Hey, Randolph Community College...I'm seriously contemplating wringing someone's neck right now. In your bookstore.

Frickin' pissing me off.

One of my classes requires two books. Only one of them been in stock (which they didn't tell me that one was in stock when I was in there last week, they waited until Monday to tell me).

The bookstore stays open until 7:00 pm Monday-Thursday, and is open until 5:00 pm on Friday. Last night I went in around 6:00 pm to check on the other book.

Oh, we're so sorry, we don't know why it's taking so long, we're going to look into why it hasn't come in yet, blah, blah, blah. These same people who, when I walk in, want to chat because they know my parents. (It rarely happens that people know my parents unless they went to school with them or are educators.)

This morning, what do I get in an email from the class instructor? Guess what book is available at the bookstore. For FREE. Yep, the book I need. Guess what time she emailed the class to let them know it was available?

6:07 pm last night

Do you see why I'm on the warpath?

ETA: Checked with the bookstore, and it is indeed there and free. There is now a copy with my name on it, in case my mother can get by there and pick it up for me (sweet blessed mother of mine).

Also ETA: Remember Ken from BellSouth from yesterday's rant? Who wouldn't stop calling? He called. Again. Right after I got off the phone with the school bookstore. Ken has now been threatened within an inch of his life. My warpath veered in his direction. He's now a bloody mess. Of course, in my ire, I didn't get his supervisor's name, but I did tell him that I was authorized to do so, and if he called again I would. If I didn't hang up on him first. Asshat.
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( Aug. 19th, 2003 05:00 pm)
Hey, look at this! Spamming the LJ today!


(Sorry, just bought really pretty wrapping paper. There are shoes on them! Hee.)


Apparently I have mastered the skill of coptitude. That's cop attitude folks. I now have the ability to glare at people, even if I'm not really seeing what they're doing, and it makes them behave. Just by looking at them.

Last night a litterer actually got out of his car and picked up the cup he had thrown out his window. A speeder slowed down once he passed me after I glared at him.

Believe me when I say, this is most fun. *g*
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( Aug. 18th, 2003 11:09 am)
I have tons of comments to answer from over the last couple of weeks. I've been lazy, and today it has caught up to me. Ack!


Bummed that I missed NASCAR yesterday. Stupid NBC asshats. They keep putting the races on cable. And what happens yesterday? The Second Biggest Asshat (Ryan Newman) wins the race, there's a bloody awful wreck with fire and hood riding, and after the race Mongo punches Kurt Busch.

Why is this not on network TV?!?!?!?!?!


School is a bitch right now, but it does solve my TV watching delimma for the semester. Two of my classes (I was only signed up for 3) were cancelled. Apparently I was the only person who registered for one, and the other, I was one of two people taking it.


So now I have two online classes for the semester. Everything's getting crazy with the schedule, and under no circumstances is anyone allowed to cancel classes in the fall of 2004, because those will be my last two classes.


My allergies are a bitch. My eyes? On fire. Argh!


Saw Bringing Down The House on Friday night. It was...okay. We had Sir Pizza for dinner, so that made everything fabulous (watched the movie with my sister - the brother-in-law was at the beach).


For anyone watching Big Brother 4, let me tell you, I couldn't be happier after Saturday's episode. I not so secretly lust after Jack. Mmmmm. Hunky former FBI agent. What's not to love? But I also lust quite openly for Jee. Mmmmm. Slightly dorky, naive and nice Asian guy. Really, what's not to love? I have much lust for the two of them. If I were in that house? It would be hell. Because both are taken. But man, so much of the pretty and the intelligent.
So I've been off for three days. Three whole days. Can I tell you folks how bored I was without internet access?

So, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: Sleeping late.

The Bad: Having the phone ring at 8:15 on Saturday morning and answering it to discover a telemarketer. I'm truly sorry for anyone who does this for a job, but folks, 8:15 in the morning on a Saturday does not equal a sale. It equals "It's 8:15 on Saturday. Get a frickin' life." *click*

The Ugly: Having a cramp in your neck that means lying on the floor for most of the day Saturday.

The Good: Getting money back for books you don't want to look at again.

The Bad: Having to take a day off to get $47 back for books you spent $150 on.

The Ugly: The poor girl who had to take a day off work, who was not salaried (meaning no paid vacation) and had only one book (that she spent $80 on)...and they wouldn't buy it back. Asshats.

The Good: NASCAR on Sunday. Dude! The Pansyass kissed the wall just short of the finish line, went from 3rd to 33rd, and whined about the medical team not getting to him fast enough EVEN THOUGH HE WASN'T HURT! Plus Dale Jr. finished 3rd.

The Bad: Road races confuse the hell out of me. I can never tell where they are on the track.

The Ugly: Well, that would be the Pansyass again. Just because.
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( Aug. 4th, 2003 12:09 pm)
Last day of actual classwork to be done for the semester. Two current events for Law Enforcement Operations, one last question for Ch. 8 for American Government (okay, so it was due last night), two critical analyses for American Government (again, a bit late), the test for American Government and a test for Law Enforcement Operations.

BUT! Free food tonight. Pizza. Veggie pizza (as if that makes it healthier). I'm not arguing with free food. No sirree Bob.


I had my first Saturday free for me since November. You have no idea how exciting that is, considering the tons of cleaning that need to be done (since there's a slight possibility that a few things haven't been cleaned since November). So what did I do? Sit around and do nothing. No cleaning, no straightening, no attempts whatsoever to be productive in any way. Yay me!

But I did have fun telling a telemarketer what I thought of them. 9:00 on a Saturday morning. I haven't had a Saturday to myself in months and they call me at 9:00. I answered, she asked for me (logically), I asked who was calling, she responded "Sarah". I said, "Well, Sarah, I haven't slept in since November, and this is my first Saturday to sleep in, so do me a favor and never call me again." *click*

It was highly gratifying.

Now I just have to practice the little speech I'm giving the pranksters who keep calling at 2 am. Yelling at them doesn't work. *69 doesn't either as they have a blocked number. Next time? I'm answering the phone and scaring the shit out of them.

"I already told you Eddie, I'm not killing him. I already killed Beth for you. Isn't that enough?"

And considering how mad I usually am when I pick up the phone at 2 am (I don't handle being woke up from a dead sleep well), this might sound very, very plausible.

Plus it will be funny to explain to family if they happen to be the ones calling me (highly doubtful).


I'm conflicted. Very conflicted. The spoilers at K-Site this morning? Great. Sort of. here be spoilers within )
School is almost over for the semester. Monday I turned in a paper, and last night was final project debates. I love to talk, and I love to discuss, but I long ago learned that you don't discuss controversial issues unless you know that the person you're discussing the issues with are of the exact same opinion as you. *g* Cowardly, maybe. But the few times I dared get into a discussion with someone not of the same opinion as me, it got heated and ugly. And only half of those discussions actually involved fact (why on earth discuss a topic that you know nothing about? I don't get that).

So last night's debate was going to be interesting. I already knew that I'm extremely liberal in comparison to my classmates. You saw my post from earlier this week in which I realized that in actuality, I'm most likely quite moderate. Well, my classmates are extreme conservative. Extreme pro-life, pro-death penalty, pro-prayer in schools...the list could go on.

The first debate was the abortion debate. The one guy in the class was on standby because it almost turned into a fist fight. Seriously, it got ugly. The pro-choice woman had an outstanding opener. Beautiful. Unfortunately she failed to back it up with any facts in the debate portion. Her arguments were all emotion (which was funny, considering she was in fact pro-life, she just got assigned that side to argue). The pro-lifers kept getting mad because she would interrupt their facts (which were solid and well researched) to rant about something that may or may not be pertinent.

Scarily enough, I think Lynn (my debate partner) and I would have been safer with the abortion debate.

The school prayer debate was fairly calm, because everyone was in agreement (and you really couldn't find much to argue on that one).

Now, we were warned going in that everyone was excited about this one and ready to argue. Of course they were all pro-death penalty, so they were ready to argue with me. Unfortunately, whereas with the abortion debate (and side note, the class/audience got to get involved with the debate portions to - they were supposed to interject topical questions, to play devil's advocate) the questions they asked were on topic, pertinent, and in keeping with the line of questioning, with the death penalty, it was all about emotion.

The one fact though that they all wanted to argue with, that I *still* do not understand how they can ignore, is the cost. This group has, over and over, claimed that it's cheaper to just execute someone than to keep them in prison for life. Completely setting aside the value of a human life (whether they're a murderer or not), cost analysis, for the state of NC, revealed that because of the trial process, it is actually more expensive over the long haul (the entire time, from the beginning of the trial until the person is dead, either by death penalty or just dying in prison which a lifer would) to put someone to death. The trial in a death penalty case is where the money is spent.

They flat out told me I was wrong. $2.16 million more in the state of NC is spent on death penalty cases, and they told me I was wrong. I tried explaining about political careers, about how prosecuting attornies can have their careers made or broken on a death penalty case, how there's pressure by the communities to get a conviction, so they spend more time in the courtroom, bringing in experts, dragging out the trial, pulling out all the stops in order to get that conviction.

Right over their heads. It still couldn't possibly cost more money.

(Then we got into the fact that Texas refuses to offer life without parole as an option to the death penalty, even though 72% of Texans would like that as an option, and it got ugly again, because death is *good*. *rolls eyes* The prosecuters just don't want to offer an alternative to life with parole and the death penalty that means that the person can't get out of jail. Life with parole means less death penalty sentences, because there's not chance of that person ever getting out into society.)

I just have to remember, if I ever have to get into a debate again, to choose a very, very safe topic. Survey the class, find the one thing they're kind of ambivalent on, and choose that one.
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( Jul. 30th, 2003 09:23 am)
I'm banning myself from the internet and LJ today. So if anyone catches me on, kick my ass back off. I have a death penalty debate tonight in Constitutional Law, so I need to get my stuff together. No time for playing around. *pouts*

So, one last fannish thing of the morning...go read all of the fabulous stories for the Screw Clark challenge. Mine is called "Said the Schoolgirl to the Pimp" and is Chlete. NC-17 Chlete. *snort* I wrote more NC-17 last week than at any other time in my fanfic "career". There's a little shout out in there to [livejournal.com profile] ultimatemother and [livejournal.com profile] oakengland. After all, pimps, they should have a ghastly yellow suit, shouldn't they?
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( Jul. 28th, 2003 06:16 am)
It's 6 am, and I'm at work. Do you realize how bad that is. I was up at 4:20 (and there's something inherently wrong about the fact that I couldn't find a breakfast place open anywhere on the way to work...I'm up, a cook somewhere should be too).

And the air isn't on. Hasn't been all weekend. It's *roasting* in this joint.

So...you want to know why I'm here this early? Because I'm a lazy ass procrastinator who puts off things to the last minute, like research papers that are due by 5:00 today. Less than 11 hours. Bleh. So no online time for me today. I have to be good and concentrate. Believe me, if you see me post, smack me down. If I comment, tell me to go away. It means I'm procrastinating more.

Oh, and for anyone who might find this interesting - go find the book Bias by Bernard Goldberg. Besides the fact that I would so happily have this man's babies right now, it's a very inciteful look into bias in the media from a media insider. Wanna know why I love it? Besides the fact that it's entertaining and well written, there's the fact that I have always considered myself a conservative. That's the environment I was raised in, that's what some of my beliefs are, so I must be. Reading this book made me realize though what standard I was measuring myself against: the media. They were the ones giving me the "unbiased" information (and really, why did I ever trust them considering I've known for a while that the media is biased...as do most Americans). I had already experienced some surprise that in my hometown, upon discussing controversial issues, I was far more liberal than anyone I talked too (with the exception of my best friend, who is straight up liberal on most things, but hard core conservative on a few). After reading this book, I now realize...I'm as moderate as they come. I'm moderate moderate. I'm not affiliated with a political party of any sort, because about half of my beliefs lean toward the liberal side, and half toward the conservative side.

Do you know how weird it is to explore things from a perspective you never had before? It's very disconcerting. I thought I had a clear picture, but really, the only picture I get from the news media is the picture they want presented. I can understand the notion that the bias is not intentional (Goldberg goes into that in depth in the book). These are just the beliefs that everyone in the media is raised with. This brotherhood of men (and some women) was raised in a very liberal environment and don't *realize* that their beliefs aren't believed by everyone else in the country (with the exception of those deplorable red states that tend to vote Republican). They honestly think that they are middle of the road instead of left-wing. Dan Rather thinks the op-ed page of the New York Times is middle of the road.

There are examples used in the book that are so blatant yet so simple as to surprise. And there is a certain delicious humor to reading about the Media Mafia, with the CBS don, The Dan (cross The Dan and you're dead to him - I'm not joking when I say that people close to him in the industry actually told Goldberg that The Dan had turned into the one person he hated the most - Richard Nixon - trusting no one and taking a difference of opinion as treason).

So I suggest reading it. It's insightful in that it doesn't promote conservatism, it doesn't say journalists shouldn't have political views, it just points out that too often, journalists let their personal feelings and political views pervade the stories, presenting a distorted view of the facts (or flat out exaggerating the facts, but that has to do more with the total ass kissing that's done by and too special interest groups).
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( Jul. 23rd, 2003 01:35 pm)
AP 'unbiased' stories - I'd believe it if they actually looked up terms in the dictionary )

Yep, there's a rant contained in that cut. Enter at your own risk. I just got pissed by media bias. And then I went off on the way media attacks politicians sometimes just because they don't like them.

It was very ranty.
Well, good things and bad things all the way around.

Bad things first. Apparently we've got all sorts of medical trauma in the family right now. It seems to be spreading. Grandfather with the hip stuff, then my grandmother got conjunctivitis (an eye thing), my uncle had a varicose vein rupture (spurted blood all over the shower, freaked my aunt out - and as I put it, it's a good thing she had to deal, because lots of blood would have equaled me out cold).

And now my dad has kidney stones. *snort*

I'm really hoping that I'm not going to be the recipient of a medical surprise.


On the good side, I sat down with my advisor at school and have everything hammered out. I know exactly what classes I'm taking when, and when I'll be done.

This fall I have three classes, next spring is three, one next summer (damn it, there are only 6 total summer classes offered, and I took three this summer and placed out of two), and two next fall. One of the ones next fall is only offered in the fall (Spanish), but this fall they're offering it from 5:10-6:30 for night students. Big problem, seeing as I can't get from work to school in 10 minutes. It takes 45. So they're kicking it back until 5:40 next fall. Just for me. *g*

It's nice to be loved.

Of course this all means I'll be going a semester longer than I needed to, just because of one class (the other fall class I could have taken online this spring, but I figured why overload when I'm going to have to be here anyway). But I know exactly when I'll be finished now. End of fall 2004. Yay!


Oh, and if anyone ever needs firsthand knowledge, I now know how to correctly handcuff someone. And what it feels like to be handcuffed.

Hee. Bring on the kink.
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( Jul. 18th, 2003 02:04 pm)
I am not happy. In fact, I'd definitely define the emotion I'm feeling as "mad."

American Government. We have to answer questions, sometimes go to web sites and look up information.

The topic for this week? Civil Liberties. Not too bad, except...we had to go to web sites for hate groups.

I have just surfed through sites for the KKK, Black Panthers, Stormfront, and White Aryan Nation. We're supposed to list their beliefs and the reasoning for their beliefs. By the last one, I was literally writing "I don't know and I don't care." I just couldn't read any more.

You know, when you're part of a clearly defined portion of society, it's natural to be concerned with your portion. It's what you identify the most with. But when it grows to the level of thinking that your group's rights supercede everyone elses, and that your group is superior, then there are major, major problems.

And I am being really, really good right now, considering how mad I am.
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( Jul. 10th, 2003 03:19 pm)
Getting ready to do some research for school projects (political bias in the media for American Government and anti-death penalty for Con Law), but thought I'd throw this out to let everyone know that fanfic writing is coming henceforth soon.

My Chlete for the Screw Clark challenge

Dirty, smutty Chlark for [livejournal.com profile] ultimatemother's birthday

Wolverine/Rogue for [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's birthday (because I'm a sad little thing who never wrote it *before* X2, and has no ability to write Eowyn smut, so second best thing)

*looks at list*

And, if all goes decently, maybe I'll get to working on the fic I promised [livejournal.com profile] paperbkryter for her birthday last year. *g* And the one I need to write for [livejournal.com profile] dameange. I know, you all thought I had forgotten. Me muses, they ran away. I swear, they're bad, bad little muses.
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( Apr. 30th, 2003 02:53 pm)
I'm almost done! I just have to write the conclusion for my Dahmer paper, then the notes and bibliography, and I'm done. Yay! I sort of like the paper, although I would have liked it better had I been able to get hold of Lionel Dahmer's book. Or the book by Anne Schwartz about Dahmer. But no, getting hold of those wasn't possible. *sigh* Stupid book stores.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2003 09:24 am)
Bad night. Bad morning. Just overall bad. Bad, bad, bad.

I'm headachey. Combination of stress, need of caffeine, and allergies. Allergies brought on by having an extra, very salivatory dog in the house.


Class last night. I now know with certainty that any medical field will never, ever be an option for me.

We watched an autopsy video. Blunt force head trauma that put him in the hospital, pnumonia killed him. It was very, very nasty. Very nasty. The sounds were sometimes worse than what was being seen.


American Idol or Attack of the Schmaltzy Power Ballads )

Smallville )
Okay, going into lockdown mode for the next week. I have a paper due next Wednesday that's a biggie, and I'm only partially there on research. Plus I have some other writing that I desperately need to do. So what it comes down to is this...

LiveJournal entries will be limited to a Smallville related one on Wednesday (tomorrow and next Wed.) American Idol entries on Wednesday and Thursday (this week and next week), and a fic entry next Thursday or Friday. Some comments will be made in other journals, but I may or may not be able to do extensive commenting. Replying to comments will be limited.


Okay, so I'm also going to need an X-Men beta or two (or three, or four, or ten). Volunteer now! *g* I command thee!


Oh, and fun event of last night (which has me mightily drained today)...someone decided it would be great fun to drop off a dog in our apartment complex. We have lots of greenery. We have pets. (I have a dog myself.) They chose logically. But of course they dropped of a young but full-grown female dog (idiots who can't take the time to fix a dog, grrr). She's smaller than Chester (he weighs 35 pounds, she's about 20), and has floppy fur like a Sheep Dog, but it's dark gray, with a white soul patch and white on her chest. She's an absolute sweetie.

Oh yeah, can you tell I rescued her? I'm not keeping her; a coworker at the hair salon rescues animals and can most likely find her a home. So she leaves me tomorrow. But this morning she got to play with Chester, and it was so damn cute. He loves to play, but he seldom gets the chance to play with other dogs. So they ran and tumbled and growled and romped for 30 minutes straight at high speed. He would go for her neck, so she figured out to go for his paws (he hates to have his paws touched). He would then proceed to yank his paws away, thereby falling over. She would jump on his head then. It was all great fun to watch.

After I finally seperated them, Chester was so exhausted that he had to lay down to drink water. *g* This from a Border Collie mix that has been known to jump straight up onto the kitchen table.
Well, it's about time I start actually *reading* my email. And answering, and all that jazz. I've got a lot to do. Answer LiveJournal comments that have been backing up. Switch a LiveJournal icon.

ARgh! I'm feeling so lazy. Last night expended all my energy. (And no, not in that fun way. In a different fun way.)

We did the crime scene processing. Hella fun folks. Hella fun. I warned everyone in the class ahead of time that I would mostly likely turn into a bossy bitch, and yep, I did. Well, a grinning bossy bitch. I was too excited.

So the scene is a jogger was jogging through a remote area and saw what appeared to be the body of a woman at the edge of the woods. The jogger called 911 then left (how responsible of the jogger, grrr). There had been a recent disappearance of a woman and her newborn baby boy, so there might be a connection to that case.

We show up on the scene, there's a woman just inside the edge of the woods. I went in first to take her pulse, see if she was alive or dead. I am very proud to say that I was very careful about where I stepped, as I didn't want to obliterate any evidence, like footprints or tire tracks. (Unfortunately I was the only one in the class that was careful, but hey, the teacher didn't count off any for not being careful.)

We then secured the scene and surveyed the area so as to determine where all of the evidence was. Of course during the survey we found the baby. Only a foot away from the mother. Dippy me missed it. So we did a quick check of the baby's vitals, and yeah, dead. So...we started processing the scene.

It started out with them bagging some evidence before placing a marker of where it had been. That quickly got corrected. So then we speeded things up by me going ahead and marking evidence before they would collect it and do the measuring. At one point one of the collectors started threatening my life because I was tagging a lot of stuff they felt was unimportant. Hee. Hey, the broken glass *could* have been something. And there was lumber on top of one body, so we need to bag the lumber tags that were nearby. They give us an idea of where the lumber came from.

All in all it was fun. There were people collecting, people photographing, sketching, note taking, measuring...there were people doing everything. It was so frickin fun!

Okay, so enough stalling. Time to answer email. *cracks knuckles*
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( Jan. 24th, 2003 04:16 pm)
I don't know what it is, but for some reason, I'm feeling odd today. It's a weird feeling. Slightly grumpy, mildly paranoid, a bit sleepy, a tad restless. Very hungry and minutely nauseated. Completely unsettled.

I hate this. It's weird and spooky. I know it's partly due to my PMS (as evidenced by the fact that I could also eat a massive steak right now, or buffalo wings, or maybe more pizza, despite the fact that I had pizza last Saturday, Sunday and yesterday), but this weirdness is just...weird. Not right.

I was supposed to go to Bible study tonight, but right now I just don't feel like dealing with people. But I also don't like the thought of going home to an evening of nothing on TV and nothing to do. Yeah, I have a Gilmore Girls to watch, but that will take up all of 44 minutes of my time.

Argh. So I guess I'll go to Bible study, if for nothing less than to find out Michael's take on Travis' "incident" in Germany. Plus there'll be healthy veggies. To counteract the insane amounts of unhealthy food I'll be eating on Sunday. (Go Bucs!)

So I final story for the day, just to get [livejournal.com profile] sullivanlane all worried in preparation for DilloCon.

I don't know about other states, but in the fabulous state of North Carolina, your 4th grade year is spent studying the state. We had to do that dreaded scrapbook. 15 pounds of misery. Copied reports, clippings, artwork, just a mess of not fun. A year was spent putting together something that would never be used again.

Side note: my mother actually kept the darn thing and made me take it recently. It's currently weighting down the back end of my car to keep me from sliding all over the place on icey roads. 4th grade torture *does* have it's uses.

There were regions of the state that were studied: the Coast, the Mountains and the Piedmont. Great thing about NC is that we have it all. Bad thing is that means more to write about.

There was one advantage though for those of us who went to my school. Out of all of the schools in the county, we were the lucky few who actually got to visit each of those regions on a trip. For the Piedmont, we went to a gold mine (only a day trip) and I think at some point we went to Raleigh (for the government portion). There was a beach trip that was most likely grand, but thanks to my mom was spent lying in a hotel room, getting sick at intervals because of not-so-brilliant ideas about Hardee's hamburgers. (Food poisoning is a bitch, ya'll.)

But the mountains trip was the best of all. There was the cabin built on the side of a hill where the water ran uphill (I kid you not - very cool) and where even though the floor was level, you had to lean at a 45 degree angle just to keep from falling over.

There was the Biltmore House, which is an awesome sight. Largest private home in America. Truly amazing. And very beautiful.

But the best part of all was the hotel rooms. I was put in a room with my best friend, her mom, Beth and Tina. Two double beds and five people. The math sucks on that one. What happened was that Shelly and her mom got one bed, Beth and I got the other, and Tina got the floor. Poor Tina. The hard, hard floor. Between the beds.

Due to her misfortune, Beth and I were forced to give up a pillow so that Tina would have at least a modicum of comfort. No problem. Beth and I put the pillow in the middle of the bed and each took an end. We had spent the night at each other's houses plenty of times, we were fourth graders. We were completely at ease.

Here comes the problem. I happen to be a very sound sleeper. But a very...active one as well. Seems that in the middle of the night, Beth managed to get hold of the entire pillow. This apparently made me unhappy. At which point I allegedly (because I've yet to see definitive proof) kicked Beth, sending her flying off of the bed and landing on top of Tina. There was much screaming, but I slept through it all.

I was informed of the incident the next morning, upon waking. To this day I remember nothing of the incident. But it was held up as the standard of how I slept by all of my friends I stayed overnight with. Apparently my nighttime...activity had been going on for years, and did go on for several more. (Although, in my defense, I was most likely defending myself in each of those instances, because I do remember that Shelly was a bed-hog as a child - knees in the back and all. I just manage to sleep more soundly than most.)

So there is my story. *g*
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( Jan. 15th, 2003 08:42 am)
So, Visage thoughts from last night...

Why I believe Tom Welling was born to play an obsessive teenage girl. )

Got to class early last night and ended up talking to two other guys who were there. Our books are *still* not in (although mine arrived from Barnes & Noble yesterday, but we're talking about the bookstore), so we were chatting about what our chances were that we'd get out of class early. And one guy says, "well, I really hope we do, because Smallville is new tonight."

My eyebrows went up, and before I could say anything, the other guys jumps in with, "Yeah! Man, Whitney's supposed to be back tonight. It looks interesting."

Folks, two Smallville geeks in my class. One of them even regularly checks out GothamClockTower and Kryptonsite. Hee. I have somebody to discuss with!
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( Jan. 8th, 2003 03:32 pm)
...wanna play.

I'm bored. I have things I could be working on (boring things), but why do that when I can play in a very bored manner online?

Let's see, I could try to figure out why the hell I have 2 dependents claimed on my W-4 form (and let me tell you, I am almost too scared to change it, because I don't want to get audited).

Or I could be updating our list of Legislators for the state of NC, since they've all been sworn in and are working now.

Or I could clean my desk.

Or take that damn arrangement of flowers and chuck them out the window. Gah. Fresh flowers are nice, but there are some damn strong lilies in there, and since my allergies have passed, and I now have the ability to breathe through both nostrils, I would prefer not to be breathing in pollen or any of it's related smells or whatnot.

See? The stuff even has me rambling incoherently.

On the fun side, I actually volunteered to be in charge of the guest list for my sister's wedding. I know, more than likely I have "over-confident moron" stamped on my forehead. But I do databases and contact lists a lot, so maybe I can bully a few in-laws into handing over names and addresses.


Yeah right. Who am I kidding? I'll just sic my sister on them. *g* That should instill the fear of God.

Okay, bored again. I think the boredom is contagious.

So, class tonight. Yay. Criminology. See? Still bored.

Criminalistics did reveal last night that by the end of the semester I will be able to do casting of footprints, lift fingerprints, process a crime scene, fill out governmental paperwork, even examine tool markings. That actually had me about to jump out of my seat with excitement. Definite cool stuff. I'm telling you, definite cool stuff.

Did read a book a week or so ago that was interesting. The Boy Next Door by Meggin Cabot. Newsweek recommended it, so I thought, why not?

Very different read. It's all emails, so while it is sort of the standard romance, there's the disconnect of reading it from the perspective of all emails. I will have to admit though that by the end, I was laughing hysterically because of one character. The dimwitted supermodel was just way too funny. So if you want light and funny, go for this one.

And again bored. *sigh* Okay, I'll end this entry and spare everyone the horror of rambling on.
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( Dec. 16th, 2002 04:31 pm)
Ack! I feel like a combination of Bill the Cat and Cathy (think comic strips on these folks). Completely frazzled and libel to start spitting any moment. See? I even allowed myself to use "libel" in a sentence for general consumption. (It's southern folks, and yes, we do use it regularly.)

After the joy of going home sick at noon on Friday (try being parked illegaly, partially blocking a parking deck entrance, all so you can be sick in the only available bushes for miles), I had to endure work on Saturday, 3 hours of Christmas shopping on Saturday night, church and Christmas programs on Sunday (which were decidedly funny) and today has been....just crazy.

And then we were wrapping gifts at work today for clients. Ack!

And I still have one exam to finish up by 6:00 tonight (lazy me), I have to sell back books tonight (hope they give me money!), tomorrow after work I'm getting my hair cut (yay!), I still have two gifts to buy, most of the gifts to wrap, lemon bread to make for the office party, and...Ack!

Ack! I tell you!

But so I can be one of the first to say it...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SULLY! (aka, [livejournal.com profile] sullivanlane

Your birthday present got sent out today instead of on Friday (fault of the sickness), so it should arrive later this week. Just think of it as spreading out the birthday fun. *g*


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