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( May. 30th, 2012 02:20 pm)
Jeez lo-freaking-uise. I managed to inadvertently put myself on a supervisor's radar as "capable of getting shit done" and now I'm in charge of a project for my platoon that the next to top dog knows I'm involved in.

At least it's me and another guy on my platoon. And it's an easy project. (If my coworkers could be relied on to be cooperative, we could even get the work done via email instead of a meeting after work, but experience says only a handful would cooperate. Oh well, overtime for me!)


You know that news story of the naked guy chewing on the other naked guy's face? My first thought was "he was high as hell on something". Not surprised that it might have been bath salts. People. Just be aware - whatever's in that shit? It's nasty. Steer clear of something that you have no idea what the hell it's going to get you to do. We saw a guy high on that stuff climb a cinderblock wall. Nothing to hold onto and yet he climbed that damn well.


Can the Edwards trial be over already so I can get to work without having to drive around news vans?


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