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( Jul. 18th, 2007 01:23 pm)
The bad part about kicking the Coke habit?

The dreams.

Last night's dreaming featured Kyle Petty and Lois Lane. I was Lois. And there were children that I had to pick up from school, but I was late and I needed to call Chloe to get them, but I couldn't find my shoes. And did I mention Kyle Petty? Cause Kyle Petty. A lot of Smallville and Kyle Petty. I want to know the "why" of that combo of people.

It's currently 1:21 and I've yet to consume a Coke. I'm proud. I am getting very sleepy, however. All hopes are that I can make it through the day. Sleepy I'll just cope with. If any headaches arise, then I'll have to consume.
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( May. 23rd, 2007 11:03 am)
For [ profile] deeablo especially:

Interview with Eric Johnson!!!!!

Eric Johnson! Your blond boy got a big interview with Entertainment Weekly! Score!
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( Jan. 10th, 2007 04:43 pm)
Hey, [ profile] theninthdoctor:

Someone posted Kryptonsite pictures to Oh No They Didn't. Did label you as the source, but wanted to give you the heads up, cause that's a highly trafficked site and don't know your stance on how they did it.
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( Jul. 5th, 2006 11:25 am)
Dear Kim Jong Il,

Your brand of crazy would be vastly more entertaining if it didn't involve bombs or starving lots of innocent people. Can you kindly just retreat to an island somewhere with your Luthorian delusions of grandeur and rule some bimbo and a few minions, and leave the rest of the world to their own devices? Really, with the Muslim Extremists going nuts lately, it's not really necessary for the Communists to play "I'm better than you at world domination".


Dear My Sister,

I'm tired of your drama. Go away.

(There's a story in my sister. Trying to figure out if I want to post about it or not.)


Dear Tom Welling,

*screams in horror*

My eyes! My eyes!


Dear My Family,

Let's get something straight - having a long weekend gives me time to do stuff that I want. Not stuff that you want. So hijacking me for four hours (when I could be home doing bills or reading or watching a movie) only to talk about all my problems...that's not kosher.


NASCAR Picspam coming later. So many funny things.
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( May. 13th, 2006 10:21 am)
OMG. You can tell when something got to me, because I'm actively discussing Smallville in my LJ. *dies giggling* I'm sure several of you know that's been a LONG time ago that I discussed Smallville.

I was commenting on this in [ profile] serafina20's journal and thought it might be good to post here.

Concerning Vessel )
Dreams, Supernatural

It is cruel and unusual punishment to have your alarm go off right when you and HotDean are snuggling under the covers in a big ole bed, and he's stroking your leg, and you're telling him that if you'd known he was going to make a move you'd have shaved your legs that morning (dream me is too realistic), but he didn't mind slightly rough legs, so hell, you're gonna get it on and...

See, that really sucks to wake up from. *pouts* He was all snarky and wicked. And there was gonna be sex.


The Flavor of Love

[ profile] sullivanlane, I caught the chicken episode in commercials on Smallville last night. I am in LOVE with Flav's mama. That woman is too cute. Any mama that can nail someone with The Look and have them scrambling ("I meant rub elbows") is the perfect mama.

And chick with no rhythm at church nearly made me cry.



I have PMS. Naturally, I cried the last 10 minutes. First time ever Smallville has made me cry (even though there was a tear for Pete leaving - this was full on bawling, as witnessed by [ profile] paperbkryter when she called me to see if she should stay up to watch, and I couldn't stop hiccuping).

I love all the actors on this show when they give it everything.

And I love weird and funny anvils like spoiler cut ). And there were many other things that I loved.

And yet, the one thought that will always mar this episode is that AlMiles like to think they're clever, but they just aren't quite creative enough to pull it off convincingly. The cleverness that is.
In an effort to appeal to the largest demographic, I am going to compile a whole lotta stuff into one post. Yes, it is the AM, which means if I waited until afternoon I'd have a huge one to do, but my patience can only last so long. *g*

Smallville: Fanatic )


My mind has made one jump since day one of Supernatural that makes me giggle every time. One jump that's just slightly insane, but one I'm sure the rest of you have made as well.

Supernatural Picspam - Old School )


American Idol

Tuesday, January 24 will be two hours of Idol goodness from good old Greensboro, NC. Much joy to be had in that. The extra joy is the local TV station interviewing my boss on the economic impact and branding that goes along with Idol and the Greensboro connection.



Newman's been putting on weight, so I had to hunt up new and old pictures of him for a comparison.

Old pictures - one year ago exactly )

Now we have new Newman )


Top Ten Sports To Play When You're Drunk

Thanks Bode Miller for this entertainment. My personal favorite?

10. Bare-knuckle boxing versus startled Yeti.
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( Jan. 4th, 2006 09:14 am)
*grumble grouse*

Know how I got to meet Sam Jones III last year at MegaCon? Well, guess who's going to be at MegaCon this year?

John Schneider

(And Tracy Scroggins, Mirinia Sirtis, MASTER BRA-TAC, Skaa'ra...okay, I'm so pissed! I just can't go and got to Martinsville too! Grrrr! And frankly, Martinsville gets top priority.)
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( Dec. 30th, 2005 09:46 am)

*goes ahead and jumps in*

Perception. Semantics. Varying viewpoints.


Everybody approaches viewing a show different ways. People focus in on one character. They focus on all characters except one or two they don't care about. They take into account what actors say about a show, they don't take into account what actors say. They use magazine articles to back up a point. They rely solely on what's seen on screen. Life experience influences how we see things.

And that is why I'm going to flat out say to the Smallville fandom at large, I get tired of a fan of ANY character getting argumentative in tone because they don't agree on a point and feel they know the character SO much better and can point out the exact episodes and what was said and yadda yadda. Funny thing is, it's the tone that gets me every time. It's why the old school Lex fen from back in the day got on my nerves, it's why people who think Lana is perfect and always has been get on my nerves, it's why Clark fen who...wait, there are no Clark fen who think he's perfect. Okay, see, with the exception of a couple of characters, every character on the show is flawed and has been written haphazardly.

And it's the fans of each character that can cause the greatest strife. It gets on my nerves when folks bash Chloe for everything under the sun that doesn't make sense when if Lois in the comic books did it, there'd be massive love. On the flip side, I'm tired of having to NOT say anything bad about Chloe or the way she's written (in terms of the writers changing things about her that freak me out) because I know people I like will jump all over me.

Tone. I know what tone is coming. Had it happen. Gets on my nerves.

So as an old school fan who doesn't participate in fandom much anymore for the exact reason, I would just like to take the time to issue a warning to Chloe fen - please, take it down a notch. Remember, TWOP is an annoying place anyway, no matter who you root for. Their logic is special in a way NO ONE will ever understand. But I'm to the point of refusing to have another Smallville discussion ever again on LJ because even the characters I DO like are too taboo for words.

I love you all, but I have to say something, because it's obvious and taking too much from the last vestiges of fun in the Smallville fandom.

Comments are closed, because my LJ isn't going to be the start of a kerfluffle. Emails won't be taken on the subject because I'm not arguing who's right, who's wrong, who has proper tone, etc. This is about an overall tone that doesn't brook discussion. And guess what, on this subject, I'm not brooking discussion here.

Feel free to go ahead and discuss it in your journals - I won't be reading anything about what I say or others think of me. I just want folks to step back, breathe, and take it down a notch. Yeah, it's a TV show. Yeah, we shouldn't get worked up. And yeah, that argument is annoying. Also, yeah, we have every right to get worked up about what we want to get worked up about, and telling someone to not get worked up isn't fair to them. All I'm saying is, we all enjoy it, we all love discussion (well, except TWOP folks), so let's just chill some.

Oh, and Mulder was a loser. (Yeah, I said it. Once. On a mailing list. Even while also saying I love Mulder to death. So no fear over here folks. No fear. Meaning, Lois in all incarnations is bitchy and I love her to pieces, so if Chlois theory gets to hold true - not that I think the movie division would let it happen - then that makes Chloe bitchy by default, etc., be shocked and villify me, yadda yadda. See? One person's opinion and way of seeing things and the world didn't end. Just don't give me minions here, cause I'm too old for minions. I'd rather have Jensen Ackles.)
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 02:40 pm)
Okay, cause every once in a while I type something that makes me sit back and marvel, because it makes sense and I totally didn't see it until I started typing it.

From a comment I made in [ profile] latxcvi's journal.

Lexmas )
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( Nov. 19th, 2005 11:07 am)
Back online! Well, for today.

[ profile] bubblesbrnaid, remember, my place tomorrow (like either of us is going to forget).


Smallville: That Last Ep and Future Eps - Spoilers Ahoy )


Superman Returns trailer: Um, boring much? And I'm a fangirl.
So, in order to convince many, many people who don't normally watch Smallville to watch it this week (yes, I'm looking at [ profile] devildoll, and [ profile] bubblesbrnaid has been waiting for this ep), I am posting the reasons why you need to watch SV this week.

This be spoilery. Those that watch the show regularly and don't want to be spoiled, go away. *g*

All my heartfelt love goes to Kryptonsite, for that site, and Craig, provide my fixes and extreme joy. And, well, I flove Craig mightily anyway. *g* But this? Made my day.

All images courtesy of K-Site, and are but a tease of the many, many (count em, nearly 75) more that can be found there. *dances*

Why, what is this I see? )

And again! Oh my! )

We all have to grow up sometime. )

And best of all... )
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( Oct. 21st, 2005 08:53 am)
Oh, because I found the trailer for next week's ep so damn entertaining, some things I noted from the Kryptonsite's screencaps of the trailer.

Well, when a trailer has me rolling on the floor laughing... )
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( Oct. 21st, 2005 08:35 am)
CSI made me cry. Bawling, sobbing, clutching the dog cry.

Smallville made me...well...*thinks of the positive* You know, beside Alan Ritchinson, KK seems like Judy Dench. (I now appreciate the actual ability to NOT be stilted. Even if I'm not fond of Rob Schneider's acting, or Pauly Shore's, at least they manage to say words without sounding forced.



I swear, if I input my boss's entire damn rolodex into Microsoft Office and she doesn't buy a fucking Blackberry thingie, then I will SCREAM. Can we say waste of time much? (She does this. She starts a project with no intention of finishing it.)



My cousin Zack is coming into town for the weekend! Yay! *dances* We *never* see him, because he can't afford to come up from Florida (and in this instance, it's only him - his wife couldn't come). But he scraped together some money so he could see Gran before her surgery on Tuesday. Gran doesn't know. My cousin Jennifer (Zack's sister who drove up this past Sunday from Florida), Katie and I are going to the "zoo" this afternoon, which is our sneaky way of Jennifer going to get him at the Raleigh airport. And we all will be tearing to Gran's house and hopefully meeting up with Zack and Jenn so that we all walk in together. (Zack would be at the back of the line. Katie is tall enough that we can block him and really surprise Gran.)
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( Oct. 14th, 2005 08:30 am)
Smallville )
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( Oct. 10th, 2005 04:15 pm)
Just call me Pimpin' Pete.

Cherry Bomb by [ profile] zeplum

Title: Cherry Bomb
Fandom: Supernatural/Smallville crossover
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Chloe Sullivan

*bounce bounce*

It's Dean! And Chloe! They have trunks o' doom! And snappy snarking!

Go. Read. Especially you, [ profile] dragonsinger, cause you've been waiting for this.

And then everyone jump on our bandwagon and get to writing the Dean/Chloe too.
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( Oct. 7th, 2005 09:46 am)
I'm going to crossover heaven.


Come on folks, come play with [ profile] zeplum and me. Dean and Chloe and Sam are the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys of snark and ghosts.
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( Oct. 7th, 2005 09:14 am)
Sometimes there are benefits to my sister and I riding to work together (other than reduced gas costs). Like remembering that we're supposed to actually go to my grandmother's house tonight for her birthday. Grrrr. Because did mom remember to mention this at any point? No.

So I don't get to see Serenity tonight, again. Which ticks me off, because I've gotten to a point with Grandmother that I just don't want to be around her. Everything's a downer. We've got her birthday gifts, but she'll most likely not like them. (Never mind the fact that she doesn't give us clues as to what she wants and is picky as can be. This time, though? She's getting stuff for her cat. She loves that cat, so we're hoping this suffices.)


Lots of things to squee over about last night's Smallville, like cut for spoilers )


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