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([personal profile] maveness Jun. 15th, 2014 10:25 pm)
My mother went on a rant earlier today about how I always manage to find something wrong with guys. Let it be noted that this was while I was detailing why a coworker, who is just a friend, would not be datable material (despite the fact that I'm not attracted to his personality or him physically - apparently lack of attraction counts for nothing). This coworker and I have been in a joking, fictional relationship for going on 6 months now (other coworkers think we're a couple because we had vacations overlap by a day and live in the same neighborhood).

Anyway, mom goes on a rant and I try to explain as usual that I have no problems with dating if guys would ask me out. This is the major issue. Guys don't ask me out. Also, the ones that do tend to be very much not my type (I never get the intellectuals, ever, and in fact get guys that tend to have questionable morals and eschew intellectual pursuits in favor of "guy stuff", or I get the assholes).

So my sister, who is living with me and is currently separated from her second husband (they're working on reconciling), is hot. She's also approachable. But she's freakish in how she attracts guys. I used to think it was just how hot girls got guys. It's bizarre, though. Today we're paying for lunch, splitting the check to treat the parents, and the cashier barely says two words to us (other than to inquire how our meal was - although come to think of it, he had to do mental math to divide up our check and totally failed and overcharged us - should have been a sign). An hour later and my sister texts me that the cashier has sent her a friend request on Facebook. I thought she knew him or something (despite him being at least in his late 40s). No! This guy got her name off her credit card and looked her up on Facebook from the restaurant and was hitting on her! Asking her out! She breathes and they fall out of the sky! And this guy wasn't just the cashier, he's the owner and therefore has money! (Not excusing the stalker behavior, because that freaked me out more than anything. I don't care how rich you are, stalking is weird as hell, and taking someone's name off a credit card is skeevy in the extreme.)

But my sister doesn't even have to try, is totally not on the market, and has men falling over themselves to talk to her. I get inmates hitting on me. INMATES. And my mother wonders why I'm leery when it comes to men.


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