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( Oct. 15th, 2010 05:32 pm)
I haven't posted anything in forever. And I know why. For years LiveJournal has been where I can post things that are really personal, a place where I could be honest even if I wasn't with folks that I see every day. So while I've mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter, I haven't mentioned it here because to mention it is for it to be real.

My 12-year-old dog Chester is in chronic kidney failure. Since April he's lost 11 pounds. That's a huge amount on a dog that started out weighing 37 pounds. This weekend he's at the vet because he stopped eating Wednesday night. When he was diagnosed, his BUN level was 124 (normal range maxes out at 24, at 60 they're supposedly near death), his CREA level was at 8.4 (compared to the BUN level, this number is even worse). I've been giving him fluids at home (thank god for the wildlife center and my experience there), and he's been on kidney food. Overall he seemed to be fine, despite losing more weight, until Wednesday.

I was terrified that with him not eating, that was it. My dog isn't normal. There's supposed to be lots of vomiting at the end (he threw up once Wed. night), but if there's nothing in the system, I'm not sure that'll be how it goes for him. I thought he was going to be euthanized today, to be honest. My dad was with me for moral support (and as a loan shark, since a weekend at the vets is going to cost $530).

The vet just called to let me know Chester's doing fine. He's been perky as all get out over there, but like I told them, he thinks the vet is the most awesome place ever. There are people and animals. What's not to love? They worried me, though, when they said he went outside to the bathroom and when he came back in, he trotted right over to his crate without any fuss. They found it cute. I didn't tell them that Chester hates a crate and for him to willingly go in one means he doesn't feel well. So now I'm going to worry that in the morning he'll be way worse off.
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( Oct. 29th, 2009 08:25 pm)
Research Study

My dog is in a territorial dispute with my grandmother. If she comes down to the basement, he immediately goes over and has to eat his food.

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( Sep. 10th, 2009 08:57 am)
1. Harry Potter: If you love me, you'll rec me some Ron/Hermione fics.

2. So You Think You Can Dance: Last night's ep was Hines-tastic. I so love tappers. And honestly, it's one of the few forms of dance that feels gender neutral. Bianca, Ryan and the new guy all have their own styles in tap, but there isn't something inherently girly or masculine about any of them.

3. Supernatural: SPN TONIGHT!!!!! *glee*

4. Caffeine Withdrawal: Had nothing caffeinated on Tuesday or Wednesday. Am drinking a Coke right now as I woke up with a headache. Of course, that could have been from all the sleeping (two hour naps on both days without, plus at least 10 hours' sleep each night), but either way, I don't do migraines. I can go back to no caffeine tomorrow. One Coke every three days is way better.

5. Lasik: Have an appointment for a lasik consultation next Wednesday. 90 minutes of eye dilation fun.

6. Chester: Finally, a picture of him minus hair. Sadly, the picture doesn't do the lion cut justice. Just remember, he went from hair that was about three inches long at its shortest to a foot long at its longest to this ).

7. NASCAR: So there's a BBSadler on the way. I've got money on it being a girl, because then we'll have to have a BBMcMurray and lord knows a boy would be lost on Jamie. So it would be funny if there was a baby boy McMurray.
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( Aug. 27th, 2009 02:02 pm)
For the record, deer ticks are super tiny. As in, you can't see them until they're engorged.

My dog has long hair and a double coat.

And there were a FEW HUNDRED ticks on him.
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( May. 19th, 2009 06:14 pm)
So, having lunch with my grandmother tomorrow to inform her I have to move out of my apartment by the end of the month and need to move into her basement.

Things I'll need to cover:

1. Paying her rent. Even though it'll probably drive her nuts, because you take care of family, there's the fact that I can't, in good conscience, live there without providing some money. I'm thinking $350 a month. $300 in rent, $50 to cover the power/water bill difference.

2. Groceries. On the plus side, we'll both eat decently since cooking for two is easier than cooking for one. I'd still need to discuss with her meal planning or splitting the groceries, but we may have to do that as we go along.

3. Internet or Cable. While the TV viewing season is okay for me (I could live with rabbit ears), the internet is another issue. I feasibly could just go to the library daily for job searching and email checking, but there's a chance, since I'm just putting my account on hold until I get a job (which better go smoothly, Time Warner Cable), that since she has cable I could get internet added on to her account for a period of time. Just for the basement.

I keep thinking there's something else, but I can't think what. *sigh* Funny how I'd been eating everything in sight when I found out I couldn't be a cop, but tell me I have to move in with family and "inconvenience" them (not their words, what it feels like to me) and suddenly I have no appetite at all.

I think the biggest issue for my grandmother would probably be Chester, but he's easy - I have no beliefs that my dog should get hte run of hte house. He'll stay in the basement and we'll work on him staying quiet. He'll bark for a bit because he'll have trouble getting used to it all. But he'll adjust. And I'll pick up after him in the yard. Ooooh, maybe I can suggest me doing yard work as well, since that could save her some money and give me something to do.


And with regards to my family, my mother got laid off today. Well, she was informed of the layoff, but she'll be working until the 29th. Which, come to think of it, is just a week and a half longer. She joked that they may need me to move in with them just for the rent money. LOL (Too small a space and no room for Chester.)
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:34 am)
Woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow outside. It's beautiful. The trees are gorgeous. Our tennis court looks crazy amazing. (My camera screamed "white out!" and refuses to recognize anything.)

Walking the dog took twice as long this morning because he was too busy frolicking. Full on cavorting, even. Rampant giddiness with a side of frivolity.

ETA: Took the dog out again, as I'm a good mommy (and had finally warmed up). He frolicked some more. Sniffed. Kometa (huskey/malamute mix) from next door wanted to play. Chester would bounce for two seconds and then go "Oh crap she's big!" and run the other direction out of abject fear. Twas so adorable!
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( Feb. 19th, 2009 02:26 pm)
I hate the gym. Even though I can actually do pull ups now and I couldn't when I started.


Also, I hate the left side of my body and it's random pains. Because the right side thinks the left side is a wuss.


Somebody hacked into something to do with VISA, the result of which is the NC State Employee's Credit Union reissuing debit cards to EVERYONE. I mean everyone. And a new PIN. I've had my card and PIN since I was 16. That's...dudes, that's half my life. I'm supposed to forget a number I've used half my life?

Incidentally, I got my new PIN today. The new card still hasn't gotten here.

[ profile] bubblesbrnaid, you'll be wanting to keep an eye out for that as well.


My dog is in love with his teddy. So much so that he will sit on the couch, staring over the back at me (my desk is behind the couch), trying to shove teddy at me. Just so I'll throw it for him. (He's getting more exercise. And he hasn't torn it to shreds yet. This is totally win-win.)
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 01:58 pm)
I'm having an urge for chess pie.


My dog has a new toy - Teddy. My grandmother for some reason gave me a teddy bear for Valentine's Day. Usually the dog has designs on chewing them up, so I give them to charity instead. This time I let him have the bear. He plays with it all the time. He'll also sit with it and lick the face or the butt. I don't know. But it's cute.


The dog also, bless his heart, had an incident at lunch. I ate and then gave him the plate to lick. There was ketchup on the plate. He hates ketchup. Watching a dog make faces when he runs into ketchup is too cute.
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( Feb. 8th, 2009 08:08 am)
My dog either drained the water bowl and felt I needed to know this morning, or he just really had to go to the bathroom. Either way, Chester decided it was time to get up and the result was him getting on the bed and barking at me at 7:45.

That was a new one.


My family's work life sucks donkey balls right now.

My aunt got fired after four months as a temp worker (she was supposed to be permanent right now - another ishy fact) because the new supervisor didn't know what he was doing, and when she did it better, they canned her.

My mom works at a place where she's not allowed to use problem solving skills or do anything but exactly what she's told, the way she's told it. Plus there's tons of bitchiness and back stabbing. As evidenced by the girl that's actively trying to get mom fired because this girl hates my sister and hates my mother. My sister can take her out. Mom is in trouble.


How did I miss that the top five for the Shootout were Harvick, McMurray, Stewart, Gordon and ALLMENDINGER!!!!


Hopefully it'll get up to mid-50s soon, so I can go outside and exercise.
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 11:31 am)
Five Four Things

1. Bobby Labonte has been granted release from Petty Enterprises. (Basically, his decision. At least that's the impression I've gotten so far. He's a free agent.)

2. Yuletide is kicking my ass. It's not even at the stage where I'm having trouble writing. I'm actually having trouble coming up with anything to write. My source is awesome, but I'm having trouble with ideas. Thing is, I'm going to have to start writing this weekend. (It's also not helped by general life stress and the fact that any time I sit down to watch the last episode - planning writing time afterwards - something happens that cuts into my writing time. Before I even get anything watched.)

3. Chester has for some reason, after a year and a half, discovered that the couch is awesome. This goes beyond his normal couch love (if I'm on the couch and someone else is in my apartment and sitting on the couch, as soon as they go to the bathroom or the kitchen, he must steal their spot). He'll actively go sit on the couch, even with his normal spots open. He especially prefers to curl up on the left end. It's cute, except when he wants to curl up there after coming in from the rain.

4. Gov. Blogo (I can say it but not spell it) is amusing me greatly. Mainly because I'm not from Illinois and don't have to live through that horror. The way I see it, if a politician is going to be corrupt, that's the way to be corrupt. Be really corrupt so there's no wiggle room and they can nail your ass. Trying to sell a senate seat? Hey! Makes it easy on prosecutors!
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( Nov. 26th, 2008 01:33 pm)
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( Nov. 18th, 2008 08:49 pm)
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( Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:50 pm)
Supernatural: I know it's not over, but I really didn't like this episode.

Ugly Betty: Please tell me Lindsay is gone soon. I don't like that storyline. It's completely out of the blue and moronic.

Chester: My dog. The problem with long fur is that it mats easily. So I had to basically shave his butt. The fur back there was matting, no matter what I did. So he looks like a freak.
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( Aug. 6th, 2008 08:50 pm)
Wanna see one of the things I've done while on vacation?

Under here for the fun! )
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( May. 21st, 2008 02:19 pm)
Work Today

I'm not getting any work done today, and the reason can be summed up as this ). Yep. Dog came to work with me. This is what happens when the air conditioning breaks at home.


Horse Racing

Big Brown probably winning the Triple Crown is kind of a let down this year. For one, he's owned by a conglomerate. For another, it's just a crappy horse year. And there's the fact that the emphasis on fast over sturdy when breeding (and lineage over going outside the "accepted" gene pool). Smarty Jones was a great horse in the horse world because he wasn't the status quo.

So to pick myself up slightly (cause I'm still bummed over Eight Belles), a reminder of the two horses that encompass everything I fell in love with in regards to the Triple Crown.

Sunday Silence )

Charismatic )

Oddly enough, I just realized that my favorite horses were from 1989 and 1999. Which bodes well for next year.


All Star Race

My family (me, mom, dad, sister) went to the All Star Race on Saturday night. This was my parents' first race. And they have little interest in racing. *g*

So, the annoying first - chain smoking obnoxious drunks that constantly hit you in the head and kick you in the ass for the. entire. race. And a family with ADD that doesn't pay attention when you tell them "the merchandise trailers are thataway" and proceed to walk through the gates, into the track. (Which means we got to our seats at 4:00. And I didn't get to use the FanView I was loaned. Or get to go by the Team Red Bull trailer. Overall, I got screwed.)

The great was pretty much everything else.

The Showdown

1. I screamed muchly when people were introduced. My family was amused.

2. AJ winning was AWESOME. Twould have been awesomer if Brian or David Ragan had been second, but I'll take what I can get.

3. They didn't show on TV that AJ was exceedingly apologetic to Ellyut. He got loose and the car walked up the track, which, hey, the cars don't wreck as easily as they used to. But it meant he got into Ellyut, which ended Ellyut's day, and AJ felt so very bad about it. He spent a great amount of time apologizing, even more time than he spent celebrating.

4. When AJ got done with his SPEED interview, he turned around and Brian was right there to congratulate him. They did lots of manly hugging.

The Burnout Competition

1. It smelled bad. *g*

2. Jimmie's tires exploding was loud. We all jumped.

3. Kevin's tires didn't explode as loudly.

The All Star Race

1. I made my mother pay particular attention to Junior's introduction. She was very amused by the crowd reaction.

2. I also made her pay attention to Kyle Busch's introduction. She said the crowd was mean. I pointed out that Kyle pretty much asks for it. (Although I did find the crowd mean for booing Kyle's pit crew at the Pit Crew Challenge. They're not Kyle.)

3. I spotted Kasey's pit crew before he was announced as the fan vote winner, which I was able to tell the preteen girl in front of me sporting a Kasey Kahne hat, carrying a fan sign. Hey, if it couldn't have been Ellyut and wasn't Brian or David Ragan, at least the kid got her guy in.

4. DJ and that UPS truck was even more awesome in person.

5. "God Bless America" sounded worse in person, but thankfully "The Star Spangled Banner" sounded great.

6. Drums on TV - good. Drums in person - way too echoy.

7. The crowd often had no clue what was going on. So our first indication that Kyle was in trouble was when his car stayed on pit road after the mandatory 10 minute period. The cheer you heard on TV when they started pushing it back down pit road was because that's when we found out he was out. It was AWESOME.

8. My dad laughed his ass off when Junior took the lead. Mainly because the crowd went nuts.

9. My dad turned to me after the last pit stop and said "Junior's in trouble for taking that long, he won't win". If my dad, who only has a slight clue about racing, can tell that a four tire stop is bad, how come the driver and crew couldn't figure it out? I know the car was wicked loose, but damn!

10. My family got tired of me screaming "GO BIFFLE" for the last two segments. They had to deal.

11. The most incredible moment of the night came post-race, while they were dragging out the victory stage. DJ was put up on the big screen as he was getting out of his car. If you thought he was teary during the anthem, that was nothing compared to the crying he was doing after the race. I admit to getting teary-eyed myself.
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( May. 19th, 2008 03:25 pm)
Picture of the Day

Reporter photographs wound after javelin pierces his leg. I'm not posting the actual picture because I like you, dear old f-list.


I'm having food issues. I'm not hungry, except once in a blue moon, and when I make myself eat something I'll get full quickly. Like, in one bite I'll be so full that I almost throw up the bite I'm trying to swallow.

It's annoying.


Front coming in. Stop. Am breaking out in hives. Stop. Took Benadryl. Stop. Am brainless.


I have tons of NASCAR updates from the weekend, but suffice it to say, my brain dead nature means I won't be making that post today.

The Dog

Chester got stung by a wasp yesterday. We walked out the door and he promptly stepped on the thing. Curled up in the grass whimpering and limped for two hours. I had to go to the store, buy vinegar, soak some bandages in the vinegar and then tie that to his foot and cover it with a sock to get him to leave his foot alone so I could take the pain away. Between that and the Benadryl I gave him, he was back to his old self shortly afterward. But he's really funny to watch when he limps.

Did any of that make sense? My brain is fuzzy.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 01:42 pm)
American Idol

Finally American Idol delivered some contestants I could get behind - Carly (the Irish chick looking for her second chance) and at least one other female (plus I dug one or two guys).

It also delivered what I consider to be the two worst contestants of the season: the Mariah Carey fangirl and the girl who was insulted because Simon told her she was like William Hung.

Now, I know they picked other, more flamboyant people to be the "bad" ones to really laugh at. Sadly, they were wrong. The reasons these two were the worst we've seen so far?

1. The Mariah fangirl displayed to perfection the problem with many young singers today - they think that everything by a famous singer is great and try to emulate even the bad stuff. This girl actually had a good tone. But she was trying to be Glitter-era Mariah, which is just a travesty. She didn't even know what she'd done wrong. Hell, Mariah, I'm pretty sure, doesn't know that Glitter was a bad era. How are these young people supposed to learn if no one will point out that even the best singers have their faults?

2. The Hung 2.0 girl got off easy. William Hung was better than her. At least William Hung had a semblance of rhythm and would be entertaining at a night of karaoke. This girl was just BAD. She didn't have tune. She didn't have rhythm. She didn't have anything approaching anything going for her. (Plus I'm pretty sure she was one of those that was faking somewhat, which I find really annoying. How can the producers not see a faker a mile away?)

Purchases Made

Bought two tops at lunch. I'm in love with them like whoa.

Tops under here )

The first one is deceptively plain. The picture doesn't show it well, but it's a brighter turquoise with white polka dots on it. It also fits better on someone with some curves (i.e. me) than on the model's figure.

The second top is to die for. I'm not one for that mustardy color, but it was just unusual enough that I wanted to try it on. Plus the piping really sets it off.


Yesterday was spent holed up in a conference room here at work so I could avoid the smell of diesel fumes (as I went to bed at 6 on Monday night thanks to a migraine). That helped. It also helped that construction was cut back on. Since today was supposed to be rainy, I figured, hey, I get to sit at my desk and work instead of having to bring in my laptop.

Guess what? No rain and lots of construction. *sigh*

Chester's Lump

Chester's lump appears to be going down. Yay! Or at least I'm tricking myself into thinking so. Next Monday is when I have to really evaluate it, because if it's not down significantly then, I'll have to take him to the vet.


I'm due for a haircut next week. I'm looking at getting three inches chopped off. (I probably should take a picture beforehand, to show off how long my hair is. Let's put it this way - it tangles in my sleep and during the day, just by itself.)

I'm thinking about getting a Vidal Sassoon bob, but the updated version. But I can't find a good picture of one. (I want a longer bob.) I really like the asymmetrical bob that Crush has on American Gladiators, but I need something with bangs or something bang-ish. Sort of like what Charlize Theron has here ).


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