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( Aug. 26th, 2008 08:59 am)
You know, Nyquil is dangerous. For my dog. He kept running from me last night because I'd kick so hard. (Nyquil makes me kick. I actually cannot sleep well with the stuff in me, and it makes me kick like a mule.)

And today I'm hung over, my pupils are practically nonexistent, I can't take a nap until lunchtime (boss is out) and I have to go to a kickball meeting tonight. This is gonna be a loooooong day.

(Also, I dreamed that Jimmy (Page) Spencer died. No clue why my brain combined the guitarist for Led Zep with a NASCAR driver who sports a toupee. Also dreamed that Jamie Mac was a drug addict.)


Overhauling my icons at the moment, so I've stripped my journal of all my icons except one. The stripped icons are all on my computer at home, so I can sort them, add new where I feel like adding new, and voila! Overhaul done. In a week or two.

Get used to Ingrid. She'll be here for a while.


Just dawned on me that I haven't gotten my rebate check yet for my Camcorder. Damn Belks. It's "being processed" apparently. It shouldn't take that long to process at $10 check!
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( Jul. 29th, 2008 04:05 pm)

We're starting an office kickball team. To play in the city kickball league. I KNOW. *g*

(Now I have just GOT to find some jerseys on the cheap. So we can make our own.)

The OMG-I'm-Drunk Indy Race

Drinking games can be fun. Or at least make a really craptastic race fun. (If you want to know why the race was craptastic, watch Kenseth's exploding right rear tire. They had to throw a caution every 8-10 laps because the tires kept going flat.)

The way the drinking game went:

1 shot of tequila if a tire es-plodes

2 shots of tequila if a tire es-plodes within two laps of a competition yellow

1 shot of tequila if we make it to the competition yellow without a blown tire

Sadly, I started the game *after* the Kenseth es-plosion. So I only got to do a shot per competition yellow. And I was drunk not long after. Hee.

But side effects of drunk:

1. Hot flashes

2. The munchies

3. Insane giggling

4. Apparently, insomnia (dude, I didn't go to work on Monday because I didn't get to sleep until after 8 am)

But no hangover. Cause I'm smart and had lots of water and took headache meds. *g*

Awesome Dreams

I had a dream last night that was awesome. The plot was great and the characters in it were great. I really, really want to write this. We'll ignore the fact that Carl Edwards was in the dream.

(Okay, so we were cops. Partners. Carl and me. We were hunting a killer who was exceedingly smart. He cornered us, shooting at us. We're pinned down and my sole concern was Carl. Um, seems there was a secret love thing. Secret from him. Feelings on my part and all. But me being too proud to admit it and wanting to maintain the working relationship. And I got him out, because he got wounded, and had to face the killer alone while he went for help. I have to say, it was a killer dream. I actually woke up and wished I had time to start writing it down then. It had that feel of something you could serialize.)
Dreams - Supernatural Edition

I had a dream last night that I walked to New York (like upstate NY, not NYC) to a fan organized Supernatural concert series. Okay, so by walking, I mean a dream trip that made NC to NY really fast. And then I walked back to NC for some reason. And THEN [ profile] musesfool drove by and picked me up because she was headed to the concert series too.

There were different intimate club-like venues where you could go for different sets of bands. About ten bands in all that would play just a couple of songs each that tied in nicely to Supernatural. (All of the concerts were happening at once, so you actually had to choose one.)

[ profile] musesfool and I bought tickets to the concert where Legend (my sleeping brain renamed Journey), The Who and Chicago were playing. Uh huh. LOL I don't remember the other bands on the list, because those were the big three for that concert, although Robert Plant might have been involved somehow too.

Anyway, there was apparently a theme for that concert that involved people in costume, although I never figured out the theme. But there were two guys dressed up like Sam. (At this point, [ profile] musesfool had gone to get something.) One was dressed up like normal Sam. The other was dressed up like if Sam were the messed up side of Two Face from the Batman comics. Sort of the dichotomy of good Sam v. evil Sam, made physical. Good Sam hit on me. I was amused. Then I realized that Good Sam was actually Jared Padalecki, but no one was recognizing him because no one expected him to be there. [ profile] musesfool was on her way back and we were totally going to get to squee cause hello! Padlock! We could find out SPN details! (Well, that and he was groping my leg in a friendly way. I figured she'd be amused by the groping as well.)

And then my alarm went off and I cussed a lot.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:57 am)
On Denny Hamlin

Unfortunately, I hate to say it...but I might have to throw Denny a bone this time. Brad Daugherty was right in that, when you watch replays from teh side, Denny's wheels were completely locked up. And that there's a chance he locked up the tires and hit oil and that was just a really, really wild slide.

Damn it. I don't want to give Denny anything. *pouts*

On Jamie Mac

I am amused that the current party line (from Roush and from Jamie's camp) is that no, Jamie hasn't been released and no, he's not looking for a job.

Because we all believe that when EVERY TEAM OWNER AND DRIVER does the plausible deniability thing.

On Dreams

Please explain why I had a dream about racing and it replayed the end of the Truck race with tons of Scott Speed footage.

Cause I didn't watch the Truck race.
What A Way To Wake Up

Had a nightmare about snakes last night. I wasn't actually really, really afraid of them, but it counts as a nightmare because I woke myself up because I was kicking at them so hard. (Actual kicking. The dog ran.)

Plus my nose is stuffy (damn allergies) and I'm tired (damn caffeine at 10:00 pm) and I have major projects today (bug copy that makes me itchy and a giant PowerPoint).
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( Mar. 17th, 2008 09:38 am)

You know, this weekend's dreams were way wacked out.

Dream 1. Had dream sex with Vince Neal.

Dream 2. Found out I was adopted and had four siblings (two sisters, two brothers). One sister was older than me. All the others were younger. One of the younger was Brian Vickers (who also was just finding out he was adopted). And we were all originally from Jersey. I feel so dirty for my Vickers lust after that dream.


House Hunting

Succumbed to pressure from my mother (in the middle of the Bristol race - I know!) to run over to an open house in their neighborhood.

Check out the pretty little house here.

Three bedrooms, two baths. It has a great front porch and PERFECT landscaping. Seriously, there were two things that needed repair. Two. Some endcaps on the columns on the front porch needed to be nailed back in place and the door needed painting. (The living room needed painting too, but only because if I were to get this house, that paint would clash with my couch.)

The thing is, the reason my parents dragged me in? Because they want my grandfather to buy it and rent it to me. My grandparents have saved up lots of money. I think my parents keep hoping that they'll help me out on the home ownership thing. The thing is, the reasons I haven't bought before now? Have to do with finding a new job (would suck to buy a house then move if I got one out of the area) and the fact that I have a car payment that takes too much money out of my monthly checks to afford more than a really, really basic home.

But still. That house is pretty. Tis fun to stare at the pretty.
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( Feb. 29th, 2008 08:54 am)
American Idol

My mother called three of the four eliminations. She didn't even hazard a guess as to who the other guy would be besides Jason Yeager. I had already told her that if any of the rocker guys went, it would be Robbie. (Mostly because there's been some scandal over the fact that he's most likely wearing a wig. The young vote wasn't buying his authenticity over the wig. Plus, you know, too many rockers, gotta get rid of one.)

I'm actually upset about the women, though. I liked Alexandrea and Alainna is better than Kristy Lee or Kady.

Also, the first top 12 theme will be the Beatles? Oh hell no. That's just a bad idea. I don't even like the Beatles and find this to be a horrible idea, just because they're too well loved.



It's been wacky dream week. Last night's was courtesy of massive heartburn. Luckily I don't remember what I dreamt.

A few nights ago a dream featured two Harlem Globetrotters, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, and my boss.


Larry King Can't Dance

Janet Jackson tries to teach Larry King some dance moves.
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( Feb. 5th, 2008 09:09 am)

Could the whacked out crazy dreams be stopping now? I know it has to do with hormones or the fact that I'm drinking too much caffeine again or something, but really, last night's dream where I married Bill Engvall (that was the tame part) was a bit much.

I'd like to go back to normal sleeping now, thanks.

Super Bowl Ads

A discovery was made last night after work that solidified the Coke Parade Floats ad as the best one from the Super Bowl. A coworker and I were watching it on his computer and discussing why it was good, but not great. He was on the side of "it's great". I was saying "solid but not over the top fantastic". My reasoning was that it was cute and nostalgic, but it lacked punch. The right punch, in my view, would have been a Lucy taking the Coke from Charlie Brown at the end.

All of a sudden, during the third viewing of the ad (we're like that - the fun of working in advertising), my coworker went "Oh my god!". One frame we hadn't even noticed during the ad, the scene right after we first get a glimpse of Charlie Brown's head over the top of a of a little girl holding a football. They had a Lucy! It was subtle, but it was just enough to make that ad the best in our book.

American Gladiators

This show is pure cheese. Pure enjoyable cheese.

And it's sad to say but...Titan is kind of cute. He's goofy as hell and doesn't seem to take it all too seriously. (Unlike Toa, who needs a reality check that his "I'm so intense" stare is just annoying the hell out of me. He ain't The Rock. His cousin has a much better grasp on showmanship and how to keep it tongue in cheek.)
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( Nov. 6th, 2007 10:00 am)
Chuck )


I don't know what happened between when I went to bed last night and this morning, but damn. The dreaming was out of control (all I can remember, though, was that Elliott Sadler was in the last dream), and I woke up absolutely exhausted. I haven't stopped yawning yet.
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( Sep. 27th, 2007 10:37 am)
The day started out with trying to dodge a squirrel in the throes of death on the highway.


Yeah, this is gonna be a peachy day.

Actually, it started when I woke up this morning out of a very intense dream (ex was trying to kill me, which included very real feelings from when I stabbed him to death - I could feel his flesh giving when the knife plunged in). Then I found that in the middle of the night I'd picked up my cell phone and TV remote from the nightstand and placed them on the bed beside my pillow. That's...not normal. I don't do that. I don't do things in my sleep that I don't remember (without being told to do them - when I was a child and sick, and mom had to give me medicine at night, she could get me to sit up, take the pill and drink some water, all without me waking up).


Watched Pan's Labyrinth last night.

I enjoyed it in a way. It was hard to watch, especially anything involving the Captain. And at the end I was confused as to...well, what was real, what wasn't. Luckily, that's the whole point of the end. And a coworker told me what the director said, so that was nice to know, too.
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( Aug. 15th, 2007 10:47 am)
I had a dream last night.

It was entirely too vivid for my tastes. It was back to school time (as it actually is right now) and it was busy at my mother's store (educational supplies for teachers, parents, home schoolers). I was working for her that day when we noticed a commotion outside.

Turns out it was paparazzi and fans all clamoring because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (and Suri) were there, getting ready to come in to shop. (Incidentally, Suri went from being female to male, and at age 4 was already about 5 feet tall.)

So they're heading in to shop and I get in a fight with the fans, flat out telling them that only one person could come in at a time, only when someone else left. That way the store wouldn't get crowded with people oogling the TomKat.

The crowd did decently, but quickly swelled from about a dozen to a horde.

TomKat were quite nice in my dream. (I actually remember thinking that it was shocking that I didn't at any point want to deck Tom Cruise. But I did tell him to keep his thoughts on Scientology to himself or I'd boot him from the store really quickly.) They bought a lot of product, making me very happy. But the idiots outside kept trying to sneak in, so I had to go out and got in a screaming match with the lot. Told them that I didn't care what happened when they left the store, but in this case, we didn't care if they were celebrities - no one was going to harass them and treat them any differently while in our establishment.

And then they left and the dream morphed and I was dating Jamie McMurray. The alarm went off in the middle of that, proving that I have no luck with dreams.
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( Jul. 18th, 2007 01:23 pm)
The bad part about kicking the Coke habit?

The dreams.

Last night's dreaming featured Kyle Petty and Lois Lane. I was Lois. And there were children that I had to pick up from school, but I was late and I needed to call Chloe to get them, but I couldn't find my shoes. And did I mention Kyle Petty? Cause Kyle Petty. A lot of Smallville and Kyle Petty. I want to know the "why" of that combo of people.

It's currently 1:21 and I've yet to consume a Coke. I'm proud. I am getting very sleepy, however. All hopes are that I can make it through the day. Sleepy I'll just cope with. If any headaches arise, then I'll have to consume.
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( Dec. 20th, 2006 01:30 pm)

Had a NASCAR dream the other night. It wasn't so much a NASCAR dream as a dream that used the logical and the illogical, sprinkled in a couple of NASCAR drivers, and resulted in me waking up with a very audible "...the HELL?"

1. I was on a reality dating show. "Dating Elliott Sadler", or something along those lines (there was an actual show title in the dream - I've since lost what it was).

2. In my dream I knew that there was no way in hell I was winning and kept questioning why they'd even selected me to be on. (Apparently either I didn't know they were putting me on a dating show or didn't know Elliott was the prize. Either way, I kept questioning why I'd be competing against other women for a guy that I didn't know was suitable for me.)

3. Left the Elliott Sadler Dating Show for some unknown reason and was driving out of Mooresville...and as I was approaching DEI I came across Junior, who was walking down the road. Teresa had just fired him.

4. Became a sort of mother for Junior and was trying to help him find himself. Apparently finding himself included working at a shop where he had to dress up as a pirate. He enjoyed the wenches. I'm still trying to grasp the mental image of Junior as a pirate. There was an earring. And a do-rag. Also eyeliner, but only on the right eye.

Also in the dream - a big lake, a black bear, stupid children swimming in a lake with a black bear (who I yelled at, because no way was I going in the lake to get the kid out), my mother's house, and her cats.
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 10:45 am)
Dear dreams,

I can handle NASCAR drivers.

I can handle wild animals.

What I can't handle are the weird dreams that play like a Disney Channel teeny bopper afternoon sitcom. Even Saved By The Bell looked like Shakespeare in comparison. *scrubs brain*

Although Elliott Sadler did make an appearance and my grandfather approved of me dating him because he drove a Ford. (Seriously. That was my grandfather's dream reasoning for it being okay for me to date Elliott. And the funny thing is - that would honestly be his exact reasoning for me to date Elliott.)


Work. Ack! TOO MUCH.


Parents are coming home today. This evening in fact. Let the games begin!


Yesterday I anticipated the weather being nasty *before* I got home, so I made sure to fold up the outdoor chairs and bring the hanging baskets to a "not gonna blow over" level on the patio. I also removed the top of the bird feeder from the stand and put it on the patio table.

I got home to the top of hte feeder in pieces (luckily it was how it would come apart naturally) and birdseed everywhere, thanks to the overzealous squirrel. Grrrr. He couldn't wait? Dumbass squirrel.

Which, I need a squirrel icon.
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( Jun. 8th, 2006 08:32 am)
NASCAR Dream Week

Well, NASCAR Dream Week continues, with all new drivers again. I would really like my brain to STOP NOW.

This one had to do vaguely with work and NASCAR. Something happened with work that got me a raise (apparently this "review" I went into was an "either we'll fire her or give her a raise" kind of deal that everyone knew I was on the brink of being fired - and yet I got the raise). I also got a bonus - tickets to a race.

A race in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, moreso than your usual race.

I was there with my sister, and we're walking along the route with stuff to buy to get to the track, and there was a retail area selling furniture. And Mikey was in there Let it be known, the retail area was NAPA, and NAPA apparently carries furniture in my brain. (I'm at least proud that NAPA is one of his sponsors and he does have a furniture place as another sponsor. So there's logic in the combination.) I said hey to Mikey (as no one else had noticed it was him) and introduced him to Chester and pointed out that Chester's harness is NAPA blue. (It is, in fact, NAPA blue.)

So we got his autograph and he was cool (despite the plaid fisherman's hat he was wearing). So we started walking toward the race venue again, but just as we started walking (still in the furniture retail area) I noticed a guy sitting in one of the recliners (back to me) and took a few steps past thinking "That isn' it?"

So I turned and said..."Hermie?"

Totally was. Hermie Sadler. I asked for his autograph, and he was very accomodating. His wife came by, so Hermie walked with her to another area of the retail store and was chatting with her and signing something for me, and then I sat with him and was talking and it was great. At one point a guy sat in the chair behind me (I was turned sideways to talk to Hermie) and it took me forever to figure out that it was Elliott. But really, who cares about Elliott when HERMIE!!!!! And suddenly there were people all over and Hermie walked off to sign more autographs.

I panicked.

See, I was searching through my purse for something big for him to sign for [ profile] bubblesbrnaid, because it's HERMIE. And he was leaving me. So I ran after him and got in the midst of all the people (luckily it was down to a couple by then - it's Hermie after all) and just grabbed a furniture brochure and ripped off the back (which had a nice sized white space) and he signed that. I mentioned something at some point about Jerry Nadeau, and then he was done and being whisked off to the race and there was this great long note to Bubbles thanking her for her support and just ten million times better than just an autograph.

And then we ran into my sister's florist from her wedding and I woke up.
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( Jun. 1st, 2006 08:44 am)
Sweet Dreams Baby

Oh lord. My dream last night was a doozy.

First? I dreamt I was going to sleep with a coworker. And I accidentally mentioned this to another coworker (who was making cake, and as soon as the cake was done he was leaving work and I'd be alone with other coworker). I'm still wondering why he didn't question the part where I was wearing a robe *before* I mentioned the sleeping with coworker bit. It didn't happen, though. Found out the cake was in fact because of some surprise party for me.

Then someone was trying to extort money from me, which meant they were stalking me (in a public restroom over the phone - yes, landlines in a bathroom) and threatening to do me harm. Over somebody named Jackson's payables.

So I left work and went home to hide out with tons of people (strangely, not any that I actually knew, except coworkers who showed up halfway through the dream). Turns out I'd moved into my own house (and was startled to discover that I could actually do laundry in my own home and not have to use quarters! go dream me!) and as a result of the paranoia of having someone stalking me, I slept in the kitchen at the island instead of in my bedroom (as it was high up, so I didn't want to be trapped, and I wanted to be near knives - dream me was on a roll with the brilliance).

Then, before bedtime, someone decided to throw me a party. Never mind the massive amounts of people that showed up for the party that I didn't know, thereby making it really easy for the stalker to get in. (During this part of the dream I noticed that my nifty new house had lots of decks at varying levels and lots of ponds and pools on those decks...and no back wall to the house, meaning lots of accessibility to nature AND stalkers. My house was not good as a crime deterrent.)

Well, bizarre moment in the dream where all stalkers were forgotten (momentarily) and there as food! One waitress was serving capers, which some of the guys were leery of (considering it was squid, not capers, I can understand why). I managed to convince Casey Mears to eat some, but the Asian guy flat out refused to try any.

Then suddenly the party was over and everyone was going home (it was down to a couple of people left in the house) and I was panicking because they were leaving me in this giant open house that a stalker was going to get they left me Casey Mears to sleep with. *scratches head* And the thing is, I'm pretty sure it was just sleep (as my brain skipped anything possibly fun to cuddling in bed, where there were clothes on).

And then my alarm went off and I cussed like a sailor.
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( Mar. 25th, 2006 11:14 am)
Also, weird dreams involving being eaten by a horde of Wookies (they were mean Wookies, although it was after waking up that I realized that the one was focusing on my hands because I had been holding the sacrificial hamburgers that were supposed to keep them from killing us all).

Really, between that one and the John Corbett as Cyrano de Bergerac dream, I swear my mind is trying to meld with ze Bubbles.
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( Mar. 22nd, 2006 08:47 am)

*scratches head*

Why didn't anyone give me the memo that laying out of work on Monday to watch a race would result in Tuesday night dreams of the extremely cracktastic?

The highlights:

[ profile] bubblesbrnaid, [ profile] eliz, me and Paris from Gilmore Girls were some kind of fashion experts who were selling my clothing (why mine I don't know) and then we went to see a viewing of Saw 1, 2 and 3 (yes, there was a three in my head), but [ profile] eliz started getting snarky with the very large, scary woman sitting beside me ([ profile] bubblesbrnaid and I really tried to get [ profile] eliz to stop, but Paris egged her on) so I had to tell the projectionist that we were taking our DVD and going home because of all the bickering and then I slapped the large, scary woman.

The Huskies and Iditarod-style dog sled team in the mall.

Managing to burn down the Biltmore Estate.

And the capper: John Corbett as Cyrano de Bergerac.

That last one was my personal favorite.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2006 09:18 am)
I woke up in the midst of a dream this morning, and while I can't remember good portions of it, I do have a recollection of a few things.

1. Inge de Bruijn appeared at one point for a swim meet.

2. I was sharing a suite with [ profile] sullivanlane and [ profile] theninthdoctor, and Sully had some sort of crisis in the middle of the night and Craig wouldn't wake up.

3. There was a grocery store prominently featured.

4. I was hooking up in my portion of the suite with a guy I was supposed to hate (hence me hiding him from Sully and Craig), who was some combination of Matthew McConaughey and Harry Potter. (Don't ask. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Thankfully he looked more like Matt.)

All of this courtesy of watching Project Runway before bed.
Dreams, Supernatural

It is cruel and unusual punishment to have your alarm go off right when you and HotDean are snuggling under the covers in a big ole bed, and he's stroking your leg, and you're telling him that if you'd known he was going to make a move you'd have shaved your legs that morning (dream me is too realistic), but he didn't mind slightly rough legs, so hell, you're gonna get it on and...

See, that really sucks to wake up from. *pouts* He was all snarky and wicked. And there was gonna be sex.


The Flavor of Love

[ profile] sullivanlane, I caught the chicken episode in commercials on Smallville last night. I am in LOVE with Flav's mama. That woman is too cute. Any mama that can nail someone with The Look and have them scrambling ("I meant rub elbows") is the perfect mama.

And chick with no rhythm at church nearly made me cry.



I have PMS. Naturally, I cried the last 10 minutes. First time ever Smallville has made me cry (even though there was a tear for Pete leaving - this was full on bawling, as witnessed by [ profile] paperbkryter when she called me to see if she should stay up to watch, and I couldn't stop hiccuping).

I love all the actors on this show when they give it everything.

And I love weird and funny anvils like spoiler cut ). And there were many other things that I loved.

And yet, the one thought that will always mar this episode is that AlMiles like to think they're clever, but they just aren't quite creative enough to pull it off convincingly. The cleverness that is.


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