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( Dec. 18th, 2009 06:49 pm)
Jeez Louise.

Not only do I have to finish Yuletide in the next three days (and kind of START Yuletide in the next three days), but by next Wed. at the latest I need to have prepared a writing sample and an Excel sample.

On the plus side, my positive interview from Monday turned into an in person second interview for the week after Christmas.

Now to crawl into bed since the lovely snow outside (that I can't see from my hidey hole in the basement) is causing my back to be a mass of hives.

(Also, my grandmother yelled at me. So I can't go to the wildlife center tomorrow. *snicker* Actually, I had just come to the same conclusion as her, that the weather was going worse than anticipated. And curvy mountain roads do not make for great driving. She just didn't let me say that before yelling.)
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 02:44 pm)
What's Going On

So, a rundown of things that are up with me.

1. I'm working on my 2010 New Year's Resolutions. It's not a once a month thing, it's things I have to do all year long (but some can start at various points in the year, to disperse cost or because trying to start 12 things at once is just hard).

2. I'm going to work on being more fannish with this journal. If nothing else in my life makes me happy, TV will, dang it!

3. Got turned down for two jobs. Got called this morning about another. There's another long-term temp job that may be calling me as well. And the Big Job that I'm still in the process for has finished the background check, and due to certain indications, I think I'm on to the next stage there. So while I'm not hopeful on much of anything at the moment, I'm going to seize a few things and go with the flow. I actually intend on writing out my answers to the most common questions asked in interviews, just so I can not sabotage myself on those fronts.

4. I am now training a Great Horned Owl named Merlin at the rehab center.
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( Nov. 28th, 2009 08:07 pm)
I have a new computer and her name is Number Six. For she is a shiny new toaster compared to my old toaster. (RIP, Bobby)

My computer was dying last week. A slow, lingering, sputtering kind of death. Think Pee Wee Herman in Buffy The Vampire Slayer the movie. It was a rebuilt laptop my parents gave me for my 30th. This new computer is brand new, has way more memory, was originally $600 (I got it for $300) and came with a free printer.

Yes, I braved the Black Friday crowds for this. Twas worth it. Number Six is very shiny and pretty.


I spent the afternoon in the back of Lowe's Home Improvement trying to find an errant Cooper's Hawk.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 10:11 am)
So, an update on where things are with me, as it's been almost a week since I last updated.

Temp Working

It's a very good job, in that I have tons to do all day. Also, no answering phones! I get to listen to my iRiver if I want to. Vincent is pleased to have been brought out of the closet. Plus, I'm working in the same room as [ profile] eliz, and this place has a cafeteria (where I ate healthy all week).

The downside is that it's an hour from where I'm living. I'm up at six, leaving by seven. I don't get home until after six in the evening. Then there's dinner with Gran, so I'm not downstairs until 7, at which time I dive in and job hunt. At 7:30 I take a break to take a shower, then back to job hunting and watching TV at the same time. It's not a very relaxing routine.

Job Hunting

I haven't heard back from anybody that I've sent applications to. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, because I'm applying for jobs where budget is key. So I should give it until July 15 before I really worry. Plus there's the fact that, when I get called for one job, I tend to get several calls from several people about several jobs in the same period of time. So when one hits, several will hit. I'm sure of it.

Rehab Stuff

We moved the turkey vulture outside last weekend. Cranky butt is doing great. And I got to watch surgery on a timber rattlesnake. That was pretty awesome. (They were inserting a transponder so they could track it when it was released.)

Also, a turtle I rescued amazingly lived. It had been hit by a car and was bleeding profusely. [ profile] bubblesbrnaid saw it. You would have sworn the thing was going to die. But it lived, so I get to release it today.


I love the double file restart. Sonoma was freaking awesome. (Okay, with the little sidebar of "why, when Junior's finally getting a top ten at this track, does someone take him out". LOL His luck sucks this year. As well as his ability to find his pit box.)

I hope the weather is beautiful today, so the race goes off without a hitch and [ profile] queenofalostart has a blast.

So, the totally cracktastic story that the supposed front runner to get Danica Patrick is Hendrick? And that the person getting the boot (so to speak) is Junior? I laughed so hard. Okay, so it's not exactly just that. It's that JR Motorsports would be in Cup as a satellite Hendrick team as Junior and Keselowski and Danica would be the fourth Hendrick driver. Still. I don't care what the news says. That's almost laughable in its absurdity. At this point they're just now figuring out that Junior's set ups suck because the info being used from Jeff, Jimmie and Mark doesn't work for him. And that Tony and Ryan's setups may be better. But that's still something that is being explored. So you take the most popular driver in the sport who isn't running well and stick him on his own team? Wasn't this the reason he *left* DEI? Because his cars started sucking and weren't competitive and there wasn't much being done to stay competitive?

Also, dudes, Junior all chunky with the beard is totally Grissom. CSI: NASCAR for the win! They investigate exploding tires and crap like that. I'm actually starting to find him attractive. Yes, I'm strange like that, that a vague resemblance to Grissom makes him hot.

And of the random

Weird and creepy guy at rehab asked me out. I saw it coming. He's weird and creepy and I'm not the only one that thinks so, but I was the one who trained him and I feel bad that I find him weird and creepy. So I overcompensate by making sure he gets to do things and doesn't miss out just because he's quieter. Which results in him being overly weird and creepy with me because I pay him attention.

There were histrionics last night when I killed a spider. I was very calm about the matter until I didn't kill it completely on the first blow and it jumped at me. Then there may have been screaming.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 03:31 pm)

Today was the day of "no, we can't take that" or euthanasia at the wildlife rehab center.

The guy that walked in the door with the bat? Yeah. We can't take that.

The robin with two broken legs and a broken beak? Euthanasia.

The squirrel with the broken back? Euthanasia.

The woman who's children found a baby raccoon and were playing with it? We definitely can't take that, but more importantly, make the kids put it down where they found it, because mommy will probably come back for it, then call the health department, because I don't CARE what some moron at another center said, just handling an animal that carries rabies is enough to get your ass vaccinated. (Some moron told her that since the raccoon didn't scratch or bite her children, they wouldn't get rabies. Here's the thing. If the raccoon tested positive for rabies, scratches or bites wouldn't matter. They'd get vaccinated anyway. The woman luckily was on my side on that front. She was freaking out about her children's health.)

The turtle that had been run over by a car, with the back half of it's shell crushed and barely hanging on? Surprisingly, cast! Not euthanised. (I saw muscle, so I ran from the room. I was totally no help.)

And all this on top of baby possums to feed (not many, thank god), tons of baby birds (I didn't see two volunteers for four hours because they were with the babies), and our normal load of animals that require care.
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( Apr. 11th, 2009 10:11 pm)
Dear volunteers,

Director of the place you volunteer leaves you a note saying "Hey, after 2 today (which is the last 8 hours we're open), there'll be one person here. To feed lots of baby animals. Be nice to her, since there are five to six of you working, and get everything else done since she won't be able to do much of anything but feed babies once she gets there."

That's a pretty clear note, right? Right?

Then DON'T do the bare minimum (I'm pretty sure you even failed to supervise and train the new people) and leave duties for me that require more than one person. Or act like you're doing me a favor by helping out with a feeding before you leave (when you've just told me that I have to go feed damn owls). Because I sat down for TEN MINUTES in 8 hours AND trained two new people that randomly showed up AND admitted five opossums (because you failed to actually do anything with them) and a goose and a red tailed hawk.

I got lucky that another experienced volunteer called me to ask if I needed help and came in for a few hours, and that the vet staff came by to help me out. I still had to clean the damn turtles, though. Who can't clean up after turtles????

No love,

Overworked Heather who is now going to bed.
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( Apr. 10th, 2009 06:37 pm)
Wildlife Rehab Center

I'm so freaking screwed tomorrow. I already knew that it was going to be busy, because I was going in from 2 until 8 (yes, in the pm) and there was a new girl on from 2 to 4, and another new girl on from 2 until 6. And that was all. Just us. With neither new girl equipped to do baby mammals.

Just found out 2 to 6 new girl has already called and won't be there. So from 4 on I'll be alone. The vet staff is coming over to help me with the 5:00 feeding, but otherwise I have to deal by myself.

Folks, I have squirrels (I don't even know if we've gotten babies in since last Saturday, but there are at least six cages to prepare food for), 13 baby possums, apparently at least two cottontails, and a baby bird as of today. Tomorrow we'll probably get in more since it's warm out and there have been storms today.

Cottontails can take a half hour to feed. Just one. ONE. A half hour! The baby possums are apparently not being agreeable to tube feeding and particularly difficult. Do you know how much I'm panicking?

The good thing is, the director (who's a neighbor) left a note for the five people working tomorrow morning (my normal shift) that they have to do everything by noon. All of the normal duties that get spread throughout the day must be done by the time I get in there so that all I have to do is feed babies. Feasibly, I will spend the entire six hours feeding babies continuously. No joke.
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 05:11 pm)
Did my first solo animal rescue today.

Unfortunately, it was an animal I hit. Damn kamikaze squirrels.

The squirrel actually stopped in the middle of the road (wet road, I tried to slow down without swerving because you can't sacrifice your own life in favor of an animal). I thought it was dead but went back to check. It was still alive, but the head was twisted one way, the body another. So of course I grabbed it in a blanket from my trunk and drove like hell to the rehab center. Kind of wish I'd had my cell with me, because i just knew the squirrel had a broken neck or back and needed to be euthanized. Of course, the real result is that the squirrel was merely stunned (and had a compound fracture of the right front leg, which was impossible to fix and give the squirrel a viable life, so it had to be put to sleep).

Lesson, folks, is that that animal you hit on the road may not be dead. Please don't just leave it laying there. Check.

Another lesson - have a box in your car, because the random blanket you wrap the squirrel in may not be enough when the squirrel gets over its shock and flips out. (Luckily I was in the rehab center parking lot. I just wrapped it tighter and ran like hell. I'm getting a box damn soon. Although now it dawns on me I had boxes in the trunk. Next time I will put the squirrel in a box.)
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( Feb. 28th, 2009 02:39 pm)
Today in wildlife hilarity:

We got in a cardinal that had been plucked by chickens.



(Okay, so the cardinal got into a chicken coop. The chickens attacked. The cardinal now is missing quite a few feathers and can't fly for long distances. However, the cardinal is pissed. Us? We laughed our asses off and put it in a room by itself, because it likes to tell the world of it's indigination.)
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:27 am)
So. Things.

1. I need to get a photo editing type software on my laptop soon, because I need to make icons! I do! I do like whoa! (I love procrastinating and ignoring the real world through crappy icon making.)

2. Was pondering something related to Supernatural and came to this conclusion about the second most scary of the Big Damn Spoilers that came out a while back. (Not the one that caused everyone to be pissed as hell and threatening to quit the show.) Spoiler speculation )

3. May be getting sick. Took Benadryl for the runny nose last night. Nose is also raw today. And I'm drinking water like crazy. Fun part was waking up with a headache. Did the smart thing and took some meds for that...which made me nauseous. Yep. That's my reality.

4. After describing my senior prom dress to someone the other day, I was told "OMG, you dressed up like Molly Ringwald!" In hindsight, I kind of did. Even though I hadn't seen "Pretty in Pink" then. Pink satin and pink lace? Yep. Although in my defense, the dress was more the color of Marilyn Monroe/Madonna's "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend"/"Material Girl" dress.

5. It's kind of frightening that I can now identify most of the birds that come to my bird feeder. The mourning dove, cardinals and robins aren't a surprise, but the dark eyed junco and brown thrasher? Those are very new ones to me.

6. I have to get together one more bit of information for a job application. I'm hoping that this one will lead somewhere. The good thing is, I get the vague impression that hopefully it will at least lead to an initial interview, which is good, because it's the one place I wanted to be interviewed at.

7. NASCAR: Truck race and Nationwide race Total Kyle Busch domination. So with that said, everyone does realize that Kyle will not stand a chance today, correct? In fact, I'm predicting a win by Kevin Harvick. Just because. *g*
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( Feb. 14th, 2009 03:41 pm)
Some days just suck. Today was one of those days. The zoo lost a lot of animals today, by random coincidence.

1 baboon (old age)
1 red river dog (illness - another is also very sick)
1 bird of some sort

And at the rehab center, we had to euthanize an owl that came in. Plus we had baby squirrels (WAY TOO EARLY) and a screech owl that we discovered is blind in one eye. At least the turkey vulture is eating well.


Tony Stewart Brings the LULZ

Yay Tony for winning the Nationwide race! Especially considering how Kyle was all over him.

And more Tony fun - he seriously, seriously hates Goodyear right now.

Story number one

Story number two
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 12:04 pm)

(Daisy's a rat. She's sweet. Really sweet. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but she curled up in the cutest ball and I had to photograph it.)

Cute little rat under here )
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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 04:14 pm)
I just found out that we can have birds in the apartment complex. And we have a gorgeous pigeon at the rehab center that came in with clipped wings that we're looking to put with an owner.

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( Dec. 9th, 2008 09:08 am)
Ouch: ???? to December 8, 2008

Our squirrel at the rehab center died yesterday. When they went in, she was presenting signs that she'd had a stroke-like incident. They fought all day to save her, but to no avail. She had to be humanely euthanized yesterday afternoon.

Ouch was a prime example of humans being stupid about wildlife. Ouch came into the center because she wasn't afraid of humans. This indicates that at some point she was probably being fed by humans. The problem with this? She's a wild animal. She's not a cute and cuddly pet. Squirrels are not domesticated. She has (had) her particular name because she had no fear of humans, but she didn't like them either. (Yep, notorious biter.) The important lesson is - it wasn't her fault. Just because some well meaning but deluded human thought feeding her was being helpful, it doesn't mean when she turns on the humans that it's her fault.
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( Dec. 7th, 2008 11:35 am)
Hiked through the woods this morning (not far, but it was downhill one way, meaning uphill on the way back) to retrieve a squirrel box. Luckily, the squirrels had vacated it. But hiking with reduced lung capacity because you've been sick? Not fun.

I'm going to collapse on the couch now and not move. Or maybe get some lunch and then collapse on the couch and not move. Well, although at some point I need to make Christmas presents for three people. But food first, then rest, then doing.

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( Dec. 6th, 2008 03:01 pm)
Here's an image...

Today I caught and restrained a barred owl that was blind so we could force feed it.

(Keep in mind that I'm a wee bit afraid of owls.)
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 03:04 pm)
Body Snatchers

This is one seriously freaky, creepy movie. It's good X-Files creepy. I think I need to own this. And dude, Forest Whitaker!

(Now I'm terrified, based on my DVR being weird, that it didn't record the last five minutes. I guess I'll find out shortly.)

ETA: Yep. Lost the last ten minutes. Argh!


Am currently obsessed with Privileged. Downloading and watching, and you know, it's nice to be able to do that. Much easier than watching online.


We had to euthanize two squirrels this morning. They came in last night having been found after a tree had been cut down. I couldn't get them to eat, one had blood in it's mouth, and the other was dragging it's hind legs. It was sad.

Then we had the Forest Gump of squirrels. It may have to be euthanized as well, because it's possibly too dumb to live in the wild on its own. (Seriously, it wasn't scared of me, which freaked me out some, and then it ate food and fell asleep where it had been standing. Let me tell you, when a squirrel just falls over because it fell asleep? It's weird.)

And at 4:15 I'm headed back because we're releasing an owl back into the wild.
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( Oct. 25th, 2008 03:24 pm)
Nationwide Series

Marc Davis!

*squishes the kid's cheeks*

Yeah, he's in a JGR car with the technology behind it and all. So it's going to be a good portion the car. I don't care. If Joey got bought a win, they can buy Marc a win! *G* (I don't like Joey. He's too cocky. Marc is down to earth and appreciates experience. I like a kid that knows that sheer talent isn't going to win you races.)


Today in Rehabbing

1. Fed itty bitty tiny baby flying squirrels.
2. Bathed two squirrels.
3. Tried to feed a kestral.
4. Had to inform a woman that we're a wildlife rehabilitation center. We can't come and get the stray German Shepherd puppy running around her house. She needs to call Animal Control.
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( Sep. 27th, 2008 01:34 pm)
OMG Weekend Busy Be Done Now?

1. Worked 8-12 at the rehab center. Fed baby squirrels. Tried desperately to not aspirate the squirrels. Found the weakness in the whole "baby possums are cute" theory (namely, their poop smells god awful).

2. Came home, got a shower (in between texting my sister about tonight), have managed to eat a wee bit.

3. Am off to my sister's house shortly for a family dinner. Also, it's a surprise birthday party for my grandmother.

4. Tomorrow will be lounging and Bubbles' house and watching racing. The one luxurious time I get to rest.

5. Monday night is kickball. Luckily it's an early game.

6. Tuesday night is a trip to Joblink with my mother for resume advice. I imagine I need to print mine out before then.

7. Wednesday night is more kickball. (Granted, Tuesday night had kickball, but I declared that I'm not doing an 8:30 game and that everyone else would just have to cover. They nicely agreed.)

And all of this comes after a week where we were busy at work, two nights of kickball, one night of company outing, plus mouse drama at work (which means no working, lots of hunting). Honestly? I'll be so happy for next weekend when I can just *crash*.
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( Sep. 20th, 2008 12:27 pm)
Ever had a Blue Jay kick your ass?

Blue jay was in a fine mood this morning at rehab. In fact, he was in such a fine mood that he bit me. First time Jack has ever bitten anyone. Ever. He bit me, kept pecking the glass, in general was throwing a birdie hissy fit.

The theory? He didn't like my hat. Seriously. He threw the biggest fits when my hat was on. Apparently Jack is not a David Gilliland/Elliott Sadler fan. (Hat is black with the number 38 in white on it. The hat is not fancy!)

Oh, and Romeo the mourning dove tried to mate with me. I wasn't aware that when Romeo lands on people, it's because he's looking for a girlfriend. (The amazing part - he's partial to blondes. Which I am not. This brunette got lucky!

Now I need to take a shower and do a most wondrous thing - relax and avoid turning on the phone.


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