I'm mourning the loss of bearded Junior. *sniffles* Goodbye, Junior Jr. You will be missed. (At least until next off season.)


Went and did early voting today. Admittedly, I was out and about early, realized I wasn't going to be able to vote Tuesday (due to work schedule), thought "hey, while I'm out and about..." and, well, went and voted. I didn't research crap ahead of time, due to the lack of foresight. Pretty much all I knew was I was voting Republican in the primary (I'm unaffiliated, so I can choose whichever side to vote for), because I needed to voice my opinion on who the Republican candidate for Governor would be. (If the presidential thing wasn't already decided, I'd have cared on that one as well.)

I was responsible and didn't vote in any category that I had no clue on. (I knew only one name of four on the Lt. Governor list and that one was a definite case of "oh hell no". Sadly, I couldn't vote on that one without potentially voting for another "oh hell no".)

However, the most important part? I voted against that stupid marriage amendment. Everyone gets all het up (a southern phrase that I love using in regards to the marriage amendment because oh hilarity!) about whether marriage is one man/one woman or whatever. I don't even bother trying to have the discussion with anyone because people pretty much firmly have their opinions and get all angry and no one listens to anyone else. I pretty much have stuck to the Kinky Freeman logic if someone flat out asks me my opinion (which has been, oh, my mother). (For the record, Kinky Freeman logic is "Hell yes, gay people should be able to get married. They should be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us.")

Other reasons I voted against:

1. One of the bill's co-authors' wife may have made the statement at a fundraiser that part of the bill's intent was "to protect the caucasian race". Motherfuckersaywhat?

2. Heteros have fucked up marriage and the "sanctity" thereof so badly at this point that there's no defending marriage as a "sacred bond" between a man and a woman. All it has become is a legal contract. And in the United States of America, anyone over the age of 18 can enter into a legal contract. M'kay?

3. The only thing my mother and I agree on is distaste with the government getting involved with marriage. We're just on different sides of the coin as to why.

Oh, and it's really fun to try and go early vote, but be blocked at every turn (literally) because of a bike race. I don't know who planned that ish, but dudes, not smart.
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