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( Mar. 9th, 2010 03:23 pm)

I have reached a very important milestone with regards to the Oscars - I no longer care who was most deserving (although I will root against things I see as least deserving, i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow or rip offs of Fern Gully). I just want people to win that will give speeches that entertain me.


1. I was sad that Gabby Sidibe didn't win. Because let's face it, her speech would have been epically awesome. There would have been tears. And giggling. And possibly, had Gerard Butler been giving the award, making out.

2. The guy who won for one of the screenplays was just so darling. By far my favorite speech of the night, because you could tell he was overcome with genuine emotion, not something scripted. (Although I did love Steve Martin's jab of "I wrote that for him" afterwards.)

3. I don't care what folks' opinions are of of the best presenters of the night was Tyler Perry. I'm sorry, but if you're a freaking actor, there's no excuse for a bland, boring, dry, robotic presentation. Perry was having a blast and his timing was perfect.

4. What the heck was up with Tom Hanks just announcing who won best picture with no rundown (again) of who the nominees were? It was sudden and jarring and I think partially responsible for the fact that Kathryn Bigelow looked like she was going to throw up/pass out. Hell, I don't know how she made it back out on stage.


Apparently hell is freezing over, and the result is that, 9 years after his death, I'm becoming a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr. (I accidentally typed that at first as Dale Earnhardt St. And laughed. Because to his fans, he was a freaking saint. An evil saint, but a saint nonetheless.)

And I blame the current crop of drivers who are either too politically correct or too self-centered while acting like their crap don't stink. But I really blame the drivers in this crop who pull the PC or self-centered deal when they've been driving for more than 10 years. Because let's face it, if you were around during Senior/Terry Labonte/Rusty Wallace's era of wrecking each other, then you've taken part in aggressive racing. So don't go telling guys coming into the sport that they're doing things wrong, because there is no right or wrong (well, there is wrong, but it's a lot harder to quantify than you'd think), there's only winning.

If everyone's thinking I'm sounding like a Keselowski apologista, well, here's the thing...I think I am. Wanna know why? Cause he owns that shit. And he doesn't get mad about owning that shit. He just does. And you know what? That's refreshing.

I don't mind the feuding (when there's reason for it, not just ire at a driver's fanbase*). I would love to see some of the guys get in fist fights again (except please everyone stay away from Matt, because I just don't see him being the knock down drag out kind). The key is, own your shit.

Examples of Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Kyle Busch at Bristol a couple years ago. That was a racing fight (they both wanted the win, Carl booted Kyle out of the way for the win, Kyle took out his ire on the track away from competitors, Carl retaliated, they both acknowledged their actions post-race and owned that shit without apologizing). It was awesome. It was great. Kyle didn't expect Carl to own his shit, but Carl did, so it was all even and awesome.

2. Robby Gordon and everyone he's ever been mad at. Nuff said.

3. Juan Pablo Montoya pretty much all the time. He says it like it is, and you'll know if he's mad at you. Plus you'll know if he's really mad at you, because he'll take it out on you on the track. But he owns that shit.

4. Kyle Busch pretty much any time that doesn't include Junior. He drove like a bat out of hell and didn't apologize for it. (There hasn't been as much bat action in the last year and a few races. Not sure if it's due to maturity or bad cars, but the point is that it means less feuding if you're not being all bat out of hell anymore.)

5. Any driver that has ever been in a wreck, been mad about the wreck, then later in the race (or a few races later) lost the car just slightly and "accidentally" took out the other guy. And then batted their eyelashes innocently at the camera (with a sly smirk, or not if you're Junior, who just does the innocent routine, and yes, I use him as an example because he's my boy and plus he's perfected that form of retaliation) and left the reporter (and viewers) guessing as to whether it was intentional. Because that's owning that shit in a different way, but it's still owning the shit. The attitude is consistent throughout.

Examples of Not Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Brad Keselowski this past Sunday. Yeah, I'm saying Carl didn't own his shit. Why? Because while you don't tip your hand to NASCAR brass (by saying "next time I'm near him, I'm going to totally wreck his ass"), you also don't sit there and be all pleasant and forgiving and then go and punt someone in a very obvious manner and be mad at them. You act pissed as hell from the get go (again, without tipping your hand - see Junior for how to execute this maneuver if you're a "nice guy" or Tony Stewart for tips if you're a "bad boy"). Carl did with Brad what Kyle thought he'd do back at Bristol - at one point in the feud he played innocent. But he didn't play innocent at the right point. He was too politically correct at the point when people would have understood him being mad. And then his anger after the wreck painted him in a bad light because Keselowski's car went airborne. I know it sounds like I'm being harsh on Carl here, and I do agree with his sentiment that taking it to Bristol would have been a bad idea, but here's the thing. Carl is the poster boy for public relations in NASCAR. Some would say Jimmie is, but he's too bland. Carl has the perfect image (the back flip is part of that image) and he was from the beginning very adept at working the media and that image. It took awhile for the veneer to crack for us to see that under the surface there's an edge. At the time he came into NASCAR, his image worked perfectly. Knowing what we know about him now, though, plus NASCAR allowing personality back into the sport, he needs to just own that he's a nice guy who gets pushed too far at times. I understand that, because I'm a nice person who can go from nice to infuriated-Tony-Stewart-on-roids in a heartbeat if the right buttons are pushed. Carl can own his shit if he acknowledges both sides of himself. And when you own your shit (which is individual), there is peace in the force.

2. Rusty Wallace versus everyone. Rusty didn't own his shit, he just whined because he felt he was entitled.

* Ire at a driver's fanbase is a direct jab at Kyle Busch. Cause he owned his shit except when he was getting into it with Junior. That was the fatal flaw to his earlier years in Cup. Because he owned his bad boy status for awhile, but when he got mad at Junior's fanbase (and I understand why, being a member of said fanbase, which makes me feel like beating someone over the head with a bat some days), it became a weird feud that didn't make any sense. Plus that whole feud still pisses me off because at the time I'd gotten past my Kyle Busch issues and was starting to root for him because he didn't apologize for who he was. And then he went and did something hair brained. And yes, I consider it hair brained to take on Junior Nation because every driver has a crazy portion to their fanbase. It's just that Junior's fanbase is way larger than anyone else's.

Something else I've decided: if Dale Sr. were alive today, Kyle Busch and Junior would be teammates. Also, Dale Sr. would have hired Keselowski at some point. Senior would have counseled Kyle on owning his shit early on.

Wrecking Competitors/Retaliation: The Rules

Now, the other part of Sunday's issues: retaliation. How to do it and when. This is keeping in mind that I think Brad was racing too hard too early in the race (because you can race hard and be ruthless and own your shit, but it does no good if you don't get to the finish line). And no, I don't think he lifted like he claimed. So this isn't about me being a Keselowski apologista. LOL

1. There are certain tracks you don't wreck anyone at intentionally, unless it's under caution: Daytona, Talladega and Atlanta. (Remind me if there are any other tracks that run as fast as those three. My brain is fried from night shifts.) As SOON as Carl wrecked Brad and Brad went airborne, I was yelling (in a whisper, as my grandmother was asleep) at the TV that you don't do that shit at Atlanta because the speeds are too high and high speeds plus this wing mean the car goes airborne too often. Yeah, Carl didn't know it would go airborne. Nor did he know that it would hit the wall at exactly the wrong spot so that the driver side of the car was crushed. But I do think that common sense should make it kind of obvious that the higher the speeds, the more likely the cars will get in really bad crashes. And really bad crashes can hurt people. M'kay?

2. You also don't retaliate on the track if you could potentially take out other drivers. Carl retaliated when it was just him and Brad right there, which is good. And he's right, at Bristol would be bad (but mostly because everyone would be really pissed and Carl would be a pinball in the machine for a few weeks *g*). So would Martinsville. Unless it was like Kyle and Carl did a few years ago at Bristol, which was retaliation on the track without endangering anyone else. Shall I repeat that one was awesome?

3. Never retaliate with the car while on pit road. Endangering pit crew members is a major no no.

4. Fist fights are always way more awesome than wrecking, though. Need more fist fights! (Note: this kind of retaliation can happen on pit road, but it should be noted that this puts one in proximity with officials (who cut down on our fun) and pit crew members (who have considerable more muscle than all the drivers). So if you want to really retaliate with a fist fight, we the fans would appreciate it if you'd do so in the grass after a wreck where we can see you and where it can't be broken up very quickly. M'kay?)

There'd be a fifth, but I think it's something that's just my personal preference (aka, possibly not a logical unspoken rule, even though it makes sense to me). This would be - don't wait to retaliate until the end of the race. This is different from two guys wrecking each other for the win - they're both in the same position. I'm talking about waiting until three laps to go. Carl was 154 laps down. It's entirely possible that once he got back on track, that was the first time he was near Brad and other cars weren't. (It's not like FOX ever showed much about the surrounding cars who weren't lead lap at that point. Yes, that irked me. Because regardless of what Carl says, they should have been anticipating retaliation. Bad FOX!) But three laps to go just feels like bad form, especially when it's clear that driver is very competitive that day. Yeah, they took you out and made you not competitive, but that's why you save it for another race - make sure the most perfect opportunity arises when you won't take out other drivers, where it's not too dangerous, and where you're not destroying a whole team's hard work that was paying off. See why I didn't give it a number there? Too much thought has to go into that. LOL
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 06:13 pm)

Holy freaking hell, Jamie McMurray!!!!!


Also, Chad must have paid that medicine man something to slip in a "ensure Jimmie does well" bit o' mojo.

Honestly, I was happy with the race in terms of who all was running well. And for the first portion of the race I was loving the racing. It's important to note that four guys were not going to win the race, no matter what: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch. Why? Because they're great at plate tracks. And after the last plate race Jamie won, no one will work with those guys near the end. (Which begs the question - why don't the four of them make a pact and say screw everyone else? Everyone loves being pushed by them or following them to the front, but no one wants to be near them at the end because they know they can be beaten by those guys.) The only reason I didn't put Michael Waltrip on that list is because I think folks had written him off enough that they'd underestimate him and let him near the front. For evidence, see Jimmie Johnson wanting to work with Michael. Granted, I also think Jimmie wasn't too worried because Michael isn't Mark or Jeff, so not challenging him for the title.

Also, I'm dubbing that rule by NASCAR about seeing sunshine in the corners between the cars the "NASCAR PDA rule". It's very reminiscent of what our principal did in high school - yelling "I must see six inches!" at kids who were making out.

The big thing - Ryan Newman's wreck scared the ever loving crap out of me. Partially because his car kept hitting on the roof, partially because he's just so big and big guys cannot get out of cars well in that condition. Poor Krissie! Now, NASCAR, please to be explaining who these cars are suddenly getting airborne. This was not supposed to be the case.
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( Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:09 pm)
Tony Stewart has braces.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 10:11 am)
So, an update on where things are with me, as it's been almost a week since I last updated.

Temp Working

It's a very good job, in that I have tons to do all day. Also, no answering phones! I get to listen to my iRiver if I want to. Vincent is pleased to have been brought out of the closet. Plus, I'm working in the same room as [ profile] eliz, and this place has a cafeteria (where I ate healthy all week).

The downside is that it's an hour from where I'm living. I'm up at six, leaving by seven. I don't get home until after six in the evening. Then there's dinner with Gran, so I'm not downstairs until 7, at which time I dive in and job hunt. At 7:30 I take a break to take a shower, then back to job hunting and watching TV at the same time. It's not a very relaxing routine.

Job Hunting

I haven't heard back from anybody that I've sent applications to. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, because I'm applying for jobs where budget is key. So I should give it until July 15 before I really worry. Plus there's the fact that, when I get called for one job, I tend to get several calls from several people about several jobs in the same period of time. So when one hits, several will hit. I'm sure of it.

Rehab Stuff

We moved the turkey vulture outside last weekend. Cranky butt is doing great. And I got to watch surgery on a timber rattlesnake. That was pretty awesome. (They were inserting a transponder so they could track it when it was released.)

Also, a turtle I rescued amazingly lived. It had been hit by a car and was bleeding profusely. [ profile] bubblesbrnaid saw it. You would have sworn the thing was going to die. But it lived, so I get to release it today.


I love the double file restart. Sonoma was freaking awesome. (Okay, with the little sidebar of "why, when Junior's finally getting a top ten at this track, does someone take him out". LOL His luck sucks this year. As well as his ability to find his pit box.)

I hope the weather is beautiful today, so the race goes off without a hitch and [ profile] queenofalostart has a blast.

So, the totally cracktastic story that the supposed front runner to get Danica Patrick is Hendrick? And that the person getting the boot (so to speak) is Junior? I laughed so hard. Okay, so it's not exactly just that. It's that JR Motorsports would be in Cup as a satellite Hendrick team as Junior and Keselowski and Danica would be the fourth Hendrick driver. Still. I don't care what the news says. That's almost laughable in its absurdity. At this point they're just now figuring out that Junior's set ups suck because the info being used from Jeff, Jimmie and Mark doesn't work for him. And that Tony and Ryan's setups may be better. But that's still something that is being explored. So you take the most popular driver in the sport who isn't running well and stick him on his own team? Wasn't this the reason he *left* DEI? Because his cars started sucking and weren't competitive and there wasn't much being done to stay competitive?

Also, dudes, Junior all chunky with the beard is totally Grissom. CSI: NASCAR for the win! They investigate exploding tires and crap like that. I'm actually starting to find him attractive. Yes, I'm strange like that, that a vague resemblance to Grissom makes him hot.

And of the random

Weird and creepy guy at rehab asked me out. I saw it coming. He's weird and creepy and I'm not the only one that thinks so, but I was the one who trained him and I feel bad that I find him weird and creepy. So I overcompensate by making sure he gets to do things and doesn't miss out just because he's quieter. Which results in him being overly weird and creepy with me because I pay him attention.

There were histrionics last night when I killed a spider. I was very calm about the matter until I didn't kill it completely on the first blow and it jumped at me. Then there may have been screaming.
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( Feb. 14th, 2009 03:41 pm)
Some days just suck. Today was one of those days. The zoo lost a lot of animals today, by random coincidence.

1 baboon (old age)
1 red river dog (illness - another is also very sick)
1 bird of some sort

And at the rehab center, we had to euthanize an owl that came in. Plus we had baby squirrels (WAY TOO EARLY) and a screech owl that we discovered is blind in one eye. At least the turkey vulture is eating well.


Tony Stewart Brings the LULZ

Yay Tony for winning the Nationwide race! Especially considering how Kyle was all over him.

And more Tony fun - he seriously, seriously hates Goodyear right now.

Story number one

Story number two
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( Feb. 11th, 2009 04:40 pm)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...apparently the first bitchy entitlement tirade of the season goes to Greg Zipadelli. I was watching the first NASCAR Live from Sunday and they asked Zippy how Joey dealt with that wreck that took him out early in the Shootout. Seems Joey was second guessing himself, wondering what he could have done differently, and they reassured him that in that instance, there wasn't anything. It was just a wreck that happened and he was caught up in it.

Simple, right?

Then Zippy proceeds to say that the fault lies with the guys up in front of him driving like idiots early. That they were being too aggressive. Now, pardon me if I'm wrong, but it's not a points race, the wrecks usually happen in the back, so you don't want to be in the back, all the people in front of him weren't rookies, and the cars were handling like crap. I think the part where the cars, which had not been on track for anything more than practice, were bouncing all over the place and everyone was a bit freaked out by'd think THAT would be a solid explanation for all the wrecks. Since that's what everyone and their brother in the booth (DW being the brother in question) saw from the start of the race.

Zippy, honey, no one's going to step aside and let the sainted Sliced Bread go just because. He has to earn it. Get used to having a guy that will run at the back for a while.


Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Stephen Leicht have a bet going. Whoever has the most wins by the July Daytona race in the 29 Nationwide car gets their name on the for the rest of the year. That means if Clint wins the most races between now and July, Jeff and Stephen have to live with driving a car with Clint's name on it.


Full races on DVD!!!! 2003 at Darlington! 2001 Pepsi 400!!


Visual proof of Tony's send off from Joe Gibbs Racing. Yep, Tony taped to a flag pole.
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 10:57 pm)
NASCAR Items of Note

1. Dear DW or whoever: thanks for giving me all the porn tonight. Especially fun was Squirting Harvick. Don't know how you managed that one, but damn.

2. Jamie!

3. Wreck number one taking out all the rookies and Robby Gordon is kind of funny.

4. Sadly, no reports that Tony ended up in the 20 pit while on the radio asking Zippy why he's being so quiet.

5. I missed NASCAR. I missed the nonsensical ramblings of the crew. I missed the sound of the cars. I missed "Boogity boogity boogity". It's downright giddymaking to have it all back.

6. Proving I might be weirder than Scott Speed, when Kenseth, Edwards and McMurray were all in line (second through fourth), I said something about the Three Muskateers, Bubbles said something about "who's the defrocked priest" and it was on. For the record, if you're going to take the Roushkateers and turn them into muskateers, Jamie is quite obviously D'Artagnan (come on, he screams Chris O'Donnell) and if anyone's a defrocked priest, it's Edwards. Still haven't figured out if Kenseth is Keifer Sutherland or Oliver Platt, though.

7. There are no excuses for commercials that talk about Kasey Kahne dominating.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 03:20 pm)
60 Most Beautiful People In NASCAR

NASCAR fans may or may not be aware of NASCAR Sporting News' list of the 60 most beautiful people in the sport. Their definition of this was very loose, as Terry Labonte's daughter made the list, as did some "reporters" from ESPN.

Well, in an effort to alleviate boredom and have some fun "fixing" the list, I put together my own. Over the course of the next month (and a few days) leading up to the Bud Shootout, I will be posting my top 60. Two a day, up until the top 10. Feel free to argue. Feel free to post your own. Tis all about the fun and the frivolity. *g* Oh yeah, and there'll be pictures.

So it begins.

Number 60: Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart )

Number 59: Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya )
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( Nov. 16th, 2008 01:17 pm)
Note to self:

Get hands on the NASCAR Illustrated "Person of the Year" issue. Because just the *image* of Tony Stewart with a little Tony angel and little Tony devil on each shoulder is priceless.

(Yes, Tony Angel and Tony Devil. For real. On the cover.)
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( Sep. 10th, 2008 01:26 pm)
NASCAR Chase Drivers On Letterman

It begs noting, the Chasers on Letterman to read the top 12?

1. Biffle was freaking HOT. Seriously. He was hotter than anyone else. His outfit was way sexy. And talk about some shoulders!

2. I don't know who dressed Junior, but I'm scared.

3. Suits are slimming on Tony.

4. Bowyer looked like a frightened Ken doll.

5. Denny looked like he was having fun with his line. Thank god. It didn't make sense, but for some reason I found it amusing.
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 04:58 pm)
NASCAR Chase Edition Fun

1. That fight between Tony and Zippy was kind of astounding. I think they also fought after the end of the race, as Tony was awfully subdued and positive when he was interviewed.

2. Casey Mears commercial! With Casey! Talking! Okay, with hair, but CASEY.

3. Hornish hits many things again. Surprise!

4. Bubbles keeps singing stuffs. A lot.

5. Kyle spinning off of Junior's bumper. And Junior taking responsibility for it even though it still might not have quite been his fault.

And now time to walk the dog and procrastinate until the Nationwide race starts. We've had pizza. Now the "exercise".
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( Sep. 5th, 2008 02:26 pm)
NASCAR News Roundup

1. Evernham is suing Robby Gordon. Kind of have to say, based upon how the partnership agreement was handled by GEM back at the beginning of the year, I'm siding with Robby. It was pitched to the press as a partnership, not as a buyout, so something tells me GEM isn't playing with a full deck.

2. Joey Logano is attempting to make this weekend's race. I'm hoping qualifying gets rained out.

3. Darian Grubb has been named crew chief of the #14 car next year (that's Tony Stewart). Mellow man with Chevy background. Does he have kids? That'll be the deciding factor on whether he's right for Tony. (What? Zippy started it!)

4. Stremme is back! In the #12 car next year. Which means Penske doesn't lose their quotient of drivers who are "fat and out of shape".

5. David Ragan may get UPS next year. More importantly, does that mean we finally get UPS commercials that don't feature DJ? And can he ship goats? He must ship goats!

6. The running of the Richmond race is in doubt thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna. Quite frankly, I'm more worried about all the rednecks in motorhomes and tents. Wind is not their friend! So RIR and NASCAR - get on board with postponing so those people can be safe!

7. NASCAR out of the blue announced they'll have a new drug policy next year. Hmmm. Think they *finally* got a clue about the whole Aaron Fike thing?
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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:58 am)
OMG Tony Stewart Get Out NOW

Tony - get out of Gibbs now, because they're officially my most hated team in NASCAR, and while it's Zippy's choice to stay there, you're too smart of a man to stick with idiots.

Carl Edwards was stopped by J.D. Gibbs post-race and J.D. got in Carl's face and said "You reap what you sow."

"You reap what you sow."

Bitch, don't EVEN go quoting the Bible to justify the fact your driver is an ass, he can't take what he dishes out, and that your organization clearly prides itself on some moral high ground that doesn't exist. That's not Christian. That's just stupid.

Good god. At least Kyle has the excuse of being a spoiled brat. He's 23 and his parents raised him to believe he's god's gift! At least he has an excuse. JD has no excuse except blatant arrogance and blind stupidity.

Which means right now I'm really, really hoping Kyle tanks in the Chase.
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( Jul. 14th, 2008 10:32 am)


For the Elliott Sadler-as-singer fans and [ profile] tourofduty's Stewiffle muse: Ellyut was singing Journey and Biffle and Stewart were all chummy and playing nice.

(Side bonus of commentary on Jeffy and Ella cuteness.)
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( Jul. 10th, 2008 02:35 pm)
Live Blogging: The Tony Stewart Announcement

1. The "wait" music is super dramatic. Pardon my laughing.

2. Tony is wearing a white shirt. Honestly, when was the last time you saw Tony wearing a shirt like that? (Honestly, I prefer the black wardrobe.)

3. Microphones are our friend, people!

4. I'm waiting for someone to finally make the Robby Gordon/Tony Stewart parallel (that Tony and Robby both have passion to make it as owner/drivers, but Tony has better resources).

5. First instance of Tony bringing the snark and verging on strangling a reporter - Gaston Gazette dude, hide your piggy bank!

6. Aw crap. So Tony was *given* part of the team. Free and clear. To drive for them. Tony, start whipping them into shape now.

7. Tony wants to be another Richard Petty. Which means he'll be extremely successful as an owner and driver for the next 15 years and then the team will go to crap.

8. And finally, what I needed to hear: Tony is most concerned about getting the solid team together. Yep. He's got his head on straight.

9. So JGR didn't want to be hurt by Tony leaving. Reading between the lines here, but really? They weren't going to let him take Home Depot and crew because it would hurt them? Don't they mean, they didn't feel like hunting up more sponsors and crew for the newbie driver they'll probably put in the car?

10. Personal recommendation regarding Tony's "look" next year - no yellow uniforms. M'kay?

11. Classy move that I liked: Tony flat out said that Scott Riggs hasn't been ruled out for the second car. Even though the probability is low, he's not denigrating anyone who's been on the team, despite a subpar performance this year.

12. Joe Custer knows that the people factor is where he's been lacking. This actually sounds like a good relationship. Huh.

13. Yes! A Robby Gordon mention! And Robby talked him into it. Hee.

14. The words "divorce" and "he knows me better than 99% of my girlfriends ever have" just...okay. For real. LOL

15. On the plus side, Tony will never be crew chief for himself.

16. And Tony apologizes to the media for being harsh and he's off to Nationwide practice. Zippy up soon.
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( Jul. 9th, 2008 09:19 am)

So Tony Stewart has been granted his wish - he's been released from his Joe Gibbs Racing contract effective at the end of the year.

The presumption is that the Stewart-Haas Racing deal will be announced later this week and that Newman will be the other driver (talk is ongoing as to whether the sponsor for Newman will be Burger King or Jack Daniels).

More importantly, though, is the unasked question on everyone's minds: but what about Zippy!?!?!?!?!

ETA: *is crying* Okay, so I told [ profile] tourofduty to be all positive and stuff, but word is that he got his wish to be let go if he agreed to not take any crew (meaning, Zippy). NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! People, do you KNOW what Gibbs has just done to the racing universe? Who will calm Tony down when he gets mad? Who will run interference? (Yes, I'm honestly pissed that Zippy and Tony can be no more. They're like peanut butter and jelly. And yes, Tony is jelly and Zippy is peanut butter.)

(Oh yeah, and ESPN is reporting that the deal will make Stewart the highest paid driver in NASCAR. As a Junior fan, I say "thank you!" Because dear god, I get that sponsors pay a big portion and all, but really, multiple championship drivers should really be paid more. They should be getting that attention. Yes, I'm saying that I'd prefer Jeffy, Jimmie and Tony get more money because they've won multiple championships. I'm a nice person! They merit getting more money! But Junior totally deserves more money than Kurt Busch. *g*)


On a side note, I squealed when they had the thing explaining Wide Open Coverage at the beginning of Saturday night's race. Stewart and Biffle, side by side! With a wee Jamie!


Also, I want one of these.

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( Jun. 16th, 2008 02:54 pm)
Dear Tony: I Adore You


Tony Stewart is bringing the LULZ.

Tony says he's 'just thankful to be here'
The Charlotte Observer
Sunday, Jun. 15, 2008

Tony Stewart finished fifth Sunday and then indicated he had paid attention during a meeting for drivers and car owners that NASCAR called on Friday.

"Ask Mike Helton. I don't know what we're allowed to say and what we're not," Stewart said.

Helton, NASCAR's president, admonished drivers in Friday's meeting to be more "fan friendly."

"I'm just thankful we're allowed to be here and be a part of this," Stewart said, apparently mirroring what Helton said.

"It's just a privilege for us to be here and, according to Friday, we've all got it a lot better than a lot of us think.

"We're not allowed to have opinions now. We've all got it made here. We've all got it great.

"At least that is what we've all been told."

Seriously, Tony...if you want to come watch races with [ profile] bubblesbrnaid and I, and if you promise to pick on Wally Dallenbach a whole lot, you'd have fun. (Seriously, your sarcasm is awesome. Way to toe the line and yet completely rip Helton a new one. Hee!)
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( Apr. 28th, 2008 09:06 am)
Richard Petty Driving Experience

1. 170 miles per hour is FREAKING AWESOME. I highly recommend it. (On a race track with someone else driving, not in illegal street racing, mkay?)

2. I want a stock car. For some reason people keep telling me that's not going to happen.

3. I also asked my driver to go really really fast and pass everybody. Sadly, he wouldn't do so. (At least we got to blow past the really pokey person in the 25 car.)

4. I don't know how many people know this, but RPDE cars are retired stock cars for the most part. Either Cup, Nationwide or ARCA. So that meant that we were in people's cars. [ profile] eliz actually did the thing purely (at first) to get into Mikey's car.

5. [ profile] tourofduty is going to be soooooo jealous cause...I was in Tony's car! (And everyone else will be jealous because it was the #33 Old Spice car from Kevin Harvick Inc.)

6. [ profile] eliz's pictures are right here. Please ignore the craziness of my hair, as I knew I was putting a helmet on, so I didn't bother. (Actually, I bothered with a headband. Hence the wackiness of my hair without headband.) Also, ignore my pastiness. I was wearing makeup, really.

7. Can I reiterate that I want one?

8. [ profile] pmgoose and [ profile] bubblesbrnaid got burned, bless their hearts. (And I say that in the GOOD southern way. *g* The "bless their hearts" part.) It was roasting out. Eliz and I were saved by the firesuits, even though they were freaking hot.

9. Had a panic attack (claustrophobia) when they strapped me in with that 5-point restraint and the HANS device. Seriously freaky there. But going fast made up for it.
maveness: (NASCAR - Evil Thoughts)
( Mar. 18th, 2008 11:16 am)
Operation Wax Smoke

Audio from Tony Stewart's Back Waxing

You'll have to pardon me now. I need to go reapply my makeup. I just cried it all off.

(Best moment by far - when Delana takes a chunk off. You can HEAR how much hair she got.)

ETA: Tony was crying at one point and drank a LOT of beer. And DeLana got hair and skin. And Kevin couldn't talk he was laughing so hard.


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