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([personal profile] maveness Sep. 4th, 2015 09:55 am)
People are going to stare at this post and go "wait, she's posting? who again?"


I've been working on house projects the past two weeks for some inane reason (probably because I discovered a paint color for the bathroom I like, but I refuse to take on one more project when I still have three lined up to do). I'm halfway done with the hall and should get done in a week. I'm mostly done with the third bedroom and should be done really soon. I can actually work on the front door at any point now that Dad has fixed something for me (but the first two have to be finished first). And I have supplies to work on the mailbox (something to be done this weekend).

I'm so TIRED. I hate painting. But each time I get a project done, it all looks more like my house and what I envisioned.
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