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( Jun. 14th, 2010 10:40 pm)
1. Someone stole my doormat while I was at Wal-Mart.

2. My job is like teaching very large, very violent middle schoolers.

3. Mike's Hard Lemonade is my beer. And I'm drinking it right now.

4. Have now watched all of Leverage. Totally looking forward to Sunday night.

5. Bought a washing machine today. This is a huge thing for me. That's a major appliance!

6. Saw A-Team today as well. There's too much emphasis in the media on Bradley Cooper, when in reality, Sharlto Copley steals every scene he's in. (Plus, Face should always be clean shaven. I know one of y'all on here said the same thing, and you're right.)

7. NASCAR would be better if a) Denny Hamlin would just go away already and b) Jimmie took a season off. I want someone to dethrone Jimmie, but not Denny. Anyone but Denny.
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( Mar. 9th, 2010 03:23 pm)

I have reached a very important milestone with regards to the Oscars - I no longer care who was most deserving (although I will root against things I see as least deserving, i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow or rip offs of Fern Gully). I just want people to win that will give speeches that entertain me.


1. I was sad that Gabby Sidibe didn't win. Because let's face it, her speech would have been epically awesome. There would have been tears. And giggling. And possibly, had Gerard Butler been giving the award, making out.

2. The guy who won for one of the screenplays was just so darling. By far my favorite speech of the night, because you could tell he was overcome with genuine emotion, not something scripted. (Although I did love Steve Martin's jab of "I wrote that for him" afterwards.)

3. I don't care what folks' opinions are of of the best presenters of the night was Tyler Perry. I'm sorry, but if you're a freaking actor, there's no excuse for a bland, boring, dry, robotic presentation. Perry was having a blast and his timing was perfect.

4. What the heck was up with Tom Hanks just announcing who won best picture with no rundown (again) of who the nominees were? It was sudden and jarring and I think partially responsible for the fact that Kathryn Bigelow looked like she was going to throw up/pass out. Hell, I don't know how she made it back out on stage.


Apparently hell is freezing over, and the result is that, 9 years after his death, I'm becoming a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr. (I accidentally typed that at first as Dale Earnhardt St. And laughed. Because to his fans, he was a freaking saint. An evil saint, but a saint nonetheless.)

And I blame the current crop of drivers who are either too politically correct or too self-centered while acting like their crap don't stink. But I really blame the drivers in this crop who pull the PC or self-centered deal when they've been driving for more than 10 years. Because let's face it, if you were around during Senior/Terry Labonte/Rusty Wallace's era of wrecking each other, then you've taken part in aggressive racing. So don't go telling guys coming into the sport that they're doing things wrong, because there is no right or wrong (well, there is wrong, but it's a lot harder to quantify than you'd think), there's only winning.

If everyone's thinking I'm sounding like a Keselowski apologista, well, here's the thing...I think I am. Wanna know why? Cause he owns that shit. And he doesn't get mad about owning that shit. He just does. And you know what? That's refreshing.

I don't mind the feuding (when there's reason for it, not just ire at a driver's fanbase*). I would love to see some of the guys get in fist fights again (except please everyone stay away from Matt, because I just don't see him being the knock down drag out kind). The key is, own your shit.

Examples of Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Kyle Busch at Bristol a couple years ago. That was a racing fight (they both wanted the win, Carl booted Kyle out of the way for the win, Kyle took out his ire on the track away from competitors, Carl retaliated, they both acknowledged their actions post-race and owned that shit without apologizing). It was awesome. It was great. Kyle didn't expect Carl to own his shit, but Carl did, so it was all even and awesome.

2. Robby Gordon and everyone he's ever been mad at. Nuff said.

3. Juan Pablo Montoya pretty much all the time. He says it like it is, and you'll know if he's mad at you. Plus you'll know if he's really mad at you, because he'll take it out on you on the track. But he owns that shit.

4. Kyle Busch pretty much any time that doesn't include Junior. He drove like a bat out of hell and didn't apologize for it. (There hasn't been as much bat action in the last year and a few races. Not sure if it's due to maturity or bad cars, but the point is that it means less feuding if you're not being all bat out of hell anymore.)

5. Any driver that has ever been in a wreck, been mad about the wreck, then later in the race (or a few races later) lost the car just slightly and "accidentally" took out the other guy. And then batted their eyelashes innocently at the camera (with a sly smirk, or not if you're Junior, who just does the innocent routine, and yes, I use him as an example because he's my boy and plus he's perfected that form of retaliation) and left the reporter (and viewers) guessing as to whether it was intentional. Because that's owning that shit in a different way, but it's still owning the shit. The attitude is consistent throughout.

Examples of Not Owning Your Shit:

1. Carl Edwards v. Brad Keselowski this past Sunday. Yeah, I'm saying Carl didn't own his shit. Why? Because while you don't tip your hand to NASCAR brass (by saying "next time I'm near him, I'm going to totally wreck his ass"), you also don't sit there and be all pleasant and forgiving and then go and punt someone in a very obvious manner and be mad at them. You act pissed as hell from the get go (again, without tipping your hand - see Junior for how to execute this maneuver if you're a "nice guy" or Tony Stewart for tips if you're a "bad boy"). Carl did with Brad what Kyle thought he'd do back at Bristol - at one point in the feud he played innocent. But he didn't play innocent at the right point. He was too politically correct at the point when people would have understood him being mad. And then his anger after the wreck painted him in a bad light because Keselowski's car went airborne. I know it sounds like I'm being harsh on Carl here, and I do agree with his sentiment that taking it to Bristol would have been a bad idea, but here's the thing. Carl is the poster boy for public relations in NASCAR. Some would say Jimmie is, but he's too bland. Carl has the perfect image (the back flip is part of that image) and he was from the beginning very adept at working the media and that image. It took awhile for the veneer to crack for us to see that under the surface there's an edge. At the time he came into NASCAR, his image worked perfectly. Knowing what we know about him now, though, plus NASCAR allowing personality back into the sport, he needs to just own that he's a nice guy who gets pushed too far at times. I understand that, because I'm a nice person who can go from nice to infuriated-Tony-Stewart-on-roids in a heartbeat if the right buttons are pushed. Carl can own his shit if he acknowledges both sides of himself. And when you own your shit (which is individual), there is peace in the force.

2. Rusty Wallace versus everyone. Rusty didn't own his shit, he just whined because he felt he was entitled.

* Ire at a driver's fanbase is a direct jab at Kyle Busch. Cause he owned his shit except when he was getting into it with Junior. That was the fatal flaw to his earlier years in Cup. Because he owned his bad boy status for awhile, but when he got mad at Junior's fanbase (and I understand why, being a member of said fanbase, which makes me feel like beating someone over the head with a bat some days), it became a weird feud that didn't make any sense. Plus that whole feud still pisses me off because at the time I'd gotten past my Kyle Busch issues and was starting to root for him because he didn't apologize for who he was. And then he went and did something hair brained. And yes, I consider it hair brained to take on Junior Nation because every driver has a crazy portion to their fanbase. It's just that Junior's fanbase is way larger than anyone else's.

Something else I've decided: if Dale Sr. were alive today, Kyle Busch and Junior would be teammates. Also, Dale Sr. would have hired Keselowski at some point. Senior would have counseled Kyle on owning his shit early on.

Wrecking Competitors/Retaliation: The Rules

Now, the other part of Sunday's issues: retaliation. How to do it and when. This is keeping in mind that I think Brad was racing too hard too early in the race (because you can race hard and be ruthless and own your shit, but it does no good if you don't get to the finish line). And no, I don't think he lifted like he claimed. So this isn't about me being a Keselowski apologista. LOL

1. There are certain tracks you don't wreck anyone at intentionally, unless it's under caution: Daytona, Talladega and Atlanta. (Remind me if there are any other tracks that run as fast as those three. My brain is fried from night shifts.) As SOON as Carl wrecked Brad and Brad went airborne, I was yelling (in a whisper, as my grandmother was asleep) at the TV that you don't do that shit at Atlanta because the speeds are too high and high speeds plus this wing mean the car goes airborne too often. Yeah, Carl didn't know it would go airborne. Nor did he know that it would hit the wall at exactly the wrong spot so that the driver side of the car was crushed. But I do think that common sense should make it kind of obvious that the higher the speeds, the more likely the cars will get in really bad crashes. And really bad crashes can hurt people. M'kay?

2. You also don't retaliate on the track if you could potentially take out other drivers. Carl retaliated when it was just him and Brad right there, which is good. And he's right, at Bristol would be bad (but mostly because everyone would be really pissed and Carl would be a pinball in the machine for a few weeks *g*). So would Martinsville. Unless it was like Kyle and Carl did a few years ago at Bristol, which was retaliation on the track without endangering anyone else. Shall I repeat that one was awesome?

3. Never retaliate with the car while on pit road. Endangering pit crew members is a major no no.

4. Fist fights are always way more awesome than wrecking, though. Need more fist fights! (Note: this kind of retaliation can happen on pit road, but it should be noted that this puts one in proximity with officials (who cut down on our fun) and pit crew members (who have considerable more muscle than all the drivers). So if you want to really retaliate with a fist fight, we the fans would appreciate it if you'd do so in the grass after a wreck where we can see you and where it can't be broken up very quickly. M'kay?)

There'd be a fifth, but I think it's something that's just my personal preference (aka, possibly not a logical unspoken rule, even though it makes sense to me). This would be - don't wait to retaliate until the end of the race. This is different from two guys wrecking each other for the win - they're both in the same position. I'm talking about waiting until three laps to go. Carl was 154 laps down. It's entirely possible that once he got back on track, that was the first time he was near Brad and other cars weren't. (It's not like FOX ever showed much about the surrounding cars who weren't lead lap at that point. Yes, that irked me. Because regardless of what Carl says, they should have been anticipating retaliation. Bad FOX!) But three laps to go just feels like bad form, especially when it's clear that driver is very competitive that day. Yeah, they took you out and made you not competitive, but that's why you save it for another race - make sure the most perfect opportunity arises when you won't take out other drivers, where it's not too dangerous, and where you're not destroying a whole team's hard work that was paying off. See why I didn't give it a number there? Too much thought has to go into that. LOL
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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:21 pm)
NASCAR Roast of Jimmie Johnson

I'm putting these here so I don't forget them EVER. That and they make plot bunnies go wild.

From Jeff Gluck's Twitter

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie: "I know I've been pissing all you off the last four years, but I've never really been good at anything before."

The host just walked in and gave Jimmie a book: " #NASCAR for Dummies."

Jeff Gordon

Gordon, who has been target of gay jokes, tells Carl that getting married and having a kid is "a great cover." Pretty hilarious!

Jeff Gordon says he has a lot of JJ stories he can't tell b/c he's in a lot of them himself. JJ says, "These were all pre-marriage!"

Mark Martin

Mark Martin says he heard JJ was so ugly as a kid, he had to trick-or-treat by telephone.

Mark Martin gets to microphone and fan yells "Stand up!" Martin says, "I AM standing up."

Host says to Mark Martin, "I don't want to say you're too old to drive, but the pole-sitter of your first race was Ben Hur."

Greg Biffle

Biffle: "I'm not going to say a f@+#** thing about Jimmie because I'm sick and tired of hearing his name."

Host says Greg Biffle is "Al Gore minus the charisma." (Side note: Maveness will kick the butt of anyone who thinks Greg is without personality. He's dry! Dry I tell you! And he is LOVE.)

Denny Hamlin

Denny on JJ: "It's really hard to win the championship w/ the best team, the best crew chief and no mech. failures in 4 f@+#* years"

Denny on JJ: "The only thing faster than him is his receding hairline."

Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch says to Jimmie, "I go to Baskin Robbins and I look at vanilla and it says 'Jimmie Johnson' on it."

Carl Edwards

Carl says he's been out w/JJ a lot and knows he's not gay, "because he's only hit on me twice." Laughter erupts.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Host calls Dale Jr "the Paris Hilton of #NASCAR." Crowd hisses. And says Carl is the love child of Gov. Arnold and John Elway.

Brian Vickers

Vickers tells EVERYONE about Jimmie using Propecia and says he'd be bald otherwise! JJ is embarrassed.

Host to Vickers: "Red Bull gives you wings. It'd be nice if they gave you an engine too, huh?"

Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya to JJ: "I'm f*#@+@ tired of hearing 'Jimmie...Jimmie...Jimmie.' Give us a f+@#* break."

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman to Jimmie: "Four in a row. Bet you wish you could do that with your wife, huh?"

Kasey Kahne

Host asks where Kasey Kahne is and says, "I didn't see you behind the grown-ups."
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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 06:00 pm)
NASCAR All Star Race

I want a true NASCAR All Star race.

I want Jimmie Johnson in one of his cars from Charlotte. I want Jeff Gordon in T Rex. I want Awesome Bill in that million dollar winning car (or the one that set the track record at...hell, was it Dega or Daytona?). And if Dale Sr. were around, I'd want him in a clunker, because hell, the man did more with clunkers than anyone else.

That would be an All Star race to me - one that features not only the best drivers, but the best cars. Then we'd see what generation had it best.

(As an aside, the Weather Channel is playing TSO. Hee!)
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( Nov. 30th, 2009 04:56 pm)

So, something that just dawned on me.

Jimmie Johnson is being robbed of attention, because the big sports media outlets and other entertainment outlets tend to ignore NASCAR. For example, Sports Illustrated just tapped Derek Jeter as Sportsman Of The Year. Based on the fact that Michael Phelps got it last year, there's no reason Jimmie shouldn't have gotten it this year. (The comparison to Michael beating Mark Spitz's record is valid for what Jimmie did to Cale Yarborough's record.) Granted, I expect that of Sports Illustrated. If their website is any indication, NASCAR should be shoved under a rug.

But you know which NASCAR driver in the next few years is going to probably get more attention than Jimmie? Whoever dethrones him. Whichever driver stops the streak is going to get way more attention and adulation from fans and media because he was a giant killer. And this annoys me. While I want someone besides Jimmie and Chad to win, I also want them to be recognized for what they've achieved. And whoever the next person is, whether it's Mark Martin, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon, they'll get more attention from non-NASCAR media because of what they do.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2009 08:31 pm)
So, NASCAR 09 is over. *sobs* I sob partially because it felt like a rinse-and-repeat of the previous three years. I also sob because that means no NASCAR for 83 days. (Jayski started the countdown already. LOL)

On the plus side, that's 83 days to figure out how to neutralize Chad for 2010. Come on people, we can do it!!!!

(As an aside, I'm calling him SuperChad from now on. If anyone on that team is Superman, it's Chad. Although based on personality, he's more Batman than anything. But Jimmie is not Superman. So Chad gets the role by default. And hey, Superman was the leader of the Justice League, and lord knows Chad is the leader of that team.)
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( Nov. 8th, 2009 08:55 pm)
[ profile] bubblesbrnaid knows about this, so, updating here...

My mom is spending the night at the hospital due to an event this morning. She had bad stomach pain that resulted in her collapsing at church. (Collapsing means she never blacked out, she just got so weak she had to sit down, but as she was trying to get to the floor, her legs collapsed under her. And she couldn't get back up. Which is unusual in a perfectly strong 57-year-old.)

She spent a few hours in the emergency room, but not too long considering she came by ambulance and she came when no one else was there. They did tests, which she passed beautifully with no issues. Her blood pressure was elevated at 116/64. (For my mother, grandmother, aunt and I, that's high. At least with regards to that top number.)

She's spending the night in the cardiac wing because the emergency room doctors just swear it's her heart. Mom thinks it's the Plavix she just started on Friday. The ER doc claims it couldn't be that, but another doctor who's a specialist and who she's seen before came by and thinks it is the Plavix. They'll be doing a stress test in the morning and monitoring enzymes in her urine, which our hope is comes up clean, because that means not her heart. Then tomorrow afternoon they're doing that scoping thing down her throat to see if she has an ulcer. The odds are much higher on that front, because she's had stomach issues for awhile.

To me, the funniest moment was when the pastor and a couple of neighbors were there. The pastor decides to pray, and asks mom what she wants him to pray for. Mom says "healing". I piped in "diagnosis". Due to five people praying outloud at once, I'm not sure if he prayed for the diagnosis, but that's what I was concentrating on. Because half the battle is knowing. And this is Randolph Hospital - 9/10ths of the battle is getting a diagnosis.



Why yes, I am gleeful over today's race. There may be an edict in place that my mother has to watch the beginning of every race from here to the end of the year, just to jinx Jimmie. She apparently has magical powers.
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 06:13 pm)

Holy freaking hell, Jamie McMurray!!!!!


Also, Chad must have paid that medicine man something to slip in a "ensure Jimmie does well" bit o' mojo.

Honestly, I was happy with the race in terms of who all was running well. And for the first portion of the race I was loving the racing. It's important to note that four guys were not going to win the race, no matter what: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch. Why? Because they're great at plate tracks. And after the last plate race Jamie won, no one will work with those guys near the end. (Which begs the question - why don't the four of them make a pact and say screw everyone else? Everyone loves being pushed by them or following them to the front, but no one wants to be near them at the end because they know they can be beaten by those guys.) The only reason I didn't put Michael Waltrip on that list is because I think folks had written him off enough that they'd underestimate him and let him near the front. For evidence, see Jimmie Johnson wanting to work with Michael. Granted, I also think Jimmie wasn't too worried because Michael isn't Mark or Jeff, so not challenging him for the title.

Also, I'm dubbing that rule by NASCAR about seeing sunshine in the corners between the cars the "NASCAR PDA rule". It's very reminiscent of what our principal did in high school - yelling "I must see six inches!" at kids who were making out.

The big thing - Ryan Newman's wreck scared the ever loving crap out of me. Partially because his car kept hitting on the roof, partially because he's just so big and big guys cannot get out of cars well in that condition. Poor Krissie! Now, NASCAR, please to be explaining who these cars are suddenly getting airborne. This was not supposed to be the case.
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( Oct. 30th, 2009 03:09 pm)
Signs it's Talladega...

Jimmie is whining about everyone during practice. Nobody is driving right.

Apparently everyone else? Whining about Jimmie. Kyle asked what was going on, because Jimmie wasn't driving like Jimmie and it was getting on his nerves.

(The question now becomes, is Kyle "everyone" or is he just the most high profile complainer? With the commentators, one never knows.)
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( Sep. 3rd, 2009 10:52 pm)
Carl Edwards broke his foot playing Frisbee.

So, better or worse (depending on perspective) than Jimmie's golf cart accident? Discuss.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 10:11 am)
So, an update on where things are with me, as it's been almost a week since I last updated.

Temp Working

It's a very good job, in that I have tons to do all day. Also, no answering phones! I get to listen to my iRiver if I want to. Vincent is pleased to have been brought out of the closet. Plus, I'm working in the same room as [ profile] eliz, and this place has a cafeteria (where I ate healthy all week).

The downside is that it's an hour from where I'm living. I'm up at six, leaving by seven. I don't get home until after six in the evening. Then there's dinner with Gran, so I'm not downstairs until 7, at which time I dive in and job hunt. At 7:30 I take a break to take a shower, then back to job hunting and watching TV at the same time. It's not a very relaxing routine.

Job Hunting

I haven't heard back from anybody that I've sent applications to. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, because I'm applying for jobs where budget is key. So I should give it until July 15 before I really worry. Plus there's the fact that, when I get called for one job, I tend to get several calls from several people about several jobs in the same period of time. So when one hits, several will hit. I'm sure of it.

Rehab Stuff

We moved the turkey vulture outside last weekend. Cranky butt is doing great. And I got to watch surgery on a timber rattlesnake. That was pretty awesome. (They were inserting a transponder so they could track it when it was released.)

Also, a turtle I rescued amazingly lived. It had been hit by a car and was bleeding profusely. [ profile] bubblesbrnaid saw it. You would have sworn the thing was going to die. But it lived, so I get to release it today.


I love the double file restart. Sonoma was freaking awesome. (Okay, with the little sidebar of "why, when Junior's finally getting a top ten at this track, does someone take him out". LOL His luck sucks this year. As well as his ability to find his pit box.)

I hope the weather is beautiful today, so the race goes off without a hitch and [ profile] queenofalostart has a blast.

So, the totally cracktastic story that the supposed front runner to get Danica Patrick is Hendrick? And that the person getting the boot (so to speak) is Junior? I laughed so hard. Okay, so it's not exactly just that. It's that JR Motorsports would be in Cup as a satellite Hendrick team as Junior and Keselowski and Danica would be the fourth Hendrick driver. Still. I don't care what the news says. That's almost laughable in its absurdity. At this point they're just now figuring out that Junior's set ups suck because the info being used from Jeff, Jimmie and Mark doesn't work for him. And that Tony and Ryan's setups may be better. But that's still something that is being explored. So you take the most popular driver in the sport who isn't running well and stick him on his own team? Wasn't this the reason he *left* DEI? Because his cars started sucking and weren't competitive and there wasn't much being done to stay competitive?

Also, dudes, Junior all chunky with the beard is totally Grissom. CSI: NASCAR for the win! They investigate exploding tires and crap like that. I'm actually starting to find him attractive. Yes, I'm strange like that, that a vague resemblance to Grissom makes him hot.

And of the random

Weird and creepy guy at rehab asked me out. I saw it coming. He's weird and creepy and I'm not the only one that thinks so, but I was the one who trained him and I feel bad that I find him weird and creepy. So I overcompensate by making sure he gets to do things and doesn't miss out just because he's quieter. Which results in him being overly weird and creepy with me because I pay him attention.

There were histrionics last night when I killed a spider. I was very calm about the matter until I didn't kill it completely on the first blow and it jumped at me. Then there may have been screaming.
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( May. 21st, 2009 03:05 pm)
Jimmie's Hair

Apparently Jimmie Johnson's hair is due to a bet with small children and alcohol.

No, really. Small children dared him to shave his head. (Or to let them shave his head.) It was post-All Star Race. He held them off as long as he could, but he eventually capitulated because he couldn't say no to them. DW flat out asked Jimmie if alcohol was involved and Jimmie snickered.
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( May. 18th, 2009 01:45 pm)
[ profile] luvinthe88and20 provides the visual evidence...

Jimmie Johnson gets a makeover.

If by "makeover" one means "Mears apparently sent Jimmie to his old barber and Raoul got hacked to death."
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( Feb. 13th, 2009 08:25 pm)

One useful thing: All three series are going to single file restarts for the last 20 laps.

One fun thing: Raoul is coming to get you! Francisco says hi )



I've no opinions of yet about the tribes, except that I agree with the vote, and I agree with the strategies of both Sandy and Sierra, as each decided on what was their strength.
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( Jan. 29th, 2009 02:34 pm)
I may be falling back in love with Jimmie Johnson.

It's not because of the beard (although I do have appreciation for it). It's partially because he's the Jared Padalecki of NASCAR (totally accident prone - this time he put a knife through his finger). And partially it's because...

He owns a Vespa!!!!!

Smallville fans who watched the first season or two know why I'm squealing.
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( Jan. 19th, 2009 10:32 am)
Let's look closely at this.

Jimmie. With facial hair. All in all, much better than Tony (he of the non-sculpted beard), definitely better than Junior (with that crazy Grizzly Adams look for hunting), definitely has some appeal.

But what the facial hair distracts you (momentarily) from is the fact that Raoul is alive!!!!!
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( Jan. 9th, 2009 07:16 pm)
60 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR

Number 46: Jimmie Johnson

Raoul-less world this way )

Number 45: Scott Speed

Blue nail polish, anyone? )
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 11:20 am)

Anyone think this image of Jimmie Johnson ) is very reminiscent of this image of the Do Not Want dog )?
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( Dec. 5th, 2008 10:57 am)
I'm trying to avoid the fact that today is my court date for the speeding ticket. This avoidance is not helped by coworkers being all dramatic over work. At this point, work is what it is. They all need to get over it and just deal.


Grissom's looking really relaxed there...wait.

Jimmie and Chad are fighting over the hardware again.

"C'mon, Chad. I gave you the last one."

Jimmie looks really good here. Huh.

I'm annoyed. I turned on the damn ninja theme in my Gmail account and now I can't get into Gmail. Damn you evil ninjas!

Photoshopping hilarity.

In that picture we have many problems.

1. Jimmie's 31 or 32. He doesn't have that many character lines around his eyes.
2. He's nowhere near that tan.
3. Also, his hair is not that light. His natural hair color is closer to black than medium brown.
4. I'm pretty sure those aren't even Jimmie's eyes.
5. In short, I think they morphed Paul Newman and Jimmie Johnson to create that picture.


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