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( Dec. 28th, 2009 09:00 pm)
Fixing My Shows

Accidentally on Purpose

1. Either really make James want to get back together with Billie, or ditch the character. This limbo he’s in makes no sense.

2. NEEDS MORE RYAN. Ryan is way more interesting of a buddy than Davis.

3. Either have Billie and Zack explore the idea of a relationship or don’t. But it’s hard to buy the idea that a smart, together professional woman (even when Jenna Elfman is good at playing the insecurities) would be interested in more than a one night stand with Zack, even with how hot he is and the proximity.

American Idol

1. Unfortunately, go back to 12 guys, 12 girls. Because the main viewership for this show is female and a large portion are stupid and choose looks (and guys they love to drool over) over talent (and women with talent).

2. Bring back the wild card round the way it existed in seasons two and three.

3. Really explore some theme weeks that haven’t been done ten million times and still provide good song choices.

America’s Next Top Model

1. An all male cycle.

2. Fire everyone who’s been there for more than three seasons, including Tyra. They need fresh perspective and fresh ideas for shoots.

3. Place less emphasis on Cover Girl. They do next to nothing for Cover Girl after the show is over. Screw Cover Girl and start using some sponsor that’s far more high fashion. It mixes up the formula and doesn’t allow the girls who are commercial to skate for so long. Plus it puts an emphasis back on things like runway.

The Big Bang Theory

1. More Raj. Lots more Raj. TONS more Raj.

2. That’s all.


1. More Clark Edison. He’s my favorite of the non regulars and must be used more.

2. A little more consistency on the show. They seem to be missing details in episodes that are back to back, which is just laziness.

3. The cases they investigate are all a little too easy. I want one that’s not Gormaggon level of hard, but takes an extended episode arc to delve into.


1. Alexis at the station more than just in the evidence room cataloging. Can’t you just see her someday becoming a cop?

2. Ryan and Esposito need more face time. For they are funny.

3. Back off the “Castle and Beckett are totally into one another” bit and let that just grow on its own for awhile. Nathan Fillion is awesomely magnetic. Just let the actors play off one another without pressure and see where it heads.


1. Put it back on my TV!

2. Get the schedule worked out so that Anna Wu gets to come back.

3. Tons of Casey back story. For Casey is love.

Criminal Minds

1. Yes, I’m new to this show, but I’m getting caught up very quickly. And my heart wants Morgan and Garcia to declare their love for one another, okay?

2. Fewer serial killer cases, more cases that are serial rapists, etc. I have a hard time believing there are that many true serial killers out there. It’s a little more believable if they spread out the types of unsubs their after a bit more.


1. Keep in mind that Catherine is the lead CSI, not Ray, so give Catherine more. I love Laurence Fishburne, and he fits perfectly with the team, but the producers seem to be focusing on name recognition and not who all naturally is leading.

2. Keep up the new season dynamic where there’s logical, natural friction and the personalities are present. I’ve missed that.

CSI: Miami

1. Use some actual science? Please?

2. Walter should have a greater role and be on there all the time. For he is awesome.

3. Kill Horatio. You know that makes the most sense.

Flash Forward

1. No more Fiennes. Or reduce the character’s role. I swear, he’s annoying as hell.

2. In fact, just move this show along more quickly. The problem I’ve found is that every character is interesting for about two episodes, then they delve into them more and by episode three of their arc they’re annoying as hell.


1. I hate to say it, but fire everyone and cancel the show. I miss Kutner, the stories are contrived, and I can’t figure out why I’m still watching.

How I Met Your Mother

1. I actually recognize that there’s some little thing that needs fixing, but I’m not sure what.

Law and Order: SVU

1. Needs more Ice T. Seriously, he should be the lead. Or at least the lead for now, because they’ve exhausted everyone else emotionally.

2. Also could use a side of Coco. (You know Coco would be an awesome addition. Admit it.)


1. Sam and G admit their love for one another. *g* Or have to pose as a couple. I’ll go with posing.

2. All Hetty, all the time.

So You Think You Can Dance

1. Less emphasis on contemporary, more on ballroom. The problem with the show now is that they put tons of pressure on all the dancers that aren’t contemporary. Contemporary has the training that allows for them to more easily adapt to other styles. Therefore, if they’re going to put tons of contemporary dancers in the top 20, they need to have less contemporary and more ballroom/latin to truly challenge the dancers.

2. Bring back a fourth rotating judge. We need a set of fresh eyes each week.

3. Do something to challenge the choreographers, like by choosing the music for them. I’ve not been pleased with some of their music choices, because it affects the dance. Either there’s too much emphasis on current, or they go for indie that isn’t that spectacular. But most importantly, they aren’t going outside the “popularity” box to get songs that challenge them and tell a story. The Flower and the Hummingbird excelled because it could have been anything with that music. We need more of THAT.


1. Female regular who isn’t attracted to Sam or Dean, or they to her. She kicks ass and takes names. She’s a hunter. And most importantly, she drives a badass pick-up and has a not so secret crush on Bobby.

Ugly Betty

1. I’ll be in the minority here, but find a way to make Daniel/Betty work.

2. Lose Betty’s braces already!
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 09:00 pm)
America's Next Top Model

First, any idiot that goes on ANTM and throws a fit (there's always one) over what they do to their hair needs to be shot. Come on. I would HATE having short hair and would cry. But if they did it, hell, I'd cope, because my face will get lit (and be unphotogenic) regardless of how much hair I have. I'd just look more like a man. Although they do have these fancy schmancy people called make-up artists that will make me look pretty. And hair grows.

Second, I love when whiny bitches don't understand that pretty does not equal photogenic.


American Idol

The twist isn't so bad. The blind guy doing choreography is.
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( Oct. 16th, 2008 03:08 pm)
Whew. Toyota does in fact have my odometer reading and noted that it was under 36,000 miles, so there is no doubt that I will not be charged for the replaced radio in my car. Yay!

(Yes, I was paranoid. [ profile] sullivanlane is just as paranoid as me, if it's any consolation!)


Taking mom to the doctor's in Chapel Hill tomorrow. Tis her eye fun. She has chronic dry eye, so she may end up with her tear ducts being plugged again. Hence me driving.


TV Show Stuffs

This Week In NASCAR: I'm disappointed they didn't discuss the Harvick/Edwards fight. Biffle insight would have been awesome!

Samantha Who?: I like Matt Camden on this show. Treat him nice! He's cute!

Chuck: I liked Bryce last we saw him. Now, not so much. Also, Anna rules.

How I Met Your Mother: Anybody else not digging Stella?

House: Kutner rules them all. You go Kal Penn!

Law and Order: SVU: This episode practically screamed for BD Wong. But no BD Wong. Where is BD Wong?!?!? (Also, new ADA isn't growing on me like Novak did. And that's considering it was dang hard to replace Stephanie March.)


America's Next Top Model: I don't know if I can see any of them as successful models, but dang if Sheena wouldn't be one of my closest friends.

Project Runway: The correct woman won. And I LOVE her clothes.

Survivor: After penis-gate, I pay too much attention to jockey shorts and wardrobe malfunctions. Sadly, so does CBS. (Marcus FTW, however. And Ken's last move was genius. Now someone drop kick Ace to China already.)

Ugly Betty: Can we have some lightness and fun again? And lose Eddie Cibrian?

CSI: I cried. It's all Gil's fault. I was mad, however, that it wasn't slightly more Nick-centric, as he and Warrick were closer than a lot of the other guys.
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( Sep. 4th, 2008 10:30 am)
America's Next Top Model

It just needs to be said. Tyra has finally gone completely round the bend. What the freaking hell was that opener? Who thought that hair was a good idea on Jay Manuel?


I love Sweets. I love Clark. I love that Cam went there. But damn, people, spoiler cut ).
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( Oct. 25th, 2007 01:33 pm)
America's Next Top Model

How best to put this...why am I watching again?

Oh, and... )

Also, Heather is fierce.


Samantha Who?

Damn. Another show. At least this one fills a niche for me. It's cute, quirky, light and fun. And Christina Applegate is funny. And Sookie!
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( Oct. 15th, 2007 02:34 pm)
Fannish Revelations

Heroes: This show lost me on the season premiere. I loved all of last season. I even loved the finale. This season started out completely wrong for me and I've not even seen much of the last two episodes.

Supernatural: The season opener wasn't what I hoped it would be. (Episode two, however, was made of win and made everything better.)

How I Met Your Mother: Another one where the season opener fell kind of flat and where the second ep made up for that fact. Recapping sucks. Stand alones are awe...wait for it...

Chuck: The blonde is starting to bore me. I almost wish there wasn't a "romantic" angle, because it would make her more fun. (Unless she was being romantic with Casey, which *would* make it better, because I much prefer violent foreplay to the fact that she could break Chuck's neck if she wanted to.)

Reaper: While I love the show, it needs more variety. Less of Sam whining each week about the circumstances and more freaky stuff to fight. (Kind of want the dust buster back too.) Sock continues to be made of win, but he can't carry the show without better plot for his one liners.

America's Next Top Model: I can't figure out if this is a good season or more evidence that Tyra is on drugs. Not messing with Heather's look - good. The hair they gave Saleisha, though, was definitely crack inducing. Not because it didn't make her edgy (it did), but because they didn't seem to consider basic things like lighting when it came to that hair. You couldn't see her eyes under the bangs in the photo! Not to mention that Lisa's hair is just all kinds of wrong. Like Lyle Lovett and Halle Berry's love child.

America's Most Smartest Model: Mandi Lynn rules and I'm actively rooting for her to win. Just because of the inevitable makeover that will improve her looks. Hopefully including someone taking a needle to her lips to remove some of that silicone.

CSI: Will someone please make Janet 2.0 disappear, or at least become Peter 2.0?* Chick is too dang chatty.

Survivor: I know I'm supposed to respect Todd's game play, but he annoys me. Amanda is okay, but she hasn't done much. And James is so many kinds of awesome, but the fact that he even bonded with Jean Robbert a little bit is annoying. And Courtney hasn't been obliterated by wind yet. Can someone please wipe out the other team so the season can really get going already?

Women's Murder Club: Anything with James Patterson's name attached will get me to watch. However, I don't like Rob Estes (as an actor or his character), I know I'm supposed to empathize with the blonde and how much passion she has with the dick, but it's just annoying when she has a nice guy, and I keep wondering why the one woman who's black automatically gets the obviously perfect life with husband and kids and she'll be the voice of reason in every episode. (I would have had the same cast but switched them around. Angie Harmon as the reporter, coroner chick over to the cop, blonde stays the same, have the chirpy reporter be the medical examiner.)

Ugly Betty: I enjoy various aspects of the show, but the best part to me is when Betty is really fighting with Daniel's worst instincts, punctuated by periods of peace. When they're completely of the same mind, they kind of get boring. Unless Wilhelmina is up to something in that ep that causes a uniting of forces.

* Cosby Show reference. Janet was Vanessa's friend and talked too much. Peter was Rudy's friend and never talked at all.
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( Oct. 9th, 2007 10:32 am)
[ profile] allpurposegirl, you're gonna fall out of your chair laughing. And anyone else that's ever watched America's Next Top Model - this is what happens when you let the weird ones model.

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( Sep. 20th, 2007 02:37 pm)
Get your Christian Kane fix here!

Because the evil must be shared with [ profile] deeablo and anyone that was a fan of the munchkin Christian Kane:

"So Small" by Carrie Underwood

The fact that CMT decided to air this video on repeat this morning (I lost count after 3 times in a row - I kid you not) meant that there was NO missing Christian. Or Carrie Underwood. So watch it and be amused (or just mute it and stare at Christian).


America's Next Top Model gets a mention too

Frankly, I'm disappointed that they passed on Marvita, the Grace Jones look alike. I couldn't gauge much from the few pictures they took, but frankly, she's far more interesting to look at than most of the other girls. Even if she ended up as the "pretty but isn't photogenic" category, I still would rather look at her than, say, Ebony and her $200 weave.


Kid Nation gets a shot

I flipped by this a few times and have to say...the fact that the kids were all excited about doing work was amusing. You'd think they'd never done chores before! Oh wait. They probably haven't. To them, this is still fun.

We'll ignore the fact that it could be construed as child labor.


Survivor tonight!

I didn't watch Survivor last season due to overwhelming apathy for the show, but this year's twist has me intrigued. After all, what can be bad about spoiler cut )? It just begs for crazy shenanigans!

Plus, you know, the Great Wall of China.
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 11:11 am)
Someone make SURE I don't do the following:

I love my hair. I adore my hair. It's longer and lusher than ever before and has lots of attitude. It's the kind of hair that Jaclyn Smith sports a lot. This is fabulous hair that should not be messed with.

Except for some reason right now I want to get a Dionne Walters (from America's Next Top Model) inspired short haircut, but edgier. But definitely with that long swoop in the front.


I blame the humid weather. It's zapped my brain AND my hair, making me contemplate stupid things I shall never do. (Been there, done that with the short hair. Got accused of being a boy more times than I could count.)
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( Nov. 8th, 2006 10:13 am)
This will most likely be my only post for the day (as I have a big project to work on), so I'm making it a doozy. *g*


NASCAR & America's Next Top Model

Tonight. Stanton Barrett is on America's Next Top Model. Dude has the best manager, because he got Tyra Banks to go to a race in Vegas, which sold her on the awesomeness of NASCAR, which is how they got Stanton on the show. Also? He's on the judging panel. Awesome!

(For the ANTM folks, Stanton drives every once in a while in NASCAR. His "real" job is as a Hollywood stuntman. He does the stuntman stuff because he loves it and is good at it, but also because it gives him money to race. His newest hobby, through NASCAR affiliation, is bobsledding. Plus he's Paul Newman's godson and he's hot and he's got shaggy hair. YOU WILL LOVE HIM.)



Dale Jr. is ditching Gillette Young Guns next year. I'd say woe, only because it means no more shaving his number into Ryan Newman's hair. But the funny part? Is that they're considering Kasey Kahne as a replacement.


If you have to get a beard double (and that sounds so dirty) for Carl Edwards and Jamie McMurray, do you really think we're going to believe that Kasey can grow facial hair?



This year I did something that, looking back, everyone should be required to do. I researched before voting. Believe me, the things I learned were awesome, and in the end I actually came away with a more positive view of politics than usual.

1. Vernon Robinson lost! Yay! *dances* The fact that there was even a candidate that wacked out (he made Jesse Helms look tame - I'm from NC, so I know how that sounds) was worrisome. The man keeps running for offices and losing. Maybe this time he'll take the hint. Government of any sort can do without his sorry, racist ass.

2. Happy Spivey lost as well! See, he snowed a lot of folks by actually appearing to be concerned about issues and open to change. Uh huh. He was the town drunk where I grew up (I played at his house once or twice - a friend lived on the same street and we went over to see his daughter - and let me tell you, when oblivious me at age 6 knows he's the town drunk, that's saying something) and he hated my great-uncle (who's no saint) to the point that he threatened him when he thought Ray would run against him for mayor (it's never a good idea to "relocate" someone's Boston Terrier when they're the only people in town with a Boston Terrier).

3. Good candidates rule. I am in love with judges who are qualified for the job, who papers say are all great, and who openly declare that politics have no place in the judicial realm and they are there to interpret the law and rule fairly on a case by case basis. What's sad is when those candidates are running against one another.

4. When a qualified judge wins his seat and his opponent, who has no qualifications for the job, loses. The only contest where both political parties endorsed Martin (who, if the race had been partisan, would have been Republican - his opponent would have been Democrat). The only contest where the unqualified candidate compared the Democratic chairman for NC to Hitler and called a black congressional candidate a "good slave". Maybe she and Vernon Robinson should hang out.
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( Oct. 27th, 2006 10:44 am)
Note to self: teasing others only leads to your own brain going places it shouldn't.

*apologizes profusely to [ profile] bubblesbrnaid*

Cause Pirates of the NASCAR Circuit is just WRONG. And my brain needs to shut up now.


My shirt is musty and right under my nose, so I can smell it. *pouts* Dang me forgetting to wash the winter wear before wearing.


Due to research (for I am a sad, sad person), I can say with confidence that Stanton Barrett, Mr. Stuntman himself, will in fact be on the November 9th episode of America's Next Top Model. The episode's title? The Girl Who Wrecks The Car. Poor Stuntman.
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( Sep. 21st, 2006 08:32 am)

I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Like, a lot. I taped it to watch at 10 and then sat inches from the TV (well, the one in the bedroom that's small) eagerly awaiting all the action. Granted, not much action, but I like the story. Yeah, it's dark, but I've seen darker on TV. Hell, CSI is darker.

Spoilers herein )

Now that I've watched it, though, I have some things I need to look up - like nuclear fallout. Because spoiler ) the little things, they're noticable.


America's Next Top Model

This one's relatively short and sweet, because too many girls, not enough time to make up the mind yet.

1. Monique - Yep, gotta go. She'll be around awhile, but while the bed thing was merely irritating, the shower thing was downright wrong. Someone needed to have shown those models the beauty of turning off the hot water. That would get woman out quicker. "You get 20 minutes and then we'll GET you out."

2. AJ - That sudden lack of confidence seemed dramatic to me, but she really is striking in a great way.

3. Michelle - Even looking at pictures ahead of time I knew I liked her and not her twin. She's just a better model and more comfortable in front of the camera. Her look is very intriguing as well.

4. Anchal - Pretty, but not long for the show. She'll get about halfway because she photographs well, but she's not necessarily able to give more.

5. Caridee - I hope she can learn to model, because she is fun.

6. The others - I can't remember any of them. Other than Eugena, who unfairly got pegged as the bitch by the judges when it's obvious that at least for now she's not.
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( Jul. 28th, 2006 10:51 am)
America's Next Top Model

Danielle's Ford Pictures )
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( Oct. 20th, 2005 09:51 am)
We're getting a nightclub on the bottom floor of my building (technically, the basement). Name? Metropolis. Hee!


Coworker just got a puppy! OMG! Puppy! I want to play with a puppy now!


America's Next Top Model )
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( Sep. 21st, 2005 02:24 pm)
In anticipation of Top Model tonight - which really is all about Ms. Jay - I went looking for something to make a Ms. Jay icon. Of his legs. Cause those legs put Tina Turner's to shame.

In the process I stumbled across an item of info that is just to die for. Ms. Jay? Went to college to be an accountant. Legs like that AND methodical and logical with the numbers? I swear to god, he's the perfect woman. Except male. Much like RuPaul being a nearly perfect woman, except male.
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( Feb. 8th, 2005 09:37 am)
[ profile] the_atlien pointed out that the new candidates for America's Next Top Model are up at their site.

Just by looking at their pictures I'm into Naima (mohawk! but fashionable) and Brita (a Claudia Schiffer look-similar). And hey, I liked Tiffany last year (I'm a sucker for a sob story from a tough girl), so I'm all bout Ms. Bitch Poured Beer on My Weave (TM [ profile] the_atlien) as well.

Alas, no plus-sized girls. Damn you Janice!
I lurk on a mailing list for America's Next Top Model. I signed on in case anyone ever comes up with a picture of Adrienne's bangs.

Folks, Smallville is most definitely not the bitchiest fandom.

By a long shot.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2003 08:40 am)
Here's the link folks to Robin's interview with TV Guide.

Top Model's Robin Exposed!

*grumble, grumble* Dammit. They had to go and actually make Robin sound slightly sympathetic. And, makes me dislike her less.


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