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( Aug. 21st, 2009 06:01 pm)
1. Hairdresser butchered my hair today. I'm pissed. I wasn't happy when I saw it, then when I got home and truly got a bead on it, I was mad. It's too short. Way too freaking short. I don't know what the hell she was thinking. A trim does not mean completely rework my hairstyle. The good news is, I have a month and a half until my next haircut (for my sister's wedding). So I can have a talk with her before the next cut to explain what she can and cannot do with my hair.

2. I'm so desperately ready for a job that I'm actually getting mad. That plus sleep deprivation and driving a lot. 18 hours of driving in the past week alone just for job hunting. (Trip to Georgia and trip to south of the state.) One place sent out an email that they won't be contacting anyone again until OCTOBER. Fuckers.

3. My grandmother is stressed (one of her dearest friends fell down stairs and broke her neck. Yes, she's dead.), which I understand, but it's resulting in her being hypercritical. I've taken to hiding in the basement.

4. My overwhelming urge right now is to eat. Even when I'm not hungry. I want food. Because I'm unhappy and I don't know why, but food seems to be the answer. Except I'm refusing to go that route, as we all know where it ends up. My biggest hope is that next weekend will make up for the crappy.

5. Next weekend is a trip to the beach for my sister. 7 or 8 of us in a condo. The annoying part is that one car is leaving at 7 a.m. and plans on spending all day on teh beach. Car number two leaves at 6 p.m. Quite honestly, I don't want to leave early, but I don't want to leave late. I'd like to leave midday. And I've been in such a bad mood that I'm wondering if maybe I should drive separately. Gotta see about that.

So, something that pleases me...

Brian Vickers' muscular, running ass )

Casey Mears hugging Brian, plus some dude staring at Casey's ass )

My hilarious Greg and Jamie mini-standups )

Hot wheels! And hot lug nuts. )
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( May. 18th, 2009 01:45 pm)
[ profile] luvinthe88and20 provides the visual evidence...

Jimmie Johnson gets a makeover.

If by "makeover" one means "Mears apparently sent Jimmie to his old barber and Raoul got hacked to death."
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 09:32 am)

1. Boris Said was in a race when his car burst into flames. He's sustained second and third degree burns to his face and eyes. He walked away from it, but this is Boris, our love, our boy. Be thinking of him. (Also, on a shallow note, this means the fire came close to his hair. Not good!)

2. Truex, Junior and Kurt Busch are going to be on CMT Cribs this Saturday.

3. Junior and Mears are on probation for six races after post-race shenanigans at Phoenix. Funny thing is, considering I was worried they'd ding Mears with penalties (when it was obvious that Junior started the post-race stuff), I'm cool with probation. I'm guessing they got the guys in the red truck, looked at them hard, they both acted sheepish and the probation was just cause. But more importantly, we're still penalty free for the year. No post-race penalties. No Tuesday penalties. It's kind of freaky.
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( Jan. 19th, 2009 04:25 pm)
60 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR

Number 26: Casey Mears

Requirement: tight white t-shirts )

Number 25: Ron Malec

Crew guy, bringing the hotness )
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( Oct. 8th, 2008 03:02 pm)
NASCAR News and Notes

1. In the ever-changing landscape of silly season, we have some notable changes for the rest of this year. Patrick Carpentier is out of the 10 effective immediately (Evernham being his douchey best) and AJ Allmendinger will be driving the 00 at Charlotte, then the 10 for the rest of the year. No news on either of them about next year.

2. Samantha Mae Mears was born yesterday. She's named after great-grandmother.

3. Elliott Sadler will be driving a pink car. Well, not totally pink. Pink and black. Okay, so more black than pink. *g* Wanna see what his uniform will look like? )



Tony Stewart, Ward Burton, David Ragan, David Reutimann, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, AJ Allmendinger, Brian Vickers, Bobby Labonte, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Jamie McMurray, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton )
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 04:58 pm)
NASCAR Chase Edition Fun

1. That fight between Tony and Zippy was kind of astounding. I think they also fought after the end of the race, as Tony was awfully subdued and positive when he was interviewed.

2. Casey Mears commercial! With Casey! Talking! Okay, with hair, but CASEY.

3. Hornish hits many things again. Surprise!

4. Bubbles keeps singing stuffs. A lot.

5. Kyle spinning off of Junior's bumper. And Junior taking responsibility for it even though it still might not have quite been his fault.

And now time to walk the dog and procrastinate until the Nationwide race starts. We've had pizza. Now the "exercise".
Random Picspam: New Hampshire Edition

NASCAR picspam! Because really, who would have thought that New Hampshire would provide the most awesome of all awesome pictures?

(And the cheesetastic picture of Truex trying to be the official cheesey snack of NASCAR is not included. Mainly because it's everywhere. You can't miss it.)

Here be kissing, wet t-shirts, bad hair, and FoxSports Slash! )


In Other Sports News

1. Olympics trials are of the awesome.
2. The dang Visa commercial with the guy breaking down and his daddy helping him makes me cry.
3. And the Yankees/Furries story is entirely too entertaining for words.

I hate you.

No love,



No, really, I don't think you understood my last note. I really, really hate you. Like, not only do I not want to have sex with you ever again, but I'm totally telling everyone that you have crabs and sleep with sluts.

No love,



Maybe you didn't quite understand from my last note. I never want to see you again. You've hurt me for the last time. You cheated on me with a Californian. A crybaby Californian at that. And no, I'm not talking about Jeff Gordon. Or Jimmie Johnson. And don't even mention Casey Mears. He had every reason to cry. No, I'm not talking about Harvick either, or Allmendinger or...

You know, never mind. I don't know why I'm wasting my breath. You love California more than you love me.

No love,



I hate you kind of this morning for sure and never want to see you again and all a night's (abbreviated) sleep has taught me is...well, yeah, I'll be watching at one.

But you owe me, you bastard.

Grouchily yours,



In all seriousness, 2-fucking-a.m.? You were going to inflict a 2 a.m. race time on those drivers? Let's mention jet lag. Let's mention the fact that their schedules are already fucked up. Let's mention the part where most of them have had to wait around all day for something to happen. Let's mention that some of them are tired from fucking Kasey Kahne. Oh, wait, that's just Ellyut. For god's sake! Have pity on all the fans who already left the freaking track because they're exhausted and wet. Have pity on all the fans at home who just want to sleep for a bit. Wait a day and freaking run the entire race, okay?

Oh, and you owe Casey Mears an apology. And Denny Hamlin. And the collateral damage (Junior, Hornish, Sorenson) from that Mears wreck. Really, anyone who slid because of the weeping track.

Very tiredly yours,

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( Feb. 19th, 2008 03:13 pm)
Second half of Hendrick round table.

Including Casey Mears in the jeans and shirt with forearms and...

*falls off chair*

Or it's the first part. I'm not sure. Either way, Casey and the jeans and the shirt and the forearms and...

*falls off chair again*
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 10:05 am)
Oh, another NASCAR item of note...

Dear Casey Mears:

Let's have a little talk. About the clothing you wear. You should always wear the outfit you were wearing during that NASCAR Now interview all the Hendrick drivers did. Cause your forearms were making me drool (I made Bubbles pause the video) and because those jeans were probably illegal in some states for being so deliciously tight in all the right areas.


That and the mad cackling that Jeff and Jimmie did when Junior was asked to reveal something about Casey...well, it just says a lot about how Casey is able to keep work and private time separate. I still want to know, though, what was so naughty about Casey. *g* (And dear Junior, please stop mentioning sleep overs.)

Dear Bobby Labonte:

Your eyebrow made that Coca Cola commercial. It really did. Please to be doing the eyebrow lift of skepticism more often.

Dear Truex:

Wow. So Kyle Busch "drives like a girl" because he blocks people? You do know who you drive for right? DEI? The Intimidator's team?
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 09:19 am)
Things that are awesome about NASCAR and the Daytona 500

1. When guys who've never won the 500 win. Which, I think, of the top 10...was about nine of them. LOL So I would have been happy if any of the top 10 had won. (Well, since Junior was the one who'd won previously...)

2. Newman's wife with the crying. (Plus the fact that she wasn't "camera ready" like all other NASCAR wives tend to be.)

3. Newman's dad and the tackling.

4. The fact that Jeff Gordon is now from North Carolina.

5. The Toyota commercial. Tony is so cutely protective of Zippy. And Shrub screams well.

6. Guys with deep voices. Dave Blaney, Martin Truex Jr., Casey Mears...the fourth guy that I can't remember at the moment. There were four really, really deep voices in that startling lineup that FOX did and boy, did I blink when they talked. (You never quite realize how deep their voices are until they're up against one another. Plus I realized that my hearing really sucks and deep voices I can hear better.)

7. Junior with the funny perspective. Talking about how those Penske guys worked together to get that win and everyone else was in it for themselves, himself included. (Of course, he's allowed to be funny about those things. He has a 500 win. And his season is already better than last year.)

8. DW tearing up at the beginning. One reason I like the FOX crew better - the ones who weren't aiming to be announcers from the time they were five don't pretend they weren't in the sport before they were announcers. Yeah, Hammond gets on my nerves sometimes, but there's a balance between them all and they know they're connected to the sport in a way that's different from other announcers who just announce.

9. National anthems that are in tune and sung well.

10. Nothing is better than the roar of those engines firing up.

11. Explaining to a coworker that the great thing about my sport is that I root for more than one guy, and a good day doesn't necessarily equal a win. So it's hard to have a bad race. (Unless I'm there in person and yet again someone I don't root for wins. For some reason it's different in person. You feel like if you paid the money, you should get to see one of your favorites win. Believe me - I've seen the following win in person: Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart - and you want the guy you're rabid about right at that moment to win.)
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 08:46 am)
Vaguely Supernatural Related

I think there's amusement to be had in the fact that...I didn't dream last night. For the first time in a week. At all. Dang that was some good sleep. *g*

Also on the vaguely related to Supernatural front, Bobby is totally a Bobby Labonte fan. Earlier there was discussion between me and [ profile] bubblesbrnaid about how he's more old school, like a Davey Allison fan or something, but you know, considering Bobby Labonte's been shooting hogs with bow and arrow in the off season and the incident with the beaver, plus the fact that Bobby on SPN is played by Jim Beaver (see that lovely segway?), I'm just sure that it all culminates with that biting wit they both have and yeah. Bobby is a fan of Bobby.


Other TV

I'm a dork, because I DVRed Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice in favor of watching Supernatural with neighbors and watching the Bud Shootout Selection Show. Let it be known, even I was hollering for someone to attack Kenny Wallace with duct tape by the end of it. Which was 10 minutes past when the end was supposed to be since Kenny. Wouldn't. Shut. Up.

Things learned though...Jamie has amazing beer bottle cap flipping skills, Greg Biffle sucks at choosing his own bottle but totally picked right for Jamie, Greg is scared of Jamie's beer bottle cap flipping, Tony is scared of the flipping as well, Mikey is totally going to win in some wild karmic retribution for everyone thinking he sucks the most in Toyotas (he's starting third - plus the first Toyota win of any sort in Cup going to Mikey), Mikey was taking pictures of everyone (which could be scary), JJ Yeley apparently doesn't like his given name (based upon the flinching when they actually announced it), Tony's hair is it's own living creature at this point, and Casey Mears is sick (like, literally - Gustaffson showed up to pick the starting spot).


Dog Rescue

Last night was kind of traumatic, because en route home I spotted a dog running around in the grassy median of a four lane interstate. I whipped off the next exit and circled back around. Poor dog was one of those southern ones - beagle mix that had part of a rope still attached to its collar, indicating it had been tied out in the yard and the rope snapped. Poor thing had no clue what was going on, but he was freaked all to hell. The cars scared him, I scared him, the other guy that stopped scared him...we got close to catching him before he dashed out into traffic. (65 mph traffic at that.) I actually turned my back, because I couldn't watch him get hit. By some stroke of luck he made it through. We just hoped he was headed in the right direction. And I really, really hope that the road kill that I saw this morning wasn't him.


Tagged by [ profile] dragonsinger:

"When I Was a Kid" Meme


1. Five bands/singers you loved.

2. Five songs you loved.

3. Five TV shows you watched.

4. Five movies you were obsessed with.

5. Five people you want to answer this, too.

Answers )
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( Sep. 18th, 2007 03:17 pm)
Sometimes things don't make any sense. These pictures are evidence of those things.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Waiting for the fighting to start )
This is a catch-all post. Things are shorter than I want, but I'll never post otherwise, so...

My Sister's Boobs

She made me poke them. Luckily she did not flash me. But I poked the top edge of her fake boobs. She lied when she said she didn't go too big. They're a small C. Her skin is way too stretched and they're very stiff. And she had them covered. All this I could tell with them covered.


Yay for Mears! Yay for Truex! I like when guys win who haven't won before. Tis awesome.

I especially love when guys win in their sophomore season or later. For some reason, when rookies win I feel like they don't have as fine of an appreciation for it as the other guys do. Granted, if they don't win their rookie season they tend to end up as one of those drivers with a solid career, but not a superstar, so...

And randomly, dear Tony Stewart, please stop talking about your relationship with Zippy and saying "It's like we're married." Because seriously, I'll take you two to Canada if you want. Just to see who'd get to be the husband. (Something Tony said on Trackside for some reason makes me think that Zippy gets to be the husband.) We'll ignore the part where Zip is already married.

NEXTEL Pit Crew Challenge

Most importantly: the pit crews are ten million kinds of awesome and TV fails to capture their awesomeness. Those men bust their asses getting up and down that arena for the competition. They do things they don't normally do (run 40 yards, push a car - well, they don't do that if they're not Newman's crew). They for once get spotlighted for the training they go through. In a word, they RULE.

Many apologies to the amazing eyesight of [ profile] bubblesbrnaid for doubting that it was in fact Matt Borland sitting a couple rows back and half a row down. *headdesk* You'd think after spotting his shining silver hair from a distance at Penske that I could spot him in profile much closer. Turns out...I can't.

Newman's crew won. They were good. Timewise, there was only one other team close, and that was the 83 team. Sadly, Newman's crew called out the Red Bull team (full time pit crew guys who do it 7 days a week) in the third round and beat them there. Third best team all night long was the 43 crew, though, so much love to Bobby's team for giving it all they had.

Bobby Labonte waved at me. *g* That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Hey, I yelled REALLY LOUDLY when everyone else was quiet and he turned and waved in our direction. So you know, that was for me.)

Jeff Gordon is seriously short, but he looks oddly good with scruff.

Doug Richert is love. So is Vickers.

I will always root for a team if their driver shows up to support them. Especially if the driver gets in the car and steers. (Hence the fact that I was rooting for Kyle Busch at one point.)

Bobby Labonte has a whole lotta stuff in his pockets. Seriously. Every pants pocket was filled with stuff.
This post is all NASCAR, brought to you by Bojangles'.

NASCAR Neurosis

This moment is dedicated to [ profile] celli and [ profile] tenel, who will undoubtedly laugh their asses off.

This morning, while getting dressed, I had a moment of horror. I had my hose on and made the move to put on my bra. So, essentially, I'm standing in my bedroom half naked (not nekkid, as nothing untoward was going on). The TV is on to the morning news. Just as I'm going to put on the bra I look up to see Jeff Gordon on my TV screen, grinning and giving me the thumbs up. My first reaction? To shriek and cover my boobs.

So lesson learned - I don't want Gordon seeing me naked. It's skeevy.

The commercial in question is part of this campaign.

The Vickers Complex

Vickers video that makes me giggle like whoa. Also known as, riding a half-pipe in a rolling desk chair. WITH helmet.

Yeah, I may have watched that five times already.

Also, something tells me some of the quotes from the Hendrick camp in here were from Jimmie and Jeffy, not from Kyle.

"Vickers' former teammates quietly suggest he hadn't appeared to change much since joining the team at the behest of team-owner Rick Hendrick's late son, Ricky, in 2003 and that he was content being a kid."

Because a couple of 30-somethings have SO much in common with a 23-year-old. And are at the same point in their lives. Methinks asking Kyle would have been a better option.

Stealing Harvick

From Jayski:

Don't have a ton of details on this, but heard from sources at the track that someone broke into the #29 RCR garage this morning at Atlanta Motor Speedway, taking Kevin Harvick's helmet and was supposedly caught climbing a fence with the helmet on, no word on any other items taken or any damage by the person.

UPDATE: Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick's helmet was stolen from the #29 hauler in the Nextel Cup garage Sunday morning. But the caper was quickly foiled by speedway security. "[NASCAR] was notified early this morning that track security had come across and apprehended two individuals in the garage who were in the possession of Kevin Harvick's racing helmet," NASCAR spokesperson Kerry Tharp said. "The police were notified, the individuals were arrested and the helmet was returned safe and sound."


Kyle Busch and Casey Mears are testing COTs at Caraway Speedway tomorrow. The squeal you heard from me is over 1) drivers that close to where I live (Caraway is just outside Asheboro), 2) COT that close to me (I wanna see one) and 3) the idea of those two in an isolated place, because Casey could hurt Kyle and no one would be the wiser. What? I'm sadistic.

Unfortunate Wording Leads To Slash

Team Red Bull is notorious for the parties it throws in Formula One, and Vegas gave the team a proper venue for its first NASCAR celebration. The first-year NASCAR team rented out the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino, then put together an exclusive guest list for the seven-hour bash. The doors opened at 9 p.m., and NASCAR president Mike Helton made his brief appearance shortly thereafter. Drivers Greg Biffle and David Gilliland were also among the first on the scene - as well as the last to leave. Johnson and wife, Chandra, arrived with driver Casey Mears, while Kasey Kahne showed up with Elliott Sadler.

So Jimmie and Chandra have a threesome going with Mears and Sadler is Kahne's bitch? The HELL?

Simon Cowell Gets Judged - By Michael Waltrip and Kurt Busch

Oh, and Mario Andretti. But he doesn't count as I'm female, therefore I don't exist.

Simon Cowell Gets Judged video.

The judging starts about 2:41. Mikey goes all out at being extra snarky.

ETA: Newman Surprise

Shocking Newman Video!!!!

He has a neck! Oh, and he surprises a fan at an Alltel store. The fan, being of the NASCAR redneck variety, is awesome and reacts like he's supposed to, with yelling, declarations of "I'm shaking like a leaf", and bowing.

Yeah, I said bowing.


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