My cat locked me out of the apartment this evening.

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Wow! That is impressive. Not good, but impressive nonetheless.

As...interesting as life with my cats gets sometimes, they've never locked me out of my own place yet. *knocks nearest wood-like object*

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Never underestimate sheer determination and blind, stupid luck. That's what Dale had on his side.

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When you tweeted this, I knew immediately which cat had done it without you saying-- he's getting his payback for your yelling his name repeatedly earlier today. ;)

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But I never yelled his name! I got excited and said Jr. and Junebug quite a bit (more Jr., though). And lots of "Baby!" But not Dale.

Maybe he's mad because I didn't say Dale.

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I will buy that he's mad you didn't say Dale.

Silly, vengeful cat.

I hope he doesn't find out that I called him silly... he'll probably find some way to disconnect my internet service from halfway across the country. ;)

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It says a lot when you have to take keys with you to take out the garbage because your cat may lock you out..
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From: [personal profile] bubblesbrnaid

It occurs to me that Dale is channeling Crazy Granny. The woman who locked *herself* out of the house with a deadbolt.

This is...very not good. :)

From: [identity profile]

That takes more talent than Dale has at this time, LOL.

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I took the other cat out for a walk. He was jealous. So he does what he always does - he jumps at the doorknob, because he knows the doorknob leads to outdoors. In the process of jumping, he managed to turn the handle on the deadbolt some and locked me out.

From: [identity profile]

Oh wow, this is awesome! Free kitty treats for Dale!

From: [identity profile]

People/movies are worried about the robots turning on us. It's gonna be the cats, I tell ya. We should be worried about the cats.


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