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( Jan. 28th, 2010 05:25 pm)
Hair Woes

So, my hair is currently in that sad state of growing out where in two inches I'll have a bob, but for now I have hair that is just unfortunate. In a desperate attempt to figure out what to do with it as it gets longer, and into the coming couple of months before I can get more shaping, I decided to test out what straightening it would do. It's already really straight (apparently my wave goes away with short hair), so what harm could more straight do, right?

My hair looks like a really bad version of Joey Lawrence's when he was on Gimme A Break! Which, let me tell you, I had that hair when I was six. And I hated it. So I know that if this is worse, this means it's way worse.

I'm heating up the curling iron to try out a different look. Tomorrow I'll attempt pin curls. The sad part is, I'm supposed to be out in public (albeit briefly) tonight, so I need to fix this slightly (or be prepared to pin it all back).

I need to remember the horror of growing things out the next time I get the great idea to go short.

ETA: Curling iron applied to previously straightened hair (that had no product in it). Also known as, disaster. Where's my hat again?
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( Sep. 21st, 2009 10:08 am)
I don't like Whitney Houston's new song, but I just spent quality time watching the video on repeat because her hair is awesome.

That straightened 'do? I think it's actually feasible to aim for that with my hair. (The curly 'do is what I'd kill for. But that would require a perm, which is a total "no".)
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( Sep. 5th, 2009 06:52 pm)
1. My natural hair texture wants to do 1970's news anchor type hairstyles.

2. Lemonade and vodka, heavy on the vodka.

3. A chicken sandwich with dill mayo is yummy.

4. Finished Harry Potter book six last night. I hate you all. I'm obsessed.

5. Dreams involving Harry Potter AND NASCAR are just wrong. And I'm the one that had it.

6. Planning on spending the Nationwide race painting. Finally found some inspiration. In pop art.

7. Ducklings at the WRC today. I really, really want a duck. Especially the one that had two broken legs in casts and still managed to hop around.

8. Why is the guy announcing trackside at Atlanta channeling Hulk Hogan?

9. Quitting caffeine. No lie.

10. Two weeks of unemployment left. Joy.
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( Aug. 21st, 2009 06:01 pm)
1. Hairdresser butchered my hair today. I'm pissed. I wasn't happy when I saw it, then when I got home and truly got a bead on it, I was mad. It's too short. Way too freaking short. I don't know what the hell she was thinking. A trim does not mean completely rework my hairstyle. The good news is, I have a month and a half until my next haircut (for my sister's wedding). So I can have a talk with her before the next cut to explain what she can and cannot do with my hair.

2. I'm so desperately ready for a job that I'm actually getting mad. That plus sleep deprivation and driving a lot. 18 hours of driving in the past week alone just for job hunting. (Trip to Georgia and trip to south of the state.) One place sent out an email that they won't be contacting anyone again until OCTOBER. Fuckers.

3. My grandmother is stressed (one of her dearest friends fell down stairs and broke her neck. Yes, she's dead.), which I understand, but it's resulting in her being hypercritical. I've taken to hiding in the basement.

4. My overwhelming urge right now is to eat. Even when I'm not hungry. I want food. Because I'm unhappy and I don't know why, but food seems to be the answer. Except I'm refusing to go that route, as we all know where it ends up. My biggest hope is that next weekend will make up for the crappy.

5. Next weekend is a trip to the beach for my sister. 7 or 8 of us in a condo. The annoying part is that one car is leaving at 7 a.m. and plans on spending all day on teh beach. Car number two leaves at 6 p.m. Quite honestly, I don't want to leave early, but I don't want to leave late. I'd like to leave midday. And I've been in such a bad mood that I'm wondering if maybe I should drive separately. Gotta see about that.

So, something that pleases me...

Brian Vickers' muscular, running ass )

Casey Mears hugging Brian, plus some dude staring at Casey's ass )

My hilarious Greg and Jamie mini-standups )

Hot wheels! And hot lug nuts. )
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( Jul. 21st, 2009 06:06 pm)
So, my hair is now dark brown and has been chopped off.

And by chopped off, I mean just slightly longer than a pixie cut.

I'm not posting this on Facebook yet because I'm having too much fun tormenting family. My grandmother is the only person who's seen it yet. And no, no picture yet because I need to style it myself (can't wash it until tomorrow) and put on make-up. Believe me, despite the joking the hairdresser did that the vampire look is in style right now, I do, in fact, need make-up to not look undead.

My sister knows I chopped off my hair. My mom is starting to get suspicious that something's up, because when she asks about the haircut, I tell her that I "had some weight taken off, did not go back to the awesome haircut of awesomeness as that requires too much upkeep". *eg* Yes, I'm evil.
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 03:58 pm)
Hair News: I chopped off eight inches last week. Got a blunt cut with some fringey stuff around the front so that it's not just all one length. So far I've experimented and found a few things:

1. Drying it the normal way with minimal round brush give me okay hair. Very triangle in nature (poofy at the bottom, flatter on the top), but it's okay.

2. Flat ironing gives me decent hair, but it kills the fringey stuff.

3. Curling it is a definite no no. Gah!

Tomorrow I'll be going with simple, since I can't experiment on an interview day. My next experiment will involve velcro rollers and root booster. And maybe a wee bit o' teasing.


Unemployment: Had to refile today, since I never got a phone call and all my information hadn't taken in the system. Of course, I refiled about 1:30. At 3:30 they call me. *sigh* And of course when they realized I'd already refiled, they had to end the call and said they'd review the information tomorrow. For god's sake. But I'm supposed to certify tomorrow; they'll only call me if they have questions. Let's take a bet that they'll want to call while I'm in the interview.
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( Nov. 25th, 2008 03:29 pm)
Reasons Why I Love Thanksgiving

1. Turkey
2. Dressing
3. Gravy
4. National Dog Show

(Note that family is not on this list. It's because my family does this bizarre thing where we spend hours at our own homes cooking, then we show up at one family member's house and proceed to eat and visit for about two hours before heading back home. So in essence, we spend more time with food that day than with family. Hence me being all about the food.)


Reasons Why I Want To Go Home

1. Migraine
2. Migraine meds that make me nauseous
3. Heartburn (which may have caused the migraine or been caused by the migraine meds)
4. Because I could curl up in bed with my new electric blanket


Reasons Why I Am Looking Forward To Friday

1. Now I'm probably not going to have to work.
2. Local hairdresser is running a "holiday special" on hair color, so I'm thinking of shockingly having a professional dye it.
3. Sleeping in and being lazy.
4. Leftovers.
5. Tons of TV to catch up on.
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( Jun. 26th, 2008 02:01 pm)
1. The Neil Patrick Harris Old Spice commercial is made of win. Still not Bruce Campbell level of awesome, but pretty darn good.

2. Driving 25 miles round trip to buy a $50 month bus pass that they only take cash for - not of the win. Dear PART - please to be selling those passes downtown soon, because nobody is going to drive out there every month for one.

3. I need to get a haircut, but right now it's just too expensive. That and I have no clue what to do with my hair. I need a simpler cut if I'm going to use the bus more than just in July, because I'll have less time to get ready in the morning. But my hair just isn't simple. And my stylist would argue that I have a scary easy haircut to begin with. (And I'm not chopping it all off. Much as I'd like to, short hair and I don't get along.)
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( May. 1st, 2008 01:20 pm)
Somebody took my mousepad.

I let my boss borrow it for a client, and somebody took it! Possibly the client! It's mildly grungy, but wonderfully snarky and I *bought* that thing! It's a bought mousepad! It snarks about caffeine intake and killing people!

I want my mousepad back! Wah!


And on American Idol, I didn't weep. Because it was about time. Dang, there were enough waterworks on TV to make up for me not crying.


On SPEED, my sister's race (that she was the trophy girl for) aired yesterday. They cut victory lane. I'm not kidding. They cut victory lane. So no sister on TV. (But we did get a hoochified flag girl. Also, I want to go to VIR.)


I'm dying my hair this weekend. I'm dying it brown. Light brown. With highlights. Blonde highlights. Not a bit of red in sight.

This one, in fact. I figure, since I'm tired of red (for now) and most browns are too dark on me, might as well actually go for a lighter brown.

If I'm panicking and dying my hair next week to go back red, the experiment in being a brunette will have failed. LOL
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( Mar. 28th, 2008 01:16 pm)
Hair Cut

Got my hair chopped off. Six inches removed.


New Year's Resolutions

Pictures of March's resolution.

Pictures under cut )
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( Mar. 3rd, 2008 02:43 pm)
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I'm planning on being radical the next time I get my hair cut. I'm going to chop off a good portion of my hair, at least to shoulder level, if not mid-neck. I'm also going to set up an appointment for my hairdresser to dye my hair back to its natural color (which I haven't seen since I was...22?). With maybe a few highlights that are subtle enough that they can grow out without being obvious.

Basically, I've decided that I need to give my hair a rest by not dying it for a year and by letting the dead portions get cut off. My hair is fried half the time and needs a break.

I'm so annoyed by my hair right now (mainly due to not having found a hair style that really makes me happy as it's growing out) that I'm almost tempted to just chop it all off. Except there's no way in HELL I'd be able to handle that for long. (I'd kill to be able to pull off Elisha Cuthbert's short hair. But I have a strong jaw and don't feel like looking like a man.)

What I hate the most is that I can't do anything that's chin length because of my strong jaw. I can't do anything short because of my strong jaw. I can't do anything that's too strong with bangs...because of my high forehead. My face shape limitations are annoying as hell. And then top it all with my hair type being wavy, which is great and ideal except when it's humid, but it means I can't do any stick straight styles...and yeah, I get annoyed easily because finding a hair style is hard.


Oh, and Spiral is on my Netflix queue because Amber Tamblyn + Zachery Levi + Tricia Helfer = AWESOMENESS. Seriously, add those people together and tell me how any movie with all of them couldn't be awesome.
Bringing the trauma, one hair follicle at a time.

Got my hair cut yesterday. The stylist is someone I've been to only twice before, but like all stylists, she has the amazing ability to remember details from when I was there last. (For the record, I was last there in August, and before that, in March. So her memory is freakish.)

She was cutting my hair and remarking that you really couldn't see my roots that much. (I haven't dyed my hair in so long that the roots are about 2 inches. If you're looking at the roots from above, they're glaringly obvious.) And that she couldn't see any gray in them.

Well, I pointed out that I pluck all gray hairs in my part. If I can see them immediately after brushing my hair, I want them gone. *g* But she doesn't believe I have that many, because I'm 30. (And for the record, my gray hairs aren't gray, they're white. I got some fun genetics from my grandmother.)

So she's drying my hair, styling it in that way that can never be duplicated at home, and she flips a section over my head in order to get at the hair around my temples..."Oh. Wow. I see what you mean about the roots." I thought she finally noticed that my roots were noticeable. It wasn't until I got home and flipped up that section of my hair that I realized...she'd seen the gray hair. Hee. Lots of it.

It turns out that while my first gray hairs showed up in my part, the newest ones are all along my temples. I'm following the family tradition from my dad's side of going gray there first.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 01:42 pm)
American Idol

Finally American Idol delivered some contestants I could get behind - Carly (the Irish chick looking for her second chance) and at least one other female (plus I dug one or two guys).

It also delivered what I consider to be the two worst contestants of the season: the Mariah Carey fangirl and the girl who was insulted because Simon told her she was like William Hung.

Now, I know they picked other, more flamboyant people to be the "bad" ones to really laugh at. Sadly, they were wrong. The reasons these two were the worst we've seen so far?

1. The Mariah fangirl displayed to perfection the problem with many young singers today - they think that everything by a famous singer is great and try to emulate even the bad stuff. This girl actually had a good tone. But she was trying to be Glitter-era Mariah, which is just a travesty. She didn't even know what she'd done wrong. Hell, Mariah, I'm pretty sure, doesn't know that Glitter was a bad era. How are these young people supposed to learn if no one will point out that even the best singers have their faults?

2. The Hung 2.0 girl got off easy. William Hung was better than her. At least William Hung had a semblance of rhythm and would be entertaining at a night of karaoke. This girl was just BAD. She didn't have tune. She didn't have rhythm. She didn't have anything approaching anything going for her. (Plus I'm pretty sure she was one of those that was faking somewhat, which I find really annoying. How can the producers not see a faker a mile away?)

Purchases Made

Bought two tops at lunch. I'm in love with them like whoa.

Tops under here )

The first one is deceptively plain. The picture doesn't show it well, but it's a brighter turquoise with white polka dots on it. It also fits better on someone with some curves (i.e. me) than on the model's figure.

The second top is to die for. I'm not one for that mustardy color, but it was just unusual enough that I wanted to try it on. Plus the piping really sets it off.


Yesterday was spent holed up in a conference room here at work so I could avoid the smell of diesel fumes (as I went to bed at 6 on Monday night thanks to a migraine). That helped. It also helped that construction was cut back on. Since today was supposed to be rainy, I figured, hey, I get to sit at my desk and work instead of having to bring in my laptop.

Guess what? No rain and lots of construction. *sigh*

Chester's Lump

Chester's lump appears to be going down. Yay! Or at least I'm tricking myself into thinking so. Next Monday is when I have to really evaluate it, because if it's not down significantly then, I'll have to take him to the vet.


I'm due for a haircut next week. I'm looking at getting three inches chopped off. (I probably should take a picture beforehand, to show off how long my hair is. Let's put it this way - it tangles in my sleep and during the day, just by itself.)

I'm thinking about getting a Vidal Sassoon bob, but the updated version. But I can't find a good picture of one. (I want a longer bob.) I really like the asymmetrical bob that Crush has on American Gladiators, but I need something with bangs or something bang-ish. Sort of like what Charlize Theron has here ).
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 11:11 am)
Someone make SURE I don't do the following:

I love my hair. I adore my hair. It's longer and lusher than ever before and has lots of attitude. It's the kind of hair that Jaclyn Smith sports a lot. This is fabulous hair that should not be messed with.

Except for some reason right now I want to get a Dionne Walters (from America's Next Top Model) inspired short haircut, but edgier. But definitely with that long swoop in the front.


I blame the humid weather. It's zapped my brain AND my hair, making me contemplate stupid things I shall never do. (Been there, done that with the short hair. Got accused of being a boy more times than I could count.)
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( Apr. 17th, 2007 01:39 pm)
Did I mention that for my birthday my parents gave me a laptop?


Things of the Good:

1. Bossman who knows sports injuries (don't worry, mine isn't a sport injury, it's a "played with the dog and then had an accident involving the parking deck and a shoe" injury) informed me that my ankle/foot aren't swollen, so no need to go to a doctor.

2. 3/4 of my spring cleaning is DONE. And of the remaining, rearranging furniture is on the list. Fun!

3. Several work projects are in the process and I've made good headway.

4. My license is good for 8 years. So theoretically, if I don't move, my picture at age 38 will be of me at 30.

5. My hair is still occasionally just as awesome as the day I got it cut. And bonus, I made comparisons to Jaclyn Smith's hair...and she gets to host a show about awesome hair on Bravo!

Things of the Bad:

1. My foot/leg still hurt occasionally. I hate being forced to sit still and prop my leg up.

2. 1/4 of my spring cleaning left to do includes cleaning out the fridge and the microwave. Not fun.

3. Good headway on projects is not fun for my allergies when it includes lots of recycling of old files.

4. I need to be writing as it's fic that I wanted done TODAY (for [ profile] celli), but the muse is being really, really stubborn. I have the story worked out well in my head and it's not going down on paper right.

5. When I went to get my license renewed, I discovered during the eye test that my eyesight REALLY SUCKS. My astigmatism has gotten worse, as has the vision in my left eye.

6. The weather in NC is being a pain, which means that some of the time my hair is a royal pain in the butt. I've yet to figure out how to style it on days when the humidity wants to make me look fuzzy.
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( Mar. 16th, 2007 03:52 pm)
New hair! I have new hair!!!!

New hair )

Also? That is total Jaclyn Smith hair. Word. But current Jaclyn, not Charlie's Angels era Jaclyn.
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( Nov. 14th, 2006 11:53 am)

Things I Learned From Agent Scully

#44: How To Run In High Heels

Sadly, there is no lesson in how to run in high heels and not perspire. But I did a wondrous run in the high heels. Two city blocks. Sprinting. With no ankles turned or damage to said heels.


The Hair's The Thing

Curled my hair this morning. As it is overly long, this means that curling with the large iron resulted in Supermodel Hair.

For those that have long, thick hair, you know what I mean.

Picture Tyra Banks' hair (with weave) or Cindy Crawford's hair. Lots of full body and tousled waves. Like Jaclyn Smith, just not quite so perfect.

Sadly, due to said running, my hair has fallen some. It's no longer Cindy/Tyra-type hair. It has degraded in the Supermodel Hair scheme of things to Claudia Schiffer hair. (And while many a man is now drooling and wondering how I could possibly be complaining about Claudia Schiffer hair, the difference is two-fold. 1) Her hair is fine and doesn't poof as much on top. 2) I am not a Scandanavian blonde.)

Still, Supermodel Hair is Supermodel Hair, and I plan on working mine.


Mood in honor of kitty cat.
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( Sep. 14th, 2006 01:34 pm)

That Top Ten from last night? Could the guys have dressed any more alike? Junior and Kasey both had the black blazer/button down shirt going on (with stripes on the shirt - I think Junior's was a blue base and Kasey's had a white base). Denny, Kevin and Jimmie were all going for the black blazer/white button down shirt (with Jimmie being the only one without an undershirt). The fact that Jimmie and Kevin were standing side by side made it REALLY obvious.

And I may have gotten too much pleasure out of all of that.


Plus Jimmie's little eyebrow lift at the end of his portion.

Plus Junior laughing his ass off the entire time.

Plus Denny being frickin nervous until he was done.

Plus Jeff Burton's line reading.

Plus Mark Martin's line reading.

Plus everything about Kenseth.


Project Runway

Let it be known, I am dressed strangely like Laura today. *is suspicious* Down to having PMS with water retention so bad that I look like I'm three months pregnant.

(Black turtle neck - for it was cold this morning. Black satin skirt with silver embroidery at the bottom. Black Mary Jane heels.)



I'm feeling the need to do drastic things to my hair. Like a haircut. And color. Drastic on both. *ponders*
The American Idols have nothing on me. I know how to have a bad day. Whee!

1. Forgot to shave my legs this morning. This is important because my legs are white and with the hair tend to resemble Tony Stewart with a five o'clock shadow after a couple of days. Luckily I caught this transgression before heading out the door. Unluckily, due to time constraints, this means I just shaved my legs in the bathroom sink here at work.

2. Still vaguely feeling the effects of yesterday's hangover. My first one. Dear LORD. Granted, I know it was partially because on Saturday I ate very little all day. And had very little water and had spent a good portion of the day sweating off large amounts of liquid. So dehydration plus accepting what was a weak drink...bad idea on my part. I didn't even get tipsy from it, but I got the hangover. (I be talented, yo.) Spent Sunday morning (after getting up long enough to walk the dog and go get a sandwich and Coke) curled up in bed. Until 2. There's a whole thing involving trying to eat a very bland turkey sandwich that Arby's made wrong (and gave me roast beef, which I loathe) and not being able to choke that or a Coke down (but getting down headache meds that eventually killed the headache), and I think that all contributed to...

3. Chili's didn't bother to really cook the chicken in my chicken tacos last night. Thanks, Chili's! I was SO looking forward to sitting in a coliseum, watching the American Idol concert while squirming because undercooked chicken was coursing through my system!

4. Oh! And while we're on it, the Greensboro Coliseum jacked up parking prices from $6 to $10!

5. And! The Greensboro Coliseum didn't have on the air conditioning.

6. I still can't keep food in me. Thanks Chili's! Nothing I like more than a bout with food poisoning.

7. And to top it all off, I'm operating on sleep deprivation due to the individual who decided to go trying to break into apartments or peep or whatever at 2 am Sunday morning. Too bad for you that my dog growled and I woke up in time to see the flashlight go across my bedroom window. I hope that really good looking cop (who saw me with no makeup, bedhead and in flannel pajamas...great!) scared the snot out of you. Just be warned - I will 9-1-1 for anything. Plus I'm buying a baseball bat at lunch.


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