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( Mar. 9th, 2010 03:23 pm)

I have reached a very important milestone with regards to the Oscars - I no longer care who was most deserving (although I will root against things I see as least deserving, i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow or rip offs of Fern Gully). I just want people to win that will give speeches that entertain me.


1. I was sad that Gabby Sidibe didn't win. Because let's face it, her speech would have been epically awesome. There would have been tears. And giggling. And possibly, had Gerard Butler been giving the award, making out.

2. The guy who won for one of the screenplays was just so darling. By far my favorite speech of the night, because you could tell he was overcome with genuine emotion, not something scripted. (Although I did love Steve Martin's jab of "I wrote that for him" afterwards.)

3. I don't care what folks' opinions are of of the best presenters of the night was Tyler Perry. I'm sorry, but if you're a freaking actor, there's no excuse for a bland, boring, dry, robotic presentation. Perry was having a blast and his timing was perfect.

4. What the heck was up with Tom Hanks just announcing who won best picture with no rundown (again) of who the nominees were? It was sudden and jarring and I think partially responsible for the fact that Kathryn Bigelow looked like she was going to throw up/pass out. Hell, I don't know how she made it back out on stage.


Apparently hell is freezing over, and the result is that, 9 years after his death, I'm becoming a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr. (I accidentally typed that at first as Dale Earnhardt St. And laughed. Because to his fans, he was a freaking saint. An evil saint, but a saint nonetheless.)

And I blame the current crop of drivers who are either too politically correct or too self-centered while acting like their crap don't stink. But I really blame the drivers in this crop who pull the PC or self-centered deal when they've been driving for more than 10 years. Because let's face it, if you were around during Senior/Terry Labonte/Rusty Wallace's era of wrecking each other, then you've taken part in aggressive racing. So don't go telling guys coming into the sport that they're doing things wrong, because there is no right or wrong (well, there is wrong, but it's a lot harder to quantify than you'd think), there's only winning.

If everyone's thinking I'm sounding like a Keselowski apologista, well, here's the thing...I think I am. Wanna know why? Cause he owns that shit. And he doesn't get mad about owning that shit. He just does. And you know what? That's refreshing.

I don't mind the feuding (when there's reason for it, not just ire at a driver's fanbase*). I would love to see some of the guys get in fist fights again (except please everyone stay away from Matt, because I just don't see him being the knock down drag out kind). The key is, own your shit.

Examples of Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Kyle Busch at Bristol a couple years ago. That was a racing fight (they both wanted the win, Carl booted Kyle out of the way for the win, Kyle took out his ire on the track away from competitors, Carl retaliated, they both acknowledged their actions post-race and owned that shit without apologizing). It was awesome. It was great. Kyle didn't expect Carl to own his shit, but Carl did, so it was all even and awesome.

2. Robby Gordon and everyone he's ever been mad at. Nuff said.

3. Juan Pablo Montoya pretty much all the time. He says it like it is, and you'll know if he's mad at you. Plus you'll know if he's really mad at you, because he'll take it out on you on the track. But he owns that shit.

4. Kyle Busch pretty much any time that doesn't include Junior. He drove like a bat out of hell and didn't apologize for it. (There hasn't been as much bat action in the last year and a few races. Not sure if it's due to maturity or bad cars, but the point is that it means less feuding if you're not being all bat out of hell anymore.)

5. Any driver that has ever been in a wreck, been mad about the wreck, then later in the race (or a few races later) lost the car just slightly and "accidentally" took out the other guy. And then batted their eyelashes innocently at the camera (with a sly smirk, or not if you're Junior, who just does the innocent routine, and yes, I use him as an example because he's my boy and plus he's perfected that form of retaliation) and left the reporter (and viewers) guessing as to whether it was intentional. Because that's owning that shit in a different way, but it's still owning the shit. The attitude is consistent throughout.

Examples of Not Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Brad Keselowski this past Sunday. Yeah, I'm saying Carl didn't own his shit. Why? Because while you don't tip your hand to NASCAR brass (by saying "next time I'm near him, I'm going to totally wreck his ass"), you also don't sit there and be all pleasant and forgiving and then go and punt someone in a very obvious manner and be mad at them. You act pissed as hell from the get go (again, without tipping your hand - see Junior for how to execute this maneuver if you're a "nice guy" or Tony Stewart for tips if you're a "bad boy"). Carl did with Brad what Kyle thought he'd do back at Bristol - at one point in the feud he played innocent. But he didn't play innocent at the right point. He was too politically correct at the point when people would have understood him being mad. And then his anger after the wreck painted him in a bad light because Keselowski's car went airborne. I know it sounds like I'm being harsh on Carl here, and I do agree with his sentiment that taking it to Bristol would have been a bad idea, but here's the thing. Carl is the poster boy for public relations in NASCAR. Some would say Jimmie is, but he's too bland. Carl has the perfect image (the back flip is part of that image) and he was from the beginning very adept at working the media and that image. It took awhile for the veneer to crack for us to see that under the surface there's an edge. At the time he came into NASCAR, his image worked perfectly. Knowing what we know about him now, though, plus NASCAR allowing personality back into the sport, he needs to just own that he's a nice guy who gets pushed too far at times. I understand that, because I'm a nice person who can go from nice to infuriated-Tony-Stewart-on-roids in a heartbeat if the right buttons are pushed. Carl can own his shit if he acknowledges both sides of himself. And when you own your shit (which is individual), there is peace in the force.

2. Rusty Wallace versus everyone. Rusty didn't own his shit, he just whined because he felt he was entitled.

* Ire at a driver's fanbase is a direct jab at Kyle Busch. Cause he owned his shit except when he was getting into it with Junior. That was the fatal flaw to his earlier years in Cup. Because he owned his bad boy status for awhile, but when he got mad at Junior's fanbase (and I understand why, being a member of said fanbase, which makes me feel like beating someone over the head with a bat some days), it became a weird feud that didn't make any sense. Plus that whole feud still pisses me off because at the time I'd gotten past my Kyle Busch issues and was starting to root for him because he didn't apologize for who he was. And then he went and did something hair brained. And yes, I consider it hair brained to take on Junior Nation because every driver has a crazy portion to their fanbase. It's just that Junior's fanbase is way larger than anyone else's.

Something else I've decided: if Dale Sr. were alive today, Kyle Busch and Junior would be teammates. Also, Dale Sr. would have hired Keselowski at some point. Senior would have counseled Kyle on owning his shit early on.

Wrecking Competitors/Retaliation: The Rules

Now, the other part of Sunday's issues: retaliation. How to do it and when. This is keeping in mind that I think Brad was racing too hard too early in the race (because you can race hard and be ruthless and own your shit, but it does no good if you don't get to the finish line). And no, I don't think he lifted like he claimed. So this isn't about me being a Keselowski apologista. LOL

1. There are certain tracks you don't wreck anyone at intentionally, unless it's under caution: Daytona, Talladega and Atlanta. (Remind me if there are any other tracks that run as fast as those three. My brain is fried from night shifts.) As SOON as Carl wrecked Brad and Brad went airborne, I was yelling (in a whisper, as my grandmother was asleep) at the TV that you don't do that shit at Atlanta because the speeds are too high and high speeds plus this wing mean the car goes airborne too often. Yeah, Carl didn't know it would go airborne. Nor did he know that it would hit the wall at exactly the wrong spot so that the driver side of the car was crushed. But I do think that common sense should make it kind of obvious that the higher the speeds, the more likely the cars will get in really bad crashes. And really bad crashes can hurt people. M'kay?

2. You also don't retaliate on the track if you could potentially take out other drivers. Carl retaliated when it was just him and Brad right there, which is good. And he's right, at Bristol would be bad (but mostly because everyone would be really pissed and Carl would be a pinball in the machine for a few weeks *g*). So would Martinsville. Unless it was like Kyle and Carl did a few years ago at Bristol, which was retaliation on the track without endangering anyone else. Shall I repeat that one was awesome?

3. Never retaliate with the car while on pit road. Endangering pit crew members is a major no no.

4. Fist fights are always way more awesome than wrecking, though. Need more fist fights! (Note: this kind of retaliation can happen on pit road, but it should be noted that this puts one in proximity with officials (who cut down on our fun) and pit crew members (who have considerable more muscle than all the drivers). So if you want to really retaliate with a fist fight, we the fans would appreciate it if you'd do so in the grass after a wreck where we can see you and where it can't be broken up very quickly. M'kay?)

There'd be a fifth, but I think it's something that's just my personal preference (aka, possibly not a logical unspoken rule, even though it makes sense to me). This would be - don't wait to retaliate until the end of the race. This is different from two guys wrecking each other for the win - they're both in the same position. I'm talking about waiting until three laps to go. Carl was 154 laps down. It's entirely possible that once he got back on track, that was the first time he was near Brad and other cars weren't. (It's not like FOX ever showed much about the surrounding cars who weren't lead lap at that point. Yes, that irked me. Because regardless of what Carl says, they should have been anticipating retaliation. Bad FOX!) But three laps to go just feels like bad form, especially when it's clear that driver is very competitive that day. Yeah, they took you out and made you not competitive, but that's why you save it for another race - make sure the most perfect opportunity arises when you won't take out other drivers, where it's not too dangerous, and where you're not destroying a whole team's hard work that was paying off. See why I didn't give it a number there? Too much thought has to go into that. LOL
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( Feb. 18th, 2010 01:53 pm)
Toyota Sponsafier Commercial

Some image grabs, because this commercial was so freaking genius. (The first one was awesome, because we got Reut in that outfit saying he loved love. The second one had a trifecta of genius.)

For [ profile] bubblesbrnaid:

For the record, I didn't see the hand the first several times we saw this on Sunday. Mikey really is dressed as Napoleon!

Michael Waltrip )

Also, Kyle and Joey. Because the outfits/expressions are priceless.

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano )

ETA: Reutimann in the comments.
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( Nov. 14th, 2009 07:12 pm)
Nationwide Race

OMG, this race is triggering so many of my racing issues.

1. Kyle Busch gets a bye on this one (because he wants to clinch the championship this race, so he's complaining about everything because he's stressed, therefore, ignore the talking man, he just needs to vent his frustrations, including almost getting taken out in someone else's aggression) - if you aren't involved in an incident, you don't get to bitch about it. This excludes innocent bystanders that actually get taken out or some damage. Anyone else can't complain.

2. The Cup guys are whiners who need to get a reality check about something - they're in the top series. When they go down and deign to grace other series with their presence, they're preventing lots of other guys from getting rides and getting a chance at the big time. This is the owners' faults more than anyone else (and probably sponsors' faults). But Cup guys have got to realize that, when they've taken all the plum rides, the only way for anyone not Cup to stand a chance is to TAKE every opportunity they get. And when I say "take", I mean extreme aggressiveness. David Reutimann has spoken frankly about how he wasn't a nice guy when he was going through the ranks, because first paid and nothing else got you attention. It was wreck or don't get money to race. NASCAR has caused the problem that Nationwide is virtually the same as every lower series. It's just that Keselowski is the only one who's brash enough to do whatever it takes. And in his issues with Hamlin, he's mentioned why he doesn't kow-tow to the Cup guys (Hamlin is one of the few that actually expects the Nationwide guys to bow down and genuflect) and will race aggressively.

3. I hope Keselowski doesn't bring his aggressiveness to Cup, though. The kid is a damn good driver. But he's the honest first time that I've looked at a driver and thought "I'm kind of surprised that no one has said it...Earnhardt Sr., people". I don't like that kind of aggressiveness, especially when they're good enough as a driver to NOT be aggressive. Kyle Busch has been stupid aggressive* in the past, but more about taking risky moves that weren't always smart, taking out other drivers. That's different from intentional aggressive**. You can learn from stupid aggressive. And honestly, it pisses me off when a driver is good and takes out others by being aggressive (stupid or intentional), because their talent, especially if they've been in the series for awhile, is enough to keep them from making those mistakes consistently.

* Stupid aggressive - making risky moves at critical or non-critical times on a consistent basis, ignoring what you could do to other drivers, when said moves haven't consistently paid off. But these tend to be instances that a person can learn from. Do it often enough and you realize - if you do it again, you have no one to blame but yourself.

** Intentional aggressive - Dale Earnhardt Sr. wrecking people who are beating him for the win.

(Scarily, part of what makes me feel like Brad K. is emulating Senior is that Brad takes ownership of what he does. That's a Senior trait. And lord is it annoying and frustrating, because I want to like him.)
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 06:13 pm)

Holy freaking hell, Jamie McMurray!!!!!


Also, Chad must have paid that medicine man something to slip in a "ensure Jimmie does well" bit o' mojo.

Honestly, I was happy with the race in terms of who all was running well. And for the first portion of the race I was loving the racing. It's important to note that four guys were not going to win the race, no matter what: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch. Why? Because they're great at plate tracks. And after the last plate race Jamie won, no one will work with those guys near the end. (Which begs the question - why don't the four of them make a pact and say screw everyone else? Everyone loves being pushed by them or following them to the front, but no one wants to be near them at the end because they know they can be beaten by those guys.) The only reason I didn't put Michael Waltrip on that list is because I think folks had written him off enough that they'd underestimate him and let him near the front. For evidence, see Jimmie Johnson wanting to work with Michael. Granted, I also think Jimmie wasn't too worried because Michael isn't Mark or Jeff, so not challenging him for the title.

Also, I'm dubbing that rule by NASCAR about seeing sunshine in the corners between the cars the "NASCAR PDA rule". It's very reminiscent of what our principal did in high school - yelling "I must see six inches!" at kids who were making out.

The big thing - Ryan Newman's wreck scared the ever loving crap out of me. Partially because his car kept hitting on the roof, partially because he's just so big and big guys cannot get out of cars well in that condition. Poor Krissie! Now, NASCAR, please to be explaining who these cars are suddenly getting airborne. This was not supposed to be the case.
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( Oct. 30th, 2009 03:09 pm)
Signs it's Talladega...

Jimmie is whining about everyone during practice. Nobody is driving right.

Apparently everyone else? Whining about Jimmie. Kyle asked what was going on, because Jimmie wasn't driving like Jimmie and it was getting on his nerves.

(The question now becomes, is Kyle "everyone" or is he just the most high profile complainer? With the commentators, one never knows.)
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( May. 29th, 2009 03:16 pm)
Dear Kyle Busch,

You know, we've had this discussion before. I could like you - could - if you'd get over your Junior obsession. It's going past angry-making into pathetic and desperate. Just because Junior's the prom queen and you're the smart/badass girl who guys seldom look twice at doesn't make it cool.

I have my issues, as a Junior fan, with the inability of the media to recognize if Junior does something wrong. But here's something I've noticed (being not focused completely on everything they say about just Junior) - after a certain point, when drivers have gotten to a certain age (over 30) and amassed a certain number of wins (generally over 10, which everyone needs to notice is actually rare among the current crop) and have had careers spanning several years (at least five), they get credit that other drivers don't. Wanna know why? It's this thing called maturity. There's a perception that the drivers in that group have put in the time and produced enough results to justify it not being their fault. Notice something - is it ever stated by the media that it's Mark Martin's fault, Bobby Labonte's fault, Tony Stewart's fault, Jeff Gordon's fault? More importantly, is it ever Matt Kenseth's fault, Greg Biffle's fault? It doesn't matter where they're running, that day or that season - the announcers give more to guys who've been around awhile. They won't say someone is washed up, but they also avoid saying anything is ever their fault. Jeff Burton is a poster boy for this - they jumped all over his resurgence when he went to Childress, but they didn't say it was his fault when he was running poorly at Roush.

So Kyle, just do me a favor and put a sock in it. Or hire me as your PR woman so I can smack you upside the head when you say shit like today's little tirade. I don't think I've seen anyone so obsessed in NASCAR in my years of watching (admittedly, post-Senior). To quote Steve Byrnes, I don't know why it's any of your business what's going on with Junior.

ETA: The quote. As ESPN writes it, then as SPEED reported it. The context changes, which is why I'm putting both up.

ESPN: #18-Kyle Busch said it point-blank: "It's never Junior; it's always the crew chief." Busch fired that opening volley of driver reaction Friday morning to Hendrick Motorsports' dismissal of Tony Eury Jr. as #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief on Thursday. Asked about Eury's replacement, Lance McGrew, with whom Busch worked in the Nationwide Series at Hendrick in 2004, Busch expressed pity for McGrew. "He's got his hands full, I guess, having to deal with what's going on," Busch said. "And if Junior doesn't run well, then he [McGrew] is going to be the 'problem' again." Still, Busch said he understood the move to bolster the driver who replaced him at Hendrick last season, both because of Earnhardt's star power and Busch's salary issues. "You've got to make the most popular driver in the sport competitive, so you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess," Busch said.

SPEED: "You've got to make the most popular driver in the sport competitive, so you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. He's got his hands full, I guess, having to deal with what's going on. And if Junior doesn't run well, then he [McGrew] is going to be the 'problem' again. It's never Junior; it's always the crew chief."
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( Apr. 6th, 2009 12:43 pm)
Birthday Thoughts

Thinky thoughts, and all that jazz. It's one of those days where I'm unsettled and moody. The fact is, my age doesn't bother me (too much, as long as I don't think about it), but the fact that I'm unemployed on my birthday is driving me a wee bit nuts.

So there's that bit of psychodrama.

My family is going for "spontaneous", which is amusing and annoying. My aunt is about the most spontaneous person in the family, so her calling and wanting to do dinner wasn't a surprise. My mother's phone call yesterday to ask me to dinner tonight was sort of the doozy. Mainly because my family tends to plan way ahead and knowing that I was possibly having plans tonight, she still put off asking until the last minute. Oh well! Like I told her, you snooze, you lose. LOL I'm having dinner with [ profile] bubblesbrnaid. Mmmm. Mexican food.

And that's all I've got.



Jeff Gordon won and didn't bring the baby. I'm still pissed. You just know Eddie Gossage had a little cowboy hat on hand for Ella and we didn't get to see anything. Cause Ella and Ingrid were at home. Not cool, Jeff! Not cool!

On the plus side, Kyle had a crappy day. I just have to ask, is it me, or when he's having a crappy day and he's near Junior, does he go for extra dumb moves because his opinion is that "field fillers" and Junior can wreck and he'll be fine with it? (Bubbles was asleep during my yelling at Kyle on the TV. *g*)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he can't fault Kyle Busch for talking about how he's outperformed him.

"He has been and he has every right to brag as much as he wants," Earnhardt said. "I wouldn't trade positions with him, though. I like where I'm at."

Told that Busch said that he didn't think there was anything wrong with Earnhardt's crew chief, Tony Eury Jr., Earnhardt said: "I think Kyle has a heart down in there somewhere. I think he's a good guy. He just, you know, has a funny way of wording things sometimes."
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 03:25 pm)
Two NASCAR news items of note

1. Jamie Mac and Juan Pablo are feuding? But Jamie isn't sure why? Even though Juan was trying to apologize for something? I'm sorry, but the whole story is convoluted and I can't stop laughing. Either Jamie is clueless about what the incident was that Juan was apologizing for, so his confusion was mistaken by Juan, or Jamie's pissed and didn't feel like dealing with him (and Jamie that pissed is PISSED) and Juan isn't taking the rebuff well. Either way, I want to see the Juan on Ellyut fight. (What? Jamie's not fighting that fight. Ellyut will step in and whoop ass. And then Stremme will come over and...yeah, this could turn into porn quickly, so I'll stop.)

2. So the US F1 team is considering Allmendinger or Speed, but not Kyle Busch or Danica Patrick. The reasons why they're not considering Danica weren't detailed, but the supposed reason they're not considering Kyle is a lack of open wheel experience? Really? REALLY? Guys, I adore AJ. I like Scott Speed. They both have talent. But I'm going to be honest - if you think that Kyle Busch's lack of open wheel experience means he's not good enough of a driver, you're fucking nuts. Test him first. Unless you've approached him and commitments on his part mean he's not interested (which would be highly likely). Just don't act like he's lacking some sort of special skill that no one else can handle but open wheelers, because the honest truth is, a gifted driver can drive in any series. NASCAR is obviously the more magnanimous group if we can take open wheelers and welcome them but even a US team can't accept Kyle into F1. (Tis an argument that feels bigger than Kyle, to me. It's about F1 stereotyping NASCAR.) Hell, let's see you tell Tony Stewart that he's not good enough for F1 because of a lack of experience. (I'd bet they'd be stupid enough to. Even though he has raced open wheel.)
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( Mar. 27th, 2009 10:29 am)

1. Kyle Busch lost The Smell My Face Beltway Race to a guy named Flounder.

2. If you have Sprint, this offer sounds freaking cool.

Listen to All-Star Race driver meeting, pre-race conversations: For the first time in its 61-year history, NASCAR fans will be able to listen to pre-race conversations between drivers, crew chiefs and officials participating in the All-Star Race. The one-time audio feed, offered by Sprint, will take place at the 25th running of the historic race on May 16 in Charlotte, N.C. The audio broadcast will be streamed to Sprint wireless devices via NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, an application that enables race fans to get audio feeds, statistics, live televised races and more. The driver-meeting feed is being offered as a freebie to Sprint’s data customers. Sprint came up with the idea of making these discussions available, on a one-time basis, in honor of the 25th running of the All-Star Race. [print spokeswoman Kimberly] Meester says NASCAR was initially reluctant, but finally agreed.(USA Today)

3. Marlin's daughter plans to race: Sutherlin Marlin, the 19-year-old daughter of Sterling Marlin, this season launches her racing career at Fairgrounds Speedway [Nashville], the historic track where her grandfather Coo Coo won four championships in the 1960s and her dad collected three more in the 1980s. “I attended my first race there when I was two weeks old,” says Sutherlin. “I’ve been around racing all my life and I can’t wait to give it a try.” A student at Columbia State, Sutherlin is bright and vivacious, and inherited her family’s keen sense of humor. “She’s got talent,” says her dad. “When she was 5 or 6 we went to a go-kart track in Panama City and she raced against (big brother) Steadman and a bunch of other boys and beat them. She’s been on to me to get her a race car and finally we cut a deal.” The deal: Sutherlin goes to college and works on her race car. “I’ll help,” Sterling says, “but she’s gotta work, too.” Sutherlin plans to race in the Speedway’s truck series, a white-knuckle division that runs the swift, high banks of the five-eighths-mile track. It would seem breathless for a beginner.(Nashville City Paper)
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:27 am)
So. Things.

1. I need to get a photo editing type software on my laptop soon, because I need to make icons! I do! I do like whoa! (I love procrastinating and ignoring the real world through crappy icon making.)

2. Was pondering something related to Supernatural and came to this conclusion about the second most scary of the Big Damn Spoilers that came out a while back. (Not the one that caused everyone to be pissed as hell and threatening to quit the show.) Spoiler speculation )

3. May be getting sick. Took Benadryl for the runny nose last night. Nose is also raw today. And I'm drinking water like crazy. Fun part was waking up with a headache. Did the smart thing and took some meds for that...which made me nauseous. Yep. That's my reality.

4. After describing my senior prom dress to someone the other day, I was told "OMG, you dressed up like Molly Ringwald!" In hindsight, I kind of did. Even though I hadn't seen "Pretty in Pink" then. Pink satin and pink lace? Yep. Although in my defense, the dress was more the color of Marilyn Monroe/Madonna's "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend"/"Material Girl" dress.

5. It's kind of frightening that I can now identify most of the birds that come to my bird feeder. The mourning dove, cardinals and robins aren't a surprise, but the dark eyed junco and brown thrasher? Those are very new ones to me.

6. I have to get together one more bit of information for a job application. I'm hoping that this one will lead somewhere. The good thing is, I get the vague impression that hopefully it will at least lead to an initial interview, which is good, because it's the one place I wanted to be interviewed at.

7. NASCAR: Truck race and Nationwide race Total Kyle Busch domination. So with that said, everyone does realize that Kyle will not stand a chance today, correct? In fact, I'm predicting a win by Kevin Harvick. Just because. *g*
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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 04:57 pm)
Best Quotes From The Last Week or Two

"Okay, so I was playing bingo at the gay club..."

T-shirt: "I hate (Kyle) Busch so much, I shaved mine."
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 12:14 pm)
NASCAR Race Day Notes

1. The media needs to step back and stop roasting Kyle Busch for not doing a post-race interview last week. They keep making comments about how him splitting showed his immaturity. Um, when you've just pointed out that Clint Bowyer and another Chase driver who had a bad day split as well? Shut. Up. Harp on the kid for something that's obvious and that he's the only one who did it. Don't single him out from a pack for something that he wasn't the only one doing it.

2. Scruff on 28-year-old Greg Biffle nearly just made me fall out of my chair. Damn!

3. NASCAR's new drug policy takes effect February 2009. I'd like to believe they're just aiming to do so because they want to be proactive, not reactive, and have realized the error of their thinking, plus it's best to institute it at the beginning of a season. The cynic in me is quite sure that they've found that a Chaser (and I have my suspicions) is doing some extracurricular drugging and they're giving him a chance to sober up before testing really starts. Not to mention that team that's widely known to snort up in the hauler as a group.

4. There's a new NASCAR discrimination lawsuit. This one won't get anywhere and I'm scared that it could hurt Mauricia Grant. She alleged in her lawsuit that another official, Dean Duckett, was fired for "exchanging hostile words with a white coworker", with the implication being that things said by both parties were angry and on the same level and the only reason Duckett was fired was because he was black. Turns out, what Duckett said (which he states in his lawsuit) was "I'm going to cut you". He claims he'd never said that before, didn't know why he said that then, had no knife on him and when he cooled down, he apologized to the other guy. What I don't get is, why did he think that he wasn't going to get in trouble for that? It's not the same as "I'm going to kick your ass", which doesn't involve weapons (unless they're a professional boxer/martial artist). There's an escalated level of hostility in that statement that, no matter if you apologize, it has to be reported to supervisors and I know for a fact that NASCAR and their teams do fire people regularly for that kind of thing. (Neighbor was on the verge of firing because someone *claimed* he said he was going to kick his ass. Merely from a claim. That wasn't even true. Thankfully the prosecuting attorney got fed up and dropped the case when he realized the dude making the claim was full of it.)

5. Does a bitch have to fly to Austria to get word on what's going on with AJ Allmendinger? And it appears to be a common theme that Red Bull fans are torn, because we adore AJ and like Scott Speed as well, so we don't want to choose between them. We just want three teams.
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( Sep. 13th, 2008 11:40 am)

Watching Trackside and I'm fast forwarding through most of it (because Kyle Busch is the guest). I hit play twice because I wanted to see if they were talking about anything of note at that moment (based on B roll footage). The first time, just talking inane racing stuff (with a side note of funny when they said Joey Logano made Kyle look like an old man - Kyle laughed). Second time, they're talking about Kyle's race shop for late models and how big it is, which has caused lots of rumors that he's starting a Truck or Nationwide team. Kyle explained that in every racing series he's been in, you always run out of room. No matter how much room you have, you always need more. So he figured he'd "go bigger and stupider than anyone else" and he'd not run out of room for a very long time. I'm chuckling over this, because you know, he's young. This is actually logical. And funny. Kyle's being non-douchey! And then Ellyut asked something about Kyle racing F1 at some point and Kyle said "Hey, if I win the championship this year, I might go do that for a couple of years, give the fans some time with Dale Jr., and then come back."

Kyle - why are you obsessed with Junior? The media has quieted down about him finally, letting him do his thing, and I swear, he's gotten more mentions from you this year than from anyone else! What is with this obsession? Get over the weird jealousy and learn that mouthing off about Junior merely makes you look petty! And not Richard style of Petty! You're leading the freaking points and you still have to talk about Junior?
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 04:58 pm)
NASCAR Chase Edition Fun

1. That fight between Tony and Zippy was kind of astounding. I think they also fought after the end of the race, as Tony was awfully subdued and positive when he was interviewed.

2. Casey Mears commercial! With Casey! Talking! Okay, with hair, but CASEY.

3. Hornish hits many things again. Surprise!

4. Bubbles keeps singing stuffs. A lot.

5. Kyle spinning off of Junior's bumper. And Junior taking responsibility for it even though it still might not have quite been his fault.

And now time to walk the dog and procrastinate until the Nationwide race starts. We've had pizza. Now the "exercise".
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 12:21 pm)
NASCAR Randomness

Why the hell was Kenseth kicking someone off the stage? And who was he kicking off?

Severely cute is Hermie trying to say "ninth".

Kyle B decided not to shave again. At least it's not the "pubic hair on my chin" look.

ETA: Things that are annoying? When you realize, even though it was planned ahead that the race would take place today, there's no prerace coverage. But they don't *tell* us this. I finally figure it out with about 10 minutes to go on SPEED when the anthem was sung.
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( Aug. 24th, 2008 09:58 am)
OMG Tony Stewart Get Out NOW

Tony - get out of Gibbs now, because they're officially my most hated team in NASCAR, and while it's Zippy's choice to stay there, you're too smart of a man to stick with idiots.

Carl Edwards was stopped by J.D. Gibbs post-race and J.D. got in Carl's face and said "You reap what you sow."

"You reap what you sow."

Bitch, don't EVEN go quoting the Bible to justify the fact your driver is an ass, he can't take what he dishes out, and that your organization clearly prides itself on some moral high ground that doesn't exist. That's not Christian. That's just stupid.

Good god. At least Kyle has the excuse of being a spoiled brat. He's 23 and his parents raised him to believe he's god's gift! At least he has an excuse. JD has no excuse except blatant arrogance and blind stupidity.

Which means right now I'm really, really hoping Kyle tanks in the Chase.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:56 pm)
Dear Carl Edwards


I don't like Carl. I'm very suspicious of him (plus there's that time he blamed Hermie for having no brakes). But not liking him doesn't change the fact that I really, really am having issues with Kyle Busch's entitlement issues. Because a "bump and run" hasn't ever ever been employed as a legitimate racing maneuver ever. And hasn't been used this year. By Kyle Busch. Uh huh.

So Kyle, when you pick a fight with someone bigger and badder for doing something you've already done, you best be able to finish it. And you couldn't. Wuss.


(Carl has a temper when provoked. He's just very PR perfect. The kind of guy that has a burst of temper, reigns it in and then acts all "gee shucks" and polite. The Kenseth thing blew his cover wide open last year, but it doesn't mean that I don't celebrate when it's justified. Cause that was justified as hell. Hell, the funny parts of Days of Thunder! In real life!)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:18 pm)
Quote of the Day

"Kyle's not going to give him (Carl) a lot downstairs."


Because I don't like the mental images right now.
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( May. 21st, 2008 02:19 pm)
Work Today

I'm not getting any work done today, and the reason can be summed up as this ). Yep. Dog came to work with me. This is what happens when the air conditioning breaks at home.


Horse Racing

Big Brown probably winning the Triple Crown is kind of a let down this year. For one, he's owned by a conglomerate. For another, it's just a crappy horse year. And there's the fact that the emphasis on fast over sturdy when breeding (and lineage over going outside the "accepted" gene pool). Smarty Jones was a great horse in the horse world because he wasn't the status quo.

So to pick myself up slightly (cause I'm still bummed over Eight Belles), a reminder of the two horses that encompass everything I fell in love with in regards to the Triple Crown.

Sunday Silence )

Charismatic )

Oddly enough, I just realized that my favorite horses were from 1989 and 1999. Which bodes well for next year.


All Star Race

My family (me, mom, dad, sister) went to the All Star Race on Saturday night. This was my parents' first race. And they have little interest in racing. *g*

So, the annoying first - chain smoking obnoxious drunks that constantly hit you in the head and kick you in the ass for the. entire. race. And a family with ADD that doesn't pay attention when you tell them "the merchandise trailers are thataway" and proceed to walk through the gates, into the track. (Which means we got to our seats at 4:00. And I didn't get to use the FanView I was loaned. Or get to go by the Team Red Bull trailer. Overall, I got screwed.)

The great was pretty much everything else.

The Showdown

1. I screamed muchly when people were introduced. My family was amused.

2. AJ winning was AWESOME. Twould have been awesomer if Brian or David Ragan had been second, but I'll take what I can get.

3. They didn't show on TV that AJ was exceedingly apologetic to Ellyut. He got loose and the car walked up the track, which, hey, the cars don't wreck as easily as they used to. But it meant he got into Ellyut, which ended Ellyut's day, and AJ felt so very bad about it. He spent a great amount of time apologizing, even more time than he spent celebrating.

4. When AJ got done with his SPEED interview, he turned around and Brian was right there to congratulate him. They did lots of manly hugging.

The Burnout Competition

1. It smelled bad. *g*

2. Jimmie's tires exploding was loud. We all jumped.

3. Kevin's tires didn't explode as loudly.

The All Star Race

1. I made my mother pay particular attention to Junior's introduction. She was very amused by the crowd reaction.

2. I also made her pay attention to Kyle Busch's introduction. She said the crowd was mean. I pointed out that Kyle pretty much asks for it. (Although I did find the crowd mean for booing Kyle's pit crew at the Pit Crew Challenge. They're not Kyle.)

3. I spotted Kasey's pit crew before he was announced as the fan vote winner, which I was able to tell the preteen girl in front of me sporting a Kasey Kahne hat, carrying a fan sign. Hey, if it couldn't have been Ellyut and wasn't Brian or David Ragan, at least the kid got her guy in.

4. DJ and that UPS truck was even more awesome in person.

5. "God Bless America" sounded worse in person, but thankfully "The Star Spangled Banner" sounded great.

6. Drums on TV - good. Drums in person - way too echoy.

7. The crowd often had no clue what was going on. So our first indication that Kyle was in trouble was when his car stayed on pit road after the mandatory 10 minute period. The cheer you heard on TV when they started pushing it back down pit road was because that's when we found out he was out. It was AWESOME.

8. My dad laughed his ass off when Junior took the lead. Mainly because the crowd went nuts.

9. My dad turned to me after the last pit stop and said "Junior's in trouble for taking that long, he won't win". If my dad, who only has a slight clue about racing, can tell that a four tire stop is bad, how come the driver and crew couldn't figure it out? I know the car was wicked loose, but damn!

10. My family got tired of me screaming "GO BIFFLE" for the last two segments. They had to deal.

11. The most incredible moment of the night came post-race, while they were dragging out the victory stage. DJ was put up on the big screen as he was getting out of his car. If you thought he was teary during the anthem, that was nothing compared to the crying he was doing after the race. I admit to getting teary-eyed myself.


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