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([personal profile] maveness May. 4th, 2013 11:12 pm)
I just found out that my sport (NASCAR) got picketed by Westboro Baptist Church.

Because Brad Keselowski said nobody in the garage would care if a driver was gay. Winning is all that matters.

I love Brad right now. Like, borderline Dale Jr. love. Borderline Biffle love.

Hell, also found out that in 2001 or 2002, a NASCAR official who's gay was outed to a website by a crew guy with an axe to grind. And NASCAR's response? Come down hard on the crew guy, force a retraction of the article, force crew guy to apologize because there will not be that kind of attitude in the sport. LOVE IT.
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From: [personal profile] bubblesbrnaid

Westboro picketed NASCAR and nobody shot at them? I am disappointed.

Good to see that nobody bothered covering it, though.

At least they did have the self-preservation to picket Kansas and not, say, Dega. The rednecks may not be the most open-minded on earth, but one reminder that the Westboro idiots picket *funerals*, and none of the WBC assholes would make it out alive.


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