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( Dec. 31st, 2008 11:42 am)
Commentfic that I wrote for [ profile] celli:

Tony Stewart/Greg Biffle


Quite honestly, it was hard to get Tony to shut up anyway. But Tony on a rampage was nigh on impossible. Tony on a rampage and close to drunk was remarkably easy. Greg just kissed him, figuring neither one of them would remember it tomorrow anyway. (After all, he was pretty far gone himself.) And it would get Tony's mind off what he had perceived as Greg's most recent on track transgression.

Greg's pretty sure, though, that they're not so drunk they won't remember the rest. Who knew Tony was so...bendy?
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 07:42 am)
Look Ma: Yuletide!

Look what I got for Christmas!

Lucky Triple Sevens, which is NASCAR RFP - Jamie/Ellyut, and Christmas Dreams Come True which is a brief snippet o' Ugly Betty Daniel/Betty (yeah, I asked for it because I'm EVIL).
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( Dec. 20th, 2008 09:46 pm)
Want to know how to get the shakes?

Detach your computer from the internet so you're not tempted to surf instead of writing Yuletide. Then, with an hour left until closing of Yuletide, hook back up to the internet to upload.

And your computer freezes.


Every time you boot it up (and then force it to shut down when it freezes).

And then call [ profile] bubblesbrnaid and ask her to email the mods so they'll understand that you really didn't default. And THEN find out the deadline has been pushed back an hour and fight with the computer some more and FINALLY get it to work long enough to upload the story.

Let it be known, right now? It's decided to work perfectly. I don't get what just happened. I do not want to spend my work "bonus" on getting my computer worked on!
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 03:31 pm)
Dear Yuletide Person:

Let me start by saying that I'm sorry for being evil. I can't help it. Yuletide is about wishes coming true, so pretty much, unless you got my Chuck request, I've screwed you big time with lots of weird.

Request number one: Okay, so maybe Elliott Sadler/Jamie McMurray isn't too hard. And I'll totally take anything featuring them (as long as either one isn't being slashed with someone else). I can totally take unrequited love, friendship, manly men (well, okay, Ellyut is manly) being all men-like together. I totally would love some slashy goodness. Any way it goes, feature them and life is good. (Engagement angst could be fun as well.)

Request number two: If you got this one, you're probably thanking your lucky stars. After all, John Casey being awesome (as opposed to Awesome) is easy to write. Since he is awesome. Have fun with it, go where your heart desires. Seriously, I just love Casey in any scenario. Just don't kill him. *g*

Request number three: I actually considering Daniel/Betty to be hard, so go with the flow on what you feel you must write. I'd love some romance (I consider it a hard pairing because it would take many years or crazy circumstances for them to see each other as anything but friends - but I'd love to see someone try). Even fic of them seeing each other in a different light is interesting. Have fun with it and don't worry - I'm easy on that front.

Request number four: I'm sorry. There are no words to express how sorry I am for you right now. This will be the hardest thing you've ever undertaken. Please accept my condolences and understand that whatever you feel like doing, I can take.

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( Nov. 8th, 2008 12:50 pm)
Lord help me, I signed up for Yuletide.

I'll be doing my Dear Yuletide Writer letter on Tuesday. Just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
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( Sep. 26th, 2008 01:23 pm)
Supernatural/Knight Rider

Because apparently I am a car girl: [ profile] celli wrote me Supernatural/Knight Rider comment fic.

Tis awesome.


News & Notes

1. Suzanne Vega tells the story of "Tom's Diner".

2. Britney Spears' new song is out on the web. It sucks. Just in case you were wondering.

3. Chris Rock has some very solid advice on voting - vote for the guy that has one house. Think about it - the candidate that has one house actually cares about the foreclosure crisis. He stands to lose something. The guy with more than one house will just ditch a few houses and be okay. (That said, I'm not taking it for granted that his numbers on who has how many houses is correct.)

4. Apparently Kandy Kahne got in a wreck, but not a stock car with padding kind of wreck? But on a race track? That's talent!
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( Nov. 5th, 2007 03:42 pm)
Scarred For Life

Fandom: NASCAR
Notes: Blame this picture

I think I'm scarred for life. )
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( Apr. 17th, 2007 04:17 pm)
Title: Of Porn and Pizza
Fandom: NASCAR
By: Maveness
Note: For [ profile] celli’s Annual Unofficial Tax Day Challenge
Pairing: None. At least none of the purposeful variety. Those included are Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Ingrid Vandebosch.

Of Porn and Pizza )
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( Mar. 20th, 2007 08:55 am)
[ profile] medie wrote fic in one of my oldest fandoms/pairings.

Nancy Drew and the Tipping Point Mystery

Frank/Nancy, y'all. Score! *dances* What can I say? Eleven years old and I had the sense to know that Ned was a tool and Frank was way cooler.
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( Jan. 13th, 2007 10:50 am)
Pardon the twistedness. In response to Jamie's exchange with Biffle posted yesterday, fic!

Fandom: NASCAR
Title: It's All In The Mind
Summary: Tony gets special notification of the lovefest happening in Daytona.

It's All In The Mind )
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( Jan. 4th, 2007 02:06 pm)

That icon was made a while back, but today was upload day. For a special reason.

Baby fic recs!

Yes, there are Baby fics. As well there should be. Is there any other character on Supernatural that deserves ficcage more?

Lady In Black by [ profile] bubblesbrnaid

Which spawned...

Galatea by [ profile] paperbkryter

A play on a similar theme - that Baby has a voice, if you will. *g* Go. Read. Enjoy. You won't regret it, for there is much awesomeness in these fics. And remember to give feedback. (And then go out and write Baby fics of your own. For Baby deserves the love.)
I have just spent the last hour dealing with email problems involving our work spam filter. Not writing dirtywrong Stewart/Harvick prank fic. Not emailing with friends. Fixing a problem that turns out to be nonexistent.

See, seems coworkers got confused when I named the spam filtering company and asked who was having problems. Some of their problems were with the spam filtering company, which we've found and fixed and we've informed them of what they need to do in the future. But other problems consisted of two emails a WEEK going into a junk email folder in their email system, a folder they can clearly see and tell there is email in. They can read it. They can respond to it. There is no problem!

And I spent an hour today going back and forth before realizing this. Two seconds of instruction per person and they understand, should an email go in there, open it, click the "Not Junk" icon and bam! Fixed!


Tony's gonna be cussing even harder because he stayed locked in that bathroom, naked, a whole hour longer.
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( Sep. 19th, 2006 04:59 pm)
Title: Oh How He Weeps
Fandom: NASCAR
Characters: Elliott Sadler, Jamie McMurray
Notes: Blame Elliott's English, for which I weep.

(Phone rings, Elliott looks at display, quickly picks up)


JAMIE: Elliott, we have to have a talk.

ELLIOTT: About what?

JAMIE: The interview with

ELLIOTT: What about it?

JAMIE: You were "ventilating" to friends?


JAMIE: Ventilating?

ELLIOTT: What's the matter Jamie, you scared of big words?

JAMIE: I'm buying you a dictionary. Consider it an early Christmas present.

ELLIOTT: What's wrong with "ventilating"? It's how I blow off steam...


ELLIOTT: Jamie? Damn. Guess he just can't take a little local color.
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( Aug. 4th, 2006 11:50 am)
NASCAR Slash Ahoy!

The other day I declared a new OTP. Which pissed Biffle off, as he didn't like the idea of anyone messing with Tony. Which, unbeknownst to me, also pissed Jimmie off (he's been so quiet lately, I didn't know he was talking to anyone), so that he finally got vocal.

This would be vocal Jimmie going off on how Tony needs to keep his hands off Harvick. (And originally posted in [ profile] tourofduty's comments, cause that's where Jimmie finally decided to have his say. I hate when fictional representations of actual people get mouthy at weird times. Even if the result is fun.)



Jimmie has enough )
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( Jul. 28th, 2006 04:11 pm)
NASCAR - The Fanfic

I was thinking of this the other day and realized, with all the new folks on my f-list of the NASCAR variety, and since I don't think I've ever said this to anyone aside from Bubbles, I should probably do a disclaimer about reading fanfic.

Basically, in my head, there are the drivers I can slash and drivers I can't slash. There are drivers that I can possibly slash with anyone and drivers that my brain will accept with only one other person. Doesn't matter how outstanding the writer if it's one of those drivers that I just can' LOL

Every once in a while, due to weird circumstances, I can have a driver switch columns. Used to be that Elliott Sadler could not be slashed for anything under the sun. Now...well, let's just say it's a lot easier to consider with regards to Jamie. Newman I'll pretty much read with anyone, because it's Newman. (Just add alcohol and...) Then there's Junior, who is my favorite driver, but unlike a lot of female Junior fans, I can't sexualize him. (Seriously, there are drivers that I think are hot or sexy, but Junior is just...Junior.)

So, that's just letting folks know. Cause my brain is weird and sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it doesn't consider a pairing until it comes up and I give it a shot and my brain is surprised and delighted. LOL
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( Jul. 30th, 2003 09:23 am)
I'm banning myself from the internet and LJ today. So if anyone catches me on, kick my ass back off. I have a death penalty debate tonight in Constitutional Law, so I need to get my stuff together. No time for playing around. *pouts*

So, one last fannish thing of the morning...go read all of the fabulous stories for the Screw Clark challenge. Mine is called "Said the Schoolgirl to the Pimp" and is Chlete. NC-17 Chlete. *snort* I wrote more NC-17 last week than at any other time in my fanfic "career". There's a little shout out in there to [ profile] ultimatemother and [ profile] oakengland. After all, pimps, they should have a ghastly yellow suit, shouldn't they?
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( Jul. 24th, 2003 06:04 pm)
Taking off running home now. Yeesh. Time did get away from me. But I did finish the Chlete for the ScrewClark challenge and sent it in (smut folks, there's smut!), so I can concentrate tonight on the Chlark. Maybe now that Pete has gotten off he can let Clark have some fun.
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( Jul. 24th, 2003 04:28 pm)
Well, my Chlark smut just got taken over. Pete isn't cooperating. He wants all the play. And since my other Chlete wasn't cooperating as well, it's being put to the wayside. The Chlark smut is no more. It's now going to end up being Chlete.

*sigh* I'll have to start from scratch tonight. Damn you Pete! I'm *your* God, not the other way around.
*runs into the room screaming*

I'm supposed to writing Chlete for [ profile] taraljc. I have the Chlete open. I just wrote a sentence. *rolls eyes*

I also am supposed to be writing Chlark smut for [ profile] ultimatemother. I had ideas (that decided they were too innocent for me).

What is trying to take hold in my brain? What exactly is trying to force it's way to the forefront? What's demanding to be written?

Chloe/Lionel. And smut at that. Control smut.

I'm giving serious thought to slamming my head into the wall in hopes that it will knock this notion out of my head. Because...*shudder* it's wrong!

*runs from the room screaming*
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( Jul. 21st, 2003 01:07 pm)
You know, my day should suck tons of ass considering I currently have R. Kelly's remix to "Ignition" stuck in my head. But it doesn't. Heh.


I'm highly jealous of all of the people who got to go to Comic Con. After hearing all of the juicy details about the Smallville panel (Sam! *Squee!*) and the poster signings, oh and hearing about Stargate, and Hugh Jackman (*swoon*).

Seriously, thinking very hard about going next year.


I've been pretty anti-social online for the past couple of weeks. Well, and in real life too. Lots of anti-social going on. Took me a bit to figure out it was PMS related. Damn PMS. Irritating as hell. Especially this time, because it gave me the hormones of a 13-year-old girl with PMS.

Yes, I have been bitchy. So be glad my presence was much smaller.


To make up for being so antisocial, here are the happy birthdays I have yet to wish for the past week:

[ profile] medie
[ profile] kmonkey
[ profile] angelsgracie

Happy Birthday! May you feel and look older/younger, may you get plenty of chocolate/nookie/fanfic, and may your days be bright and happy.

*g* How's that for inserting all into one.


For all who've been curious as to whatever happened with those goody packages I was going to send part of them decided to be a long and tedious process. So I think I'm just going to send that out at a later date and ship out some of the stuff now. It's too much of a hassle to try and get the bags done. The beading is fun, but it's definitely something that requires extended periods of free time and creative spark.


We've been having a crisis in the family that's been quite emotionally draining for a while now. My grandfather had a hip replacement back in April. After the surgery he went home for about three weeks, but he started having severe pain and got very sick. Back in the hospital turned out he had gotten a staph infection.

Now, by the doctor's admission, the infection came from either instruments not being sterilized correctly, or someone didn't wash their hands enough. This resulted in a strain of staph that is hideous. Debilitating pain. My grandfather was actually prepared to die. He missed my sister's wedding because of the staph (in order to clean out all of the infection, they had to remove the hip they had just put in and leave it out for 6 weeks). I had never seen this man cry before in my life, but now, every time I see him he cries.

Well, once the staph was supposed to be all cleared out, they were going to put the hip back in. They do. Like the first surgery, they put in the wrong size hip. Now his left leg is a half inch longer than the right. They also didn't test to see if the staph was completely gone before inserting the hip. AND they didn't put him on antibiotics to prevent infection (which is standard procedure) after the surgery.

Yep, he got an infection, although we're very glad the staph is apparently gone.

Now, this doctor keeps continually lying to my grandmother, telling her he's never had a case like this (he's had several), and that everything's fine when it isn't. Is it any surprise that this doctor has been sued many, many times?

My family is being a pain in the butt about it of course. My mother and aunt got involved, but no one can convince my grandmother that my grandfather needs to go to another doctor. And the doctor just lies to everyone. And he's certainly not afraid of lawyers.

And there's a strong possibility, based on some things we've seen so far, that the hospital is going to try to charge my grandparents for the hospitalization time for the staph infection and for the second hip replacement.

At which time I will be getting involved. I've had enough of this crap, and no one wants to take my legal advice (which I got from an actual lawyer - *gasp* - about how to protect our butts since the doctor is incompetent), so if the money gets to be an issue, I'm butting in. The hospital had a bad reputation for years. They recently managed to turn their image around and start looking good again to the public. I know the PR folks. I used to work for the wife of the hospital's president.

If they aren't afraid of lawyers, go after their reputation. I'll be a bitch about it and loud. I have no fear. Hell, I'm moving from the area once school is done anyway. It's not like they can come after me, and going after little old people just looks bad in the press.

But anyway, I'm possibly going to try getting in touch with the PR guy over there and see what the hospital's stance might be. Just to be preemptive (because it's not like anyone else in my family is thinking of what might happen).

Ain't life a bitch sometimes?


Oh, and in a brilliant maneuvre, I managed to forget to vote on [ profile] the_treasury before Friday. And darn it, it was the categories I really, really cared about.

I'm such a dope.


This week is going to be crazy. I have to have my ScrewClark fic done by Friday, a paper is due on Monday for school, my death penalty debate is next Wednesday (so research time), I'm registering for fall semester this week...the list goes on.


Oh, and I've also started exercising. *snort* I run three days a week. The reason this actually works though is because I'm running with my sister. We have no excuses if we're together. Unfortunately, we ran really hard on Friday night because we were being chased by a pug named Bruno.

Cute thing. Nippy though.


And on the NASCAR front (watches everyone run away)...

Hey, [ profile] plum_evil, have I ever told you that I have one of those full-size advertising cutouts of the Criminal in my apartment? *g* I've gotten to the point I don't even see it anymore, but I noticed it last night in the corner. Junior looking all scruffy and Budweisery. Hee.

And my sister has declared that the Winston is now the official race we go to each year (as long as it stays in North Carolina). We're thinking of making it a big girls thing next year (no husbands/boyfriends allowed). If you're interested, come about that time (and lord that was deeeeeeep South), when it's ticket ordering time, I can give you a holler to see if you want to come with us.


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