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( Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:16 am)
Christmas is turning into a crazy hell that has already had me sobbing on the phone to my mother for a half hour.

For the record, there are too many picky people in my family, too many passive aggressive people in my family, my grandmother that I live with rivals my sister for a dramatic personality, everyone has messed up priorities and doesn't understand the basic rules of Christmas (see below), and I have my period.

Rules of Christmas

1. It's about the kids (if you have kids)
2. It's about the grandparents (of whoever the youngest kids are)
3. Barring the first one, Christmas can be easy, but when kids enter the picture, everyone needs to adjust
4. Divorce makes everything harder, so the divorced people are the ones who have to compromise
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( Dec. 13th, 2009 08:05 pm)
Yesterday included some crazy woman running around barefoot in 22 degree weather who banged on our door at 7:15 am (on a Saturday!!!) because "somebody was trying to kill her". Okay, so we didn't answer the door, and her reasoning was conveyed to us by the neighbor who *did* answer his door. Turns out they were probably trying to kill her because she stabbed somebody.

Oh the fun.

Tonight was family Christmas. This year I scored well with the kids' presents. My niece appears to love her private art workshop. My nephew loved his binoculars. My sister and brother-in-law loved their gift cards. And my dad seemed amused by getting Star Wars (the original trilogy). Mom was almost ecstatic over getting nightclothes.

Me, I'm vastly amused by what I got.

1. Norton Antivirus.
2. A book of brain games.
3. Homemade Chex mix. (My dad is AWESOME at this stuff.)
4. A framed picture of my niece and nephew that they decorated a border for.
5. Two dog toys for my dog (a stuffed flea that says "bite me" on its butt and a stuffed tick that says "pinch me"). My mom thought these were awesome because of Chester's tick incident from this summer.

6. And most importantly...A SNUGGIE!!!!!

I love my Snuggie. Don't hate.
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 07:03 pm)
I have eaten too much food and am possibly going to fall asleep any moment. I'm trying to go through Yuletide stories, but I'm not sure I have the patience to figure out what fandoms I want to read. LOL

Momentous Moments From Today:

1. Eating so much the buttons on my shirt actually burst open at random intervals. (Laughing hysterically at one point caused three to go at once.)

2. Playing "Smart Ass" with family and discovering that in the case of this game, I'm one of the least smart people in the family. (It's a game that involves clues, and I need one more clue than most everyone else.)

3. Getting one over on my grandmother (my cousin was in from Florida with her fiance, and my grandmother didn't know until cousin walked in).


Tomorrow's list of things to do:

1. Go shopping for the things I didn't get for Christmas. *g* (Because my grandparents gave me $100 and the things I didn't get are a CD, The Dark Knight, Supernatural Season 3 and a cheap warm coat. Totally doable under $100.)

2. Family dinner at five.

3. Possibly harass Bubbles. (Ha, didn't see that one coming, didja woman!)

4. Possibly lay in bed half the day and read a book.
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( Dec. 24th, 2008 09:25 pm)

Well, it's Christmas Eve and my Christmas is done. Due to crazy scheduling, family Christmas was Dec. 13 and tonight was spent with grandparents. (My other grandmother I'm seeing tomorrow, but that side of the family we got to agree to no gifts. People were traveling in from out of state, and that costs enough as it is.)

So what all did I get? Well, I got some really bizarre yet funny gifts, some things I had asked for, some money, and the usual gifts that you wonder what they were thinking, but hey, there's a use for it somewhere.

Sister (and C. and kids): Got me a book I'd asked for (Women's Murder Club series), a food chopper (technically, I'd asked for a food processor, but hey, it works)

Mom and Dad: A Dale Earnhardt Jr. wireless mouse (the AMP car even!), a Junior 88 ornament for my tree (that I totally didn't put up this year)

Aunt and Uncle: This wacky ass gel candle that has a two Junior cars in it (a Bud car and an AMP car) and OMG IT'S SO RANDOMLY FUNNY

Grandparents: A long sleeved workout shirt (yeah, I don't know why, but at least it's green), a food processor OMG finally!!!!

Let it be noted, I've been asking for a food processor for five years. Do you know how much fun I can have with that thing? It slices! It dices! It minces! It makes julianne fries!

Oh, and my sister got engaged.
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 06:48 pm)
Weekend Improvement

1. Dad found my high school diploma at the last minute. In a box in his office. Not in the attic.

2. I have my birth certificate with correctly spelled name. Apparently at one they had my middle name spelled wrong. Ha!

3. For Christmas my mom got a job. Guess who gets to carpool?

4. For Christmas I got: PediPaws (oh the fun! once I get batteries), The 6th Horseman, a Dale Jr. wireless mouse, a Dale Jr. 88 ornament, a food chopper (okay, I asked for a food processor, but my sister got confused *g*).

5. Still haven't started Yuletide. *eg* I'm going to be writing on the last day, aren't I?

Now I need to get together all the things to make copies of tomorrow so I can turn in the application packet on Tuesday. I'll be working half a day tomorrow in anticipation of a late day doctor's appointment and running a work errand before that. AND I need to get groceries and laundry money tomorrow night because I have no work pants.
Today As It Has Progressed

1. Got up after sleeping a total of 2 hour stretches, punctuated by crazy dreams and yells of "fuck you brain, just shut down already!"

2. Went to work for all of two hours before coworkers, fearing contagions, sent me home.

3. Went home where napping was impossible, so fixed lunch.

4. Burned finger on rice steamer. Badly. Although still not quite as bad as T-Day's burn, which is lving a scar. (Steam burns are painful as hell, though.)

5. Started wrapping presents.

6. Made tea.

7. Washed some dishes. Started dishwasher.

8. Spray painted clock frame for soon-to-be-niece's X-Mas present.

9. Just remembered that oh yeah, sister's boyfriend asked my dad for permission to ask Katie to marry him.

10. Typing this while trying to decide what to wrap first or whether a nap is a better idea.
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( Oct. 14th, 2007 01:43 pm)
*falls over in boredom*

It's 1:45 and I've managed to do everything on the list to do today at mom's store.

Also, I've bought a Christmas gift (that's four bought so far - I'm a little ahead of the curve this year), I balanced my checking account, and I've watched CSI. (Well, that was this morning before coming to work, but it was something to do.)

I even filled out my employee review form. (Let it be known, I hate doing those. I especially hate them when I'm a one day a week employee at my mother's store.)

*twiddles thumbs*


And mom and dad are headed home from the beach, to be stopping by here in what I'm going to guess is about 15-30 minutes. (I made the mistake of wearing jeans today, which is a no no. Either she won't notice, or five seconds after she sees me she'll fuss at me.)

Lord, I'm so bored that this entry (which has taken way too long to write as it's now 2:10) is putting me to sleep.
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( Dec. 30th, 2006 12:33 pm)
Hola peoples!

Can I just say that vacation sucks? Because I hate the Christmas vacation stuff where I sit at home and do nothing for days until I'm pretty much a drooling mass of sub-humanity. Which is the stage I am very close to. I watched a Top Chef marathon, I was that lifeless. (Incidentally, I only watched it because I was too lazy to really look for anything else to do.)



Biffle done went and got engaged!

[ profile] tourofduty, that was your muses sticking their heads up from under the bed covers and contemplating. *pokes muses*



So what did I end up doing/getting for Christmas? *thinks* I think it's a sad state of affairs that I can't quite remember. Argh. There was food galore (the best part), trivia (also of the good), the fact that I made my uncle happy with his gift, fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas, a $100 bill (woohoo!), my boots (which I promptly scuffed the toe *headdesk*), a Biffle calendar (which sadly only includes one actual picture of Biffle - meanies!) and again, too much food.

Oh, and family drama wherein I'm really not happy with the mom.


The Pup

My dog is sick. I think it's the treats that my uncle and aunt brought him from Connecticut. Poor Chester threw up yesterday and has been sleeping a lot for a few days. He's also going out to pee a lot. He woke me up in the middle of the night two nights in a row to go out. He has never done that since I've had him (which is going on 6 years). Luckily I've stopped letting him have those treats and he seems to be feeling better. He slept through the night last night and seems to feel better. The peeing isn't much better, but he's making it longer periods.



Besides watching a Top Chef marathon (first season), I caught a Law and Order: SVU marathon yesterday (there'll be another tomorrow - score!), watched some Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (Shut UP!) last night, and fully intend to watching Battlestar Galactica: 2.5 in the next few days.

Also went and saw We Are Marshall. Be warned, I am a sucker for sports movies and for Rocky type sports movies. So this one killed me. There was much sobbing on my part.

Rented Young Frankenstein. I miss comedies that were silly and tongue in cheek, but which didn't act dumb just for the sake of dumb. YF was wonderfully intelligent while being giddily silly. Mel Brooks should work more.


Of Hanging Out

Spent some time with the aunt and uncle on the day after Christmas. Twas fun. Chester got worn out with having people to play with. There was much discussion to be had (and my heart was pleased to hear that my uncle once went to a restaurant in Homestead and saw Ken Schrader in there, walked up to Kenny to tell him he was a fan and Kenny invited him to sit down and hang out), of the NASCAR and familial variety.

Went over to [ profile] bubblesbrnaid's and we painted and then went and got Mexican food. And then hit up Wal-Mart for shopping fun. *g* It is not wise to let us loose in Wal-Mart.
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 01:29 pm)
This is the first time I've seen the new update page. Huh. Interesting.

(Incidentally, I also just realized that I need a Christmas icon. Dang holiday, sneaking up on me!)


Bought a homeless guy lunch today. He about cried when I handed it to him. Which made me cry. I'm glad it's kind of warm right now, because he was wearing a very thin jacket.



Also at lunch, bought a few Christmas presents. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the selections out there. Looking for a black purse for my aunt? Couldn't find one with a long strap to save my life. She wanted "cool" (which, for a 52-year-old woman who hasn't done "cool" in 20 years, that's hard). I compromised and got her the size she wanted, slightly trendy without being too trendy, but as there were no long straps, I had to settle for one that fits just under the arm. I'll just have to sell it as being easy to keep on the shoulder.

So Aunt S. is taken care of. Bought a bracelet for my sister, so now I just need stocking stuffers for the parents and sister and I'm done with them (had to return a book for mom to - then found a better book on there and bought it to be shipped by mid next week). Bought WWII DVDs for my uncle on Bought a couple other things.

Then bought a pair of earrings, a black long-sleeved tee and this jacket in red plaid...all for me.

Um, in my defense? That jacket was right at the entrance and just screamed to be bought. It's so festive and Christmasy!



Spent yesterday at a seminar on Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading. Let me tell you, it's a sign of my age. I was enthralled. Paid rapt attention. Had too much fun. Over grammar and proofreading.

The really sad part is that I had to have a coworker remind me of the seminar. I forgot about it completely, and I was the one who had signed us up!



News on Biffle's Vegas testing crash is worse than initially revealed. Not only did he dislocate his shoulder, but he blacked out. He hit in turn one and woke up on the backstretch.

Which means I really love Kyle Busch right now.

(Also, he was talking about the shoulder and mentioned he'd dislocated his during wrestling before. So Harvick, Sadler, McMurray...and now Biffle? How many of these guys used to wrestle? How is wrestling THE thing to do? Or is it a case of that being the only sport that didn't conflict with driving? My mind wants to know.)
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( Dec. 3rd, 2006 03:02 pm)
Due to me not decorating the apartment this year for the holidays, I've decided that for once I'm sending out Christmas cards. I never put my address down for other people, because I feel guilty since I don't send out cards myself. but this year, tis the season!

So, comment below with name and address. Comments are screened. And put down name and address even if you live five minutes from me, as I'm totally sending to everyone I can.


The NASCAR awards banquet was good. No truly great Biffle moments (as there was no Biffle to say anything dirty), but Kyle Busch did pretty good by forgetting his girlfriend's name. And Katie Kenseth was hot.
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( Nov. 25th, 2006 01:42 pm)
A sign that either I work too much or need a hobby: vacation is BORING.

Thursday included lounging about, an emergency trip to Wal-Mart, washing my car (with a bucket and a sponge, not at the car wash), the National Dog Show and Thanksgiving Dinner at my parents' house.

First, I am ever so thankful for dressing.

Second, I am ever so thankful for turkey.

Third, I am ever so thankful that my sister managed to pick a really sweet dog, as we're now wondering when I'll be gaining ownership of said dog.


My grandmother failed to insult my sister over Thanksgiving Dinner. The bet between me, mom and dad therefore was nullified. Thankfully, we at least got the entertainment of Poppaw Max insulting the sister.

My aunt and mom were angling to have Christmas at my aunt's house (more room). As usual, Grandmother shot it down. The argument, which is the same one we've had since I was 10, was that there just wasn't as much room at Grandmother's. Poppaw Max quite loudly declares "But this year there'll be one less, so that's more room".


Katie just ignored the statement. Dang it.


The dog my sister got is a German Shepherd, hound, mutt mix. The dog weighs about 20-25 pounds and is only 4 months old. He's sweet as can be and absolutely adorable, though.


Spent yesterday sitting and reading. Have officially read the only book I'd bought in 4 hours. I have tons of TV to watch, but given what I have taped, I should be able to get through it tonight. A movie is on schedule, possibly for tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that vacations bore me? No wonder I have 8 vacation days left for the year.


Christmas Shopping

I bit the bullet today and did some Christmas shopping. Partially because this year I managed to wrestle part of the Christmas list out of my mom and aunt's hands. (My grandmother and grandfather are hard to shop for.)

Thus far I have:

Dad: Pinky and the Brain, season one
Mom: A medical dictionary (hey, she asked for it)
Aunt Elaine: Really awesomely cute "My bichon owns me" throw pillow
Uncle Mike: Book on the Duke/Carolina basketball rivalry
Gran: Converter and DVDs (Dad has her the DVD player - she has an old TV)
Mom's cats: Toy mice
1 other Christmas gift for someone

To get:

Grandmother: Warm pajamas, but not the itchy flannel type
Poppaw Max: A jack for the car

No clue what I'm getting them:

Aunt Sandra
Uncle Howard

Aunt Sandra loves cats. Uncle Howard loves the history channel. Katie loves herself. And crap, now I have to get something for Leroy (the dog - and yes, he looks like a Leroy).


Am contemplating Mexican for dinner. Also, need to wrangle mom. If she's at the mall when I leave the store, I may meet her there to shop for boots.
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( Dec. 28th, 2005 02:13 pm)
I've gotten so used to my family that often I forget to tell stories that I should.


For Christmas my family makes lists. You can't go wrong with lists. My sister asked for a Chamber Check for my brother-in-law. A Chamber Check is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and is good at any store that is a member of the Chamber.

My grandmother had never heard of it.

At dinner my grandmother starts asking about what it was. She'd asked my aunt about it, wanting to know if it was anything like a "pee pot" (yes, like a chamber pot). My aunt doesn't think so, but hey, she's not sure what it is either. (In all fairness, I had little clue other than it might have to do with the Chamber of Commerce. It's a new thing in these parts.)

My sister during this conversation is getting confused. She doesn't understand how a Chamber check is anything like a "pea pod". Due to similar sounding words, there's much discussion that leads nowhere until my mother suddenly exclaims "You mean like green peas?" in response to my sister.

Much laughter and a history lesson later, my sister knows what a chamber pot is and the conversation suddenly makes much more sense.

And I have to dig through tons of romance novels to find a properly "historic" one so she can get a history lesson.
Back from Christmas vacation. And yet it's horribly dead in the office, what with so many people out. I really should have brought the dog today.

Watched Independence Day for the first time in ages yesterday and was surprised to discover Kowalsky (SG-1) was in it. Jayne and Kowalsky! Rock on!

Due to stress and PMS (which made me cry at EVERYTHING, except the Big Damn Movie - just ask [ profile] bubblesbrnaid), I have the zit from hell on my nose. You can see it in profile. Thank goodness I'm isolated from most human contact this week.

Hung out with family, that whole thing...and mom had a "talk" with me about finding a career that makes you happy. Lots of talking until she worked around to what she and my dad feel I keep coming back to, something that comes very naturally to me and is effortless, something that they think I should find a way to really concentrate on...writing. Hee.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2005 01:05 pm)
*squeals* It's official! It's official! Kvapil to the 32!




I had to go with my sister to the porn store last night. She was Christmas shopping for my brother-in-law. She started talking out loud about what he'd like. I threatened violence. Then I pointed out the whips and the harness on the wall.


One of my coworkers has a pug puppy at home. We're working the "bring puppy back after lunch" angle.
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( Nov. 9th, 2005 09:05 am)
Do not let me near Hobby Lobby ever again. At least not when there are sales. For god's sake, I walked out with (retail) $90 worth of Christmas decorations! Granted, they were 50% off, so I spent $44.50, but still!

So, the thing is, yesterday I went to Target and bought the dog his own Christmas stocking. I saw it, it was cute, I wanted one for the dog, and okay, it's a Dale Earnhardt Jr. stocking. (Let me tell you, the number of people salivating over it at the counter was just...I actually was warned to hold onto it tightly by the clerk. Because it was the last one.)

At Hobby Lobby I was looking for a tree skirt (since they were on sale). I found a lovely one (with nothing for Chester to chew off, a color that wouldn't show his fur so badly, and without the cutesy wootsy crap that I can't stand) that's a red skirt, with black and white dalmation print trim around the edge. (I really wanted the black velvet one, but alas, dog has light fur.)

And then, because my tree topper is burghandy and gold, I had to get a new topper. Hence the big gold star in a funky design. And *then*, because I realized the black and white and red would match Junior, I had to get ornaments. I found the only good set of black glass balls, and some black glittery balls, tons of red balls, and some white balls. (I have gold ornaments already, so on that I'm set.) Then I found a string of black and white beads. And a black and white metal car ornament. Hee! Racing tree!

So, um, I went overboard with the Christmas stuff. This is what Hobby Lobby does to me.

Keep in mind that I went home and had to fight against putting the tree up right then.
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( Nov. 8th, 2005 12:51 pm)
Christmas Wrapping: A Study In Obsessiveness

The first Christmas after moving out was special. I bought my first tree (for $20 - articifial is the way I go). I bought ornaments. My first tree skirt and strand of lights and various decorative elements to brighten up the home.

The big hallmark of independence thought was wrapping. See, growing up I wanted to do themes, for the Christmas tree or the presents. For the tree it was never an option (too many family ornaments), but the presents, oh, the presents. Every year mom bought the cheapest stuff she could find that was Christmasy. And every year I wanted something colorful, inventive, creative. Something that didn't include one of those 48 to a pack bows with the sticky back.

So that first Christmas on my own I started a tradition. I bought solid green paper and a gold paper with white stars on it. Gold ribbon and white ribbon to accent. It was a start.

The second year was a repeat of year one. Back then I actually cared about using up the paper.

The third year (since the green was completely gone at that point, and frankly, I wanted something besides the gold with white stars) I got lucky and found a cheap ice blue foil wrapping paper at Wal-Mart. I paired it with silver ribbon and silver ornaments. (Granted, people were shedding glitter for a week from the ornaments, but it was beautiful.) Very icy. Very wintery.

The next year, I'll admit, I don't even remember. LOL There was a theme, but I forget it. It did involve gold ribbon though.

Last year I found some lovely gold paper with a matte gold design on it and a gold/muted green/cranberry striped paper. No ribbons (due to the nature of the presents).

The icy one I still wish I'd taken pictures of is the icy blue one. And the year after (I'm pretty sure it was a good one). This year's theme will have pictures taken for sure. Because I have realized...only at Christmas does my inner Martha Stewart go nuts and become obsessive compulsive. Want to know how obsessive compulsive?

Last year a coworker, at the last moment, found NASCAR wrapping paper at Target. I was so jealous. Cool wrapping paper! Different wrapping paper! So this year I planned ahead. My presents would have a Christmasy NASCAR theme, and I would get the paper early, and I would be simple and cute and it would be DONE.

Target decided to thwart me.

So many wrapping papers. So many choices. No NASCAR wrapping paper to be found. In stores or online. So, instead of merely waiting to see if anything would pop up last minute, or just grabbing something else pretty, I have to have my theme. Today I bought solid red paper. Tonight I will head to Hobby Lobby to look for Santa hat stickers, reindeer stickers, and present stickers. Possibly some tree stickers. Black and white ribbon are going to be searched out. And a couple of NASCAR magazines will be bought for pictures.

Yes. I am going to create a NASCAR Winter Wonderland on each individual present this year.

But wait! There's more!

Because I can't just let it me, I will also put on poetry!

About December 23rd, the person who'll be in the corner sobbing and crying "no more!" will be me.
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( Oct. 27th, 2005 10:07 am)
Christmas Shopping

It's that time again! I've actually gotten on the ball, decided that this year, in lieu of being all crafty and making presents, I will be buying gifts (and have actually started, yay me!).

But as usual, this means I will be scrambling just before Christmas for either wrapping or the last couple of gifts that inevitably will be hard.

On the plus side, I have worked on a list for family members. My family members are *hard*, yo. You have no idea. My grandparents alone can cause mass hysteria and rabid crying. (Seriously, what do you buy people that have all they want and do the "oh...look" bit when you give them something?)

So far I have come up with:

Katie/Jamie: NASCAR calendar
Katie: Bette Midler CD or Junior clothing (as her birthday is in November)
Jamie: Dale Sr. book
Gran: Quilt and matching pillow (as her birthday is in December)
Mom: ???
Dad: Mental Floss magazine subscription
Grandmother: This hummingbird mobile thingy
Grandfather: ???
Uncle Howard: ???
Aunt Sandra: ???
Mike & Elaine: ???
Maddie: Dog toys
Miss Priss/Miss Hiss/Rascal: Cat toys

*looks at list*

I am so screwed. I may get a list from family at Thanksgiving (wonder if I could press for it sooner), but otherwise...I'm screwed. I have NO CLUE what to get for aunts and uncles. See, friends are easy. Family is hard. *sigh*


I will be going back to my trend of fancy wrapping again, though. Last year I did have my special wrapping paper, but I didn't put bows on. This year there will be bows. And ornamentation. And for sadistic purposes, possibly glitter. Don't know yet. (I may employ a hot glue gun. I'm known for wrapping inventively.)

So, to pass the time, I need some ideas for wrapping. I was toying with a holiday NASCAR theme, if I can find the Elliott Sadler or Dale Jarrett wrapping paper Target had last year. But I also have a yen for something like the winter theme I went with a few years ago. Light blue foil wrapping paper with silver bows and a silver ornament tied into each bow. Except do it with silver foil wrap and include some rhinestones hot glued on in a pattern and a brightly glittery, colored bow.
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( Dec. 30th, 2002 09:48 am)
There was going to be an attempt on my part to get online at my parents' house on X-mas Day, but I didn't...and now I have way too much to talk about.

I actually had to make a list. Grrr. Tons o' stuff. Where to start.

There's the Dad and cable TV and Farscape jonesing, the tons of X-mas gifts that alternated between cute and questionable, the way too big bridesmaid dress fiasco, the frantic 911 call, the hair, the New Year's resolution, etc.

And I will cover all of these today. I swear. Get it over and done with.

So first entry in which to touch on a few.

So mom and dad bought a TV as their birthday present to each other. That meant the big TV in the living room moved to their bedroom (where they had an itty-bitty thing that sat on a box). Dad was loving this, as he can now actually see AND hear the TV from his side of the bed. But the reception is bad, so I made the suggestion of getting cable.

Yes, they don't have cable. I don't have cable either. We've never had cable, so there's really nothing to miss. Except I really wish I could watch Trading Spaces on a regular basis.

Anyway, I'm trying to sell him on cable by saying he could get many more episodes of Stargate SG-1. To which he chimes in "Oh! I'd also be able to watch Farscape!"

Poor dad. I had to let him down by telling him that alas, poor Farscape has been cancelled. He was actually disappointed! *g*

Kathe, you and my dad would so get along.

Did the big Christmas gift giving. We all knew it would be kind of barren this year since everyone had tough financial situations. So for my part, I made sure that my wrapping was very pretty since I had a limit of $15 per person.

Of course pretty wrapping meant everyone in the family was ready to lovingly kill me when they were all covered with glitter after opening presents. *g* I give gifts that keep on giving.

So first to grandparent's house on Christmas Eve. Too much food (that was pretty good), with an unfortunate moment or two due to experimentation. Aunt Sandra decided to make German potato salad. There was bacon. And vinegar. Everyone else liked it, except me, and I'm usually the one person who likes new food. But it was just...not what I liked.

Of course it came back to haunt everyone later, which was fun when they were fighting over the Tums.

But present time came, and there was the initial disappointment of everyone else having many gifts, and me having one. One! Then it was discovered that my grandmother had wrapped mine first, so they were buried way behind the tree.

Then my grandmother realized there was one present without a name tag, and my aunt was short two presents. That meant the yearly search of grandmother's closets to find where she put those presents. And the unnamed present turned out to be my sister's fiance's present.

Yes, Christmas Eve at my grandparents' is that confusing.

I go the Dixie Chicks CD, so much joy there. Also got a gift certificate to Waldenbooks. Yay! (That was the first gift certificate I spent.) All from my aunt.

Then for grandparents' gifts. Grandmother got funny, which rarely works. Usually her funny ends up being just cheap and gaudy (there's a reason they can pay cash for a new SUV - they don't pay a lot for anything). This year it was really cute. She got a Santa suit for my dog. (Which Chester, in a fit of pique while I was at church Sunday, decided to shred. He hates hats. *g*) That went over very well with me. I also got my Bath & Body Works spray, although she got me the lotion and bath gel too, which I specifically said I did not need. My grandmother with the hearing. *g* Gotta love her. Also got $30 towards new glasses. Big yay!

Christmas morning dawned bright and early and had to race to mom and dad's house. There were many gifts exchanged, the hits being the remote control cars my mom got my dad and sis's fiance. They spent 30 minutes chasing the cats.

Overgrown 5-year-olds. *eg*

Unfortunately, mom and dad's house ended up being the place I got not so appropriate gifts. Sis got me this cute lamp that has a shade that's reminiscent of a coconut. Not shaped like one, but it's a fuzzy brown shade (shaped normally) with these tufts of feathery things around the rim. Very kitschy.

Then mom got me and sis a necklace. Remember those old Best Friends Forever necklaces that broke apart? You'd get half, the bf would get half...well mom got one's that had Mom on one half and Daughter on the other. That was so sweet. Loved it.

Then she got me a cordless phone/answering machine (which I needed a month ago, then mine came back to life so I didn't need it any more) and a CD.

The CD was the bummer. My sister gets Norah Jones, and I get an artist that my parents dragged me to see that I was kind of iffy on to begin with. He has a great voice. I really did like his voice. But he sings cutesy southern gospel, and that's not anything I listen to.

Oh well, we all have one of those gifts.

Then the other grandmother's house, and she gave me Nicholas Sparks' newest book and $30 toward glasses. It was funny, because I almost got her the same book. (And let me say, his books may be sad and melancholy, and sappy at times, but the man is very nice and extremely good looking. Got him to sign a book for my grandmother two years ago and wow. All I'm saying. Just wow.)

Went to see "Two Weeks Notice" that night, and while I love Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant (give me a spoon for that man), there were several holes in that movie. The progression of their didn't flow as it should. The director flubbed on that one. The grudging friendship should have been shown better.

Ah well.

And big moment of the week (up until Friday) was the dyeing of the hair on Thursday. Bright ass red folks. Love it. The consensus among those who had never seen me as a redhead was that it suits me. Hah. After being questioned as to the wisdom of my choice, it was good to be validated.

Will get into the bridesmaid dresses and the 911 fiasco later. Must actually do some work now.

But one last thing.

Due to paranoid dream on Sunday morning (right before I woke up, so I remember it), I need a few assurances. Because it was one of those dreams that had me waking up feeling panicky and ready to race 30 miles to a computer and internet hookup just to check in...

How ya feeling Tara? Feeling good? Aside from the...other stuff. Those worries. But aside from that, you doing good?

Yes, dreams can make a person all freaked out. My dream had me waking up sure that Tara was in imminent physical peril. So just needing a few reassurances. Then I'll be back to normal.
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( Dec. 23rd, 2002 11:23 am)
I feel in the mood to do absolutely nothing. Thank goodness there aren't many people here at work today, because that satisfies my mood nicely.

Bah. Just general, all-around blahness. I have to cook apple pie tomorrow for Christmas Eve dinner (hee, I'm so excited that a dish that I prepared on a whim last year has become a family favorite), which means I'll most likely slice a finger at some point. Me and knives. It's a bloody fued. *g*

So last night was the big Christmas program at church. Happens every year. Woo (notice the lack of "hoo"). It's just one of those things where you have an excuse to look fabulous. Velvet skirt, sparkly deep purple and black shirt (that does very enhancing drapey things). I looked fab. In part due to the hair.

See, after getting my great new flippy cut, I decided to do the experiment thing to see what hairstyles I could get out of it. You know, when drying it, curling it under instead of flipping it.

Bad, bad, bad. I had really conservative hair. Ghastly conservative. Very much not me. 4 years ago? It was me. I even had that hairstyle in college. But now, not so much me. And I discovered that one side was a half inch longer than the other side (and that's bad when it's supposed to be chin length - you can see that it's uneven) and there was a chunk in the back that was a half inch longer than everything else. So another girl at the salon repaired it at the end of the day Saturday (when the new girl had left).

It was amazing how choppy the first hair cut was. I could have done better, without any training. But the new hair is great. So I decided, since it was all nicely cut and razored on the ends, that I should try straightening it. With the flat iron. It had been a bad idea when I tried it a month ago (with really long hair that was fried on the ends), but maybe this time it would work.

Let's just say my diva sister who has beauty queen looks and my overly critical mother both raved over the hair. Random folks at church raved over the hair. Today, various coworkers have raved over the hair (and I also love the fact that the 45 minutes I spent straightening it is also allowing it to last until today). So I am actually going to make more of an effort to straighten my hair, because it looks great. My mom actually commented that it was very modern. *snort*

Quick Side Note for the Also Bored )

And now more vast amounts of boredom.
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( Dec. 18th, 2002 12:49 pm)
There is a reason people become depressed and suicidal at Christmastime. It's not from having no one to celebrate with. It's not because of the lack of sunlight.

It's because of the idiots at Wal-Mart. Of this I'm sure. Except it makes me more homicidal than suicidal.

Take the little girl in the cart that was screaming shrilly in staccato bursts. Just for the hell of it. No reason. Grinning like a fool and just screaming. Mom was paying her no attention whatsoever. Me, I'm trying to remember all of the laws I'd be breaking if I leaned over and smacked duct tape over the little brat's mouth.

That would be illegal, right?

And then there are clerks that wait until you get to the counter to go on break. Or the customers that think standing in the middle of the aisle with a buggy and for snotty kids, leaving no room for other customers, is a fantastic idea.

I hate shopping at Wal-Mart, I hate shopping with weirdos, and I hate people.

*sigh* I swear, it's the season. I'll be better soon. Hopefully.

Fun item of the day. Got a haircut last night from the new girl at the salon. She's not bad, but she doesn't seem to listen and understand as well as my old hairstylist did. (But I'm not arguing with a free haircut, folks.) She just seemed to miss exactly what I was saying about my hair. Layering is not in her vocabulary. It was only by coincidence that she got it marginally right. But it's cute. And very flippy. And scarily, I knew when she was done which two celebrities I looked like a cross between.

Just let me say, when I get my hair dyed bright ass red next week, I will look like Famke Jansen (in X2) with a touch of Drew Barrymore whimsy. Actually, that's what my hair will look like. But if you want to see what my hair looks very much like, go to X2's website and scroll through the gallery of pictures. There's only one of her, but that's my haircut, except the ends are more flippy, and piecier. (Is that even a word?*g*)

Once I get my hair dyed, I'm probably going to blackmail a coworker into photographing me with the digital camera. Just cause.

Okay, bored, angsty, and feeling like inflicting mayhem on unsuspecting characters. For some reason I'm having thoughts associated with the song "Let It Snow" that are dire. Murder mystery dire. Kidnapping, torture. Obsession.

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight
How I'll hate going out in the storm!
But if you'll really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still goodbying
But as long as you love me so
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Does anyone else see the sordid undertones in that song? Or is it just a matter of my very weird mood inflicting itself on a poor hapless song?

Hmmm. Maybe I've found an impetus to get out of this writing slump.

(BTW - Kathe, any ideas on what we should do for the fanfic panel? I have no idea where to start. Tara, I know Miss Windy didn't happen to list you when she sent out the panel moderators, but I know you expressed interest. Still wanna work on the fanfic panel?)


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