day basis.

Quite frankly, China will learn nothing from this because the IOC will not cancel the Olympics at the last minute. No country will boycott at the last minute, because they've done that before and it only served to hurt the athletes. I honestly feel like sticking to the ideal and going is better than boycotting for one reason:

Because if that host country starts it, anyone else can finish it. *g*

Look, China is going to be a lesson to the IOC. Playing nice with the new global powerhouse is all well and good, but there are guarantees that they need to prepare for in the future that countries don't pull crap like China is pulling. China won't get the games for a very, very, very long time, and even then there'll probably have to be a major regime change for the Olympics to come back.

The great thing is that because China has decided to be political (even though they claim they aren't - their mindset is a bit fudged on what constitutes political), any athlete that wants to take a stand at any point will do so with blessing from many. I think it's the athlete's choice how they want to express their political dissidence in China, not their home country's. There are more athletes than countries. They all are their own individuals. They have their own minds to make up. More power to them for what they want to say and how they want to say it.

(In my way of thinking, there are also two types of political activism in relation to the Olympics. There's the kind where a country or athletes have issues with the host country or other countries coming to the Games (where the other athletes are made the target because of their country's political stances). Then there's the kind where an athlete brings light to an issue in their own country or to an international issue that knows no borders (human rights violations, or the more innocuous example of Right To Play). The second I'm all for use of an international stage to point out the problems.)

The list of things China's up to at the moment (that I know of):

1. Limited internet access for journalists, despite a promise of completely free access.
2. Revoking Joey Cheek's Visa hours before he's to leave for China, because he formed Team Darfur, a consortium of Olympic athletes hoping to raise awareness about the situation in Sudan (international consortium - it is not limited to U.S. athletes).
3. Horrendous pollution that could affect the outdoor athletes, especially runners.
4. The displacement of their own citizens to make way for the Games.
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( Aug. 4th, 2008 08:03 pm)
The Mikey and Chad Hour

You know an episode of This Week In NASCAR is going to be fun when it starts with Mikey referring to his shrink and Chad referring to Mikey as having multiple personalities (but only two).

Also, the swiffer shall be featured. Yay!

And...Mikey's in a mood which means Steve Byrnes suggest hugging it out. Chad is either vaguely horrified or really horrified. (We love horrified Chad.)

Mikey: When I think of Steak-ummm burgers, I think of Mark Martin.
Chad: No you don't. That man has never had a burger in his life.
Me: No, he just looks like one.

Mikey: Next time you have a point like that, could you condense that a little bit? That was painful. There was a whole lot of stuff going on there. My brain's not that refined. (Chad) lost me at "Let me explain something to you."

More Procrastination Techniques

Hey look! Shiny! (This is me procrastinating. I need to make lists. And straighten. I at least got the kitchen straightened. But I need to work on the rest of the apartment so tomorrow I can do the closets and really get into the cleaning.)
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( Aug. 4th, 2008 02:45 pm)
NASCAR plus Canada equals... )

Under a cut because I have no ability to size pictures at home.

[ profile] small_town, I thought of you. *g* That's Ron Fellows! The guy whose son you taught swimming I think?


Vacation Time

Time management skills seem to go out the window an extra amount when I'm on "vacation". Granted, today is the first day of "days where you're supposed to be productive so you can slack later in the week". So I just slacked for today instead of later. (See, there's this whole philosophy - if I'm productive early, then I can do fun things later. Instead of putting of fun and productive and then just don't productive later.)

Today I slept until 8 (that's late for me), lounged until 11, took a shower, made a list, put on clothes...and realized it was noon, not the best time to go to Wal-Mart. Except if I put off going, I'd not go at all. So I went and had lunch with mom, then hit Wal-Mart for an oil change and $50 worth of cleaning supplies. (In my defense, I ran out of everything at once. I was even out of Klorox.) Then it was the grocery store and home in time to proofread a document for work (I know, this is supposed to be a vacation).

And now it's just about three, I need to check work email one more time, and then I'm lounging (as it's freaking hot) and making lists for the rest of the days. I may clean later when it's cooled down some.


Jessica Simpson's Country Deal

You know, I think country suits her voice much better. She can power through things and not try and sound sexy, which is just much more natural for her voice.

That said, her country career will get nowhere if someone doesn't wrench Papa Joe away from the controls. Damn, people. That video that goes with the song? Utter. Mess. It's so fake and planned. Not organic and fun. The song is upbeat and they have her posing stupidly on a sink? Oy.
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( Apr. 5th, 2007 09:39 am)
So guess who's finally surfacing? Me!

*falls over*

I've liked having vacation time. I've been getting things done. I've been productive. I'll be working today and then back to vacation time tomorrow (at which point I'll be really delving into spring cleaning the apartment).

So far accomplished on the vacay...

1. Went to race with [ profile] bubblesbrnaid and [ profile] eliz.

2. Got called a Benedict Arnold for wearing a shirt declaring my love Team Red Bull (or was standing in front of Michael Waltrip's trailer, and they were talking about Mikey being the B.A.).

3. Met [ profile] roguewords, who experienced the hell that is race tracks and cell phone coverage. (It's almost amusing in a way that I have Verizon and people can call me and all my phone will register is that I have a message...and I can't even listen to it at the track! Argh! I swear, I'd get Nextel, but it's the principle of the thing at this point.)

4. Bought a couch. Isn't it fabulous? I love that couch. It shall be in from the manufacturer in 7-10 days (minus two, as I ordered it 2 days ago). It has piping! In a contrasting color! And it's deep, and it has two cushions instead of three, and my feet don't touch the floor, and I can curl up in it! Which apparently makes me a man. No, really. Women want their feet to touch the floor (apparently most women who furniture shop don't appreciate the fine art of curling up to read? the hell?) and they want the three cushions and they want cushy.

5. Cleaned some. More importantly, made a list of all the things I need to spring clean come this weekend. In preparation for the couch. *g*

6. Stumbled upon a vast conspiracy. Also known as, accidentally saw an email my mom had sent someone about my birthday. Am now officially worried. I was expecting a certain amount of crazy from my mother. My mother may have gone in a scary direction.

7. Dry cleaning is done, film has been taken to be developed (two rolls of film are at least 7 years old).

8. Dealt with extreme reactions to pollen, including a bad cough and headaches. Did you know there are pollen headaches? The news decided to educate us all to this fact. After I had three of them three days in a row. (Incidentally, the weather forecaster was in shock. Bad pollen count is over 50. Yesterday's pollen count was 109. They didn't even know it could go over 100, since 0-100 was the scale. Forecast for the next three days is over 100. Guess who isn't going outside?)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2006 05:42 pm)
This is Heather, reporting in from "vacation", aka "taking vacation days from the 8-5 job to work for Mom at her store during the busy time".

*is alive, but barely*

Just an FYI, I'm not meant for the retail world. Oddly enough the being nice to people and helping them find things isn't the problem (well, mostly not the problem). As long as they don't walk up griping because we don't carry what Eduplay carries (we do, they just waited too long to buy it) or that we don't have what they want (if we don't have it, it's not a high demand product), I'm all too glad to help.

No, the problem is the standing on my feet for too many hours. My feet are keeeeeling me. As is my right leg. Not to mention the crazy breakout yesterday where I apparently had a reaction to a weather change (yes, the chance of rain was apparently enough to cause hives and itching - I resent my body on weird days).

The worst part is not having the time to get online. We seriously haven't had time. I got online some yesterday. When my mother was in the back (never mind we had nothing going on - if I so much as brought up the browser she told me to close it) and there were no customers at the counter. I brought up the internet once today and got fussed at. *sigh*

Reminder to self - my mother is not fun to work with sometimes.

But! On the plus side, paid vacation plus working for pay equals more money. Which is great considering I need new tires.

Things accomplished when I wasn't working for mom:

New driver's license
Changed address with bank
Painted cubbies (well, one)
Cleaned (big time cleaning)
Checked with Verizon about cell phone
Priced new phone with Alltel
Checked for prices
"Walked" my sister's dog (i.e., got jumped on and cleaned up pee)

Oh, and the capper to my week so far? My sister and I are on speaking terms (avoid the issue that caused us not to speak) and I've been convinced to try out for a play. With my sister. (My mother is a bit aghast that my sister is trying out too. Mom mentioned it in front of sister and voila! We're auditioning together.) On the plus side, it's Steel Magnolias. Granted, I'm still too young to play Ouiser, but at this point I'll take Shelby or Truvy (oh god please Truvy) or the Darryl Hannah character.

Oh, and I rescind my need to whip Junior. Only scold him much. I'm switching the need to whup someone to Carl Edwards. I think a whupping is all it will take. Talking about kicking a guy's butt is one thing. A lot of the guys talk smack and never do anything about it. And granted, Carl's been victimized many a time lately and it's got to be building up. But playing Cole Trickle and slamming into a guy on the victory lap? Hell to the no. (On the plus side, attitudes coming out of the meeting with NASCAR actually seem to indicate that satisfactory talking was done to mollify both sides. As long as lengths are gone to to apologize in a way that the other guy will accept, and hurt feelings can be put aside, that prevents stuff from happening in the future. Or should. Jeff Gordon.)
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( Jul. 17th, 2006 08:08 am)
Vacationing with [ profile] ultimatemother and family was awesome. I got home yesterday and had trouble dealing with the quiet. *g* Granted, my dog was all over me (he cuddled and brought me his squeaky bone four times - for him to want to play with it once a day is a miracle, let alone four times), but he doesn't talk. LOL

And [ profile] warboss is totally cool and HUGE. Tall people in person are different from tall people on TV. LOL Which, you know...still. TALL.


(Okay, coherent thought is out the window, because for some reason I was exhausted yesterday after getting home, so I went to bed at 8 pm. And woke up at 1:30 am. I haven't been to bed since. I finally came close to falling asleep at 7. Yeah. When I can't remember if my boss is on vacation and the backup IS on vacation and I have to go to work for at least a couple of hours. Argh.)

Oh! Saw a billboard on the way home that made me laugh. It was for an Urgent Care center and simply said "He started it."
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( Jul. 8th, 2006 11:16 am)
First, I'll be hanging out with [ profile] ultimatemother in 5 days. Hee! Mama Landa!!!

And we're going to see Superman Returns together!


Second, went to see POTC2 with [ profile] bubblesbrnaid last night. Light, fluffy...pretty much like the first one, but with less plot. Tis okay, cause it's a movie franchise based on an amusement park ride. And Capt. Jack amuses me. Although I really, really want to watch it in the privacy of my own home so I can loudly mock Will.


Third, trailer for Snakes on a Plane. I detected actual shushing from a few rows down when I squealed and clapped like a loon. *g*


Fourth, Jeff Burton on the pole! Huzzah!


Fifth, broken toe. For I am graceful (not) and managed to turn in a vast space and slam into a table leg.


Sixth, I lost 6 pounds last week. It was great. Hot weather affects my appetite, so I was eating less and eating fresher foods. Sadly, apparently pizza and bagels in one day pack the entire 6 pounds back on immediately. WTF?
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( Sep. 7th, 2005 09:26 am)
Am back! Yep, I'm here! So what all happened while I was gone? Update me, cause there's no way in hell I'll get very far back on LJ.

Things of note from vacation time:

1. [ profile] paperbkryter and I kept acting like we were at a con. Staying up late, watching tons of Smallville and LnC and comparing/contrasting. Snarking on Spell and drooling over Transference. Much fun.

2. Number of animals petted/played with: 5 dogs, 4 cats , 3 horses, a pony. And Katie-dog? Is a wild child. Hee!

3. Number of airplane passengers whose death I plotted: 1. (Thanks, dude, for the loud replay of the whole under-age drinking and driving court issues. Asshole.)

4. Swag I came home with: a Pretenders album (yes, album), John Schneider's Greatest Hits, Sara Evans Born to Fly, City of Angels soundtrack, cookbook, book on ghosts, book on unexplained mysteries of the natural world, two vintage hats ([ profile] koshka_the_cat will be only marginally jealous, as they're not quite old enough), and a cigar box purse that rocks hard.


Mood icon? Totally appropriate. So. Tired.


[ profile] zeplum, according to tracking your b-day present should be waiting for you tonight. *g*


[ profile] bubblesbrnaid, don't laugh at me, but I hit Bubbles withdrawal yesterday. Shut up. No giggling at me. So, um...BSG-athon Saturday night? *g* Or Buffy-movie-athon on Friday or Saturday night? (Depending on whether I get called for volunteer duty at the Coliseum.)
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( Aug. 31st, 2005 04:56 pm)
I haven't really said anything in LJ about this, but...

I'll be gone until next Wednesday. I'm going to be hanging out with [ profile] paperbkryter for five days.

Miss me and be jealous! *g*
So I've been off for three days. Three whole days. Can I tell you folks how bored I was without internet access?

So, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: Sleeping late.

The Bad: Having the phone ring at 8:15 on Saturday morning and answering it to discover a telemarketer. I'm truly sorry for anyone who does this for a job, but folks, 8:15 in the morning on a Saturday does not equal a sale. It equals "It's 8:15 on Saturday. Get a frickin' life." *click*

The Ugly: Having a cramp in your neck that means lying on the floor for most of the day Saturday.

The Good: Getting money back for books you don't want to look at again.

The Bad: Having to take a day off to get $47 back for books you spent $150 on.

The Ugly: The poor girl who had to take a day off work, who was not salaried (meaning no paid vacation) and had only one book (that she spent $80 on)...and they wouldn't buy it back. Asshats.

The Good: NASCAR on Sunday. Dude! The Pansyass kissed the wall just short of the finish line, went from 3rd to 33rd, and whined about the medical team not getting to him fast enough EVEN THOUGH HE WASN'T HURT! Plus Dale Jr. finished 3rd.

The Bad: Road races confuse the hell out of me. I can never tell where they are on the track.

The Ugly: Well, that would be the Pansyass again. Just because.
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( Dec. 9th, 2002 01:48 pm)
Sudden realization that I have absolutely no clue what to do with myself for about 3-4 weeks. I've gotten used to being busy, to having work during the day, school at night 3 days a week, work on Saturday and church on Sunday. So with winter break until next semester's classes...what do I do?


Of course, I could clean my apartment, or buy Christmas presents, but who wants to do that? *g* Okay, I want to buy the presents at least. But still. Here I am panicking, and I haven't even gotten through my finals yet.

It's a sad, sad day when the thought of downtime panics you. Or maybe it's the thought of sitting at home with bad Christmas specials and boring reruns.
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( Oct. 15th, 2002 04:29 pm)
I just remembered that today is my hump day!

I had a bunch of vacation days left for the year, so I have Thursday and Friday off. I have decided to be relatively productive over that period of time. Lots of stuff to do.

Really clean the apartment, as in hands and knees scrubbing
Finish the Red fic
Write the Lionel/Lex fencing fic
Watch Survivor and CSI
Take the dog to the 'rents for a toe-nail clipping

Spend several hours w/ my best friend, her man, and My Little Angel, as it's my best friend's 26th birthday that day
Write some Chlark
Work on OSCC essay
Watch Firefly and Law & Order: SVU

Help my sister move (groan)
Maybe finish OSCC essay (if I'm not dead at that point)

Definitely finish OSCC essay
Work on the Chloe/Clark/Pete investigative piece

I'm so looking forward to this vacation. Now we'll see how much I really stick to that schedule. I have a feeling it will be quickly shot to hell.


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