OMG. The Dark Knight Rises. Clearly the inferior movie of the three, and yet it's the one that makes me want to write so much fanfic right now. SO MUCH.

Pretty much this movie can be summed up as thus: Joseph Gordon Levitt, how the hell did you steal this movie from everyone else and can I have your babies?

Spoilers herein )

I HAVE ALL THE FEELS FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! And Joseph Gordon Levitt. I still want to know how he stole Jim Gordon's awesomeness, though.


Also, they showed the Superman: Man of Steel trailer. Pardon my flailing over that one. It was weird, because they did some Wolverine shit to Clark Kent (I don't know, but he was hot and manly, but sadly without the glasses). And then there was Papa Kent giving a speech to a child Clark and then Superman flew into the atmosphere and there was a sonic boom and my heart may have exploded a little in glee.

DC Comics has my heart over Marvel. My imagination can fill in the characters and their heart plenty well. I like the world built in DC a bit better with Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman. Their humanness, despite being superheroes, is more awesome.
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( Jul. 20th, 2012 02:42 pm)
Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the shooting victims in Colorado.


CNN just pissed me off so bad. They have coverage of the shooting and they decide to interview a movie critic. Which is WTF enough. Then they ask him if the thinks the movie inspired the violence. Movie critic was fine on that one, because as he put it, dude hadn't seen the movie yet, so no. Then he goes on this diatribe about the movie and starts critiquing it like that's important when talking about a mass killing. UGH. CNN, why are you trying to be as pointless as FOX News?


And on a far, far, FAR shallower note, Christian Bale's body is perfection to me. I could watch an entire movie (that is not American Psycho) with him nude or shirtless.


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