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( Jun. 11th, 2009 09:28 am)
I think I have poison ivy on my face.

My period started today.

I start Tuesday at the temp job.
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( Jun. 9th, 2009 08:54 am)

I found a mother-freaking deer tick between my toes this morning.

Now, you never realize how different in size they are when compared to other ticks until you see one. They're miniscule. I thought it was a scab at first.

Now I'm all freaking out, because while other ticks don't bother me as much, these suckers are the ones responsible for my cousin having two cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (it took him six months to recover the first time). And then there's Lyme Disease. And the fact that the area around the bite itches like a son of a gun already. (We got rid of the tick and bathed it in alcohol.) ETA: Apparently the deer tick was not hte one that gave him RMSF. Whew. Despite what family said. Deer ticks aren't RMSF vecter specific. Lyme is still an issue, though.

I don't have health insurance! This can't happen right now! No sickness! I will not get sick!
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:27 am)
So. Things.

1. I need to get a photo editing type software on my laptop soon, because I need to make icons! I do! I do like whoa! (I love procrastinating and ignoring the real world through crappy icon making.)

2. Was pondering something related to Supernatural and came to this conclusion about the second most scary of the Big Damn Spoilers that came out a while back. (Not the one that caused everyone to be pissed as hell and threatening to quit the show.) Spoiler speculation )

3. May be getting sick. Took Benadryl for the runny nose last night. Nose is also raw today. And I'm drinking water like crazy. Fun part was waking up with a headache. Did the smart thing and took some meds for that...which made me nauseous. Yep. That's my reality.

4. After describing my senior prom dress to someone the other day, I was told "OMG, you dressed up like Molly Ringwald!" In hindsight, I kind of did. Even though I hadn't seen "Pretty in Pink" then. Pink satin and pink lace? Yep. Although in my defense, the dress was more the color of Marilyn Monroe/Madonna's "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend"/"Material Girl" dress.

5. It's kind of frightening that I can now identify most of the birds that come to my bird feeder. The mourning dove, cardinals and robins aren't a surprise, but the dark eyed junco and brown thrasher? Those are very new ones to me.

6. I have to get together one more bit of information for a job application. I'm hoping that this one will lead somewhere. The good thing is, I get the vague impression that hopefully it will at least lead to an initial interview, which is good, because it's the one place I wanted to be interviewed at.

7. NASCAR: Truck race and Nationwide race Total Kyle Busch domination. So with that said, everyone does realize that Kyle will not stand a chance today, correct? In fact, I'm predicting a win by Kevin Harvick. Just because. *g*
Today As It Has Progressed

1. Got up after sleeping a total of 2 hour stretches, punctuated by crazy dreams and yells of "fuck you brain, just shut down already!"

2. Went to work for all of two hours before coworkers, fearing contagions, sent me home.

3. Went home where napping was impossible, so fixed lunch.

4. Burned finger on rice steamer. Badly. Although still not quite as bad as T-Day's burn, which is lving a scar. (Steam burns are painful as hell, though.)

5. Started wrapping presents.

6. Made tea.

7. Washed some dishes. Started dishwasher.

8. Spray painted clock frame for soon-to-be-niece's X-Mas present.

9. Just remembered that oh yeah, sister's boyfriend asked my dad for permission to ask Katie to marry him.

10. Typing this while trying to decide what to wrap first or whether a nap is a better idea.
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( Nov. 25th, 2008 03:29 pm)
Reasons Why I Love Thanksgiving

1. Turkey
2. Dressing
3. Gravy
4. National Dog Show

(Note that family is not on this list. It's because my family does this bizarre thing where we spend hours at our own homes cooking, then we show up at one family member's house and proceed to eat and visit for about two hours before heading back home. So in essence, we spend more time with food that day than with family. Hence me being all about the food.)


Reasons Why I Want To Go Home

1. Migraine
2. Migraine meds that make me nauseous
3. Heartburn (which may have caused the migraine or been caused by the migraine meds)
4. Because I could curl up in bed with my new electric blanket


Reasons Why I Am Looking Forward To Friday

1. Now I'm probably not going to have to work.
2. Local hairdresser is running a "holiday special" on hair color, so I'm thinking of shockingly having a professional dye it.
3. Sleeping in and being lazy.
4. Leftovers.
5. Tons of TV to catch up on.
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( Sep. 16th, 2008 09:02 pm)

Anybody else not spoilery, but just in case )

I'm with you 13.


Came home early today due to a headache. I took a nap. And yet, now I'm considering curling up in bed with Sudoku because I just don't have the energy to do anything else. Can PMS be over? Because it gets on my nerves when my PMS causes this weird ennui where I can't do anything but watch TV, eat and be morose.
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( Aug. 26th, 2008 08:59 am)
You know, Nyquil is dangerous. For my dog. He kept running from me last night because I'd kick so hard. (Nyquil makes me kick. I actually cannot sleep well with the stuff in me, and it makes me kick like a mule.)

And today I'm hung over, my pupils are practically nonexistent, I can't take a nap until lunchtime (boss is out) and I have to go to a kickball meeting tonight. This is gonna be a loooooong day.

(Also, I dreamed that Jimmy (Page) Spencer died. No clue why my brain combined the guitarist for Led Zep with a NASCAR driver who sports a toupee. Also dreamed that Jamie Mac was a drug addict.)


Overhauling my icons at the moment, so I've stripped my journal of all my icons except one. The stripped icons are all on my computer at home, so I can sort them, add new where I feel like adding new, and voila! Overhaul done. In a week or two.

Get used to Ingrid. She'll be here for a while.


Just dawned on me that I haven't gotten my rebate check yet for my Camcorder. Damn Belks. It's "being processed" apparently. It shouldn't take that long to process at $10 check!
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( Aug. 25th, 2008 10:14 pm)
For the record:

2:45 p.m.: notice that there's an odd stiffness in the right jaw.

3:45 p.m.: start poking around and notice the swollen lymph node on same side as stiffness in jaw.

3:48 p.m.: notice right ear (corresponding to jaw and node) is slightly congested.

9:38 p.m.: notice scratchiness in throat.

9:38 p.m.: drink water.

10:12 p.m.: climb into bed with lots of covers and notice that it's really freaking cold and can't stop shaking.

10:16 p.m.: climb out of bed and take cold/flu meds.

10:16 p.m.: type LJ post and head to bed.

ETA: Or I'm cold just because I'm cold. Temp is 96 degrees.

And in the a.m., I have to go to work. Because boss is out and the dinger is broken. (Not to be confused with the Dinger, aka AJ Allmendinger. He's not broken as far as I know.)
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( May. 19th, 2008 03:25 pm)
Picture of the Day

Reporter photographs wound after javelin pierces his leg. I'm not posting the actual picture because I like you, dear old f-list.


I'm having food issues. I'm not hungry, except once in a blue moon, and when I make myself eat something I'll get full quickly. Like, in one bite I'll be so full that I almost throw up the bite I'm trying to swallow.

It's annoying.


Front coming in. Stop. Am breaking out in hives. Stop. Took Benadryl. Stop. Am brainless.


I have tons of NASCAR updates from the weekend, but suffice it to say, my brain dead nature means I won't be making that post today.

The Dog

Chester got stung by a wasp yesterday. We walked out the door and he promptly stepped on the thing. Curled up in the grass whimpering and limped for two hours. I had to go to the store, buy vinegar, soak some bandages in the vinegar and then tie that to his foot and cover it with a sock to get him to leave his foot alone so I could take the pain away. Between that and the Benadryl I gave him, he was back to his old self shortly afterward. But he's really funny to watch when he limps.

Did any of that make sense? My brain is fuzzy.
Taking bets now:

My nose is stuffing up. My eyes are burning. And the headache I've had for days hasn't abated, and in fact, has gotten worse as my neck has gotten better. Plus I get swimmy headed when I stand up too quick.

Who wants to take bets that I have a sinus infection or a cold and *that* is what prompted all the neck trouble?


[Poll #1129308]

ETA: On the scale of freaky...back in middle school I had a really good friend. We were NKOTB rabid at the same time and bonded over that. Well, she just went into my mother's store to buy some stuff. Haven't seen her since 9th grade and on the day when there's talk of NKOTB getting back together...she pops up! lOL
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( Jan. 28th, 2008 08:18 am)

I don't know when I'll be online with any regularity. For some reason, I've developed an absolutely horrible problem with my neck.

On Thursday night, I discovered right before I went to bed that the left side of my neck was getting a bit sore, like I'd been sitting at hte wrong angle watching TV. Didn't think a thing about it before going to bed. Thursday night/Friday morning was the worst sleep I've ever had, because I couldn't get comfortable and my neck wouldn't stop hurting. I did a quick run into work (no makeup, hair wasn't washed, nothing) to finish up a project, with every intention of going back home to bed.

Instead I ended up not finishing the projects and instead going to an urgent care to get my neck examined. At one point the pain was so bad that I was sitting in the waiting room crying. (To make matters worse, the pain was giving me a headache and a backache.) I was diagnosed with a wry neck, which I found somewhat amusing. My neck is wry!

The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and vicodin, which made me sleep a lot and finally helped the problem to ease up yesterday.

Today I'm back in the same pain I was in on Friday. Well, almost the same, but without the crying.

I can't turn my head very much. If I stand up or sit down too fast (or sometimes if I just blink), my head starts throbbing. The muscle relaxer helps, but I'm not sure the vicodin is even touching anything. And both of hte drugs make me sleepy, which leads to lots of being in bed, which I'm darn sure is not good for my neck. (Not to mention the fact that I'm horribly dehydrated, food tastes bad, and I haven't eaten much of anything, let alone an actual meal, since Friday.)

I think I did it to myself by doing things as soon as I felt better yesterday. I kept blaming the fact that I was exhausted an hour later on the fact that I hadn't had food. I guess I wasn't better.

(And if any of this is disjointed, I apologize. The vicodin has zapped my ability to think logically. But not the ability to type.)

Um, so I feel like crap and am holding off on going to the doctor until Wednesday, because I may have been the cause of my own problem.

But hey, when one feels like crap, it's good to feel like crap on a weekend when there's a 24 hour race on TV. Then you have entertainment most of the time.
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( Jan. 19th, 2008 12:42 pm)
Things that suck:

Having a great lunch. Having a great dinner. Hanging out with friends. And then getting back to Asheboro and about 9:45 getting horribly sick.

(Note that the only sucky thing was the getting sick part.)

OMG. I never threw up (which would have actually made me feel better), but boy did I want to. Extreme nausea all the way around.
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( Nov. 7th, 2007 08:52 am)
Well, went home sick yesterday, which meant that I was in bed at 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

I got back up at 7:15. At some dinner. Light dinner. Didn't throw it up despite the urge to do so. Fought a fever and a headache and managed to get through Bones before giving up and going back to bed.

Which means I slept from 3:30-7:15, then 9:00-5:40. For me, that's a lot. A whole lot. (I actually woke up of my own free will at 5:40 due to my body saying "Okay, we're done. All healed now. You can wake up.")

I don't like being sick. Let's not have that happen again for a while, okay?

On to Bones, how many people watched and nearly fell off the couch squealing when the guest credits included Sam Jones III? Just me?
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 09:01 am)
NASCAR - The Junior Conspiracy

My mother has become the Mulder of NASCAR.

After yesterday's fiasco (when Junior's car sheds the entire WHEEL on the last restart), my mother is convinced that DEI is sabotaging Junior on purpose. (Or that they're really, really incompetent.)

I tried explaining about everyone having blown engines. I tried explaining about getting behind on technology due to the evil stepmonster. I tried explaining about the partnership with Childress and the R07 engine of doom. I tried explaining about the tire changer getting ahead of himself on the pit stop (to which my mother said "It sounds like he didn't tighten the lugnuts enough", which made me happy because she's more mechanical than she thinks). I tried to explain about experimenting with a good driver when he's safely in the top 35.

Mom said that pretty much, whatever all the excuses, DEI is screwing Junior. And you know, thinking about how ANY driver and ANY fan would take it if that was the year their driver was having, I'd be pissed too. (Except at this point I just have to sigh and wait for next year, because there's no way in hell they're going to magically find a great car that won't screw up for Junior in the next three races.)


Also, this cold weather in the morning is not a good thing. My upper lip has decided to break out in hives.
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( Oct. 12th, 2007 09:22 am)


Of course that may be my own opinion, and everyone is entitled to hate it if they want.

Discussion underneath )


Cat Sitting

I told my mom when she called me last night that Miss Priss needed to learn about biting the hand that feeds you.

Especially since she bit me when I was taking her to her food. Damn cat.

(She was in a very bitchy mood when I showed up to feed the cats. Miss Hiss and Rascal were on board with going for walks and eating. Miss Priss hissed at me every time I looked at her and bit me.)


NASCAR - It's Contagious!

House aides advised to get five immunizations before attending a NASCAR race - two more than for going to the Congo.

This was on the Today Show and I nearly fell over laughing.

House aides were advised to get two Hepatitis vaccines, one flu shot, a dyptheria shot and a tetanus shot. It's actually a study on terrorist attacks on large sporting events through germ warfare, so it makes sense, in terms of them visiting a hospital. (And quite frankly, since they were going to Talladega and Lowes Motor Speedway, I think the tetanus shot wasn't a bad idea - but mainly because of the Talladega infield.)

What the government failed at was letting folks know that it wasn't personal, that it wasn't about rednecks, and that they'd be doing this with all sporting events in the future. (Makes you wonder why the gov. officials didn't just SAY that it's easier to start with one NASCAR race than a Sunday full of NFL games.)

Best line in the interview on the Today Show, though, went to one woman. Everyone thought it was funny (including the reporter) and everyone kept mentioning that rednecks aren't disease-ridden. The quote, though, was "You don't need to worry about disease when you come to a NASCAR race. What you need to worry about is whether Dale Jr. is going to win or not."

NASCAR fans - bringing the sarcasm to you, one news report at a time.


Biffle's Wedding Conundrum

There's something so cute about the fact that Nicole is freaking over spending money on rooms they won't use. Although something to panic about is definitely the tux not fitting. Can't he just use the one from the banquet a few years ago?



Was out sick yesterday. Nothing like waking up shaking to make it hard to get up.

This morning I got up fine, but the dog is not happy. He got to pee on one bush before I dragged him back in thanks to the pit bull mix that was running about. (Granted, I do this with any stray dog, not just pit bull mixes.) The pit bull mix was sweet, but hand shy. The apartment complex management is calling animal control for it. We're pretty sure it's been beaten, so any place is better than the home it was at.


Best Internet Clip Of The Day

The New Price is Right - I Gotta Pee!

This solidifies that Drew Carey was the right choice to host. Because Rosie would have made jokes (as would have others), yet Drew laughs his ass off. And the laughing is ten times funnier because it's natural.
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( Apr. 17th, 2007 01:39 pm)
Did I mention that for my birthday my parents gave me a laptop?


Things of the Good:

1. Bossman who knows sports injuries (don't worry, mine isn't a sport injury, it's a "played with the dog and then had an accident involving the parking deck and a shoe" injury) informed me that my ankle/foot aren't swollen, so no need to go to a doctor.

2. 3/4 of my spring cleaning is DONE. And of the remaining, rearranging furniture is on the list. Fun!

3. Several work projects are in the process and I've made good headway.

4. My license is good for 8 years. So theoretically, if I don't move, my picture at age 38 will be of me at 30.

5. My hair is still occasionally just as awesome as the day I got it cut. And bonus, I made comparisons to Jaclyn Smith's hair...and she gets to host a show about awesome hair on Bravo!

Things of the Bad:

1. My foot/leg still hurt occasionally. I hate being forced to sit still and prop my leg up.

2. 1/4 of my spring cleaning left to do includes cleaning out the fridge and the microwave. Not fun.

3. Good headway on projects is not fun for my allergies when it includes lots of recycling of old files.

4. I need to be writing as it's fic that I wanted done TODAY (for [ profile] celli), but the muse is being really, really stubborn. I have the story worked out well in my head and it's not going down on paper right.

5. When I went to get my license renewed, I discovered during the eye test that my eyesight REALLY SUCKS. My astigmatism has gotten worse, as has the vision in my left eye.

6. The weather in NC is being a pain, which means that some of the time my hair is a royal pain in the butt. I've yet to figure out how to style it on days when the humidity wants to make me look fuzzy.
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( Oct. 16th, 2006 05:51 pm)
My dad apparently has had the cold bug from hell. A bug which has decided to bite my ass hard.

Waking up wasn't easy today, but since when is waking up on a Monday easy? Came to work. Had a Coke. Still groggy, so I had another Coke. Got pissed. Getting pissed apparently got me through a lot. Got to lunch time by which point I've declined into headachey, tired, body tired and with a burning/itching/runny nose.

Ate soup for lunch and am guzzling water like crazy. Fully intend on going home and straight to bed once the boss lady gets back in. I REFUSE to get any sicker than this. Will take meds and crash, because I will be feeling fine and dandy to meet Harvick on Friday. I will. For I decree it so. (Those are my priorities. *nods*)
The American Idols have nothing on me. I know how to have a bad day. Whee!

1. Forgot to shave my legs this morning. This is important because my legs are white and with the hair tend to resemble Tony Stewart with a five o'clock shadow after a couple of days. Luckily I caught this transgression before heading out the door. Unluckily, due to time constraints, this means I just shaved my legs in the bathroom sink here at work.

2. Still vaguely feeling the effects of yesterday's hangover. My first one. Dear LORD. Granted, I know it was partially because on Saturday I ate very little all day. And had very little water and had spent a good portion of the day sweating off large amounts of liquid. So dehydration plus accepting what was a weak drink...bad idea on my part. I didn't even get tipsy from it, but I got the hangover. (I be talented, yo.) Spent Sunday morning (after getting up long enough to walk the dog and go get a sandwich and Coke) curled up in bed. Until 2. There's a whole thing involving trying to eat a very bland turkey sandwich that Arby's made wrong (and gave me roast beef, which I loathe) and not being able to choke that or a Coke down (but getting down headache meds that eventually killed the headache), and I think that all contributed to...

3. Chili's didn't bother to really cook the chicken in my chicken tacos last night. Thanks, Chili's! I was SO looking forward to sitting in a coliseum, watching the American Idol concert while squirming because undercooked chicken was coursing through my system!

4. Oh! And while we're on it, the Greensboro Coliseum jacked up parking prices from $6 to $10!

5. And! The Greensboro Coliseum didn't have on the air conditioning.

6. I still can't keep food in me. Thanks Chili's! Nothing I like more than a bout with food poisoning.

7. And to top it all off, I'm operating on sleep deprivation due to the individual who decided to go trying to break into apartments or peep or whatever at 2 am Sunday morning. Too bad for you that my dog growled and I woke up in time to see the flashlight go across my bedroom window. I hope that really good looking cop (who saw me with no makeup, bedhead and in flannel pajamas...great!) scared the snot out of you. Just be warned - I will 9-1-1 for anything. Plus I'm buying a baseball bat at lunch.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2006 01:26 pm)
Dear Brian France,

The Car of Tomorrow looks stupid. It also looks like it belongs in one of them there European types of racing. You thought the Chase caused people to get pissed (ultimately they ate their words, but that's because the Chase has at least been interesting)...just wait until the CoT starts up. Southerners will stage an uprising. Frankly, I'm more interested in seeing what the Truck of Tomorrow looks like. Or I'm waiting for the day you admit you're really going to hook up special technology to these cars and recreate Back to the Future with rednecks. (Obviously the NASCAR version of Doc will be Darryl Waltrip.) My confusion, though, lies in how this affects Toyota getting into NASCAR. If the point is to have all cars the same, where on earth does this leave the manufacturers?


I find this Wikipedia entry on Belk's to be amusing. Mainly because it even references Belk Yates, which was the Belk store I grew up going to (before the Yates family sold it or something - why did the Yates go away?).


My headache needs to go *away*. Three days now. Three. Days. It's on the top of my head, and I only really feel it when I bend over. Sinuses are clogging slightly, and the base of my skull aches. WebMD says this could be a cluster headache, but as I've never had one before, I'm confused. I think it's just sinus related. Either way, I keep taking medication and nothing is touching it. On the plus side, it doesn't hurt, really. Just discomfort. (I'm used to migraines, which are debilitating and have on occassion caused vomiting.)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2005 02:45 pm)
When you feel like shit, Pat Robertson is entertaining. Entertaining in that whole watching-monkies-fling-poo kind of way.


Have taken cough syrup. Have taken allergy medication. Am currently feeling a wee bit loopy. Thankfully 5:00 is more than 2 hours away, because typing is challenging enough right now.


Orbitz confused the hell out of me the other night with their new destination campaign.

I was paying just enough attention to get confused as to whether it was for Orbitz (flights and destination information) or Orbit (gum). 60's kitsch is all well and good, but when two companies with very, very similar names go for the same theme, confusion ensues.

Then they hit me with dude and his new boyfriend competing with a gay travel planner to book the fastest all-inclusive gay trip to San Francisco. And so I sat and went "what the hell" and generally tried to figure out if they were being serious or had missed the boat on funny, or both. Because it included Chuck Woolery. They didn't quite hit the kitsch right or the funny right, but the commercial was on target for their Gay and Lesbian Travel Deal. Which makes a lot more sense having found the deal online myself, but when viewing the commercial? They missed the mark a little. Not much, but a little. (Then again, I may need to view the commercial when not sick. Because it may be infinitely funnier when viewed without the cloud of snot.)


67 icons down, 33 to go. Woohoo!

Now somebody give me some ideas for an icon. I've exhausted most of the ones I already had. LOL


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