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( Feb. 13th, 2009 08:25 pm)

One useful thing: All three series are going to single file restarts for the last 20 laps.

One fun thing: Raoul is coming to get you! Francisco says hi )



I've no opinions of yet about the tribes, except that I agree with the vote, and I agree with the strategies of both Sandy and Sierra, as each decided on what was their strength.
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 09:08 pm)
Survivor Finale )
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( Nov. 13th, 2008 08:28 pm)

Bob is under cut )..

And more...


The evicted Houseguest is...oh wait. )
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( Nov. 7th, 2008 08:58 am)
I don't know if the two of you on my f-list who watch Survivor have seen this previously, but Jeff Probst blogs about each episode afterwards.


I have to say, I love the way Probst blogs. It's so deliciously random!
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( Nov. 6th, 2008 08:54 pm)

*is sobbing*


Dang their logic )
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 03:08 pm)
Whew. Toyota does in fact have my odometer reading and noted that it was under 36,000 miles, so there is no doubt that I will not be charged for the replaced radio in my car. Yay!

(Yes, I was paranoid. [ profile] sullivanlane is just as paranoid as me, if it's any consolation!)


Taking mom to the doctor's in Chapel Hill tomorrow. Tis her eye fun. She has chronic dry eye, so she may end up with her tear ducts being plugged again. Hence me driving.


TV Show Stuffs

This Week In NASCAR: I'm disappointed they didn't discuss the Harvick/Edwards fight. Biffle insight would have been awesome!

Samantha Who?: I like Matt Camden on this show. Treat him nice! He's cute!

Chuck: I liked Bryce last we saw him. Now, not so much. Also, Anna rules.

How I Met Your Mother: Anybody else not digging Stella?

House: Kutner rules them all. You go Kal Penn!

Law and Order: SVU: This episode practically screamed for BD Wong. But no BD Wong. Where is BD Wong?!?!? (Also, new ADA isn't growing on me like Novak did. And that's considering it was dang hard to replace Stephanie March.)


America's Next Top Model: I don't know if I can see any of them as successful models, but dang if Sheena wouldn't be one of my closest friends.

Project Runway: The correct woman won. And I LOVE her clothes.

Survivor: After penis-gate, I pay too much attention to jockey shorts and wardrobe malfunctions. Sadly, so does CBS. (Marcus FTW, however. And Ken's last move was genius. Now someone drop kick Ace to China already.)

Ugly Betty: Can we have some lightness and fun again? And lose Eddie Cibrian?

CSI: I cried. It's all Gil's fault. I was mad, however, that it wasn't slightly more Nick-centric, as he and Warrick were closer than a lot of the other guys.

You know, I think at this point it's good to point out that maybe Erik isn't the dumbest Survivor in Survivor history.

Spoilery talk herein )

I'm only mildly bitter over the outcome, because I think some of them (Alexis and Natalie) were on a weird crack.

Now if work will be less annoying, so I'm not so tempted to apply for Survivor again. Gabon, people! Gabon!


American Idol

So Archie's dad has been banned from the show except for performances. Because he made David change a lyric to reflect "Beautiful Girls" by Shaun Kingston (in last Tuesday's "Stand By Me"), which cost the show extra, even after they forbid the lyric change.



How fucked up an ego maniac do you have to be to screw your kid over so mightily? Banning is kind of mild to what could have happened. He could have been kicked off (if he wasn't a front runner, that is). There could have been lawsuits. There still might. At the very least, you don't mess with the Idol machine and think you're going to win!
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 11:56 am)
I've actually had a lot to say the last few days, but I've been lazy. So this will be a long post.


Bruce Springsteen

Freaking awesome show. I was deaf by the end, but amazing. The drunk chicks with the smoking were annoying, but the benefit of sitting up high was that we could move to empty seats.

One weird item of note: that was the whitest, most 50-something crowd I have ever been in. Even the pack of middle schoolers across the coliseum couldn't make a dent in the average age. And boy was that crowd white. I looked and never spotted anyone that wasn't white. (Did spot a guy with a bleached blond mullet in short shorts, though.) Had a coworker there that had made the same comment to a friend. I'm telling you, a NASCAR race is more diverse than this audience was.


How I Met Your Mother

[ profile] fox1013, I need your help! TV Guide online lied to me (said BB9 finale was reairing Monday night when HIMYM was actually on - liars!), so I didn't tape it, and then when I went to watch "The Goat" online the stupid episode ends right in the middle of Lily and Marshall and Robin discussing the fact that Lily wants to keep the goat. What happened in the bathroom with the goat!!!!



My reaction to last week's tribal council can be summed up with a screen cap of James' face: cut for screen cap of AWESOME ). It still doesn't quite encompass James' shock (I couldn't narrow it down to the right moment), but it's pretty darn close.


Women in Motorsports

First off, Ashley Force beat her dad for her first career funny car win in the National Hot Rod Association. Also, this was the first win by a woman in the funny car division. This is on par with Danica Patrick's win. It's also huge because she beat her dad, legendary John Force.

Secondly, the picture that has been out there of Danica with her trophy was cropped to take out Helio Castroneves on the side with *his* trophy. And really, that's a shame, because the awesome of the picture is even better with Helio.

See Helio. See Danica. See them preen and be goofy. )

Make your own penis joke there. Hee.


American Idol

Jason seems to have thrown in the towel (all because it's been two bad theme weeks), Syesha actually had the best performance of the night (even if it was old fashioned - it was still her best and the best of the night), David Cook was still solid, Brooke's second song saved her from the horror of the first, and David Archuleta has turned into Diana Degarmo (perky with a great voice, but by no means "mature" enough to be ready for this - and by "mature" I mean he's led an easy life without any strife, so he lacks worldly knowledge that lends any emotional gravitas to his songs, something that actually, it's FINE to be a good kid from a good family without pain or suffering, just it takes longer to connect to the music).

But more importantly, Paula Abdul's cracktastic moment is either extremely funny, or it reveals that the judges 1) get notes from the producers or 2) have been watching and making notes on the dress rehearsals and aren't paying attention during the show. (My money is on number two.)


The CW

So that whole billboard controversy with the "OMFG" Gossip Girl many are amused by it?

Because honestly, disregarding all the people who do or don't have issue with it, the fact that the CW comes out and defends it because "The 'f' sometimes means 'freaking'" means they really are clueless about the young in America. Seriously? LOL That's their argument? Dudes! It means "fucking"! Own it already and just say "because it's not spelled out, it doesn't violate FCC regulations" and you're okay!


On Obama's Pastor

Video worth watching.

That quite honestly is the best answer I've heard on why Obama's pastor keeps himself in the news when stepping out of the limelight would be the best way to quell controversy.

Plus the fact that the answer is so well thought out about self-indulgence and a need for attention. And then concludes with "which was ultimately narcissistic and just based on him trippin." I want to go to this pastor's church. The one speaking out on Rev. Wright. Common sense pastors are awesome.
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 10:31 am)
TV Talk

Bones: Good to have it back. Even better - Sweets! Even better than that? Geeking out because they use a SPEED channel header for the motorcycle racing footage. Yeah, FOX has a partnership, so it's a way to pimp out the channel during other shows, but it's also accurate to the sport. *g*

Survivor: I missed this past episode, but I did see the tribal council. Pardon my massive giggling, but that was a really, really pitiful mock-immunity idol and I can't believe that Jason so firmly believed it was real. I almost feel bad for Eliza.

How I Met Your Mother: Good god that was a bad ep. That screamed "We came back from that time off and had to crank a script out quickly. Sadly, this one was in the pipeline as a reject we weren't going to do, because we hadn't fixed it, but because of the time crunch we had to use it." The next ep better make up for it. And that's considering I know about the big thing coming. *pouts*

Samantha Who?: KINK ALERT!!! They've hit one of my story kinks that I love! OMG! He doesn't want to be attracted to her still and is! Angry kissing! The too-good-to-be-true other man! Seriously, it's a romance novel and I love it!

Law & Order: SVU: I vote that this episode never be shown again. It actually bothered me. (The promos bothered me more for the way they pimped out the whole "Mariska deserves an EMMY for this very special episode", but that's a different kind of bothered.) Seriously. Olivia is a product of rape. I was ready to cry by the end. And a side note: when the hell did Ice T cut his hair?????

CSI: Any episode that needs to be screencapped because of the many awesome images that can be turned into icons for [ profile] latxcvi? An awesome ep. (I am, however, sad to report that Gary Dourdan is leaving the show. Why, Warrick? Why? You're too hot! I loved on on A Different World and I love you here!)

Top Chef: It makes me want to eat. As evidenced by the fact that, in the past week, I have made Kee Mao, mac and cheese, cobbler, Wisconsin cheese soup, and coconut pie.


American Idol

I was worried about Mariah's critiques (admittedly, I wish she wouldn't try to get folks to go to their falsetto so often - they ain't Mariah), but I really, really liked a lot of what she had to say. It was well thought out, appropriate for each contestant, and she let them take the lead on where they were headed creatively. (And she didn't flat out tell Kristy Lee that she sucked. Dude, you could tell she wanted to. And that Kristy Lee heard something else entirely.)

1. David Archuleta: Oh look, he sang a song from a Disney movie. Or Dreamworks. Hell, it was animated.

2. Carly Smithson: Okay, here's the thing. The women were screwed from the get go. Carly was more screwed than others. They've been dying for Carly to sing something big and bombastic. The thing is, she has vocal limitations. When she tries to go for notes out of her range, it's very strained. So she showed restraint with the song and in effect got dinged for not being Mariah Carey. (I was in the kitchen, so I only listened to the song. It *sounded* great. This is considering there's not a perfect singer in this lot, and only about three of them consistently hit most of their notes: David A., Carly and Syesha. Although David Cook could, as he proves on results night during those group songs.) My mother and I have hit that level of "OMG, it's a conspiracy", which is something we rarely do. LOL I think part of the bitterness is because Carly can sing as well as David A., but she gets dinged for really random things while he's the second coming, even though he keeps. singing. ballads.

3. Syesha Mercado: Sounded good to me. Still was bored to tears, though. (Incidentally, Simon was wrong. It's smarter to sing a Mariah song that people don't know. You avoid the comparison. And Syesha REALLY needed to avoid the comparison.)

4. Brooke White: Oy. That was almost painful. Thank god I was cooking. It wasn't bad per se, it was just awkward and lacked emotional punch.

5. Kristy Lee Cook: Please get off my TV. Thanks.

6. David Cook: I liked some things about this, especially the chorus, but I felt like it was two steps too low. David C. has a beautiful voice. It's reach and resonates well. But by going so low, it felt like he was straining. It just didn't sound as good as the judges believed it did. It was good, but not out of the park, OMG good.

7. Jason Castro: Randy needs to learn a few musical references, because that was not "beachy" in the least. It was Spanish influenced. Couldn't you just hear Julio Iglesias (the original, thanks, not Jr.) doing that? Loved it. Loved it lots. Yeah, there were bum notes, but for once he was doing a romantic song and connecting with the audience. It suited him well and actually took me half the song to figure out what the original was. (Incidentally, the same can be said for David Cook's song.)
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( Mar. 14th, 2008 09:26 am)
Random Thing That Makes Me Grumpy

Yes, prostitution is illegal.

But "Kristen" did NOT bring down the governor of New York. Mkay, news folks? He did that himself!

He HIRED a prostitute! He funneled money to dummy corporations to hide his payments to a prostitution ring! He randomly showed up at hearings in Washington that he wasn't scheduled to speak at just so he could trip off to Washington and get his swerve on with a hooker! That is not her fault! So back off the hooker! What she did was illegal, but damn, she is not evil incarnate because her vagina dared to touch him!


Reality TV

In non-grumpy news, Survivor was way awesome (I'm constantly amazed when James uses his head - my man learned!), Celebrity Apprentice is trying to give me an ulcer (because let's be honest, spoiler ).
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 09:51 am)

I'm not sure there's much more to say than cut )


Duels at Daytona

*whimper* I'm not having children anytime soon. And when I do have kids, they're not allowed to squeal. Is it possible to ban squealing? *clutches head*

Yeah, try watching the Duels when you have a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old playing on one side of the room. I know their mom is used to it, but damn!

I love that in the Duels, no one cares who wins. It's all about who's racing in.

Um...there was more of a point than that, but I can't remember it now. Go Vickers! And wah! No Said or Allmendinger!

ETA: What the hell is this supposed controversy with Ashley Judd? So she wore a dress on pit road - big deal! The press is acting like she did it on purpose to thumb her nose at NASCAR. Has anybody even *asked* her about the dress? She may not have known that it's frowned upon! Hell, Ingrid wore a dress a few years ago, someone told her that it wasn't a good idea, and she hasn't worn a dress since! (For those wondering, wearing a dress is dangerous on pit road. Wearing anything that exposes much of the arms or the legs leave skin exposed, which can be dangerous if anything of the flammable variety catches fire. There's a lot of that. The men on pit road are held to very specific standards. The press - men and women - are held to the same standards. And you never see the WAGs wearing anything but pants.) I think the only reason they're going after Ashley is because she's a name. (Dudes need to remember that she's a name who's southern. Just because she's married to an open wheel guy doesn't mean she's the enemy. Jeez. You'd think there'd be *some* respect for the heritage. *g*)


Job Stuffs

Talked to a headhunter Wed. about a job. My resume is in and I'm hoping for an interview.

I also got in this morning to work and had a voicemail from a headhunter about an advertising position. I'm not sure if it's an advertising position with their company, though, or with a client company. (One of those recruiters that you can't find a job they're promoting that's not to do with them.)
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( Oct. 15th, 2007 02:34 pm)
Fannish Revelations

Heroes: This show lost me on the season premiere. I loved all of last season. I even loved the finale. This season started out completely wrong for me and I've not even seen much of the last two episodes.

Supernatural: The season opener wasn't what I hoped it would be. (Episode two, however, was made of win and made everything better.)

How I Met Your Mother: Another one where the season opener fell kind of flat and where the second ep made up for that fact. Recapping sucks. Stand alones are awe...wait for it...

Chuck: The blonde is starting to bore me. I almost wish there wasn't a "romantic" angle, because it would make her more fun. (Unless she was being romantic with Casey, which *would* make it better, because I much prefer violent foreplay to the fact that she could break Chuck's neck if she wanted to.)

Reaper: While I love the show, it needs more variety. Less of Sam whining each week about the circumstances and more freaky stuff to fight. (Kind of want the dust buster back too.) Sock continues to be made of win, but he can't carry the show without better plot for his one liners.

America's Next Top Model: I can't figure out if this is a good season or more evidence that Tyra is on drugs. Not messing with Heather's look - good. The hair they gave Saleisha, though, was definitely crack inducing. Not because it didn't make her edgy (it did), but because they didn't seem to consider basic things like lighting when it came to that hair. You couldn't see her eyes under the bangs in the photo! Not to mention that Lisa's hair is just all kinds of wrong. Like Lyle Lovett and Halle Berry's love child.

America's Most Smartest Model: Mandi Lynn rules and I'm actively rooting for her to win. Just because of the inevitable makeover that will improve her looks. Hopefully including someone taking a needle to her lips to remove some of that silicone.

CSI: Will someone please make Janet 2.0 disappear, or at least become Peter 2.0?* Chick is too dang chatty.

Survivor: I know I'm supposed to respect Todd's game play, but he annoys me. Amanda is okay, but she hasn't done much. And James is so many kinds of awesome, but the fact that he even bonded with Jean Robbert a little bit is annoying. And Courtney hasn't been obliterated by wind yet. Can someone please wipe out the other team so the season can really get going already?

Women's Murder Club: Anything with James Patterson's name attached will get me to watch. However, I don't like Rob Estes (as an actor or his character), I know I'm supposed to empathize with the blonde and how much passion she has with the dick, but it's just annoying when she has a nice guy, and I keep wondering why the one woman who's black automatically gets the obviously perfect life with husband and kids and she'll be the voice of reason in every episode. (I would have had the same cast but switched them around. Angie Harmon as the reporter, coroner chick over to the cop, blonde stays the same, have the chirpy reporter be the medical examiner.)

Ugly Betty: I enjoy various aspects of the show, but the best part to me is when Betty is really fighting with Daniel's worst instincts, punctuated by periods of peace. When they're completely of the same mind, they kind of get boring. Unless Wilhelmina is up to something in that ep that causes a uniting of forces.

* Cosby Show reference. Janet was Vanessa's friend and talked too much. Peter was Rudy's friend and never talked at all.
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( Sep. 21st, 2007 12:44 pm)
I totally forgot to mention Survivor this morning (which is important for one reason).

I really don't like Courtney.

Now, I know that they're playing it so we don't like Leslie. Big ole spoilery thing about Leslie and religion here. )

I'm ambivalent about pretty much everyone, because there's been some pretty (helloooo James), there have been some unfortunate names (I'm looking at Chicken and Frosti on that front) and there have been the early mouthy ones that people get frustrated by (Peih-Gee), but frankly, those are to be expected in any season. Anyone can redeem themselves in days. Three days isn't enough to really form an opinion yet.

But that doesn't keep me from hating Courtney!!!! *is gleeful* I'm sorry, but anyone that says (with a sneer and that hate filled tone), spoiler cut just in case ) Can someone just drop her ass on one of the thousand islands out in that lake and leave her? Hell, you know when the spoiler ) starts, her team will be begging spoiler cut ).

Anyway, we've had Amber this summer, with her psychic connection to God and her anti-Semitism, where it doesn't matter what other religious beliefs you insert in, Amber's just got issues and was hateful. (By the way, did anyone ever do an interview with her? Cause I want to see if she cried.) So on the scale, I don't think Leslie's hit "crazy religious reality TV contestant" level yet. I say yet, because anything is possible.
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( Sep. 20th, 2007 02:37 pm)
Get your Christian Kane fix here!

Because the evil must be shared with [ profile] deeablo and anyone that was a fan of the munchkin Christian Kane:

"So Small" by Carrie Underwood

The fact that CMT decided to air this video on repeat this morning (I lost count after 3 times in a row - I kid you not) meant that there was NO missing Christian. Or Carrie Underwood. So watch it and be amused (or just mute it and stare at Christian).


America's Next Top Model gets a mention too

Frankly, I'm disappointed that they passed on Marvita, the Grace Jones look alike. I couldn't gauge much from the few pictures they took, but frankly, she's far more interesting to look at than most of the other girls. Even if she ended up as the "pretty but isn't photogenic" category, I still would rather look at her than, say, Ebony and her $200 weave.


Kid Nation gets a shot

I flipped by this a few times and have to say...the fact that the kids were all excited about doing work was amusing. You'd think they'd never done chores before! Oh wait. They probably haven't. To them, this is still fun.

We'll ignore the fact that it could be construed as child labor.


Survivor tonight!

I didn't watch Survivor last season due to overwhelming apathy for the show, but this year's twist has me intrigued. After all, what can be bad about spoiler cut )? It just begs for crazy shenanigans!

Plus, you know, the Great Wall of China.
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( Sep. 29th, 2006 10:55 am)
The short and the sweet of it.


I love my show.

And I love Dean.

But most importantly...IMPALA!!!!!!!!!!

Ugly Betty

Love America. Chick rules everything.

Like the boss.

Vanessa rocks the bad girl.


Yul is still unbelievably hot.

Flicka is a moron.

I want Flicka/Cao Boi fun, though.

Car Stuff

As of 7:30 this morning, two new front tires on my car.

As of this evening I might have a new car.

As of 9:30 I had a loan for a new car.

I'm an adult! (Yeah, I know, silly statement. Last loan for a car was cosigned by dad and he did the paperwork and talking. This time was all me.)

(Incidentally, my car is this. If it doesn't show, search for a Toyota Corolla, LE, Automatic, 2007, Cactus Mica.
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( Sep. 12th, 2005 02:04 pm)

Saw a commercial last night for Serenity during TV watching (as [ profile] bubblesbrnaid can attest to, since I immediately called her to squee).

The funny? It was on FOX.



The commercials have confirmed something that spoilers only hinted at.

Commercial Spoilery )


I have to shop. For fall clothes. And winter clothes. I finally have realized that I need appropriate fall and winter clothing, that doing the sleeveless top/jacket combo just isn't going to cut it. (The office is too cold.) And that I also need to break down and get two new pairs of jeans and various and sundry black bottoms (pants and skirts). Two pairs of black pants and three black skirts just aren't enough anymore.

And my black boots have completely bitten it. I loved those boots. That's what I get for wearing them so much.

So light sweaters and long-sleeve button up shirts. Whee! *sigh* (And casual long sleeve tops that have attitude. I can't sacrifice too much fashion.)


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