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( Sep. 7th, 2010 02:19 pm)
You know what I hate? When Livejournal totally craps out in the middle of making a post and erases everything. Why so hateful, Livejournal?


TV, Book Recs

Need recs on a few things.


1. Preferably period.
2. Would kind of like something based on literature.
3. And if it's a series from the UK, even better.
4. If there's a hint of romance, even better.


1. Preferably not contemporary.
2. Romance.
3. If there are pirates, Scots in kilts, or court drama, awesome!

Additionally, the following tropes in romantic fiction always push my buttons (in a good way). Would love any rec for stories that feature these.

1. Friends who fall in love.
2. Female pretending to be a boy (which obviously works better in non-contemporary fiction). Tis most awesome when she's the cabin boy. Don't judge me.
2. Scenarios that involve the sibling of a close friend. You know, her best friend's older brother, his best friend's sister. That kind of thing.
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 02:44 pm)
What's Going On

So, a rundown of things that are up with me.

1. I'm working on my 2010 New Year's Resolutions. It's not a once a month thing, it's things I have to do all year long (but some can start at various points in the year, to disperse cost or because trying to start 12 things at once is just hard).

2. I'm going to work on being more fannish with this journal. If nothing else in my life makes me happy, TV will, dang it!

3. Got turned down for two jobs. Got called this morning about another. There's another long-term temp job that may be calling me as well. And the Big Job that I'm still in the process for has finished the background check, and due to certain indications, I think I'm on to the next stage there. So while I'm not hopeful on much of anything at the moment, I'm going to seize a few things and go with the flow. I actually intend on writing out my answers to the most common questions asked in interviews, just so I can not sabotage myself on those fronts.

4. I am now training a Great Horned Owl named Merlin at the rehab center.
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( Jan. 13th, 2009 12:50 pm)
For [ profile] serafina20 so she doesn't just see the headline which is totally misleading.

Prison Break is canceled. But it will be finishing out this season.

(I don't know why all the headlines were saying "canceled" and not clarifying that point. Because there's a difference between a show ending by next week and a show finishing out a season.)
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 03:04 pm)
Body Snatchers

This is one seriously freaky, creepy movie. It's good X-Files creepy. I think I need to own this. And dude, Forest Whitaker!

(Now I'm terrified, based on my DVR being weird, that it didn't record the last five minutes. I guess I'll find out shortly.)

ETA: Yep. Lost the last ten minutes. Argh!


Am currently obsessed with Privileged. Downloading and watching, and you know, it's nice to be able to do that. Much easier than watching online.


We had to euthanize two squirrels this morning. They came in last night having been found after a tree had been cut down. I couldn't get them to eat, one had blood in it's mouth, and the other was dragging it's hind legs. It was sad.

Then we had the Forest Gump of squirrels. It may have to be euthanized as well, because it's possibly too dumb to live in the wild on its own. (Seriously, it wasn't scared of me, which freaked me out some, and then it ate food and fell asleep where it had been standing. Let me tell you, when a squirrel just falls over because it fell asleep? It's weird.)

And at 4:15 I'm headed back because we're releasing an owl back into the wild.
1. Saw The Terminator for the first time this weekend. You know, I really, really liked it. A lot. They stayed simple and didn't try to over-complicate. Also, I miss badass Arnold S. He really was an imposing figure in his prime.

2. What would you do if a 75 pound wheel came flying at you? Victory dance, that's what! Cause who doesn't have ten things they could do with that thing? Coffee table. Planter. Clock.

3. Watched the reunion show of Flavor of Love 3 last night because I was bored, and can I's so wrong to feel bad for someone who goes on reality TV to find love. And yet, I wanted to punch Flav so hard for the way he treated Thing 2. She's been the first woman I've seen on a reality dating show that was actually in to the guy for HIM. She was sweet. And quite honestly, if he was going to let her down, he shouldn't have done so in front of everyone AND kissed her like that. (Also, the whole thing about keeping the family together is bull in this instance. Normally I'd be with him, but he's a little too free and easy with the ladies for him to be legit.)
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 11:56 am)
I've actually had a lot to say the last few days, but I've been lazy. So this will be a long post.


Bruce Springsteen

Freaking awesome show. I was deaf by the end, but amazing. The drunk chicks with the smoking were annoying, but the benefit of sitting up high was that we could move to empty seats.

One weird item of note: that was the whitest, most 50-something crowd I have ever been in. Even the pack of middle schoolers across the coliseum couldn't make a dent in the average age. And boy was that crowd white. I looked and never spotted anyone that wasn't white. (Did spot a guy with a bleached blond mullet in short shorts, though.) Had a coworker there that had made the same comment to a friend. I'm telling you, a NASCAR race is more diverse than this audience was.


How I Met Your Mother

[ profile] fox1013, I need your help! TV Guide online lied to me (said BB9 finale was reairing Monday night when HIMYM was actually on - liars!), so I didn't tape it, and then when I went to watch "The Goat" online the stupid episode ends right in the middle of Lily and Marshall and Robin discussing the fact that Lily wants to keep the goat. What happened in the bathroom with the goat!!!!



My reaction to last week's tribal council can be summed up with a screen cap of James' face: cut for screen cap of AWESOME ). It still doesn't quite encompass James' shock (I couldn't narrow it down to the right moment), but it's pretty darn close.


Women in Motorsports

First off, Ashley Force beat her dad for her first career funny car win in the National Hot Rod Association. Also, this was the first win by a woman in the funny car division. This is on par with Danica Patrick's win. It's also huge because she beat her dad, legendary John Force.

Secondly, the picture that has been out there of Danica with her trophy was cropped to take out Helio Castroneves on the side with *his* trophy. And really, that's a shame, because the awesome of the picture is even better with Helio.

See Helio. See Danica. See them preen and be goofy. )

Make your own penis joke there. Hee.


American Idol

Jason seems to have thrown in the towel (all because it's been two bad theme weeks), Syesha actually had the best performance of the night (even if it was old fashioned - it was still her best and the best of the night), David Cook was still solid, Brooke's second song saved her from the horror of the first, and David Archuleta has turned into Diana Degarmo (perky with a great voice, but by no means "mature" enough to be ready for this - and by "mature" I mean he's led an easy life without any strife, so he lacks worldly knowledge that lends any emotional gravitas to his songs, something that actually, it's FINE to be a good kid from a good family without pain or suffering, just it takes longer to connect to the music).

But more importantly, Paula Abdul's cracktastic moment is either extremely funny, or it reveals that the judges 1) get notes from the producers or 2) have been watching and making notes on the dress rehearsals and aren't paying attention during the show. (My money is on number two.)


The CW

So that whole billboard controversy with the "OMFG" Gossip Girl many are amused by it?

Because honestly, disregarding all the people who do or don't have issue with it, the fact that the CW comes out and defends it because "The 'f' sometimes means 'freaking'" means they really are clueless about the young in America. Seriously? LOL That's their argument? Dudes! It means "fucking"! Own it already and just say "because it's not spelled out, it doesn't violate FCC regulations" and you're okay!


On Obama's Pastor

Video worth watching.

That quite honestly is the best answer I've heard on why Obama's pastor keeps himself in the news when stepping out of the limelight would be the best way to quell controversy.

Plus the fact that the answer is so well thought out about self-indulgence and a need for attention. And then concludes with "which was ultimately narcissistic and just based on him trippin." I want to go to this pastor's church. The one speaking out on Rev. Wright. Common sense pastors are awesome.
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 01:10 pm)
Of The Random

1. I don't care what the reasoning is - asking Chelsea Clinton about her thoughts on Monica Lewinsky is in very poor taste. Chelsea was a child. There was no political context for her. Her dad had an affair. Very. Poor. Taste.

2. I can't believe that it's Trace v. Piers on tonight's Celebrity Apprentice. Anyone else feel like it's a slam dunk that Piers will win? (Even though I love Trace like whoa.)

3. Chrissy Wallace in the Craftsman Truck Race this Saturday on FOX! Watch it, folks! Chick in a truck who can drive! (Plus her dad is Misogynist Mike! And he's her spotter! When misogynists get schooled by their kids, news at 11:00.)

4. While I don't condone Claire and Lauren's borderline bitchassness on America's Next Top Model, anyone feel like Dominique is a raving clueless psycho (a la Jade, but without the charm) who doesn't realize how nasty she is? (Whitney does not qualify as being borderline on the bitchassness because Dominique called her a racist first. Whitney has definite reason to be as bitchy as possible to Dom.)

5. Yeah. I said "bitchassness".

6. Helo is going to be on the new Joss Whedon show! Yay! Helo!
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( Oct. 12th, 2007 09:22 am)


Of course that may be my own opinion, and everyone is entitled to hate it if they want.

Discussion underneath )


Cat Sitting

I told my mom when she called me last night that Miss Priss needed to learn about biting the hand that feeds you.

Especially since she bit me when I was taking her to her food. Damn cat.

(She was in a very bitchy mood when I showed up to feed the cats. Miss Hiss and Rascal were on board with going for walks and eating. Miss Priss hissed at me every time I looked at her and bit me.)


NASCAR - It's Contagious!

House aides advised to get five immunizations before attending a NASCAR race - two more than for going to the Congo.

This was on the Today Show and I nearly fell over laughing.

House aides were advised to get two Hepatitis vaccines, one flu shot, a dyptheria shot and a tetanus shot. It's actually a study on terrorist attacks on large sporting events through germ warfare, so it makes sense, in terms of them visiting a hospital. (And quite frankly, since they were going to Talladega and Lowes Motor Speedway, I think the tetanus shot wasn't a bad idea - but mainly because of the Talladega infield.)

What the government failed at was letting folks know that it wasn't personal, that it wasn't about rednecks, and that they'd be doing this with all sporting events in the future. (Makes you wonder why the gov. officials didn't just SAY that it's easier to start with one NASCAR race than a Sunday full of NFL games.)

Best line in the interview on the Today Show, though, went to one woman. Everyone thought it was funny (including the reporter) and everyone kept mentioning that rednecks aren't disease-ridden. The quote, though, was "You don't need to worry about disease when you come to a NASCAR race. What you need to worry about is whether Dale Jr. is going to win or not."

NASCAR fans - bringing the sarcasm to you, one news report at a time.


Biffle's Wedding Conundrum

There's something so cute about the fact that Nicole is freaking over spending money on rooms they won't use. Although something to panic about is definitely the tux not fitting. Can't he just use the one from the banquet a few years ago?



Was out sick yesterday. Nothing like waking up shaking to make it hard to get up.

This morning I got up fine, but the dog is not happy. He got to pee on one bush before I dragged him back in thanks to the pit bull mix that was running about. (Granted, I do this with any stray dog, not just pit bull mixes.) The pit bull mix was sweet, but hand shy. The apartment complex management is calling animal control for it. We're pretty sure it's been beaten, so any place is better than the home it was at.


Best Internet Clip Of The Day

The New Price is Right - I Gotta Pee!

This solidifies that Drew Carey was the right choice to host. Because Rosie would have made jokes (as would have others), yet Drew laughs his ass off. And the laughing is ten times funnier because it's natural.
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( Jul. 30th, 2007 11:08 am)

1. The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer: OMG. Dear Michael Caine, I love you. Also? Maniacal laughter makes any trailer better.

2. Faith Hill goes off on a fan: Message to fans everywhere - don't grab her husband's balls. She'll bless you out.


The Coke Saga

Update on my quitting the Coke habit (Coca-Cola to those who haven't a clue when I started the drugs).

Big yay for me! So far I've stuck to my guns. I've even broken the habit of walking in the door at work and grabbing a Coke. (That old adage of it taking 10 days to break a habit is true. If you can make it ten days, you're golden.) I've had a Coke every day, but it's been one and the earliest I ever have it is lunch time.


When NASCAR Slashes Itself

For all those who slept through the end of yesterday's race (ducks the flying objects hurled by [ profile] bubblesbrnaid), isn't it lovely when the announcers start talking about Harvick and Stewart kissing?

Also, traumatizing one's neighbor, right before she moves out, with the knowledge of how dirty NASCAR is can be fun.


Oh Dear Lord

Because they're not pitiful enough and ignorant enough, they had to take it a step further.

Paris and Nicole don blackface in an attempt to get ratings. Also because they're just that horribly stupid (and Paris is just that racist).

This is on The Simple Life (why is that on the air still?) and goes hand in hand with them somehow getting Sally Kirkland to dress up like Lionel Richie.

Dear girls - it was funny in a horrifying way when Suzanne Sugarbaker dressed in black face as Diana Ross on Designing Women. But because everyone around her was horrified at her ignorance. Your ignorance isn't funny.
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( Mar. 14th, 2007 09:29 am)

There's a certain beauty in the idea of the Gillette Young Guns being used in a mini-reality series set around the idea of celebs becoming race car drivers. After all, who doesn't want to see if Kurt Busch can be an ass (or manage to pull off nice) when teaching someone to drive? Or the comedy gold of William Shatner interacting with...well, anyone?

Which is why I will so be watching Fast Cars and Superstars. It won't make me watch the NBA Finals, but who cares! It means more Jamie Mac!

Here's the full line-up. Yo! [ profile] mrbig1316! John Cena is taking part!!!!


Home Ownership

You know, whoever tells you that you too can own a home is a liar. I would like to point out that a mortgage is one thing, but add in property tax, insurance, etc. and it's dang hard to get the right amount of cash together each month to truly afford the monthly payments. I did the math last night, and even if I bought a fairly cheap townhome and put $30,000 down (thereby getting a loan for $60,000) and had a really, really low interest rate, I could barely afford the monthly payments. It would be over a fourth of my income. (The $30,000 is approximately what my grandparents have told me they have held back for me. But they tell me this in the same sentence as "We want you to have it but we don't want Katie to have hers yet and we want to be fair..." Which means I know the amount and it drives me nuts because they want me to buy a home with it but I can't even afford to do *that*. Argh!)


I'm just pissed. I want to buy something and maybe I'm just doing the math wrong (will have to consult with Dad to see). But the facts are, monetarily, it's out of my price range. It takes up more than a fourth of my income every month.

Oddly enough, if I got the inheritance from my grandparents in full, I could pay off my car (hence the fact that I'm limited in what I can afford - new car!) and put about $15,000 down and the payments wouldn't be that much more than a 1/4th, but I could afford it all. But it's contingent upon eliminating existing debt.

At this point I'm just going to do what I can - I'm going to save money, pay off one debt, buy a couch, buy a laptop, keep saving. The car is five years from being paid off, so I'll just use that time to save for a home and who knows where I'll be at that point.
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( Feb. 6th, 2006 02:44 pm)
Having thought about this over the weekend...

Fannish Wishlist

Supernatural: Missouri as a cast regular. More than dad, less than Sam and Dean, but there more than just the one ep we got her.

Smallville: Clark Kent has to wear glasses all the time. No one ep deals. All the time.

Related: More Joel, less of long-haired annoying actor boy.

Las Vegas: More low-cut dresses for Mary. Really, I can't think of anything to improve it aside from more of Mary's boobs.

Gilmore Girls: Michel returns with a vengence and lays the smackdown on everyone. (What is WITH the lack of good Michel lately?)

CSI: CBS and NBC decide to go for broke and do the crossover of the century: CSI/Las Vegas, wherein Mary's boobs play a prominent role and Nick and Greg are in love with them. And possibly a foursome (throwing Danny in for good measure).

Huh. Methinks that last one is the only one that wouldn't stand a chance in hell of ever coming true.


NASCAR Reminder

Remember, 9 pm tonight, NBC. Jimmie Johnson on Las Vegas. Women lusting after him. Possible opportunity for K-naus Chandra to beat the crap out of the lusters for looking at his her man.
Dreams, Supernatural

It is cruel and unusual punishment to have your alarm go off right when you and HotDean are snuggling under the covers in a big ole bed, and he's stroking your leg, and you're telling him that if you'd known he was going to make a move you'd have shaved your legs that morning (dream me is too realistic), but he didn't mind slightly rough legs, so hell, you're gonna get it on and...

See, that really sucks to wake up from. *pouts* He was all snarky and wicked. And there was gonna be sex.


The Flavor of Love

[ profile] sullivanlane, I caught the chicken episode in commercials on Smallville last night. I am in LOVE with Flav's mama. That woman is too cute. Any mama that can nail someone with The Look and have them scrambling ("I meant rub elbows") is the perfect mama.

And chick with no rhythm at church nearly made me cry.



I have PMS. Naturally, I cried the last 10 minutes. First time ever Smallville has made me cry (even though there was a tear for Pete leaving - this was full on bawling, as witnessed by [ profile] paperbkryter when she called me to see if she should stay up to watch, and I couldn't stop hiccuping).

I love all the actors on this show when they give it everything.

And I love weird and funny anvils like spoiler cut ). And there were many other things that I loved.

And yet, the one thought that will always mar this episode is that AlMiles like to think they're clever, but they just aren't quite creative enough to pull it off convincingly. The cleverness that is.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2006 09:24 am)
Am alive. Barely. I blame the barely on the horror of sleeping late. (Yes, I said the horror of sleeping late. Getting up at 10 am means going to bed at midnight, and I can't do six hours of sleep on a work day. I'm a wuss. An old wuss.)



1. In 2006 I will track my spending and spend more wisely (so I can pay off debt and buy things I want to buy that are high dollar items).

2. In 2006 I will get down to 125 (through exercise and drinking less Coke - just ignore the Coke sitting on my desk right now, I'm tired).

3. In 2006 I will write more and stop being just a dreamer. (This from watching Rudy.)


DVDs Watched This Weekend

1. Battlestar Galactica Season Two (finally saw the second half, thanks to hunting down the DVDs)
2. While You Were Sleeping (oh yeah, baby!)
3. Independence Day (yes, weekend o' Bill Pullman)
4. Rudy (just the end)
5. Madagascar (just portions that were Penguin relevant)


Why I Love Panthers Football

Our quarterback looks 12 and clamps his tongue between his lips when he throws. (He also blushes when talking about having his pants rip in a game and having his ass hanging out for the world to see.)

Our go-to clutch guy that isn't Steve Smith is 37. Yeah, you read that right - 37. Old guys rule! (In terms of older than the other players.) And they make evening gloves cool for football.



Tried to write NASCAR slash this weekend, but alas, all I did was start and yell at Chandra and Jimmie and some angsty bit. Not the funny that I intended of Jimmie and Biffle attempting to get revenge. (Well, Biffle get revenge. Jimmie just wants to teach Kevin a lesson about expressing feelings.)

I did, however, do something nuts. I was in Wal-Mart, in the toy section, and found these NASCAR figurines. So funny. Yes, I bought the Kevin and the Jimmie. I almost bought the Tony, but there wasn't a Biffle to go with him. I like my pairs to match up (like my height appropriate Kevin and Jimmie bobbleheads). These figurines have their arms raised in triumph, look nothing like Kevin and Jimmie, but do have the correct eyebrows. Yep, the Jimmie has massive eyebrows, and the Kevin has neat ones. Hee!

A sign that I miss NASCAR - the Subway commercial was seen yesterday, and I actually got excited. No yelling about "fire in his pants". Just yells of "My Biff!".
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( Dec. 20th, 2005 03:08 pm)
Yes, this is becoming Work Ranting Day.

Let's hand Heather edits! On documents we've been working on for days! But because our desks are messy, we're handing old versions to Heather to edit!

Add to this the Jackhammer O' Doom that sounds like a mutant 50-foot woodpecker is attacking the building, plus phone calls that will not stop, timesheets and Christmas cards...

I'll be so glad to get home tonight.


For a positive thing, Deal or No Deal is an amusing show. For the idiots who don't know how to play the odds and for Howie Mandel and his germophobe fist knocking. It also makes for good entertainment while wrapping presents or crocheting.
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 09:21 am)
Dear Watch With Kristin:

Usually I vaguely read your stuff and yawn, because hey, it's either retreds of SV stuff I've seen at K-Site, or it's something that's pure speculation from a flunky way down the line who is talking out his butt, or it's big news on a show I don't watch (*g*).

But if the flunky way down the line who knows nothing actually nailed the "possibility of moving Supernatural and Smallville to the same night" one, I'd be VERY happy. (Adds the words "next season" for clarity, cause I totally missed the clarification. LOL)
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( Dec. 6th, 2005 10:21 am)
Yo! [ profile] mrbig1316!

Dick Wolf series adds to cast

Um, this article confuses me.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2005 09:55 am)
Canada's Next Top Model

Hosted by: Cylon Number Six herself, Tricia Helfer.


I love all my Canadian friends, but I'm SO calling this Cylon Top Model.
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( Nov. 4th, 2005 10:42 am)
1. CSI: Master Bratak! [ profile] medie and I had our squee on this morning over it. *g* Who knew Jaffa masters rocked the handwriting analysis?

2. Smallville: Squeeee!!!! Oh, and some info that makes me way too geeky ).

3. Survivor: Someone please shut. Jamie. up. Now. And preferrably let Bobby Jon do it with a large rock. Thanks.

4. Working on NASCAR slash again today. Now that work is being slow again and my head is in the game.

5. My grandmother is going to rehab today. This is after we get to the hospital last night (me and my sister) and they've told her she's checking out while she was doped up, and didn't bother to call Mr. Power-of-Attorney My Dad. Oh, and she's in a room with a call button that doesn't work AND a phone that can't call out. Sister and I raised hell. Sister got to raise hell on the drugs. I got to raise hell that the caseworker is consulting a woman NOT in her right mind about serious decisions without notifying either of her doctors or her son. As of today, she's going to rehab near her house, but any time she needs to see a doctor (the doctors in her town are incompetent - small towns suck sometimes) an ambulance has to bring her to Greensboro. Ha! We win!


In a bit will be a post on the freakiest thing I've ever seen to do with a natural disaster. Freaky! Beats tornados, category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes equivalent to the big one, tsunamis...I swear, it's the freakiest damn thing I've ever hear of. But deserving of it's own post.


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