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([personal profile] maveness Jun. 6th, 2013 04:57 pm)
I was waiting for something to go wrong with this house buying/move. Apparently it's finding a company to move my ass. One company insisted on wanting to call me to discuss the quote. Except I specifically noted I wanted to be contacted by email. Another did give me a quote by email, then when I called it was totally different. And when I contacted the guy who gave me the initial quote via email, he apologized, said he'd call me...and hasn't.

I suck at asking for help, especially since I need to move on a weekday, which means I can only ask guys I work with. And the only one I feel like I could guarantee would help will be on the opposite schedule at that point. But hell, I'll make the effort tomorrow (and since I'll pay, maybe I can get someone). At this point, I can ask. Ugh.

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Money and/or beer seem to be great motivators for guys when it comes to helping move stuff. *shifty eyes* Not that I would ever bribe anyone with alcohol. *more shifty eyes*



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