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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:21 pm)
NASCAR Roast of Jimmie Johnson

I'm putting these here so I don't forget them EVER. That and they make plot bunnies go wild.

From Jeff Gluck's Twitter

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie: "I know I've been pissing all you off the last four years, but I've never really been good at anything before."

The host just walked in and gave Jimmie a book: " #NASCAR for Dummies."

Jeff Gordon

Gordon, who has been target of gay jokes, tells Carl that getting married and having a kid is "a great cover." Pretty hilarious!

Jeff Gordon says he has a lot of JJ stories he can't tell b/c he's in a lot of them himself. JJ says, "These were all pre-marriage!"

Mark Martin

Mark Martin says he heard JJ was so ugly as a kid, he had to trick-or-treat by telephone.

Mark Martin gets to microphone and fan yells "Stand up!" Martin says, "I AM standing up."

Host says to Mark Martin, "I don't want to say you're too old to drive, but the pole-sitter of your first race was Ben Hur."

Greg Biffle

Biffle: "I'm not going to say a f@+#** thing about Jimmie because I'm sick and tired of hearing his name."

Host says Greg Biffle is "Al Gore minus the charisma." (Side note: Maveness will kick the butt of anyone who thinks Greg is without personality. He's dry! Dry I tell you! And he is LOVE.)

Denny Hamlin

Denny on JJ: "It's really hard to win the championship w/ the best team, the best crew chief and no mech. failures in 4 f@+#* years"

Denny on JJ: "The only thing faster than him is his receding hairline."

Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch says to Jimmie, "I go to Baskin Robbins and I look at vanilla and it says 'Jimmie Johnson' on it."

Carl Edwards

Carl says he's been out w/JJ a lot and knows he's not gay, "because he's only hit on me twice." Laughter erupts.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Host calls Dale Jr "the Paris Hilton of #NASCAR." Crowd hisses. And says Carl is the love child of Gov. Arnold and John Elway.

Brian Vickers

Vickers tells EVERYONE about Jimmie using Propecia and says he'd be bald otherwise! JJ is embarrassed.

Host to Vickers: "Red Bull gives you wings. It'd be nice if they gave you an engine too, huh?"

Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya to JJ: "I'm f*#@+@ tired of hearing 'Jimmie...Jimmie...Jimmie.' Give us a f+@#* break."

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman to Jimmie: "Four in a row. Bet you wish you could do that with your wife, huh?"

Kasey Kahne

Host asks where Kasey Kahne is and says, "I didn't see you behind the grown-ups."
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 06:13 pm)

Holy freaking hell, Jamie McMurray!!!!!


Also, Chad must have paid that medicine man something to slip in a "ensure Jimmie does well" bit o' mojo.

Honestly, I was happy with the race in terms of who all was running well. And for the first portion of the race I was loving the racing. It's important to note that four guys were not going to win the race, no matter what: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch. Why? Because they're great at plate tracks. And after the last plate race Jamie won, no one will work with those guys near the end. (Which begs the question - why don't the four of them make a pact and say screw everyone else? Everyone loves being pushed by them or following them to the front, but no one wants to be near them at the end because they know they can be beaten by those guys.) The only reason I didn't put Michael Waltrip on that list is because I think folks had written him off enough that they'd underestimate him and let him near the front. For evidence, see Jimmie Johnson wanting to work with Michael. Granted, I also think Jimmie wasn't too worried because Michael isn't Mark or Jeff, so not challenging him for the title.

Also, I'm dubbing that rule by NASCAR about seeing sunshine in the corners between the cars the "NASCAR PDA rule". It's very reminiscent of what our principal did in high school - yelling "I must see six inches!" at kids who were making out.

The big thing - Ryan Newman's wreck scared the ever loving crap out of me. Partially because his car kept hitting on the roof, partially because he's just so big and big guys cannot get out of cars well in that condition. Poor Krissie! Now, NASCAR, please to be explaining who these cars are suddenly getting airborne. This was not supposed to be the case.
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( Oct. 29th, 2009 08:14 pm)

1. Brian Vickers: Don't know who all watched the pre-race retrospective last Sunday at Martinsville (you know, the "it's been five years since The Crash" spiel). I was only paying attention to it halfway, because it's always the same things and it was sad, but they didn't mention the five year anniversary of Junior going to Daytona, so chill already, you know? And then, when I realized that Brian was on my screen...he doesn't talk about it. He'll talk about the happy times with Ricky, but he doesn't talk about it. And that little clip, with the LOOK that he gave. I nearly bawled for the boy.

2. AJ Allmendinger: *sigh* Imma kick his ass. Who wants to go with? (DWI, for those who haven't heard.)

3. David Ragan, Michael Waltrip, Kurt Busch, Denny Hamlin: OMG, while I'm not shocked that Denny is the dumbest of the bunch so far on Smarter Than A 5th Grader (he's barely smarter than a first grader), dudes. DUDES. We finally get a measurable sense of a Busch's brains, and he's dumber than Michael Waltrip? (Okay, for the record, Mikey is wicked smart and just hides it well as part of a schtick. But still. This is book learning we're talking about. This is supposed to be Kurt's area.) Tomorrow night is Carl. I have to admit, I'm not thrilled that we've got a whole week of guys and we didn't get Ryan Newman or Brian Vickers. Those two are supposedly the smartest in the garage. I've been dying to see how they stack up against Mikey. Couldn't we have done without Denny?
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( Sep. 17th, 2009 10:42 pm)
Funniest thing to come out of Speed Weeks in New York:

Shock Absorbers

Newman, Edwards and Kahne getting the crap shocked out of them. Newman's reaction is the best. He tried to man up. I may have watched this a few ten times, with lots of pausing and rampant guffawing.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 10:11 am)
So, an update on where things are with me, as it's been almost a week since I last updated.

Temp Working

It's a very good job, in that I have tons to do all day. Also, no answering phones! I get to listen to my iRiver if I want to. Vincent is pleased to have been brought out of the closet. Plus, I'm working in the same room as [ profile] eliz, and this place has a cafeteria (where I ate healthy all week).

The downside is that it's an hour from where I'm living. I'm up at six, leaving by seven. I don't get home until after six in the evening. Then there's dinner with Gran, so I'm not downstairs until 7, at which time I dive in and job hunt. At 7:30 I take a break to take a shower, then back to job hunting and watching TV at the same time. It's not a very relaxing routine.

Job Hunting

I haven't heard back from anybody that I've sent applications to. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, because I'm applying for jobs where budget is key. So I should give it until July 15 before I really worry. Plus there's the fact that, when I get called for one job, I tend to get several calls from several people about several jobs in the same period of time. So when one hits, several will hit. I'm sure of it.

Rehab Stuff

We moved the turkey vulture outside last weekend. Cranky butt is doing great. And I got to watch surgery on a timber rattlesnake. That was pretty awesome. (They were inserting a transponder so they could track it when it was released.)

Also, a turtle I rescued amazingly lived. It had been hit by a car and was bleeding profusely. [ profile] bubblesbrnaid saw it. You would have sworn the thing was going to die. But it lived, so I get to release it today.


I love the double file restart. Sonoma was freaking awesome. (Okay, with the little sidebar of "why, when Junior's finally getting a top ten at this track, does someone take him out". LOL His luck sucks this year. As well as his ability to find his pit box.)

I hope the weather is beautiful today, so the race goes off without a hitch and [ profile] queenofalostart has a blast.

So, the totally cracktastic story that the supposed front runner to get Danica Patrick is Hendrick? And that the person getting the boot (so to speak) is Junior? I laughed so hard. Okay, so it's not exactly just that. It's that JR Motorsports would be in Cup as a satellite Hendrick team as Junior and Keselowski and Danica would be the fourth Hendrick driver. Still. I don't care what the news says. That's almost laughable in its absurdity. At this point they're just now figuring out that Junior's set ups suck because the info being used from Jeff, Jimmie and Mark doesn't work for him. And that Tony and Ryan's setups may be better. But that's still something that is being explored. So you take the most popular driver in the sport who isn't running well and stick him on his own team? Wasn't this the reason he *left* DEI? Because his cars started sucking and weren't competitive and there wasn't much being done to stay competitive?

Also, dudes, Junior all chunky with the beard is totally Grissom. CSI: NASCAR for the win! They investigate exploding tires and crap like that. I'm actually starting to find him attractive. Yes, I'm strange like that, that a vague resemblance to Grissom makes him hot.

And of the random

Weird and creepy guy at rehab asked me out. I saw it coming. He's weird and creepy and I'm not the only one that thinks so, but I was the one who trained him and I feel bad that I find him weird and creepy. So I overcompensate by making sure he gets to do things and doesn't miss out just because he's quieter. Which results in him being overly weird and creepy with me because I pay him attention.

There were histrionics last night when I killed a spider. I was very calm about the matter until I didn't kill it completely on the first blow and it jumped at me. Then there may have been screaming.
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( Jan. 21st, 2009 04:17 pm)
60 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR

Number 22: Nicole Biffle

Nicole Biffle )

Number 21: Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman )
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 02:34 pm)
Rocket man is scaring me with this picture.

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( Feb. 26th, 2008 10:26 am)
*raises eyebrow*

I'm listening to Ryan Newman thank me for watching the Daytona 500. On my phone. At work. The work phone (not my cell phone).


I think it's a subtle pitch to buy tickets for next year's Daytona 500. (Mainly because they never said "Hey, buy tickets for next year's Daytona 500.")
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 09:19 am)
Things that are awesome about NASCAR and the Daytona 500

1. When guys who've never won the 500 win. Which, I think, of the top 10...was about nine of them. LOL So I would have been happy if any of the top 10 had won. (Well, since Junior was the one who'd won previously...)

2. Newman's wife with the crying. (Plus the fact that she wasn't "camera ready" like all other NASCAR wives tend to be.)

3. Newman's dad and the tackling.

4. The fact that Jeff Gordon is now from North Carolina.

5. The Toyota commercial. Tony is so cutely protective of Zippy. And Shrub screams well.

6. Guys with deep voices. Dave Blaney, Martin Truex Jr., Casey Mears...the fourth guy that I can't remember at the moment. There were four really, really deep voices in that startling lineup that FOX did and boy, did I blink when they talked. (You never quite realize how deep their voices are until they're up against one another. Plus I realized that my hearing really sucks and deep voices I can hear better.)

7. Junior with the funny perspective. Talking about how those Penske guys worked together to get that win and everyone else was in it for themselves, himself included. (Of course, he's allowed to be funny about those things. He has a 500 win. And his season is already better than last year.)

8. DW tearing up at the beginning. One reason I like the FOX crew better - the ones who weren't aiming to be announcers from the time they were five don't pretend they weren't in the sport before they were announcers. Yeah, Hammond gets on my nerves sometimes, but there's a balance between them all and they know they're connected to the sport in a way that's different from other announcers who just announce.

9. National anthems that are in tune and sung well.

10. Nothing is better than the roar of those engines firing up.

11. Explaining to a coworker that the great thing about my sport is that I root for more than one guy, and a good day doesn't necessarily equal a win. So it's hard to have a bad race. (Unless I'm there in person and yet again someone I don't root for wins. For some reason it's different in person. You feel like if you paid the money, you should get to see one of your favorites win. Believe me - I've seen the following win in person: Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart - and you want the guy you're rabid about right at that moment to win.)
Random Entertainment Stuffs

Star Trek trailer - totally made of WIN

Flight of the Hamsters

Now on to NASCAR.

Newman Brings the LULZ

By actual count as of midday Tuesday, the word "excited" in some form had been used nearly 100 times from a podium in the first 24 hours of the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Lowe's Motor Speedway. During Tuesday afternoon's session with Dodge drivers, Ryan Newman said the word "pessimism" might have a rightful place in preseason discussions by a race team. "I was listening to all the people talking about optimism on the stage," Newman said. "The opposite of that is pessimism, and my theory is you have to have a little bit of both, and you have to have the right rationale for each to be honest and fair to yourself. "If you're optimistic, you might create goals that you may not achieve, but if you're pessimistic you'll obviously never get there. The bottom line is you have to do what you have to do to get the job done." -- Charlotte Observer

Rusty's Finally Paying Attention

Wallace was not satisfied with his performance behind the microphone in '07, either. He said he has heard from fans and viewers and is listening to criticism and suggestions. -- KC Star

ESPN/ABC Culls The Ranks, Bestwick Back In Booth

Allen Bestwick, a NASCAR TV veteran who was an ABC/ESPN pit reporter last year, becomes studio show host, replacing Brent Musburger and Suzy Kolber, who were largely new to NASCAR. ESPN reporter Shannon Spake replaces Bestwick in the pits. -- USA Today

Races Will Probably Start Earlier

Earlier Start Time for Races This Year? [Humpy] Wheeler [president of Lowe's Motor Speedway] said the start times for many Sprint Cup races this coming season will be earlier, a departure from the mid-afternoon green flags used to try and entice West Coast viewers. "I think we all yielded to pressure from the networks a little more than we should have," Wheeler said. "We paid the price for it, and we're getting back to sanity again." AND: Wheeler says, "It's not a fancy sport. It's guys with big hands and getting sweaty and getting out there and banging on each other and knocking each other around and all-American fans sitting there having a good time." Earlier and more consistent starting times is the first move to correct that. When NASCAR announces starting times on Tuesday, races beginning at 2 p.m. or earlier will go from 15 to 18 on the 36-race schedule.

Pardon my choking on my drink, but that line was dang porny. Damn, Humpy!

Qualifying Gets a Tiny Bit More Equal

Go or Go Home Drivers to Qualify Together; NASCAR to Provide Tires for Tests: Michael Waltrip suggested last season that drivers outside the top 35 in owners' points should be allowed to qualify together so nobody would have an advantage in track conditions. NASCAR officials must have listened. The governing body kicked off its annual media tour by announcing that those outside the top 35 in all three series -- Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and Craftsman Truck Series -- will qualify at the end of their respective session. It also was announced that teams will be provided tires for testing at non-sanctioned NASCAR tests. Sprint Cup teams will be given 200 tires, Nationwide teams 160 and Craftsman Truck Series teams 120.

Red Bull Paint Scheme

Lastly, the new Red Bull paint scheme is way awesome.
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( Aug. 9th, 2007 02:39 pm)
Breaking News

I'm officially a Ryan Newman fan.

As a Ryan Newman fan I will:

1. Gladly forgive all on-track incidents that are stupid.
2. Overlook his penchant for racing too hard too early in a race.
3. Ignore when he's a lap car and racing a lead lap car like it's for position.
4. Let him wreck at least one of my other guys once this year without cussing at him.


Cause while Biffle went all logical and pissed over the Michael Vick dog fighting case, Newman just went apeshit.

Best part?

They'll (Newman and his wife, Krissie) call some attention to it (the case) themselves by sporting the t-shirts they had made last week that say: "7 to life" on the front and "Neuter Vick" on the back, which Krissie says Ryan will wear through the end of the season.

*falls over and falls in love*
This is a catch-all post. Things are shorter than I want, but I'll never post otherwise, so...

My Sister's Boobs

She made me poke them. Luckily she did not flash me. But I poked the top edge of her fake boobs. She lied when she said she didn't go too big. They're a small C. Her skin is way too stretched and they're very stiff. And she had them covered. All this I could tell with them covered.


Yay for Mears! Yay for Truex! I like when guys win who haven't won before. Tis awesome.

I especially love when guys win in their sophomore season or later. For some reason, when rookies win I feel like they don't have as fine of an appreciation for it as the other guys do. Granted, if they don't win their rookie season they tend to end up as one of those drivers with a solid career, but not a superstar, so...

And randomly, dear Tony Stewart, please stop talking about your relationship with Zippy and saying "It's like we're married." Because seriously, I'll take you two to Canada if you want. Just to see who'd get to be the husband. (Something Tony said on Trackside for some reason makes me think that Zippy gets to be the husband.) We'll ignore the part where Zip is already married.

NEXTEL Pit Crew Challenge

Most importantly: the pit crews are ten million kinds of awesome and TV fails to capture their awesomeness. Those men bust their asses getting up and down that arena for the competition. They do things they don't normally do (run 40 yards, push a car - well, they don't do that if they're not Newman's crew). They for once get spotlighted for the training they go through. In a word, they RULE.

Many apologies to the amazing eyesight of [ profile] bubblesbrnaid for doubting that it was in fact Matt Borland sitting a couple rows back and half a row down. *headdesk* You'd think after spotting his shining silver hair from a distance at Penske that I could spot him in profile much closer. Turns out...I can't.

Newman's crew won. They were good. Timewise, there was only one other team close, and that was the 83 team. Sadly, Newman's crew called out the Red Bull team (full time pit crew guys who do it 7 days a week) in the third round and beat them there. Third best team all night long was the 43 crew, though, so much love to Bobby's team for giving it all they had.

Bobby Labonte waved at me. *g* That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Hey, I yelled REALLY LOUDLY when everyone else was quiet and he turned and waved in our direction. So you know, that was for me.)

Jeff Gordon is seriously short, but he looks oddly good with scruff.

Doug Richert is love. So is Vickers.

I will always root for a team if their driver shows up to support them. Especially if the driver gets in the car and steers. (Hence the fact that I was rooting for Kyle Busch at one point.)

Bobby Labonte has a whole lotta stuff in his pockets. Seriously. Every pants pocket was filled with stuff.
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( Jun. 1st, 2007 08:55 am)
The following is for everyone (because everyone should watch, cause I say so), but especially [ profile] mrbig1316 (cause John Cena) and [ profile] fox1013 (cause reality TV with Shatner and fast cars that he'll have trouble getting into and Ryan Newman being his especially no-necked evil self means GOLD).

Fast Cars and Superstars

June 7 - 8 pm

5 Reasons To Watch

1. Jewel (folk singer) to John Cena (wrestler): "How does it feel to get your butt kicked by a folk singer?"

2. Jamie McMurray (NASCAR driver and the ditziest of the drivers) is a huge fan of William Shatner.

3. It has only 6 or 7 episodes, so you're not tied down for weeks on end.

4. Half the contestants scream like little children. (You know the sound - the high pitched squeal that only the very young can achieve at a volume that pretty much ruptures ear drums.) And when I say half, it's evenly split along gender lines. John Salley is just as freaked out as Serena Williams.

5. Carl Edwards might go shirtless again. )

Participants - The Celebrities:

Krista Allen
Tony Hawk
John Cena
Serena Williams
Ty Murray
Bill Cowher
John Elway
Laird Hamilton
Gabrielle Reece
John Salley
William Shatner

Participants - The Drivers:

Jamie McMurray
Carl Edwards
Kurt Busch
Jimmie Johnson
Ryan Newman
Kasey Kahne

The Hosts:

Kenny Mayne
Brad Daugherty

The Official Site


Of Dresses I Want

And randomly...

I adore this dress. Like, want to own it or have one made for me or something because OMG YES. )
This post is all NASCAR, brought to you by Bojangles'.

NASCAR Neurosis

This moment is dedicated to [ profile] celli and [ profile] tenel, who will undoubtedly laugh their asses off.

This morning, while getting dressed, I had a moment of horror. I had my hose on and made the move to put on my bra. So, essentially, I'm standing in my bedroom half naked (not nekkid, as nothing untoward was going on). The TV is on to the morning news. Just as I'm going to put on the bra I look up to see Jeff Gordon on my TV screen, grinning and giving me the thumbs up. My first reaction? To shriek and cover my boobs.

So lesson learned - I don't want Gordon seeing me naked. It's skeevy.

The commercial in question is part of this campaign.

The Vickers Complex

Vickers video that makes me giggle like whoa. Also known as, riding a half-pipe in a rolling desk chair. WITH helmet.

Yeah, I may have watched that five times already.

Also, something tells me some of the quotes from the Hendrick camp in here were from Jimmie and Jeffy, not from Kyle.

"Vickers' former teammates quietly suggest he hadn't appeared to change much since joining the team at the behest of team-owner Rick Hendrick's late son, Ricky, in 2003 and that he was content being a kid."

Because a couple of 30-somethings have SO much in common with a 23-year-old. And are at the same point in their lives. Methinks asking Kyle would have been a better option.

Stealing Harvick

From Jayski:

Don't have a ton of details on this, but heard from sources at the track that someone broke into the #29 RCR garage this morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway, taking Kevin Harvick's helmet and was supposedly caught climbing a fence with the helmet on, no word on any other items taken or any damage by the person.

UPDATE: Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick's helmet was stolen from the #29 hauler in the Nextel Cup garage Sunday morning. But the caper was quickly foiled by speedway security. "[NASCAR] was notified early this morning that track security had come across and apprehended two individuals in the garage who were in the possession of Kevin Harvick's racing helmet," NASCAR spokesperson Kerry Tharp said. "The police were notified, the individuals were arrested and the helmet was returned safe and sound."


Kyle Busch and Casey Mears are testing COTs at Caraway Speedway tomorrow. The squeal you heard from me is over 1) drivers that close to where I live (Caraway is just outside Asheboro), 2) COT that close to me (I wanna see one) and 3) the idea of those two in an isolated place, because Casey could hurt Kyle and no one would be the wiser. What? I'm sadistic.

Unfortunate Wording Leads To Slash

Team Red Bull is notorious for the parties it throws in Formula One, and Vegas gave the team a proper venue for its first NASCAR celebration. The first-year NASCAR team rented out the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino, then put together an exclusive guest list for the seven-hour bash. The doors opened at 9 p.m., and NASCAR president Mike Helton made his brief appearance shortly thereafter. Drivers Greg Biffle and David Gilliland were also among the first on the scene - as well as the last to leave. Johnson and wife, Chandra, arrived with driver Casey Mears, while Kasey Kahne showed up with Elliott Sadler.

So Jimmie and Chandra have a threesome going with Mears and Sadler is Kahne's bitch? The HELL?

Simon Cowell Gets Judged - By Michael Waltrip and Kurt Busch

Oh, and Mario Andretti. But he doesn't count as I'm female, therefore I don't exist.

Simon Cowell Gets Judged video.

The judging starts about 2:41. Mikey goes all out at being extra snarky.

ETA: Newman Surprise

Shocking Newman Video!!!!

He has a neck! Oh, and he surprises a fan at an Alltel store. The fan, being of the NASCAR redneck variety, is awesome and reacts like he's supposed to, with yelling, declarations of "I'm shaking like a leaf", and bowing.

Yeah, I said bowing.
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( Feb. 14th, 2005 10:29 am)
1. Say NO to VD!

2. Life is good. I have Thin Mints. Bless you Girl Scouts.

3. Thin Mints, however, do not go well with Coca-Cola.

4. NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! For I am 12. I missed you so, NASCAR. I didn't even care (much) that Junior was sucking horrible ass.

5. DW is apparently in my head, but in a bad way, because he talked about marriage between Ryan Newman and Jimmie Johnson. No! Bad images! Damn you DW, it's Jimmie and HARVICK!!!! They are so mnt 2 b. See? Next day with qualifying...Jimmie on the outside of row 1, Harvick on the outside of row 2.

6. The Grammys were entertaining...not. Yawn. I will say that I enjoyed the Kanye West/John Legend/Blind Boys of Alabama song. Besides the fact that I love the Blind Boys (they seriously kick booty), the staging of that production rocked. I actually found myself more mesmerized by the church goers and their choreographed "theatrics" than Kanye at one point.

7. I'm in shock. Kyle Petty qualified 12th for the qualifying races...the top Dodge Charger. WTF? Kerry Earnhardt qualified ahead of Junior. Heck, almost *everyone* qualified ahead of Junior, except Jeff Green, Matt Kenseth (which was really a shock), Kenny Wallace, and every field filler in existence.

8. After comments made by DW, I kind of feel bad and want to sponsor Kirk Shelmerdine myself.
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( Aug. 18th, 2003 11:09 am)
I have tons of comments to answer from over the last couple of weeks. I've been lazy, and today it has caught up to me. Ack!


Bummed that I missed NASCAR yesterday. Stupid NBC asshats. They keep putting the races on cable. And what happens yesterday? The Second Biggest Asshat (Ryan Newman) wins the race, there's a bloody awful wreck with fire and hood riding, and after the race Mongo punches Kurt Busch.

Why is this not on network TV?!?!?!?!?!


School is a bitch right now, but it does solve my TV watching delimma for the semester. Two of my classes (I was only signed up for 3) were cancelled. Apparently I was the only person who registered for one, and the other, I was one of two people taking it.


So now I have two online classes for the semester. Everything's getting crazy with the schedule, and under no circumstances is anyone allowed to cancel classes in the fall of 2004, because those will be my last two classes.


My allergies are a bitch. My eyes? On fire. Argh!


Saw Bringing Down The House on Friday night. It was...okay. We had Sir Pizza for dinner, so that made everything fabulous (watched the movie with my sister - the brother-in-law was at the beach).


For anyone watching Big Brother 4, let me tell you, I couldn't be happier after Saturday's episode. I not so secretly lust after Jack. Mmmmm. Hunky former FBI agent. What's not to love? But I also lust quite openly for Jee. Mmmmm. Slightly dorky, naive and nice Asian guy. Really, what's not to love? I have much lust for the two of them. If I were in that house? It would be hell. Because both are taken. But man, so much of the pretty and the intelligent.


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