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I have so many thoughts about Man of Steel. There were many elements that reminded me of Captain America and Thor (timelines that make no sense/forgettable plot/excellent actors that manage to save the movies from their plots). There were very few elements that reminded me of Batman Begins (other than really too long origin stories).

First and foremost, understand this part...Henry Cavill is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve. And his Superman is as endearing and hot in my book as Chris's Clark Kent.

But as I said on Facebook, I think Zack Snyder used plot points and scenes from every summer blockbuster since Jaws.

I'm going to have to number this because I have so much to complain about.

1. Considering that opening segment was taking the beginning of Superman and expanding it way too far for no reason that furthered the plot, I was annoyed. I liked some of the additional detail, but it was indicative of how the rest of the movie was going to be giant action sequences or exposition. The lack of heart was also evident from the get go. Jor-El and Lara got it on to further the race naturally. Okay, so it was a scientific experiment lacking in any love. And what the hell was the giant dragonfly?

2. Lara was the saving grace in the beginning. I found that actress compelling. Lara was conflicted by the moral implications of saving her son/people versus not wanting to thrust the child she gave birth to into the unknown.

3. I could have done with less Jor-El in this thing. Also, I think I would have liked Crowe more as General Zod. Why is he miscast in everything lately?

4. The lack of heart and humor shows how much the director does not understand about Superman or comics. Superman has crazy awesome powers. For all that you see the government freak out that a man can fly, where's the kid watching with a huge grin staring in awe? Human beings love a hero. Look at Charles Ramsey. Look at anybody who has ever jumped on subway train tracks to save a stranger. Look at Cowboy Hat Man. In one instant they became loved and celebrated for a selfless act. And on the humor front, I need my moments that are "You've got me? Who's got you?" level of awesome.

5. I don't understand how you can have a movie about Superman and not let the man talk. Heck Lois Lane got very little chance to talk either.

6. General Zod and followers were not as awesome as 80's General Zod, Ursa and Non. And the outfits were just as ridiculous.

7. I miss the red man-panties. Not gonna lie.

8. I'm not sure how to describe what was wrong with Lois Lane. It was off, but not like Kate Bosworth. She wasn't bigger than life ballsy enough. I know Amy Adams can pull off bigger than life. She has more energy than that. I have a feeling she could do ballsy better than that. But lord, they did some weird shit with that character. But men don't seem to get why strong women work. Lois can be hot, but she can't be nice. And what was with her talking quiet all the time?


10. Even though we got very little of him, Larry Fishburne as Perry White worked for me. Not Lane Smith perfect, but second.

11. On the flip side, Diane Lane did NOT work as Martha for me.

12. DEAR HOLLYWOOD, ASK SOMEONE IN KANSAS ABOUT FUCKING TORNADOS ALREADY. For god's sake, never get under an overpass! And get in a freaking ditch!

13. Superman having to break Zod's neck nearly made me cry. That was beautifully human and a great Superman moment.

14. Glasses at the end made me happy. So hot!

15. LexCorp tanker truck caused massive screaming. Yes, over the truck.

16. But Superman getting pissed because dude messed with his mom? Best moment of all.
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